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  1. You don't really need to have a trained captain at T4.
  2. I checked from Wikipedia. Omaha is one meter longer than Hosho. Hosho was wider, though. Overall they were pretty close to being the same size.

    I've hit something with a Mikasa too, but that probably wasn't at max range. Or could have been, I don't remember for sure.
  4. 40% fire chance and T4 preferable matchmaking. You could sealclub with the Orion for a time to time if you wanted.
  5. Do BB players really want a long period of no spotting while DDs go to base to fill up torps? "Gonna go base to fill up torps. BRB in five minutes." I know I would want that DD up there and spotting. It is not realistic either that a single torp doesn't have a real chance of sinking a BB or cruiser. Typically, a vessel hit by a torp would have to head to base for repairs. You don't want to risk the ship actually sinking.
  6. Play T1, T2 and T3 and you'll have your beginners with other beginners.
  7. Loyalty?

    You forgot the free Graf Spee and the free Duke of York from Xmas/New Year campaigns.
  8. Explain this before I lose my s**t

    -Streaks are part of true randomness -You play worse when angry.
  9. Karma - some questions and some thoughts

    You get notification if you are reported multiple times, but for single report, no notification. Compliments do give you a notification.
  10. I have gotten multiple port slots from the credit container. The random one is bit of a letdown when you don't get the supercontainer, but if you don't need credits, camos and flags that much, then missing out on the rewards shouldn't be a big thing. I personally don't prefer the old system that it replaced, since there wasn't a lot of time to complete those missions and I often missed out back then with the missions unfinished. Now you can just play the amount you want and just grab a container or three alongside it, depending on whether you're running xp flags (obviously you wouldn't run xp flags just for the sake of the containers) or premium and such. You don't have to get all of the containers every day and missing one isn't a big deal. Think of them as something extra that isn't a mandatory grind.
  11. Rather than speeding up the grind, you should be enjoying the journey. The suggestion to play through the tiers normally is a sound one, as new players often can't handle high tiers when they jump to them suddenly. You shouldn't have a hurry for anything if the ship you want isn't available for discount. You can reach tier 7 normally by playing the lines that interest you and grab the premium ship later. Only speeding up you can do is gathering credits, and for that, high tier is the most efficient. So Tirpitz if you're after credits. Scharnhorst, which was suggested earlier, will offer more unique gameplay, since it is essentially a Gneisenau with smaller caliber guns (the historical ones). Tirpitz is a Bismarck with torpedoes, more or less. Duke of York is a King George V class BB, dunno if there's anything special about it. Warspite is a Queen Elisabeth with better turret traverse and handling. Some ships in premium shop are rotating offers that go away after some time and then other ships are available. You might want the ships you want in the Tech tree for doubloons, though.
  12. I'd take priority target on every cruiser and BB. Basic 10 point DD build 1. Prev. Maintenance 2. Last Stand 3. Survivability Expert 4. Concealment Expert I usually follow this with Radio Location Then you could pick torpedo armament expertise or demolition expert and adrenaline rush. Priority target is good on any ship and it is one of my must picks on cruisers and battleships.
  13. Hydro range stats in game gone.

    I noticed this too when I was heading in with my Gaede and was about to do the smoke+hydro trick, then I checked the hydro range, only to see that it was no longer there. Not a good change, they should fix this.
  14. Get Concealment Expert. I'm considering using my elite cpt. xp to get my Galissoniere captain to 10 pts for the perk. I only have a couple of horrible games with the ship, so no further playing advice from me, since I'm still learning the ship myself.
  15. IFHE on French Cruisers?

    IFHE lets Henri pen 50mm armor, which is fairly common on BB decks. Dunno if that's worth the reduced fire chance and 4 points that you could use on something else. As said, optional. For decision-making, I would suggest counting your shatters on BB decks when firing HE as non-IFHE Henri. You can also study BB armor models to understand the extent of this benefit. German HE pen lets you penetrate 50 mm, so when ships like Yorck and Hindenburg shoot HE at BBs, you could compare that reality to that of non-IFHE Henri for comparison.