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  2. Greuter29

    Looking for a new clan (leaving FT13)

    Unfortunately "CV-haters" are everywhere. However we also have a couple CV-lovers within our clan. As well as a code of ethics which prohibits to make it personal (any decent clan leader has that I suppose). If you are interested, send me a PM.
  3. Greuter29

    Looking for a new clan

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  4. Greuter29

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    So people without premium are getting match making? TBH I do not know if it is ship.XP or shipbase.XP I'll try to find that out.
  5. Greuter29

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    That is just False. Granted XP does not always mean you win (although it does give you a 50% increase in base XP). You might even argue it is a better statistic then winrate. Although with a small sample size on that ship played (say less then 30). A overall "bad" player could be regarded by MM as a good one. And vica versa a unicum player with less than 10 battles in that ship might be marked as a "bad" player.
  6. Greuter29

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    Combining these three might lead to the conclusion that there are a lot of players out there with "fresh" ship stats for the MM to make a Match. If this is true time will balance things out eventually and at the moment the game is just in a rough state.
  7. Greuter29

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    Also does not benefit the mind-state playing another 10+ minutes when the game is pretty much over with the loss of 5-6 ships on only one team within 5 minutes.
  8. Greuter29

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    So, I no longer believe that the matchmaker is at fault for lob-sided games. From observations it true the MM does take some form of balancing being current.ship.XP() . However I (and a lot of fellow community members) have been experiencing an increase of lob-sided games. Now a few days (week) back there was a debate going on here about lob-sided games and correlation to game time. It was ColonelPete that pointed towards this artical: The argument being with lob-sided games would finish early and that from the data it would suggest that there is no increase in shorter game-times. Concluding that what some of us have experienced was a bit of a random fluke. However I am still skeptical. Luckily I think I am experiencing a mild decrease in these games (still not what it used to be). But I also noted that these lob-sided games are frequently ending in a 16+ minute game. The problem with that observation is that the previous argument/conclusion is invalid. I will continue to monitor these lob-sided games. But to be fair at this point I do not believe the MM is responsible for the lob-sided games. I am starting to believe it is a change in "Meta" game play. Possibly the result of recently released ships, although that is speculation at this point.
  9. Greuter29

    Looking for clan!

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  10. Greuter29

    And again Im searching a new Clan

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  11. Greuter29

    Suggestions thread

    Not sure if anyone thought of this yet ... But: What if all dual purpose gun ships (e.g. main guns which also serve as AA) lost their main armament when they click on their priority sector for the duration of the buff (not the debuff). Also not quite sure if it is a good idea at all. Certainly interesting.
  12. Greuter29

    How to Chapayev?

    One more tip if you keep your captain dedicated for Chappa: Go for IFHE , forget about CE. If you do opt for moving your captain to Donskoi or Moskva then you do not want IFHE. Go for CE or FP instead. Also Brutus is more or less correct. Play position inline with your BB's; every now and then make sure to go dark so you check for your BB's that nothing is in torp range of your friendly BB's. your 10-11k detection range + 12k radar means you create a torp free zone. If a DD is foolish to wander into this zone punish it hard. Radio Location might help with this. The benefit of being being inline of BB's is that enemy ships tend to fire at that target if they do not wiggle your [edited]until they are no longer interested or you go dark. Island play is very difficult so don't get tempted to remain at an island, if it does not work for you just move out and find somewhere better (or in most cases with your BB line in open water).
  13. Greuter29

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    Any link to that? And what is the date of that
  14. Greuter29

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    Whatever, you say. They do have links to the company. This is not something you would post a ticket for but put on the forum according to the website. Excavatus made it clear this was not to be posted in FEEDBACK section, but to the dedicated article. I presume here. MM will always be a concern to everyone. Yes WG has said that it is random, but this does not mean they can or will not change it. They do not have to inform the players about it either. To be more precise with my motivation: I do believe the MM is more or less random. I do not believe there is any rigging. However! I do believe that in recent updates last patch in 2019 or this year there has been a change with the following result: A large amount of battles with a crushing side. Be it either Victory or Defeat this does not matter. What does matter is the general enjoyment from the game. Neither side will get a satisfying feeling of such a battle. These battles will not be totally unavoidable but the MM has done its role in the past to adjust it as best it could. Recently we have seen numerous reports from a ton of streamers as well as my own findings and that of my follow clan mates. My own clan is getting demoralized as a result and at some point will quit the game entirely. Not because they were/are good or bad at the game but because they (as myself) are no longer finding the game enjoyable. THIS to me is a big deal. I would rather trade in some of my wins for having exciting close battles than get disappointing games were one side totally dominates the other. There HAS been a change of some sorts. I DO NOT know if this was the MM. But if so, I can at least say to my fellow clan mates, with an honest face, to ride it out and it will probably get better in the future. So we can enjoy this game once more like we have done in the past.