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  1. Wir suchen noch Mitspieler - ihr braucht nichts weiter zu tun, als wie gewohnt die Tagescontainer zu erspielen, mit dem gewonnenen Öl bauen wir die Clanbase zum Vorteil aller Mitglieder aus!
  2. Hallo alle zusammen, [-KKC-] ist ein gemütlicher Clan, der noch Mitglieder zum Ausbau der Clanbasis sucht. Eure Stats und Onlinezeiten spielen keine Rolle, es gibt keinen Zwang denn jeder kann mitmachen und vom Asubau der Clanbasis profitieren! Kein Kommunikationszwang, keine Verpflichtungen, nur gute Laune und Respekt füreinander. Aktuell sind wir 2 Mitglieder. [-KKC-] Kleiner Kreuzer Cöln
  3. SchabeOink

    Destroying secondary batteries.

    So much this. I just had a game in my Edinburgh and scored 15 (!) destroyed secondary batteries on 4 different BBs. While that was certainly an extreme example, I did find that my Edin was much better at this than my Atago.
  4. SchabeOink

    Perth, Albert & Duca are back! But not for doubloons? :(

    Quick Question: If I already own Duca, but want to buy the bundle anyway for the signal flags and exclusive x3 Commander XP missions - do I get Duca's worth back in doubloons?
  5. SchabeOink

    []Historical Naval Ensigns (Flags) in 4k HD

    Hey man, just dropping in to say: your mod is truly appreciated, as Micromagos said it does wonders to immersion (for me).
  6. SchabeOink

    Schmarnhorst now in EU shop

    Can you tell us what the "Exclusive Custom Scharnhorst Coat of Arms Flag" does - is it purely decorative or does it provide any buffs?
  7. On the Tirpitz, I've been taking her out after the recent sale and I'm having a blast! In fact, I'm having so much fun that I've not gotten around to allocate any Commander Skills actually - the guy has 10 points to spend and I don't feel like I "need" any of them However, since I will eventually be spending those points, here's my train of thought on where: lvl-1: Basic Firing Training, Basics of Survivability, Situation Awareness I think all three are a valid choice, the tricky part is which to pick first if you want to beeline to lvl4/5 first and then fill out the left-over points. I will probably go with SA, as knowing when you're spotted by a pesky DD is important. lvl-2: Expert Marksman, Fire Prevention, Incoming Fire Alert FP is probably the weakest choice here, if I understand how the -7% of fire chance is applied correctly. EM is always a solid choice, however, since I am happy with Tirpitz's (relatively) fast turret traverse, IFA could take me out from the tunnel vision I am prone to. Not sure here yet. lvl-3: High Alert, Vigilance, Superintendent Tirpitz is a money maker and as such I am using premium consumables on her - making SI overkill with 5 charges of everything. Vigilance can help evading that wall of torpedoes, but cannot replace good overall situational awareness. HA would in this case mean 8 less seconds of damage-over-time, so that can make a difference when you're taking lots of damage from effects. I will probably go with Vigilance. lvl-4: Advanced Firing Training Best choice on this level if you ask me. You almost never shoot HE, the additional 3.200 HP don't make much of a difference and the manual AA is only good for your 105mm guns all the while being clumsy to apply. lvl-5: I'm not there yet
  8. SchabeOink

    In-Game Fine Tuning the Atago

    Great input you guys, much appreciated! Following the advice in this thread (and having read up on the actual numbers behind the Target Acquisition Mod.), I've mounted the Concealment Mod. and replaced Expert Loader with Situation Awareness, but retained Expert Marksman and Vigilance. So far so good, I feel This happened several times now! I can't do it consistently (yet), but pouring 5 citadels into an enemy cruiser who had no idea I was coming was...awesome Gotta admit, I wasn't aware the premium consumables could also be paid with credits until I read your post Made my Atago's life much easier, having that 3rd charge with decreased cool-down and as you said the cost is negligible. Some more input on play-styles perhaps?
  9. SchabeOink

    In-Game Fine Tuning the Atago

    Hi all, I would like to check with the community the setup of my/any Atago and what can be done in-game to fine tune it! I am aware of the ongoing "Buff Atago dpm and range" thread, but felt this wouldn't have a place there. My Atago is running the following: - Captain Skills (11/12):1 Expert Loader / Basics of Survivability2 Expert Marksman3 Vigilance4 Survivability Expert - Modules:Main Battery Mod.1Gun Fire Control System Mod.1Damage Control System Mod.1Steering Gears Mod.2Target Acquisition System Mod.1 - Camo: Type 10 Atago - No Premium Consumables Playstyle: Pretty much straightforward support CA, I circle behind the DD line and provide fire-support for whoever needs it. Anything above ~10 km gets HE, below ~10 km AP. I find that I am mostly happy with my selection of Mods and Skills, but wonder what other setups would be like. I for example don't miss Superintendent, as I seldom feel I need a 3rd Repair Charge, not to speak of additional Panic AA and Catapult Fighter. Given my setup, I would like to ask you guys about two alternative builds I think are possible: - Is maxing out AA worth on Atago? We're talking AA Guns Mod.2, Basic and Advanced Firing Training, and Manual AA for those who have time for that. - How about going full Stealth? Referring to Concealment System Mod.1 and Concealment Expert, because sneaking up for surprise torps and gun volleys sounds tempting. I don't think proper invisi-fire would be a thing on her now would it. Any help and general discussion about Atago playstyle & fine tuning welcome!
  10. SchabeOink

    []Historical Naval Ensigns (Flags) in 4k HD

    Right, thanks for the info!
  11. SchabeOink

    []Historical Naval Ensigns (Flags) in 4k HD

    Hello, I was wondering - with the German ships at least there are 3 time periods covered (Kaiserliche Marine, Deutsche Marine [Weimar], and 3rd Reich Kriegsmarine) and there are also the correct corresponding flags included in this mod - how do I manage to allocate flags to the individual ships? Currently all German ships have the included Kriegsmarine ensign on display...