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  1. Greuter29

    Aircraft Carrier Beta Round 3 - Feedback Thread

    DD,CA,BB Tier 8 (other than CV) in a T10 CV match is no fun, it is actually worse than live server with or without CV's Also had a small bug with border hump resulting in loss of the planes graphic (game still worked fine) I do not know if defAA/fighter realy helps, yes it shoots down planes but @ T10 a CV can muster the exact same kind of attack craft within 20 seconds on your location anywhere on the map. Maybe make it mandatory to switch after an squadron got DefAA-ed or something? Other than that it all seemed to work fine. Whether the rework will be a success remains to be seen. It is interesting the arcade feel, however the dive bombs and CV directions (if it is under attack) are hard.
  2. Keep the recruits coming guys, soon we will reach 45 in main and 40 in our second in game Clan.
  3. HOOOZA! TAW has reached Storm league and is making its way to Typhoon!
  4. Greuter29

    MM, genuinely concerned now chaps

    Indeed, this is not just a simple matter. I think we the answer is that we clearly would like to change/fix this. But as NBTR asks: HOW? Maybe just trust WG (I know it is hard). Or if you realy feel like it, by all means dive into the world of statistics. But be sure to grab your masters degree in science or engineering.
  5. Greuter29

    MM, genuinely concerned now chaps

    I think you will find that in your unbalanced matches there will be a couple players that fit the bill to offset for this prerequisite in the opposing team. Keep in mind that some 55+% like myself are showing SQUALL tags. In other words a hurricane tag does not mean 60+% by default (I have seen some 49% ish although rare) and more important a squall tag does not mean below 48% win rates. However three 60+% ters in one div ... yeah GL
  6. Greuter29

    MM, genuinely concerned now chaps

    Seen about 30k at unusual circumstances 15-20k avergage peak time And during graveyard times its about 4k lowest. Keep in mind that this covers ALL Tiers so the spread on a specific Tier is much worse. Think of 24 players in a game 1 minute wait time over 20 minute games = 500 players on each Tier. estimate 30 % playing Co-op / Operations. estimate 20% just chilling or sitting in port That would end up for a minimum of just 10k players for just a smooth MM (without any instructions on divs / winrate / etc.) OK yes this is just a rough estimate
  7. Greuter29

    MM, genuinely concerned now chaps

    1) Yes there is a slight problem. As you adequately put it: Setting up a puppy against the meanest dog it the pen does bode only for one outcome and this is never a pretty one. 2) Yes at some degree they could. 3) (should they?) In my opinion it is a very bad idea to use the MM to "fix" this "problem". Here is the reason why: Altering the MM to counter this effect will end up setting high skilled players up at one another. However, the player base playing at any given time at a single Tier is very slim (at least at high skilled players). Resulting in very high waiting for battle times for said players. Now the effect on this will be that your top community might get demoralized/uninterested in the game. And top community content (twitch/youtube/etc.), which will attract new players, goes into the bin. I mean come on who would like to watch a 15 min match if you have a 20+ min wait in between each match. Therefore it is a very bad idea to use the MM in regarding the evolution for the game itself. So my advise is suck it up, know it is for the best interest in the game. And pray to RNG that you are more often on the "that" team then on the "puppy" team. And maybe just maybe the game community could grow sooo big that this "MM-solution" might become viable to still achieve low match waiting times in the top segment.
  8. DO IT! Just apply out numbers are growing. Soon we will reach 50+
  9. w00t , we made the best 32 in King of the Seas VI tournament. Cheers boys
  10. Man o man, completely forgot to post here. Been too busy with Kings of the Sea.
  11. Friendly bunch. If you see them in battle, just give a little forum five in chat.
  12. Greuter29

    Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    Hi , I would like to join this raffle! P1, Tirpitz P2, Graf Spee P3, Premium account Good luck to every one and happy hollidays