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  1. Silver_Leviathan

    0.9.1 PTS - Ranked Battles

    Today I was playing with cruisers ... very difficult but I was having fun anyway. Then they began to enter in the ranked battles, the aircraft carriers, and lo and behold, it became absurd and stressful to play! Zero strategy, only camping. Continually spotted by planes and targeted by battleships that devastate cruisers at the first shot by shooting from the opposite side of the map. With CVs it is impossible to approach to support DDs in the cap or launch areas. In addition, the CVs planes are practically invulnerable even to heavy AA-built ships and as usual they become absurdly OP already from mid-game onwards, when the AA defenses were easily destroyed !!! In addition to the planes, the aircraft carriers themselves are super resistant to cruisers, immune to AP and small caliber HE, and even from fires; with repair practically always available, doing fire damage is a pure utopia. ex: I managed to make 15 fires at an aircraft carrier, but in the end I only got 5000 fire damage, ridiculous !!! I would like to ask your warship "experts / consultants" if they ever tried to put out a fire on an aircraft carrier loaded with aviation gasoline, which ignited or exploded only if you looked at it badly? I continue to thank the WG for ruining the game with the stupid (and full arcade) CVs rework, in all modes! Dear WG, this is my personal opinion, this is my feedback, (shared by many players). If you are interested then well, otherwise do as you have already done, ignore them! But then do not cry if you continue to lose players and to monetize you are forced to invent "scam" events for the naive. Sorry if I seem unpleasant, but knowing that with your arrogant and unpopular decisions you are trying in every way to make me hate the game I loved so much, it should make you understand my reaction.
  2. Silver_Leviathan

    Claim Your Compensation Now! [EU Server Issue]

    I only received the WG container, but NO signal flag assortment. Sorry, I read too carelessly; formatting the bulleted list has deceived me.
  3. Silver_Leviathan

    Game crash, disconnects

    Idem! Server down!
  4. Silver_Leviathan

    0.9.0 PTS - Bug reports

    In fullscreen mode, the passage (ALT + TAB) from the game to the windows desktop and vice versa, is extremely and annoyingly slow! Step to reproduce it: - Game in fullscreen graphics mode. - Press ALT + TAB for displaying windows desktop - Then press ALT + TAB again to return to the game screen. What I get: The transition from game to desktop is very slow. (2-3sec) The transition from the desktop to the game is even slower. (5-10sec) (This bug was introduced in version 0.8.9 of the PT) What do I expect: That the transition from the game to the desktop and vice versa, is fast (almost immediate) as it was in the versions of the game 0.8.8 and earlier.
  5. Silver_Leviathan

    PT Rewards Available to be Claimed

    Quiet, in that case, the WG has created a lot of premium tier 2-3 ships to make us happy !!! Even those ships have become of great economic value for today's WG mentality ... if Puerto Rico, the WG want to give it to us with "only" 59,000 doubloons, a tier 2 or 3 ship should be worth at least 5,000-10,000 doubloons , or not? Already they are sweating a lot to give a simple container with a tier 6 ship, to reward the efforts made by the participants in a whole PT season (fatigues due to goals too heavy for PTs, which have a short duration), let alone if they have set a good problabilità to find decent ships in the Christmas containers. PS: I have already opened many, many Christmas contaniners (both normal and large), and as usual I received: no ships, zero doubloons, and no premium accounts! By now I don't even get excited when I'm opening them. Finally I also finished blowing the snowflakes on tier 10 ships, so I don't waste any more time opening those fake packages. Either my account is buggy or I've been too bad at destroying ships, and Santa Claus never gives me anything.
  6. Silver_Leviathan

    0.8.11 - General feedback

    Ok, rest assured, now the server is online!
  7. Silver_Leviathan

    0.8.11 - General feedback

    Due to technical problems the release work of the 0.8.11 update will be extended until 10:00 (CET).
  8. Silver_Leviathan

    PTS 0.8.11 - Bug reports

    In case of disconnections from the server or other, then the mouse cursor seems to "lose" the display mapping and the clicks on the game interface are performed in different coordinates with respect to where the cursor is displayed.
  9. Silver_Leviathan

    PTS 0.8.11 - Bug reports

    With the game in fullscreen mode ... the game has become extremely slow in switching from the game to the windows desktop and vice versa (Ctrl + Tab). All versions before 0.8.10 did not have this annoying problem! By setting the game in window modes, of course there is no such problem, but the load and consumption of the GPU increases considerably.
  10. Silver_Leviathan

    PTS 0.8.11 - Bug reports

    Incorrect display position of the time in the port.
  11. Silver_Leviathan

    Italian Cruisers: Branch Review

    Dear WG, I would not offend anyone, with this hard, sincere and long criticism ... but releasing such ridiculously unbalanced Italian cruisers is a huge idiocy !!! We have waited 3 years to finally see the much-requested Italian tech tree in play, and after all this time you have run out of interesting ideas, and have accumulated all the stupidest features discarded over the years by the other branches, to put them all together in this tree??? As I suspected before trying them, now, I also got the confirmation by trying them directly: - The SAPs are completely inefficient, they have all the defects of the HE and the AP in a single projectile, but no real merit: They rebound like APs, but unlike APs even with large 203mm guns they don't even penetrate a single armor, equal to or greater than 55mm (and if I'm not mistaken even with SAP, the thickness is calculated by adding together the various armor plates that you they must perforate, so, for example, if the projectile first hits a simple armor of a 19mm superstructure then it will not be able to penetrate an armor below even by 36mm); They do not cause fundamental fire damage such as HE, but neither can damage at the cittadel such as the AP that cannot be repaired; the SAP such as APs can saturate the external armor/structures but without penetrating in depth like the APs and not causing secondary damage like the HE, they soon make the enemy ships to such bullets completely invulnerable; Already many BBs are practically immune to these bullets (for the simple question of the armor penetration limit), and not being able to provoke even fires, you can only wait to die if you have against a BB; The alleged alpha greater damage than SAP, is never exploited for all the aforementioned features of this projectile in the game. For example, with 203mm HE I can easily do 6000-10000 damage per single salvo (in addition to probable fire damage), but on equal terms with the SAP I do about 3600 for salvo, so the greatest damage of the SAP is on card but in the game it's just a joke; - Absurdly low recharge rate (to compensate for the alleged damage the stupid SAPs?); - Torpedoes are a waste of time even trying to use them: Torpedoes so slow that even a sleeping BBs manages to dodge them, (without counting the various hydro that are always in operation); Torpedoes that few times they hit someone by chance, are few and do little damage individually; Do you say that torpedo charging is fast? Absolutely false! We say that to be optimistic is average, indeed, considering the number of torpedoes to be recharged, it is among the slowest; In general they are torpedoes that do not serve either for long-range attacks (such as the Japanese and French) or as melee attacks (such as the Soviets, the Germans and the versatile British), even with torpedoes therefore, the WG to took the worst of the features and merged them together, like the SAPs; Do you say that torpedoes are suitable for targeting ships in the smoke? A ridiculous statement, in fact considering the cruising speed of the torpedoes, enemy ships have plenty of time to shoot in the smoke, to take a coffee, and to leave in peace! Furthermore, as already mentioned, torpedoes are not numerous enough even to saturate the area covered by smoke, and enemy ships have a very high probability of not being hit even if they remain immobile inside the smoke. - Type of smoke completely useless, not only in attack but also to take shelter, (it clearly indicates where you are and where you are running away, it lasts very little and moreover, it has very few refills and moreover it is slow to recharge); - Do you say that Italian ships are manoeuvrable and fast? But in which game have you tested them??? They are slow, big and not very manoeuvrable. In short, after having released the Soviet Ultra-OP BBs, now the WG has decided to make up for it, heavily "breaking" an entire branch at birth ... but another nation? It is absurd to release a new branch with these characteristics and hope that it will be fine, and then wait 2-3 months to collect statistical data of real players to realize that they have done a idiocy and re-edit the entire techtree. The CVs-rework was clear that it would have distorted the game worse and that you would not be able to balance it, yet with arrogance and presumption the WG said that they would have balanced everything in two updates. (What update are we? ) The Soviet BBs was very clear to me even after 2 battles, which were devastating, yet you released them like that, convinced that they were very balanced! The Italian cruisers are even more clear that they are unbalanced (in negative), yet they will be released like this! (Do you think that that insignificant 5th buff on the hurried rebound can change anything?) It should be clear to you, that real players will eventually lose patience !!! Dear WG, I tell you as a user and/or an old Wows fan, do an examination of conscience! Shake off, this arrogance of yours to know how to release new branches or changes to the game that you flaunt as perfect and fun! Shake off your belief that we players do not understand, that we do not know how to play, that we do not know how changes are exploited, etc. You have very often wrong, in the development of the game (and needless to hide it), but continue to believe yourself infallible. Even a mouse, after having taken the shock, realizes that it no longer has to make certain mistakes, instead you insist! I honestly don't understand, if you are the one who never listens to the Supertesters or are the Supertesters who never understand how to balance ships and don't give you the right suggestions. In both cases, it is clear that you should change the test mode in the release of the new features in the game! You absolutely do not follow the wishes or feedback of your real users. Even my constructive criticism will be thrown into the trash, like the thousands of other suggestions, criticisms and opinions of the other thousands of users, of real players, those who are not "paid or rewarded" just to advertise you and who are not afraid of losing "privileges" by telling the truth!
  12. Silver_Leviathan

    PTS - 0.8.10 - BUGS

    Sometimes I don't see allied ships from planes! Only on the minimap are displayed but not on the combat screen.
  13. Silver_Leviathan

    PTS - 0.8.10 - General feedback

    Can any of the staff explain to me how to complete the seasonal PT mission? Mission goals have already been set that are too demanding for so little time. Then between bugs and various problems, and between the fact that you are waiting for an infinite time before entering the battle. When will these missions ever end? Yesterday I was bored several times in the queue to enter the battle for 20-40 min, I thought because it was night, but even today in the middle of the day is the exact same thing. I tried to change the type of ship or tier, but nothing to do, the server does not let you enter the battle !!! PS: I add that I have always participated in PT tests (for several years), and but never such a ridiculous thing has happened! So I think there is some bug or some absurd modification of the WG for the server to behave in this way ... the reason is not that there are few participants! If the WG is looking for excuses for not wanting to give prizes to PT participants, say so clearly and don't make fun of your users yet, making it impossible to complete missions in any way!
  14. Silver_Leviathan

    PTS - 0.8.10 - Others

    Overall, the co-ops have become slower, but extremely boring and do not earn anything, indeed, now even with the average tier ships, you can't even pay for the costs of maintaining the ships. The behavior of the bots has become too similar to that of human players, that is boringly "static". In the old version the bots were too aggressive, but now they have become absurd campers. You waste, boringly tens of minutes just chasing bots that run away, or trying to hit bots that run in circles in the middle of the map without a destination, or to look for bots hidden behind some island. It is ridiculous to see bots from both teams attacking at full speed for the first few minutes and then arriving exactly in half the map, spin the ship and run back, and then neither team takes more initiative for the rest of the battle. Absurd the WG's decision to lengthen the co-op battles with this bots control algorithm. In my opinion, those who play the co-op, are the players who want to have fun simply with a quick battle of 5-10 minutes, and do not have the availability to stay too long stuck there as in random battles. With such a decision, the WG is likely to increase the afk in the coop and to lose even the players who wanted to play quickly in the coop, between one commitment and another.
  15. Silver_Leviathan

    PTS - 0.8.10 - BUGS

    Also this time I have received neither doubloons nor a premium period !!! Bug-bots: Bots that sometimes shoot without showing the trail of bullets, making it difficult even to understand who is shooting at you and what you have to avoid. Bots that hit you with cannons or throw you torps even after they're dead. Bots that launch torps that activate immediately after exiting the tubes, and hit you even if you're almost leaning against their ship. (recently torps sank to me without even touching the water; I was so close that they came out of the pipes and landed on the deck of the ship, and the fuse activated anyway!) Bots that fire with cannons as soon as they see you, even if they have cannons pointing to the opposite side. Bots that sometimes, as soon as they sight your ship for a moment, they shoot at your last position strange hyperveloci bullets flush with the water (that is without making any "parabolic"), even from extreme distances, which are impossible to avoid and that do enormous damage . Bots that launch "ghost" torps that manage to cross the islands, or other torps that hit but are never displayed on the screen (and not even their wake is invisible). Even the "old" bots circumvented the basic rules of the game to have an advantage over humans, but to the new bots, the WG gave super-cheater capabilities or are they all bugs ?!