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  1. 0.6.12

    UI bug makes opponent team's names overlap with the ship icons in the post-battle result screen. See attached image for details. How to repro: Click TEAM SCORE button after the battle. Do you need additional info on my setup or something? If yes, what?
  2. You should play the T7 before it on the line. Save your free xp for Missouri. You can stack xp booster flags on the T7 if the grind gets hard and long-winded. I'm a bit curious here, what ship are we talking about?
  3. The service fee is always the same, regardless of the damage your ship takes so that you wouldn't play like a selfish coward that avoids damage in order to save credits.
  4. The name of Yuudachi's captain is mentioned in Tameichi Hara's book. I don't remember what it is, though.
  5. My gripe with clan battles is that the small maximum size of clans can prevent more casual clans from playing clan battles. Currently, you need to have nearly 25% of the guild online and willing to have a clan battle at the same time to even play a match. For example, our Scrub clan is divided into three separate clans and we'd have much easier time to gather enough people for clan battles if we could have everyone in one single clan.
  6. I thought noobs were protected in their T1-T3 sandbox until they hit T4 and played with T4 ships. If I hop on a T1 vessel, it's not gonna be noobs that I play against there and it kinda feels like some kind of expert T10 sealclubbers club down there with those T1 ships, with all kinds of angling and island isolation tricks used down there. T2+ feels more relaxed in comparison, with more low skill players present than in T1, since the genuine noobs are isolated in their own sandbox and rarely play with T1 ships after they get past those, which happens rather quickly. The good days of sealclubbing with my Hermelin AP are over. RIP Citadel Master.
  7. I got the 3 tier 3 ship camos and some flags.
  8. Protip: A BB is a bigger target when it is broadside on when compared to a bow on BB. Torps sent at a bow on BB are hopefuls and you cannot count on their success. You need patience with IJN DDs. You need to react to the planes and actively avoid detection. It is easier to avoid planes if the CV doesn't know where you are. Run into friendly AA cover and disappear behind friendly ships if the CV is actively permaspotting you and try to lose his track of your position. Even when spotting, many CVs like to keep their planes closer to their own fleet than the enemy fleet. The aircraft are an impassable obstacle for a IJN DD and sometimes you'll just have to drive around the plane wall. It is also good to know that you cannot sneak around the plane wall when located by enemy DD, as odds are that they are pinging your direction to the CV. Not all CVs play with their team, but if you're playing against one that does, then sneaking around when located is foolish.
  9. Generally speaking, the only common factor in those teams is you. However, 6 games is not a reliable statistic for gauging anything. That 16% is just two games off if that average 50%.
  10. There is no need to put captains in the premium shop. You can already buy a 3 point captain for doubloons (or 1 point captain for credits) when recruiting, so the option for getting better captains for doubloons already exists.
  11. If you are facing him alone in another BB, more or less this. The better tactic would be focus him down together with allies. Hopefully you can deal enough unhealable damage with AP during that focus to make killing the Conq easier. Then again, I don't have a T10 BB and base my experiences on encounters using Missouri and Izumo.
  12. Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya is a beast. It is very tanky, nimble and has many guns to pack a punch with. After 11 games, it is currently the highest average damage ship that I own. Not to mention how the 12 BB gun salvo slaughters DDs that are foolish enough to get caught by it.
  13. I think you're confusing that with the Raptor rescue.
  14. 5 second bloom is not the answer. You could then just shoot at ships and disappear before they have their turrets turned towards you and aim. Not to mention the rendering lag, there's just not enough time to aim and take a shot and the 5 second bloom DD could just keep blinking on and off.
  15. They have some "Naval Academy" videos in Youtube. The Basic training button that linked some of them is now broken, though. Here's the CV one for example: It's a different matter if we get hung on on the word 'proper', though. Also, these videos are quite old.