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  1. Fourbombs

    CV Rework Discussion

    I like what I have seen. The direct controle of the squadron looks more appealing than the current click-on-the map game play. But I also hope they reconsider how the fighters work. It sounds to simple. Isn't it possible to work with a switch between AI-player. Like 1 big attack squadron and 1 to 2 (maybe 3) small fighter squadrons.
  2. Fourbombs

    Is a Pan-European tech tree wanted?

    I wonder if you could make a Muslim tree? You have Turkey, Egypte and Pakistan as the backbone. Then of course you have the rest like Albania, Indonesia, Iran,.... Could you make at least a DD-line (I think). That's a lot of potential players...
  3. I had The center for a long time. I don't see the (or have a)problem.
  4. Fourbombs

    Any news about upcoming tech trees?

    I seem to remember that a mod here on the forum once said that a Dutch tech didn't seem possible but a Swedish DD-line had potential. Something the WG had studied.
  5. Fourbombs

    Any news about upcoming tech trees?

    No love for a Spanish or Dutch CV? Makes me sad.
  6. Fourbombs

    Any news about upcoming tech trees?

    In 2018 they introduced the French BBs. It is highly unlikely they will implement a second new BB-line. Only 2 BB lines left. The Russians and the Italian. So that's for 2019 and 2020. I even wouldn't be surprised that they keep the Russian BBs for something big like WOWS 1.0.
  7. Fourbombs

    Any news about upcoming tech trees?

    It's impossible that we will have RN DDs this summer. They just have teast them. They still have to be tested by that secret testgroup and after that you have testing by Notsers, flamu,..... And after that you have the public test. No the RN DDs is for after the summer. For the summer it's the 2 Japanese DD's If you have followed Mighty Jingles and Notser. There will be NO new CV line this year. Still way to much work that has to be done for CV play. And if you look at the first 1/2 of 2018 and 2017 there is only room for 1 other new line. And I say it will be a Commonwealth cruiserline. And why this line. Simple hoping for a new market. So in short: - Summer the 2 new IJN DDs - Fall the RN DDs - Winter Commonwealth cruisers ( my personal guess)
  8. Fourbombs

    This is getting out of hand

    And WOT is filled with kids. WOWs is for the large part played by working adults.
  9. Fourbombs

    PSA: Duca degli Abruzzi in shop

    Just a quick observation from my side. Happy that WOWs isn't going the way introducing stronger and stronger pay-ships. So this game isn't turning into a P2W game.
  10. Fourbombs

    European destroyer tree

    Who about a Pan-Northsea fleet and a Pan-Mediterranean fleet? North sea would be the Dutch, Sweden,Poland and the rest of Scandinavia. Mediterranean would be Spain, Greece, Yugoslavia, Austria-Hungary, and the rest
  11. Fourbombs

    Team damage penalty optional

    It isn't all correct. I see I have 3 battles in pink for leaving the battle. But I had to leave because I had infinite planes (due to no better description) on my screen. Now 3 penalty battles isn't heavy. But it wasn't my fault I had to leave.
  12. Fourbombs

    What is the point of the karma number?

    What's the point of karma? If it would had given real benefits all you will get is people, that know each other already (clan, etc...) , given each other karma every chance that they can.
  13. Fourbombs

    Fan made Dutch Navy tech tree

    If they gonna start to put South-American ships into the game (which is a good thing) then it's time to put a Dutch ship in the game.
  14. If you want to see this in EU than you have to hope that sales go up because of this.
  15. Fourbombs

    Incomming smoke nerf?

    The first victims to the smoke meta aren't BBs but all the cruisers that don't have smoke. So stop calling this a cruiser nerf. Because it isn't. If a smoked up cruiser detect a healthy enemy cruiser and BB at the same time. It's the cruiser that gonna be shot each time and every time.