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  1. Silver_Leviathan

    Refund for Moskva and Kirov (official)

    Still with these equivalences? For those who know the economies of this game in depth, the correct questions you should ask are these: Have you bought permacamo for regular tier X cruiser before split? Yes Have you gonna permacamo for regular tier X cruiser after split? NO! evaporated Have you bought a regular tier X cruiser before split? Yes Have you gonna a regular tier X cruiser after split? No! evaporated, (but I will get it back with spending again : 250XP, 20M or 40M credit, and 300K elitexp) ths WG! Have you bought a special tier X cruiser before split? No Have you gonna a special tier X cruiser after split? Yes (for about 250XP + 20M credit + 5000 or 8000 doubloons + 300K elitexp) for a ships who will sell about 190K of coal with the discount , wow, great deal! So why do you complain?  After I have highlighted all this, anyone if really objective could reply, on the reason that many complain!
  2. Silver_Leviathan

    Refund for Moskva and Kirov (official)

    So have they already nominated you officially responsible for WG communications?!? You say there is no need to highlight any answers? If the answer is so obvious, could you explain to me why there are all those users who ask the same question and have the same doubts? Can you indicate me in the official presentation article of the update where it is clearly written that the permacamon will NOT be reimbursed? Or where is it written that they will be reimbursed? Or if everything is as usual implied or intentionally unclear? Of course, anything can happen ... also, that in an epidemic will exterminate us all, and nobody will refund us. Remember that even if a company change CEO, shareholders or other, it will always have to guarantee commitments with users. As well as legally also for a question of image and trust. Exactly, I asked those who I thought could be better informed. In fact, I waited peacefully, before you answered me so rudely for no reason. I repeat ... Did they clarify? Who are "they"? Is it an official clarification? Or an interpretation of what is written on the site or someone's personal guess? Has it become a certainty something that until a moment ago was "subject to change"? You see? All the information is very "smoky", and nothing really clear, even your supposed help. You're also a little presumptuous as well as disrespectful, right? I the NO, unfortunately for you, I understand it very well (up to there, I understand English), that's why I tell you that thanks to your NO's, I understood instead how you perceive my sentences. But if you read the questions better, three of them are set as options! Hoping that, just pretend you don't understand me so as not to admit your mistakes in the slightest, I want to be good and I'll explain it to you anyway. If I ask you: Are you alive? Or are you dead? Following the logic, not being two independent questions, you cannot simultaneously answer NO (or YES) to both questions at your pleasure! You don't think you're the famous cat? But especially after the others have pointed out that you read carelessly (perhaps because you consider your interlocutors all idiots), and they also make you notice where you are wrong you can not expect to continue behaving like a superior, wow, a little bit of humility. Another confirmation that you tend to be presumptuous, as well as contradictory. First you say there is no need to highlight the official answers, then you say that the WoWs playerbase have a tendency to miss the obvious. We are all morons, only you are genius of WOWs? I repeat for the umpteenth time, but read? Or do you answer only for the sake of denying the evidence and contradicting others? I clearly wrote: In fact, your reaction confirms my theory, that a simple name has brainwashed you! I intentionally and trivially changed only the name from Des Monies "special" ship, to PeppaPig ship (a special ship for coal identical to the DesMonies). And you yourself admitted that for you it was a "Completly different situation". Just and only because you were fooled by the name, the situation appeared completely different in your mental vision! So if the ship is called Des Monies premium or special everything is ok, all cool, the WG is generous, beautiful and good! If instead the ship is called PeppaPig (even if it was, as indicated by the text, a special coal ship, identical to Des Monies and with permacamo) you noticed the scam, they are robbing us and the WG has become greedy, ugly and bad ?! If you stop for a moment, and think carefully honestly (but really honestly, without trying to go against me on principle), you should admit that my arguments, however unorthodox, are all valid. Now do you understand where I want to go? Just change a name or phrase and you are willing to accept everything! This sentence is being carefully studied, just to deceive us: "as well as any permanent camouflages you purchased, will be preserved. If the Type 20 permanent camouflage hasn't yet been purchased, it will be added." It's a deliberately unclear phrase and they set it up as a double concession for ... ... old neuro-linguistic programming trick, but what do I know, I'm stupid, and I'm also tired of explaining to those who don't even want to listen so as not to grant victory to anyone. Sorry if I was unpleasant, normally I'm not like that, but you started. I give you another practical example? I explained several times, that: - Permanent camouflage for a regular tierX ship is definitely NOT the same thing as a permanent camouflage for a special tierX ship! (Even if they called them the same way!) - They have absolutely no equal economic value. - They have absolutely no equal value of necessity. - They don't have the same economic advantage in battles. Is it so complicated to understand it? Is it spelled correctly in English? They don't want to believe me, ok, but at least they do the math, before making certain statements just to contradict me! They fix on the name, they read that they also give them a permacam and they believe it, their selfishness takes over in their brain and they no longer listen to anyone! Do you want to understand that they DO NOT give you anything for free? All the special / premium ships have the permanent camouflages already supplied, they are standard! You don't have to believe that you're making a good deal, just because the dealer sells you a car saying it will give you free steering, wake up! The selfishness of some is so exaggerated that they don't even notice how absurdly they change their objectivity. For heaven's sake, I too am selfish but at least I try in my own small way to help others, and above all not to enjoy, if others will be robbed in the hope of apparently gaining something more. Forgive me, the outburst, that in this case you have nothing to do with it. P.S .: However, I only say one thing, if the WG confirms its behavior (and in recent periods it has combined many), this will be the drop that will overflow the vase. Personally, I don't want to be taken for a ride by anyone, much less by them. Who wants to understand understand! (heard dear WG?) "I am insignificant, I am only a drop, you respect the drop, because even the water that quenches your thirst in the desert, is made up of drops!"
  3. Silver_Leviathan

    Refund for Moskva and Kirov (official)

    I also had already bought the Blyska and Ashan (no Marblehead for now ), which annoys me a bit, but I have not complained, because it is NOT the same thing !!! We are not talking that we bought a full-price ship and then they discounted it, or that now they sell it for coal or steel or euros or dollars or chips, etc. I'm talking, that whoever bought an expensive tierX camouflage for a regular ship, will see it disappear into thin air! Without even officially contemplating a refund! Again, I seem to offend people by explaining certain things, but the mirror for larks, (aka Moskva "special") seems to cause confused ideas. Imagine a similar situation, but hypothetically in two distinct updates. In Update 0.9.9, they will eliminate DesMonies because they want to put the Terminator ship in its place. Those who have DesMonies will see it eliminated from its techtree without any refund, neither for XP, nor for credits, nor for the captain's re-specialization, and those who bought the permanent camouflage will also see the camouflage disappear into thin air. The Terminator ship will have to be searched again from scratch, bought again at full price (and maybe you will have to buy even tier9 to accumulate XP), and also the permacamo you will have to buy it again !!! OK, I think everyone with a modicum of intelligence would spark a revolt against the WG, no? But, then the classic 'fanboy' arrives, and says: "Don't worry, what are you complaining about? So much in update 1.0 they will give at ALL the PeppaPig ship which is identical to the DesMonies but for coal and the PeppaPig also has a permacum, so it doesn't nothing changes. " OK, I think everyone with a shred of heart would send it at least to beepppp, right? Forgive me Execute0rder66, if I haven't been clear enough, but the topic is twisted and even expressing myself in a different language than mine is not easy for me, but I think something has been intuited.
  4. Silver_Leviathan

    Refund for Moskva and Kirov (official)

    I wonder why there must always be the classic "compulsive responders" who responds arrogantly and believing himself the pundit of anything ??? And even accusing others of what they have just done themselves! You then? Have you read at least this topic? You have read? What did you not understand about this first sentence? I clearly said that I, (who am not a genius like you) reading various articles, forums, etc, did not see a clear answer! Also, to look for a clear and official answer, (always if it really exists), it should be highlighted in a post, and I shouldn't be forced to read more than 1000 posts scattered in 10 discussions and 100 topics, right? Not everyone has your free time to spend reading and posting in the forum. Then, you yourself say that the information of the articles is subject to change how do you consider them clear and official? The same moderators tell you the same unclear things they read and many contributors say they haven't received any information. For this, I asked MrConway and YabbaCoe if they could get better information and clearly explain the situation. They endure my stupidity, and manage to make me understand things better. The fact of penalizing those who bought the permacamo, in my opinion, is too absurd even for the WG, not to have been caused by some misunderstanding or oversight. Even you, from the height of your intelligence, you were not clear, in fact you answered with 4 NO to all the questions, yet you did not even notice that the last 3 answers were mutually exclusive! However, leaving aside the jokes, I can also admit that it is only I who did not understand, but since, as mentioned, the posts of users with doubts are hundreds, it is evident that someone has not been clear. (on purpose? to see our reactions? mystery ...)
  5. @MrConway@YabbaCoe Considering that for months the DeveloperBlogs, the forums, and recently also the developer bulletin have NOT clarified the issue. Can anyone give information OFFICIAL and CLEAR on the question of reimbursements for the elimination of Moskva (and Kirov) from regular techtree? There would be dozens of questions but I summarize the most important: Who has already purchased the Moskva will be refunded of the spent credits? (considering that we will have to spend it to buy back TierX in regular techtree AGAIN, and the "special" Moskva will also be given to those who have never purchased it.) Will those who have already purchased the permanent camouflages for Moskva be reimbursed? Or, will permanent camouflage be given (as in the past) for the ship that replaces it in the techtree? Or, as it seems, they will be incredibly robbed of 5000 doubloons apiece?!?! Please, give us clear news, because obviously we users have understood little, given the thousands of posts on the subject. Thanks. PS: It would be useless and even offensive to explain to you why the purchase of permanent camouflage for a regular TierX ship cannot be ignored (given the price in euros is not indifferent), nor equated with a free permanent camouflage always supplied with a "special" ship, which also offers fewer objective advantages, (and which in any case has NOT been proposed as a refund). Anyone who purchased a TierX camouflage for a regular techtree ship must own the camouflage! If the ownership of this product is lost due to fault or willful misconduct or unilateral decision by the seller, the buyer must be reimbursed for this purchase, (or compensated with a product of identical monetary value or higher). This, I suppose, is the minimum ethically and legally acceptable, in all European countries or not, for a good relationship of trust between company and user. All the rest are chatter in the wind !!!
  6. Silver_Leviathan

    Developer Bulletin 0.9.5

    As I predicted in my previous post, here is the intervention of the classic "fanboy" who did not understand the topics of others in the least, but he intervenes only to make others believe that he is superior to these earthly things of us poor mortals! Yes, in addition to the respect that the WG should have for its users, there is also the principle, and also ... exactly, I am not rich, and if they try to steal even 5 hard-earned euros I get "angry". Given what you say, it is clear that you do not or pretend not to understand the concept! They will take away the TierX permacamo of the regular line, (paid regularly). This is an objective fact. They will take us off the TierX ship of the regular line, regularly researched and paid for. This cannot be denied. They will NOT give for free, as you think, no permacamo for any regular line TierX; the one you indicated is simply the usual permacamo always supplied to ALL premium or special ships. In the end what they "will give" for a limited time, is a special ship named Moskva, simply if you have researched the Soviet TierX cruiser, it does not matter if you bought it or if you "upgraded" it with a captain of 19skills or / and with permacamo . Trivially, with the aim of pushing new players to buy freeXP? Or as a real gift? And anyway, not caring if old players, who have already spent time, effort or money, will be penalized. Translating all this (unless the WG says for the umpteenth time that they have not explained themselves well), it means: those who paid (in euros or in doubloons) for the tierX permacamo will be robbed! those who paid credits for the purchase of Moskova will have spent them unnecessarily. those who have already laboriously researched (or paying for the freeXP) the regular soviet TierX then have to do it again! I repeat, the concept is different, in this case it is not as if Valve has discounted a game, but they have eliminated it from the sale, and unfortunately they have also canceled the game from the library to those who had purchased it regularly. Now if you like such behavior, be happy, but you can't expect others to agree too. If WG, Valve or any other developer tries to fool me, I object and criticize them. If EVERYONE offers you to eat crap, it's not mandatory that I have to eat it! Although 50 billion flies and "fanboys" will be bored with my complaints.
  7. Silver_Leviathan

    Developer Bulletin 0.9.5

    Dear WG but what did you drink or smoke ??? I and many others spent 5000 doubloons on the permanent camouflage of Moskova, and thanks to the new update this purchase will be wasted ... and in the usual respect that WG has for its users, will we not be reimbursed in any way? The captain of Moskova will keep the same specialization, and I will not be able to transfer him to a regular ship without spending elitexp. (Again!!!) We will have to research and buy 2 Soviet cruisers tier X despite having already researched and purchased the Moskova. Instead those who have not bought or sold the Moskova will receive the Moskova equally, including the permanent camouflage for free. All these absurd decisions will repeat themselves also for the Kirov. The ancient "promise" of the WG that any change in techtree (splits, repositionings, changes or additions), ALL users would not have never lost but at the limit gained, it is confirmed false again !!! (in my experience, this promise has only been kept for the split of Japanese DDs) Let's see if the usual "fanboys" of this forum will have the courage to defend these WG decisions too!
  8. Silver_Leviathan

    New event and yet another disappointment!

    Ciao Bics93, I answer to you because I know you a little and I hope you do not be offended, but have you carefully read my post? Did you not realize that what they previously gave you as a reward to complete the events now practically 4/5, will you have to buy it? In the past, you won early access up to tier 8, completing all the event directives, and without any random intrusion! In the past, they gave you excellent premium ships by completing a particular event. (And not like they did with Puerto Rico that completing the absurdly difficult event did the honor of making you pay for a ship at a discounted price.) In the past, you won special permanent camouflages by winning a second event! (now, to get them you will have to pay) In the past, you won special captains by completing an event or campaign! (in the future, what will they invent to make you pay for it?) Etc. etc. In practice, the prizes in the past were proportional to your engagement in events, now they have become proportional to the random and in an exaggerated way (random that I remind you is "piloted" by the WG) and therefore most of the prizes of the event are only one stupid mirage! For the record, the WG with this attitude also risks in many European states, given that this mode (where random is the primary variable for the awarding of prizes) and regulated by special laws on gambling, (and in some cases even prohibited to certain users) And anyway if you read my post well, (I wrote: "you wanted to sell early access for tier8-9 destroyers, you could do it directly but with clarity and honesty, instead of resorting to this ridiculous and offensive trick for your users with a minimum of intelligence! "), what I criticize, is not that they SELL early access to ships that in a month's time you can search for, (if one wants to waste his money he is free to do so), but I criticize that this sale was deliberately hidden from the event! And if they treat us like idiots, those with a minimum of intelligence could even be offended! Whether they are silver or gold or paper ships, or even a stuffed animal or even a pat on the shoulder ... what does this have to do with the juice of my topic? They are rewards, and rewards I am talking about, whatever value they have for each of us. Also you know, that they will be searchable in the next patch does not mean that they will be given for free, right? You'll have to spend XP and credits to buy ships and modules! And you'll have to spend doubloons to buy the permanent camouflage instead of receiving it as a reward in missions. If for you this is not a value, good for you, it means that you are richer than me. And answering everyone else ... I have indicated this event and the other precedents just to point out, which economic philosophy the WG has adopted in recent times with the various events. Instead you have fossilized the topic, only and only thinking that the prizes are easy to obtain later. Does this mean that you are fine with this new way of doing WG? Are you all happy and happy that the game becomes a stupid "pay for win"? Is that okay, just because we are in the WG forum and are you "afraid" to express your sincere opinions? (opinions that strangely many users but other places express much, much more easily) Is that okay, because for example with WoTs or others with other games have they done worse? If so, then mine is a losing battle, Amen!
  9. New event and yet another disappointment! The WG, not happy with what it has done in the recent past, and after the many good intentions (but false) declared to the four winds. Here, that with early access to European destroyers try again with the same recipe as "Puerto Rico"! Events where the most important prizes are only a mirror for the larks, and which are actually obtained ONLY for a fee, and which do not reward neither the commitment nor the constancy in the game. The amount of European tokens you get is limited and absurdly random! And the random has been set up so that it is practically impossible to unlock high-level DDs (and therefore also the relative permanent camouflages). And to prove that it was all calculated and planned to "pluck the chickens", here comes the package in the premium shop halfway through the event, containing the 1500 European tokens that will be missing by everyone! Is it a coincidence? The more the WG will have this behavior, the more my desire to leave the game increases. A game that I loved and chose among many others, because it rewarded tactics and strategies, with a pinch of history and realism, and with which with the commitment one could compete also against those who had the stuffed wallet. But, slowly, the WG has transformed the game, in a stupid Arcade, aim and shoot (full of bugs among other things), without any technical or historical depth and shamelessly "pay for win"! And the events of "Puerto Rico" and early access to heavy British cruisers and European DDs are the most obvious symbols of the growing greed and hypocrisy in the economies of the game. Dear WG, are you still going to continue with these teases for us users? Be clear once and for all! If in addition to the hundreds of premium ships, you wanted to sell early access for tier8-9 destroyers, you could do it directly but with clarity and honesty, instead of resorting to this ridiculous and offensive trick for your users with a minimum of intelligence ! And please, don't say: we were wrong, we didn't explain it well, blah blah blah; because in the end it is useless to admit your mistakes if then in the following updates you intend to maintain the same behavior or even worse. OK, I understand very well that you have to earn, but by clenching your fist too much to squeeze your users' money, you risk that they all gush you out of your hands! And if you lose your loyal users in this way, you can later come up with all sorts of events or awards or recruiting campaigns, but you will never get them back! I hope that my sincere criticism is appreciated and that it leads you to reflect on what and how to improve. If, however, as usual, the feedbacks do not reach the boss or are completely ignored, it is not my fault. I gave you my little input to try to save World of Warships and everyone who works around it, now it's up to you.
  10. Silver_Leviathan

    Public Test - Megathread for rewards & updates

    Yes, the seasonal session has ended, but don't worry, they will soon release the PT of patch 0.9.3 and therefore the "spring" session begins. This session will continue until patch 0.9.5, and you will need to complete all three missions (one per patch) to get all the rewards. Be careful, the rewards are not as free as it might seem, but they require a lot of effort (even too much). Often, given the difficulty of the missions, the short time they give you and the instability / bugs / problems of the PT, the effort to complete these missions far exceeds even that to complete the missions on the live server. Sometimes you have to give up playing on the live server in order to be able to finish the missions on the PT in time. PS: Ah, I forgot, you must also consider another 50-55 Gbyte in more space occupied on the HD for the client; because the PT requires a complete and independent installation of another game client. And importantly when you register for the public test server, you have to do it with the same email you have on the live server. Otherwise they will not give you the rewards on your main account!
  11. Silver_Leviathan

    Public Test - Megathread for rewards & updates

    Emblem, flag, and "ship VI" containers arrived right now!
  12. Silver_Leviathan

    Public Test - Megathread for rewards & updates

    @M8ii OK, those are the classic PT mission rewards. And as you clearly indicate, just request them at: https://worldofwarships.eu/en/userbonus/ But what they have not yet delivered are the prizes for completing the 3 "SEASONAL" missions of the PT. Then emblem, flag, and "ship VI" container. And from experience, I can say that they have never been on time to deliver them.
  13. Silver_Leviathan

    Update not installing

    Idem. Now I just got a small patch for WGC, and after that WGC has successfully found the game update 0.9.2!
  14. Silver_Leviathan

    Watch Our Streams – Get Early Access Containers!

    Perfect, thanks @Crysantos , now everything is clear to me. The absence in the stream schedule of the April streams, with the related fourth mission, had caused me all doubts.
  15. Silver_Leviathan

    Watch Our Streams – Get Early Access Containers!

    Sorry for my ignorance and the difficulty with the English language, but I can't understand well, since the graphics on the site contradict each other and the one said / seen in the video does not even coincide. Please, can you clarify the explicit way? Missions: 3 or 4? European contaniners as a reward: 6 or 10? Streams with release codes begin: March 12 or March 13? Thursday or Friday? 15:00 UTC or 5 o'clock UTC?