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  1. At this point I'm not that impressed about the RN BBs. Maybe it's just me but I find that you don't see that much RN BBs in tier 6,7,8. Still a lot of KM BBs on the other hand.
  2. Why ask for Jack Dunkirk? I'm sure that WG will release other captains. Fake and real ones. With better stats or worse ones. (But maybe an idea for supercontainers).
  3. After a long wait I got this... So how I'm not that happy...
  4. So that smoke thing? Is it still happening or not? It seems to be not a part of 6.11.
  5. Just saw it on the NA server. But there you had to some damage in the game. Don't know which is better. Totally free but you have to know that it's there. Or getting the flag by paying the game. personally I prefer the last one.
  6. Normally I don't toot my own horn. But I really think that this mission doesn't need any nerf. Finished all tasks with all the members alive and still more than 4 minutes to spare. Only a lot of bad advise. Like stay in the circle. No tier 5. No DDs.
  7. Is this true? Why no more T5 ships? My best ships are the T5 French cruiser and the T5 US premium cruiser. I'm not saying that each game is successful. Far from it. But yesterday even I had a 5-star result without a single ship in our random team lost. It's more than possible to get the 5-stars. No nerfs needed!!!
  8. Thx OP I always love threads like this.How knows it it ever will come. Personaly I'm thinking about a 'Fun with trees" thread. With trees that aren't that obvious. Like a Muslim DD tree with DDs form Turkey, Egypte, Pakistan and Iran. You can actually make a descent tree with those. Only tier 10 is a little bit of a problem I think. Of course not that much original designs. Or a "North sea Minor tree" with Scandinavia (especially with Sweden), Netherlands and Poland. I think you could get a good DD and cruiser line with not that much paper and with original designs. Or a "Mediterranean Sea Minor tree" with Spain, Greece, Austria/Hungary, Israel and Yugoslavia. Also it should be possible for a cruiser and a DD-line. Also with much original designs. But again it was a fun read. Keep up the good work.
  9. If it isn't OP. It doesn't need a fix. Just let her be. She's fine.
  10. Not a gif with a message...but still nice to watch.
  11. Another idea for submarines has to do with those fort maps that where in the game (have no idea if they are still there). My idea has to do with change those forts with submarine bunkers. If you take a cap than you get the submarine bunker and it releases 4...5...6. submarines to gard the area around that cap . Untill the bunker is destroyed (or the cap is captured) it will release submarines. Personally I don't see subs as anti-BB. But more a reason to play DDs and cruisers more.
  12. My inly concern if how it effect cruisers and destroyers? And it all doesn't sound good. For the time being I will pass the time with playing some missions.
  13. The ship was in the shop. You should have bought it. And now (in this threat) asking for the same ship, with the broken setup, to return for 1 day? Now it's all of a sudden good enough to pay €50? My biggest problem with the solution is the fact that people who paid €50 have a say how good the ship will be. Can somebody spell OP for me?
  14. Like I said the whining is all because the new ship isn't OP.
  15. Maybe I should rewatch that video of Notser. But so far that I know Notser said "somebody at WG NA said". That still doesn't mean that it is an official statement of WG NA. So far that you know Notser spoke with the cleaning lady.