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  1. If you want to see this in EU than you have to hope that sales go up because of this.
  2. Incomming smoke nerf?

    The first victims to the smoke meta aren't BBs but all the cruisers that don't have smoke. So stop calling this a cruiser nerf. Because it isn't. If a smoked up cruiser detect a healthy enemy cruiser and BB at the same time. It's the cruiser that gonna be shot each time and every time.
  3. Fan made Dutch Navy tech tree

    Not the best quality (and not mine) but I think this is your T5 Battleschip.
  4. Thx for letting me join the crew. But I thought I would have played more during the week. So for not being a burden on the team.So I left. Even we already have 1 building. In other words you have again 1 free spot.
  5. Just wondering about it. Why can't I have 2 Mogamis (or another ship) in my port? Personally I wouldn't mind it. Sometimes you just want another setup on your ship or have another captain.
  6. Fan made Dutch Navy tech tree

    Reminds me of this... Still it's nice to know that WG is at least playing with the idea. And if you're wondering, as a Belgian, I fully supprot a dutch tech tree or at least some premium ships.
  7. Isn't it a little bit sad that you will not take part of clan battles because you think you're bad at the game? Don't you play for fun and relaxation? But I don't need to get a T10 ship. WG is giving me 3 for free.
  8. And boehoe..no CV is clan battle ...WG is so mean toward us... has been said how many times in tghis thread... Can you image if footballclubs had the liberty to have 2 goalies in the game? But they can't because of the rules. the red part. You must hate it that you have to play against plebs like me?
  9. So this isn't football. And yes you have to have a goalkeeper in that game. The team without a goalkeeper has a high chance of losing. So your point is? And like I said the team that comes without a Cv will probably loose.
  10. Things I never said at the start of random "Yes a Cv in the our team. The game will be so dynamic" "Wow 2 CVs in each team. It's gonna be a great game. It will be super dynamic". Things that I have said at the start of random "Hopefully the enemy will not fly toward my cap" "Damned a CV. Don't rush toward the caps. First look were the CV is going". "Holy hell!!! 2 CVs!!! I will be dodging torps this game". I think the problem with a CV, if it's allowed in the battle, than you have no choice to have a CV in our team. No CV would equal losing the game. That isn't the case with 1 BB. I have more problems with only 1BB. If there was the possibility of 2 BBs in each team it would still be only 29% of all ships. (In random it's mostly 42% BBs of all ships in the game. In rare situations even 50%)
  11. Cruisers gun range

    They nerfed the range They nerfed the fires They nerfed the torps They nerfed the CVs But the one thing they never nerfed is the one thing the BBs got to deal with the damage form range firing, fires, torps, and CVs. That little thing is called "healing". For that I say "Give healing to all the ships".
  12. Spain gets only a premium? It's easier to gert cruiser and DD line than most of the other smal EU countries. So 1 big NO!!! to that one.
  13. Can I join too? I send my application. (If I don't play enough just kick me out...no harm done)