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  1. Agantas

    DDs are now so un-fun

    The rule of thumb for a learning DD player is that you have to play considerably closer to your own fleet when there's a CV in the game.
  2. Agantas

    How to improve aiming (esp in Nurnberg)

    I watched your replay. -You seem to have difficulty determining whether the ship is approaching you at an angle or not, and this isn't always accounted for with your aim. You can check from the minimap to see whether the enemy ship is distancing themselves away from you or closing towards you. -You aren't predicting their movement well. -When decapping with multiple enemies , shoot the ship that has been on the cap without taking a hit for the longest time, so switch target. That said, aiming comes with practice. Play and you get better at it.
  3. Agantas

    Zao: rudder or concealment?

    Mogami's 25 mm armor is pretty decent against cruiser caliber AP, DD AP, CL HE (if no IFHE) and DD HE. Obviously, you need to angle against AP and plunging fire can be a problem. It is a well armored ship against certain opponents.
  4. Agantas

    SMOKE **

    It's weekend.
  5. Agantas

    Battleship Kawashi ?

    That sounds like the kind of game where the whole enemy team lemmings to the other side of the map than the one you went to.
  6. Typically the early game is careful scouting, as DD you scout with your escape route open. You go with some kind of initial plan that changes after you get more knowledge about enemy positions. The typical idea of positioning is that you try to create a deadly crossfire and control the map that way. DD form of creating that crossfire is invisible torpedo threat (also zoning enemy DDs out of your flank, so that they can't create the crossfire). Thus, you try to create area control to take the objectives, while DDs typically take an objective in stealth if they can. Then you try to control the map by creating crossfires in the areas you want to control and destroy enemies to take out their crossfire without going into the said crossfire.
  7. Remember to factor in your turning circle when you play. Don't charge bow in too deep into the unknown, try to spot them when you are side on to stay undetected. Approach them slowly in this manner so that you can kite their detection. If you choose to go for the gunfight, never get surprised and aim your guns towards the target in advance, just like you do with a battleship. With IJN DDs, you typically want to kite away after shooting once. You also want to have some kind of advantage when you engage the enemy DD, not a fair fight. Look at the minimap and see whose fire support is at better position. Call targets on them and give your fire support time to react before you choose to engage. You can also choose wait and let them handle it.
  8. Agantas

    What's the point?

    It's not like we know what angle the target was and where you aimed at them. It makes a world of difference, you know. Good positioning, target selection and aiming makes a world of difference here. That game looked like a win for your team, btw. Unless they screwed that up somehow.
  9. All British light cruisers are squishy. St. Louis, on the other hand, is the tankiest cruiser in the tier 3, and probably a couple of tiers after that too. She is a protected cruiser and plays somewhat differently from other cruisers in the game. St. Louis is probably one of the few ships that I choose to gamble showing broadside with, to bring more guns to bear (or maybe angle, broadside, angle broadside or something like that?). As for the British, if you want to bear with Caledon long enough to unlock BBs and Danae, then you can continue down the battleship line. Caledon and Danae can both decently YOLOtorp their foes, although I expect a new player to fail a lot with that tactic. The key to YOLOtorping is that your target needs to be alone and moving towards you. If they kite away, you'll just get shot up before you can get to the range where you can't miss.
  10. Agantas

    Suggestion: Premium-centric gamemodes

    I don't want WG spending development time making modes for paygated ships that I don't own. Therefore no. Also: too long, didn't read.
  11. Agantas

    Opt in for 'tougher' Random Games pool

    It hurting the queue times is the bigger worry.
  12. Agantas

    Combat Dolphins?? WTF?

    Why make a submarine when you could have a combat dolphin? It'd better be an April fools joke.
  13. Agantas

    Will I lose my stats after the Beta ends?

    Continuously developed games are never ready. They are continuously developed. Closed beta ended ages ago and while you could call the current stage open beta, there's no reset or end in sight for this phase. You'll keep your ships until they shut down the game, assuming that you don't get banned.
  14. Agantas

    Wide spread torpedoes

    RN CL's have only narrow spread and single torp. I voted never on usage of wide spreads, since the occasions I use them in are very rare. Last time I used wide spreads to torpedo enemy Yueyang with my Tashkent. He was keeping me spotted and sitting in stealth in another part of the C cap at Ice Islands. I had a rough idea where he was since I was spotted, but couldn't move to encounter him since I was taking shelter from his fire support by sitting behing an island. I torped his direction, to pollute the waters with my torps and disturb his manouvering and landed one lucky hit. Typically, your first salvo on a ship will be the most effective, since after that they'll know to be wary and are more likely to dodge. You don't want that first salvo to be a spray and pray single torp hit. If you want your torps to cover a wide area, then there should be more than one target you are trying to hit with them. Narrow spreads are simply better most of the time.
  15. Agantas

    Flamu's Discussion - WoWS: The Focus On Damage

    Maybe third cap in the game for the DD would give the achievement. If you don't know who's there capping by the time they take their third cap, then I feel bad for your team. Also 2 M potential damage tanked or so should also give achievement. Spotting damage achievement, like Flamu suggested, is also a good idea.