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  1. Funny how it reminds me of the Henry 4 :) (Well at least the H4 has good AP).
  2. Je trouve ironique que les destroyers spé AA des japonais aient comme principale faiblesse les TB... Sinon, quand j'ai dû reprendre le grind de l'Akizuki j'ai vraiment souffert (pas maniable, pas rapide, les HP descendent très vite dans un meta où 80% des games en T8 sont contre du T10). J'ai débloqué le Kita mais pas encore joué sérieusement. Vu vos retours je vais d'abord le jouer safe (cap ou pas suivant ce qu'il y a en face, tir de soutien en smoke ou derrière une île pour commencer) avant de m'approcher des autres DDs gunboat (puisque de toute façon c'est tout ce que WG sait faire en DD).
  3. Well, no Terrible for me, they got the name right.
  4. Encore quelqu'un qui confond statistique et probabilité ?
  5. Azakeit

    comment c'est possible ?

    Pour les tirs qui passent à travers les îles, il existe encore le bug qui fait que quand tu es trop proche d'un obstacle et que tu tires, des fois tu vois tes obus traverser l'île mais ce sont en fait des obus "fantômes" ? (ils ne peuvent pas toucher les autres navires mais on les voit exploser dans l'eau quand même).
  6. Azakeit

    Discussions sur les News

    Pffff j'ai même pas été sélectionné :/ Scandaleux !
  7. Azakeit

    Lets talk Republique... The French Tier X BB

    Let's be honest about GK, a lot of GK captains are secondary build but not using the 6th secondary upgrade and keep the MB reload upgrade, the GK has a 345 060 AP DPM. Conq way worse pen ? It has the third best pen with the 420mm (1st Yamy, 2nd Repu) and overall it's less than a 10% difference between them. I prefer using a RPM base for a comparison than a DPM. On the same scenario of one of the TX BB against another target, Monty and Yamy have better accuracy so can land more shells (and also more shells per salvo) than the repu. GK, Conq and Repu have somewhat similar accuracy but GK and Conq have 12 shells salvo. Yeah it happens a lot, in most of the case I consider shooting 2 full salvos at an enemy BB (the first when i'm not spotted, the second before he angles), in that scenario, having a 21sec reload or a 26sec reload doesn't matter. On a bigger scale (15min round) yeah the Repu might have a better DPM, but you're not looking at increasing your average dmg in the ship in your stats do you ?
  8. Azakeit

    Lets talk Republique... The French Tier X BB

    That's true, the good reload Added to the good turret traverse helps seize more shooting opportunities. But keep in mind that even with a good reload the Shells per minute of the Repu is lower than GK, Conq and Monty, only Yamato has a worse RPM. If you consider a case where a BB shows you a broadside form 1min or 2min, all the others BB can dish out more dmg than the Repu.
  9. Azakeit

    Lets talk Republique... The French Tier X BB

    I agree with OP about this BB, I can'tplay with it and feeling that is a good design. The ship is very large for no actual Reasons (2 turrets), if you compare the size of the turret with the Yamato, the Repu seems to have 900mm gun caliber... With this huge size the turning circle and the overall handling is poor, thus negating the "speed gimmick" of the line. The speed gimmick is flawed, and like the french cruiser line it seems that WG put underrated stock maximum speed on the ships just to justify the addition of the speed boost consumable (which make the ship acutally at the 'normal' speed they would have). On the guns themselves, the penetration is very good and the accuracy… medium. The biggest problem with the gun is their inability to punish a good Opportunity : If you see a BB or a CA turning and you know they'll be presenting a nice broadside or when you see a Mino smoke and stopping, you can prepare your salvo and aim right, but with only 8 guns the number of shells hitting will not ensure a critical result. The same case with a 12gun BB or a Yamato will result in a much higher dmg salvo due to shells and accuracy.
  10. Every time I see a premium like this, I think "crap maybe i'll get this one instead of a good premium with Christmas container".
  11. Azakeit

    Discussions sur les News

    Pour la modif des AP sur les destroyers, pas de changement pour les AP de moins de 280mm ? (pour rappel la dernière fois qu'ils en parlaient ils voulait que les AP de moins de 2xx mm s'arment sur les DD et fassent plus de dégâts, renforçant ainsi le potentiel de dégâts des croiseurs lourd sur les DDs)
  12. Will the french cruiser "spaced armor" be affected by these changes ? (not that it was very useful before you could say...)
  13. Nice test annoucement, good luck with your tests !
  14. Azakeit


    Non pas du tout. Le module de portée AA est pas inutile mais avec le méta actuel est peu utile, surtout comparé au module de précision des canons. Et le module de dissimu est toujours le plus indispensable sur tous les navires.
  15. Azakeit

    Some interesting info around the world

    ST. Balance changes. American cruiser Alaska, Tier IX. Increased the number of Hit Points in the internal compartments: bow, casemate, superstructures and stern without changing the total number of Hit Points. The most tangible change is in the casemate of the ship. Nose: from 3,300 to 3,600; Casemate: from 7600 to 12600; Superstructures: from 3500 to 3800; Feed: from 3900 to 4300. Because of the low-lying citadel, Alaska is able to avoid a significant amount of damage. This is especially noticeable when compared with other cruisers. It is not possible to raise the citadel in this case, since the next compartment, which could be utilised, is too high above the waterline, and the armour of the cruiser does not provide sufficient protection. Thus, in order to bring the survivability and other parameters associated with the viability of the ship to the norm at its level, while maintaining the unique elements of the game on the cruiser, it was decided to increase the number of Hit Points in the internal compartments, while the damage received overall will increase slightly. American cruisers Seattle, tier IX, and Worcester, tier X. The range of the Surveillance Radar has been reduced from 9.45 and 9.9 km to 9 km for both ships. The main reason for the changes is that these cruisers, which have a significant difference between the radius of visibility and the range of the Surveillance Radar, are extremely effective hunters of destroyers. Taking into account the presence of HE shells and rapid reload, a destroyer caught in the radius of the consumable, practically loses any chance to leave the area, and is likely to be sunk. The decreasing of the radius of Detection range all the same will leave Seattle and Worcester decent fighters, but will give a chance to the destroyer to take evasive action, spot the ship ahead of him, and to get away from the area of the Surveillance Radar. French destroyer Le Terrible, VIII tier. Main Battery reload time reduced from 6 to 5 seconds; Visibility from ships reduced from 9.1 to 8.46 km; Visibility after Main Battery fired in smoke from 3.74 to 3.42; Changed Main Battery Reload Booster: Cooldown increased from 120 (80 for Main Battery Reload Booster II) to 150 seconds (100); Duration increased from 10 to 15 seconds; Bonus to reduce the Main Battery reload time reduced from 75% to 50%. The changes follow the strengths of the French destroyer, which is capable of quickly overwhelming enemy destroyers, due to high speed and great damage per second from the Main Battery The new features allow Le Terrible, even without the consumable"Main Battery Reload Booster", to effectively fight with other classes, benefiting from torpedoes and the main battery.