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  1. metalsoup

    large amounts of bots in PvE

    i would like to thank you for picking this up. i will eagerly await the progress.
  2. metalsoup

    large amounts of bots in PvE

    being from an older generation i am much more appelead to the us versus the computer game mode. partially because i play to relax. and playing against other players just isn't relaxing to me. the lower amount of xp and credits doesn't bother me that much either. though if truth be told i do feel they could be modified upwards, at least enough to make this game mode well enough populated. that being said these just are my two cents.
  3. metalsoup

    large amounts of bots in PvE

    is it just me, am i playing at wrong times, or is hardly anyone playing PvE anymore? several months ago nearly every match was with real players only. or at least, if bots took part i didn't notice at all. nowadays however at least half the team seems to be bots in at least 3/4 of the game. i wouldn't mind if these bots were any good. but between trying their hardest to team kill with torps (and yes most of them seem to be destroyers) they tend to die within the first 3 minutes of the game. causing defeats to be far more regular, DESPITE what the reall players do.
  4. metalsoup

    less citadels after

    i seem to be getting a lot more of them. granted it is in pve and my experiences with project r seems to have given me an edge over other pve players. that or i get matched with really bad players a lot of the time.
  5. metalsoup

    Kamikaze R to buy on EU?

    sure hope not, it would make the effort put in to win it would be degraded.
  6. just to pitch my two cents in, afk players MOSTLY happen in pvp. where the difference is most felt. even had the client crash a couple times myself, far more oftenly in pvp compared to pve.
  7. metalsoup

    [Project R] where is my Kamikaze R? (293 pearls)

    a new ship was towed into my port. after having made many dives for a total of 273 pearls. thanks wargaming, for a great experience, event and ship!
  8. metalsoup

    Project R is up on EU

    you need 1800 base xp, so before flags and multipliers are added. it may also take a few minutes to register.
  9. metalsoup

    Stupid Question about Karma

    occasionally, when someone manages to win a game against the odds. or when i had a nice enough chat with them.
  10. metalsoup

    project r weekly reset

    not sure if this is the right forum (please move if not), but i was wondering on which day the weekly missions reset? thanks in advance.
  11. metalsoup

    Latest patch won't load.

    possible solution: so i uninstalled the game, redownloaded the installer and got going. it took about 5 tries to get the "tier 1 package", after this several runs as administrator got an 85 mb update going. around this time i turned uploading off, but couldn't get the last (or even main) download to start (getting stuck on recieving downloads). when i opened the game however and clicked resume download ingame, the main download started and my client is now up to date. hope it works for you guys as well.
  12. metalsoup

    Latest patch won't load.

    i have the same problem, rebooted a few times, restarted the router, checked my hard disk, reinstalled the game. but still no update. according to the log the request fails repeatadly (looks like a "ping" time out). very annoying since i WAS really looking forward to playing. UPDATE: clicking "continue download" ingame seemed to start the download. will have to see how far it goes though, since it installed the absolute minimal game (tier 1 only).