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  1. Seedas

    Kaga is in the premium shop

    Seems my atlanta has some job to do
  2. Seedas

    0.6.6 first info

    just wanted to share something i found this morning about 0.6.6
  3. Seedas

    Server lags?

    i'm suffering lag spikes from 30ms to 800 since yesterday , its imposiblle to play to , normally i have about 50 ms..and other games seems to work without this problem , it must be wows server issues...
  4. Seedas

    Server down?

    cant connect too , anyone knows what is going on?
  5. Seedas

    dragon flags

    event started , but no dragon flags , how we suppose to get them ??
  6. how much average dmg you deal with those secondaries each match? , i'm planning to test secondaries build on gneisenau when i'l get it.
  7. Hello i want to ask which level 4 captain skill is most usefull for admiral hipper?