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  1. Chickenbroncitis

    Carriers - Completely breaking my game experience

    War Gaming majorly fucked up with this patch. I doubt the have the ability or the effort to actually make the game they way they want it to go. CVs are going to linger on like the fart in the wind that arty is in WoT. They'll here how bad its made the game but they'll keep those premium ships coming. It wouldn't surprise me if they introduced premium AA into the game. At a high cost though.
  2. Chickenbroncitis

    New CVs

    Shimakaze is a disaster to play now with CVs agaist them. IJN DDs have bad guns, bad AA and now their torps are easily spotted by the plagues of planes keeping them spotted.
  3. Chickenbroncitis


    will radar be getting changed into Xray-dar so that we know that its meant to see through islands or will its ability to see through islands stop happening so that it can be realistically be called radar?
  4. Chickenbroncitis

    [SCRUB] The Scrubs - Recruitment thingy

    can I join your clan? I need a scrub
  5. Chickenbroncitis

    WG, please re-think your missions

    I eventually did the required criteria for mission 4. I got 31,000 fire damage and came in 2nd on experience gained in my team but wasn't awarded completion of stage 4. Don't have a clue why.
  6. Chickenbroncitis

    WG, please re-think your missions

    These missions are pretty straight forward on Co-Op against a load of bots. Im just about to try stage 4. 30,000 fire might be tricky.
  7. Chickenbroncitis

    Change fire button?

    I cant figure it out then. I see the option of changing it but it makes me choose a mouse button. not sure why.
  8. Chickenbroncitis

    Change fire button?

    I tried that but says to use mouse key only. Never mind. World of Tanks lets it happen so I wonder why World of Warships doesnt.
  9. Chickenbroncitis

    Change fire button?

    Is it possible to change the fire button. I'd prefer it to be 'E' on my keyboard than a mouse button but not sure if this is possible.