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  1. Just write a complaint to support if you bought the USS Enterprise and didn't get captain Picard with it.
  2. The US line essentially stays the same. You can stealth torp starting from Mahan. That which sucks about Mahan is fixed in Benson. The high-arcing rapid-firing and fast-turning guns stay the same. Benson and Fletcher are likely the high points of the line. Fletcher has more effective torpedoes than Benson, that is one of the biggest differences. That said, I've kept both of them, and Farragut since Farragut got that New Year permanent camo from a campaign.
  3. That turns into 3.2 k/d and 80% WR when you take all random battles, including both solo and division. Ghostbuster plays mostly in division, so you can't get good solo statistics from his plays. Why pick this kind of example?
  4. You don't use the oil, the clan leader does. You also don't get oil for yourself, you get it for the clan. The clan gets the oil, not you. If you have no clan, then there's nothing that would get the oil. Sure, you'll have a score of "gathered this much oil" in your clan page stats, but that's about it.
  5. It's just a mechanic. Getting a container gets you oil. I think this just applies all containers. I don't think it has to be a Yamamoto container, whatever container will do.
  6. So every Yamamoto container is 2 EUR if you buy 25 container bundles now. Town hall of a guild costs 120000 oil to upgrade. It's gonna cost Blogis 72000 EUR to upgrade the town halls of all three Scrub guilds.
  7. Apparently it has suffered death by bots or something and is currently not in use.
  8. I heard that there's a Scrub community forum. Can someone throw me a link? Are we using it for something?
  9. -Torp to the middle - instant death -Torp to bow - near-saturation damage reduction kicks in, doesn't quite saturate the module but almost. -Second torp to the bow - Does a that 1-3k of damage that the bow has left and saturates the module completely. After that, the bow is immune, but you're pretty much one hit kill for most ships if they hit you anywhere else. Or maybe that second one that I remember just splashed dmg to some nearby module?
  10. Just take a torp to bow or aft and you're pretty close to damage saturation. I've used damage saturation mechanic to avoid getting instakilled by enemy torps multiple times with my DDs. You're not gonna win a brawl after taking a heavy torp in the nose, but there's still the stealth torp play, capping and spotting.
  11. You have three games in Amagi, so there's no point commenting on your stats for that. That said, I find Amagi works best as a mobile BB that cruises around, similarly to cruisers, and not as a stationary bow-camping BB. You can always shoot HE at angled high-tier BBs and T10 BBs with high health pools. Your survivability in Akizuki is pretty low, as is your damage. Careful not to overextend. This applies to all your DDs. You need to play smarter with them, be patient and look for opportunities to do damage. Currently you're throwing away your ship for too little damage. Akizuki is a slow and clumsy DD, so gunfights with bigger ships aren't too likely to work in your favour when you both are spotted. You're going to need both concealment expert and IFHE on the ship (the gun caliber is too low for HE to pen most things. IFHE lets you pen DD hulls and big ship superstructures).
  12. I don't want to think about what kind of sink one ship, then take no risks campfest that would devolve into. How would you give ships incentive not to just run away and hide? My thoughts on this matter: If there is nothing to do to save the team's win, play for your personal score. I also think that you shouldn't throw your ship away fast for little gain if there are teammates still fighting, since that causes point loss and ends their game earlier. Hiding and simply refusing to fight until the end is a bad option here, since doing nothing gives you no score or credits, which is generally worse than throwing away your ship (since that gives you potential damage, if nothing else. It shouldn't be nothing else, though). So, you can throw away your ship in a situation where everything else is done and surviving wins you or your team nothing.
  13. GZ I seemed pretty well armored against DD guns.
  14. I logged into WoT after putting in the code and getting nothing. Nothing happened. I played a few rush YOLO games with my T1-T2 tanks there.
  15. The stick is already there. Play cowardly and you're getting less money. As on whose fault the loss is, that is a complicated question and usually it is not about one person playing badly. Maybe you'd have to sit in that circle to complete a mission objective, such as coastal bombardment or other such navy task. Think of Naval Battle of Guadalcanal, for example, the Japanese had the route open to the American cap circle, but they turned away and failed take the US cap (aka getting into position and bombarding Henderson Field with BBs or whatever their mission there was). You could imagine that there is a bigger scheme of things that necessitates you to hold those key positions, which, in the game, are caps.