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  1. were looking out for some good DD and CV player`s for the competitive meta ... read the requirements and feel free to apply
  2. Clanwars hits again. Let`s go go go ...for a good place ... Or at least get the Stalingrad See ya out there
  4. Pretty epic Game, thx to @Runner357 We`re looking Forward for more Tier 8 competitive Gameplay. Hopefully we can participate in the next LotS again Cheers PS: We`re still recruiting very good Players for our Clan. Take a look at the Topic title for the requirements !
  5. Greets from your Friends from the North Thx for the GUUD time and Games together, so far .... looking Forward for more to come :)
  6. Thx to all for the GUUD KotS experience, we learned a lot and got nice contacts .... well played to all Teams We defenetly coming back next time Cheers
  7. First KotS Weekend endured Lets see what the next one brings ...
  8. Hopefully see ya all in KotS and guud luck if you participate in it :)
  9. Recruitment is still open, we want to participate in the upcoming KotS 5 and we are looking out for some skilled CV and DD players atm ... Cheers
  10. Thanks guys for the friendly environment on the discord and the good games we had so far ... Im ready for more divisions and stuff UP we go :)
  11. Merry Christmas and wish you all happy holidays. As far as i know at this point we gonna participate in the upcoming KotS and we currently looking out for some skilled and willing players to tryhard and get among the top 8 teams in that tournament. Whoever meets the requirements, just PM our guys See ya soon Here something to get rid of the spare time during the Christmas break ^^ https://youtu.be/x1VY1clmigs