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  1. Silver_Leviathan

    Santa Claus Containers: A Time of Gifts! - Discussion Thread

    Done! But the containers are not delivered to me. After clicking on the Santa Crate banner, I'm simply referred to the World of Warships news page. Did the postman lose my presents?
  2. Silver_Leviathan

    Bug Reports

    After updating to the rel. 0.7.10, in DirectX 9 mode I noticed an evident decay of the graphic quality; the resolution of the 3D elements seems much lower than the one actually set. In DirectX 11 instead I have not noticed decays in the graphic rendering between versions 0.7.9 and 0.7.10. You can see the attached image, with the comparison between the two verisoni, naturally at the same resolution and at the same settings. Note, for example, ropes and anti-aircraft guns.
  3. Silver_Leviathan

    Hall of Fame Rewards Issue

    Since last night, the "Hall of Fame" has reset me all my points (both in the current session and past ones).
  4. Silver_Leviathan

    Royal Navy Arc

    In my opinion, the points that are obtained in the co-op battles should be increased, since from what I know in the co-op mode no medals are obtained (neither heroic nor honorary), so the points marked in the rules can not be never receive.
  5. Silver_Leviathan

    Update 0.7.9 PTS - General Feedback

    In my opinion, almost 5.5GByte of downloads, for a single update are too many. Not everyone has access to high speed internet. ;) Also if we want to be picky, the fact that "Game Center" during the download of the update of the game Public Test also blocks the game on local servers, is incomprehensible and annoying.
  6. Silver_Leviathan

    Code from Twitch relating to gamescon

    To date, I have not yet received any other missions, excluding mission number 1 (already completed)! Was not it supposed to be a chain of 4 missions? The other three when they should be released?
  7. Silver_Leviathan

    French Cruiser Changes

    If to have a consumable that give me only occasionally the chance to shoot 3 except in place of 2, I have to choose to weaken the loading speed of the guns by 20% for the whole game... honestly I would immediately renounce this stupid consumable!
  8. Silver_Leviathan

    Bug Reports

    resolve: - "Main battery traverse speed was increased from 2.5 to 3.0 deg/s for a more comfortable gameplay experience." As a subjective feeling I did not see great improvements in "comfort", then I checked the data and doing some calculations the new traverse speed of the Yamato guns post update is only 2.6 deg/s and not 3.0 deg/s. - "Gnevny and Minsk: Main turret traverse speed was increased from 6.0 to 9.7 deg/s" Also, (this is not a bug, but it's an oversight), because the ridiculous traverse speed of the Anshan has not been changed as was done with the Gnevny, considering that Ashan is practically the premium version (and therefore enhanced) of the Gnevny?
  9. Silver_Leviathan

    Bug Reports

    In the arsenal if you try to trade with coal / steel with a ship you already own, the exchange takes place equally and without any warnings.
  10. Silver_Leviathan

    New York Port

    Too much exaggerated with the illuminations. The skyscrapers are graphically unrealistic; they look like cardboard boxes with holes and lights inside. No effect of haze or depth on the various buildings of the city, to give the feeling of width and height of the various structures. (of course this is my personal opinion)
  11. Silver_Leviathan

    PT 0.7.5 Bug Reports

    Update: today the inventory has been updated, and now the various "non-permanent" (American) camouflages are listed, as well as the premium camouflage for the Cleveland (tier VIII).
  12. Silver_Leviathan

    PT 0.7.5 Bug Reports

    Bug # 1: I completed the American collection, I received the flag but NOT the premium camouflage for the Cleveland. Camouflage is not present even in the inventory. Bug # 2: I won many "American" non-permanent camouflages. Such camouflages can be mounted correctly on various ships, but are not listed in the inventory.
  13. Silver_Leviathan

    PT 0.7.5 Bug Reports

    I confirm this bug! Tested with Cleveland, New Orleans, Baltimore and Des Monies. Tested in Co-op mode. All ship's guns have an extreme dispersion! And the dispersion seems even more evident at medium and short distance. For example, with the DesMonies I could not even fully hit a huge G. Kurfurst brodeside at only 7km! The bullets went everywhere except on the enemy ship.
  14. Silver_Leviathan

    Design a patch contest - Digital - Vote for your choice!

    Hello everyone! I would like to know from the staff, if my work was not even taken into consideration because it did not like it or because it violated some rules? And in this case, what rule?