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  1. I have no idea how I feel about that smoke penalty. It's fun being in the smoke. But when you are in the victim Not so great. In a none-smoke-none-radar-cruiser it's hell.
  2. You must be an idiot to think that there is no cheating in WOWs. At least Warthunder gives a ban list. And from time to time there are well known gamers on it. And clan members not playing fair? What's new?
  3. If you hate the game and the only reason why you come back is your premium ships...than sell your premium ships...sell all you with the in-game-money new ships....and sell them again...until you can't buy new ships...delete the game on your reason to come back...
  4. I would love a new Atlanta in the game . WG messed up with the last premium Frenchie. Such an opportunity. Maybe an idea for another premium
  5. For me i would say €10 should be a normal price for a tier 6 cruiser. Not that €20 and higher.
  6. Wouldn't you end with a Polish captain on a Dutch ship in a pan european tree? And once your captain has 19 points. The extra credits he generate doesn't that go in some sort of general account that you can use on all your captains? (Myself don't have a 19 point captain so I don't really know).
  7. New Mexico : 9Cleveland : 34Farragut : 20 Arizona : 15-3 = 12 --- I still prefer the New MexicoShinonome : 20Mutsu : 19 Ryūjō (1/2/2) : 11 Fusō : 15Aoba: 21Fubuki : 20Graf Spee : 24Warspite : 16Leander : 26Molotov : 13Budyonny : 7Dunkerque : 9+1 = 10 --- 8 guns in front. Don't need to say more.Duca d'Aosta : 26Perth : 34
  8. And what about the so called natural Franco? I wouldn't mind a Spanish tree.
  9. If I play ranked. I will bring EVERY tier 6 ship that I own. Which include the Galissonière and the Duinkerke. Maybe to horror of my teammates.
  10. I'm not married to WOWs. I did my part. Played the game, Spend some money. And played the game a little more. At this point I still don't see a single reason to switch to WT naval. But that can change. You never know. From what I've seen. I like the fact it's harder to aim when sailing in War Thunder. And the sea looks better. And the interaction with a single airplane. But I hate those little ships. Not my thing. For the moment I gonna stick with this semi-arcade-simulation-strategy-game.The ships look more than nice and the game tempo is more my thing.
  11. If I understand this right. If you buy 1 of those little boats (what is their name in general)in store you only can play that pre-beta-version TH naval. Those packs for 30 to 50 euro? So that's me out. If they already sell those little boats for 30 to 50 euros. How much will a CA costs or even a BB? 200 euro or higher? I know they are packs. But still!!!
  12. 1 of the facts that I like about WOWs is the fact when your dead, you stay dead. It's game over. It seems in TH naval that isn't the case.I don't think players will be careful with their ships like in WOWs. Why would they? They just have to pick up a new ship and attack again. Or is that the difference between arcade and realistic battles in TH? I know they have that kind of games. but that's all I know. I once thought to play WT for the big bommers but I read they got killed easily. So I didn't. By the way realistic naval battles in games of 20/30/40 minutes is that even possible?
  13. Plz WG remember. First they ask just for 1. Soon after it will be 2, 3, ... (But I would buy Dutch if I like the ship)
  14. Out of the mouth of WG? Let see I can still remember some places From 0:45. They mention 2 new branches for the french In the last issue form the WOS magazine (from 01/03/2017) they clearly say French cruisers and French BB's for 2017.
  15. With the British BB's coming in. Do we still get the French BB's in 2017 liked promised?