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    Ranked Battles & Arms Race

    This season has been utterly tedious. I don't mind arms race as a game mode, but for ranked it's terrible. The outcome of games is so reliant on dd players, that if one dies that probably decides the outcome of the game. There is little strategy or teamwork involved, just kill the first destroyer. Having an extra destroyer makes it easier to capture buffs and it just snowballs from there. This means that matches are often decided by which team has the weakest dd. Sometimes it's not even the player - when the matchmaker puts a couple of blacks on one team with a radar cruiser, and the other team gets a non-radar cruiser and non-radar dds that biases the game enormously from the start. When you combine it with the star saving mechanic then it just becomes an exercise in frustration. Please don't use this game mode for ranked again.
  2. sgt_tankslapper

    Update 0.6.12 Feedback - Clan Battles - General

    Yes 1700-2000 is not prime time in any way. It's getting home from work, eating dinner, feeding/putting kids to bed time for most people. It needs to either be moved an hour or two later, or just made an hour or 2 longer so that people can actually take part. Before the clocks changed it wasn't quite so bad, but now it's going to be very inconvenient.
  3. sgt_tankslapper

    Ranked Battles Season 7 - General Feedback

    This season is by far the least enjoyable of those I've taken part in. Tier 6 meta leads to dull games of camping, shooting HE at each other to whittle down HP. Battleships are slow and plodding, and limited in their ability to manoeuvre as they take massive damage if not angled. The campy games mean that all it takes for the game to be lost is one person to make a blunder, and it's irretrievable. I think most games are won or lost for that single reason, rather than better play by one team or the other.
  4. sgt_tankslapper

    Remove Draws!!!

    The problem isn't draws themselves, it's that the game treats a draw as a loss. It should be easy enough to detect when a draw has occurred legitimately through gameplay or whether it is a result of a technical problem disconnecting everyone. Punishing everyone in the game because the server failed should not happen.
  5. sgt_tankslapper

    Ranked Battles Season 7 - Technical Issues

    For the second day in a row there are connection problems with the server. This means that everyone in the game gets disconnected making the game end in a draw. Now this in itself is not such an issue, since technical problems do occur from time to time, however it is not really acceptable to punish everyone in the game because WG can't keep the server running stably. The game can obviously detect when everyone gets disconnected, because it declares a draw regardless of the time or points left, so why can it just not declare the result void and leave everyone's standings alone? Losing stars through no fault of the team is really very frustrating and should not happen.
  6. sgt_tankslapper

    Update 0.6.1 - New Upgrades feedback

    I will almost certainly never use these upgrades. They do not provide sufficient benefit to choose them over the currently available ones. In addition to losing the benefit of the current module, you have to pay dubloons to demount it or lose half its value each time. With that in mind they are also a nerf to supercontainers, if that is going to be the method of delivering them. I'd rather get 250 flags that I am going to use than a module that I never will.
  7. sgt_tankslapper

    Update 0.6.0 Feedback - Bugs

    1. DescriptionUnable to select torpedo range ring on minimap. 2. Reproduction stepsHold control to get mouse pointer in game, and click gear icon to modify minimap options. This was in a game using the Fletcher with no mods installed. 3. ResultThe check boxes for the main gun and torpedo range were not present, so it was not possible to add or remove those range rings to the map. The check boxes for AA, secondaries and detection were present as normal. 4. Expected resultCheck boxes to select range rings should be present. Edit -tried it with the Tashkent as well.
  8. sgt_tankslapper

    Why nerf captain retraining cost?

    I don't see a problem with this change given you can use Elite XP to retrain as well. It's going to be a lot easier to rank up captains as soon as you have one or two 19 point captains, since whenever you play them you are adding to the XP pool. It means that a T10 ship with premium camo becomes a great way to level other captains since you don't have to do it in the ship the captain is on, and you don't have to have a premium ship of that nation to do it.
  9. sgt_tankslapper

    How often do you experience WoWs crashes and / or freeze-ups?

    I don't get crashes very often, but I frequently get freezes when the game is loading a battle. It just sits there and the countdown never appears. This requires manually killing the process with task manager and reloading, by which time you are lucky to still be alive.
  10. sgt_tankslapper

    London Port - feedback

    The London port looks OK. It's not how it looks today on the south bank, but is reasonable for 60 or 70 years ago. Having sailed through Scapa Flow, it would be hard to make it look good in the game. The Orkneys are pretty but low lying apart from Hoy, and there isn't much in the way of distinctive landmarks to use.
  11. sgt_tankslapper


    You should have received extra reserve slots a week or so ago for any duplicate captains you received from previous ARP missions. The result should be that they aren't taking up any of your usual reserve slots even if you can't dismiss them.
  12. sgt_tankslapper

    Tako finally hitting the EU server

    I completed two of the missions for ships I already had - Myoko and Kongo I think, and got the extra captains and reserve slots, but I did not receive any credits. Previous missions credited the value of the ship if you already owned it, but it didn't happen for these.
  13. sgt_tankslapper

    Bug Reports

    I've also had this on the Belfast. It seems to be inconsistent - I usually start slowing down and hit the smoke when the speed drops to about half, which should provide enough momentum to deploy 2 puffs and remain in it. Sometimes it produces only one and sometimes it produces two. I haven't been able to reliably find a speed that will definitely result in only one puff.
  14. sgt_tankslapper

    Season 5 - General Feedback

    Why are there so few maps in the rotation? It gets tedious playing the same 3 or 4 over and over again, especially when ones like Mountain Range are terrible. More variety in maps would be refreshing.
  15. sgt_tankslapper


    1. DescriptionVoice chat does not remain active after restarting client. 2. Reproduction steps 1. Enable voice chat in the options. 2. Exit the game client. 3. Restart the client. 3. Result Voice chat is no longer enabled. 4. Expected result Voice chat should remain enabled. 5. Technical details N/A