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  1. I don't remember wows doing any event reruns, but they sometimes give you some way of obtaining some camos, like the "hunt for bismarck camos", but i wouldn't hold much hope for it to happen anytime soon.
  2. spacejamer95

    Suggestions thread

    Give black ships their normal counterparts' permanent camoulfage. My sugestion is to give black ships access to the permanent camoulflage that their counterparts have, you can disable decorative camouflages in the port but that disables a lot of other camouflages.
  3. spacejamer95

    Can i trade a black ship for it's normal version?

    He knows, he's just giving an idea that won't also disable other camos. Btw, isn't astolfo a man?
  4. spacejamer95

    Can i trade a black ship for it's normal version?

    If they do all my issues are solved.
  5. spacejamer95

    Can i trade a black ship for it's normal version?

    Yes, if by standard you mean expendable, what makes them black is their permanent camo, if you take that off it's just the normal ship underneath. I don't think they have the normal permanent camo from the original ship.
  6. i'm thinking of getting Jean Bart B on black friday, but i'm wondering if i can switch it with a normal Jean Bart(maybe trough player suport), purely for cosmetic reasons.
  7. spacejamer95

    Georgia or Jean Bart B

    I can't buy georgia for coal, as i'm going to spend it on yoshino however stupid that may sound, i really like that ship.
  8. spacejamer95

    Georgia or Jean Bart B

    she is going to be sold on black friday.
  9. spacejamer95

    Georgia or Jean Bart B

    I'm looking for a T9 BB to farm credits, I'm considering the Georgia or JB, I like to push in and brawl but I tend to overextend a bit, I would like a captain trainer for France and I already have massa which play like a Georgia and I also have Dunquerque, and find them both fun but I don't like to play at T6. Any advice would be appreciated.
  10. spacejamer95

    Black friday 2020, how big are the discounts?

    But in the past could you buy just the ship, or were you forced to buy it in some bundle?
  11. I am wondering how much of a discount black ships have, looking forward to Jean Bart B, but i'm wondering how much the ship will actually cost. Does anyone know how much of a discount is put into these ships, and also can i just buy the ship itself or do i have to get her by crates or bundles? Lastly i would also like to ask how long the black friday sale actually last.