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  1. Will the french cruiser "spaced armor" be affected by these changes ? (not that it was very useful before you could say...)
  2. Nice test annoucement, good luck with your tests !

    Non pas du tout. Le module de portée AA est pas inutile mais avec le méta actuel est peu utile, surtout comparé au module de précision des canons. Et le module de dissimu est toujours le plus indispensable sur tous les navires.
  4. Some interesting info around the world

    ST. Balance changes. American cruiser Alaska, Tier IX. Increased the number of Hit Points in the internal compartments: bow, casemate, superstructures and stern without changing the total number of Hit Points. The most tangible change is in the casemate of the ship. Nose: from 3,300 to 3,600; Casemate: from 7600 to 12600; Superstructures: from 3500 to 3800; Feed: from 3900 to 4300. Because of the low-lying citadel, Alaska is able to avoid a significant amount of damage. This is especially noticeable when compared with other cruisers. It is not possible to raise the citadel in this case, since the next compartment, which could be utilised, is too high above the waterline, and the armour of the cruiser does not provide sufficient protection. Thus, in order to bring the survivability and other parameters associated with the viability of the ship to the norm at its level, while maintaining the unique elements of the game on the cruiser, it was decided to increase the number of Hit Points in the internal compartments, while the damage received overall will increase slightly. American cruisers Seattle, tier IX, and Worcester, tier X. The range of the Surveillance Radar has been reduced from 9.45 and 9.9 km to 9 km for both ships. The main reason for the changes is that these cruisers, which have a significant difference between the radius of visibility and the range of the Surveillance Radar, are extremely effective hunters of destroyers. Taking into account the presence of HE shells and rapid reload, a destroyer caught in the radius of the consumable, practically loses any chance to leave the area, and is likely to be sunk. The decreasing of the radius of Detection range all the same will leave Seattle and Worcester decent fighters, but will give a chance to the destroyer to take evasive action, spot the ship ahead of him, and to get away from the area of the Surveillance Radar. French destroyer Le Terrible, VIII tier. Main Battery reload time reduced from 6 to 5 seconds; Visibility from ships reduced from 9.1 to 8.46 km; Visibility after Main Battery fired in smoke from 3.74 to 3.42; Changed Main Battery Reload Booster: Cooldown increased from 120 (80 for Main Battery Reload Booster II) to 150 seconds (100); Duration increased from 10 to 15 seconds; Bonus to reduce the Main Battery reload time reduced from 75% to 50%. The changes follow the strengths of the French destroyer, which is capable of quickly overwhelming enemy destroyers, due to high speed and great damage per second from the Main Battery The new features allow Le Terrible, even without the consumable"Main Battery Reload Booster", to effectively fight with other classes, benefiting from torpedoes and the main battery.
  5. Cuirrassé TX Français Bourgogne

    Tiens tiens, on a le même syndrome que pour le De Grasse : on nerf un navire, on créé un premium avec le même skin mais en mieux, et on le vend. Chouette. Edit : et le Jean Bart aussi, my bad.
  6. Some interesting info around the world

    ST. Cross Realm matchmaking for Clan Battles. The work on an option that will allow you to play clan battles in the Prime time of any server continues. The officers of the clan will be able to choose one Prime time for CB, that is the most comfortable for its Clan members. The choice of Prime time will be available every day during the clan battles season. This week we are ready to begin the first closed round of testing for cross realm matchmaking. The main tasks facing the participants of the closed testing are to check the correctness of the cross-server balancer and the usability of the interface.
  7. Same design on the République guns, bad dispersion and 2.0 sigma, a lot of shells going 200meters away. I call this the "Frustration" design, with a low reload time, you expect to have devastating volleys, but in fact every 20sec you rage at the RNG.
  8. Hmmm non ce n'est pas de l'équilibrage. L'équilibrage dans l'idéal c'est ajuster plusieurs navires pour satisfaire un gameplay. Là c'est "bon l'Alsace il a 2k de dommages moyens de plus que les autres, on va le nerf", c'est pas de l'équilibrage c'est du regroupement de navires par stats. Un équilibre c'est pas forcément "Tous les navires doivent avoir au maximum 3% de trucs moyens de différence", des choses très extrêmes peuvent s'équilibrer. Bref je suis un peu comme @Miithrandir je joues beaucoup moins qu'avant, et plus les BBs FR parce qu'avec eux j'étais devenu un joueur style "Bon, avec cette dispersion même pas la peine de viser, je tire un peu au pif autour du navire que je veux et touche que pourra voudra…"
  9. L'Alsace va devenir, avec le GZ, un des navires qui fait le plus de yoyo entre les buffs et les nerfs. Sauf que l'Alsace est sorti lui :/
  10. Core of the problem to the game.

    I Don't understand your pov, the game as it is IS a sudden death playstyle, once your ship is destroyed you can't respawn, and 99% of the players returns to port, choose another ship and start a game. The Reason why most of the random players Don't "play the ship as its class is the most powerful" like you said is that players want a quick-action game : spot ships > shoot. They Don't want to win the battle at all cost, they Don't want to earn 12k XP per battle. These days, with the amount of camo and flags with XP boost, you can gain 4k-5k XP on a losing battle. Winning is just another bonus.
  11. The lifeboats were sent to the Gulag because they blocked the cannons... So...I was not fan of the main gun reload conso on the Jean Bart, but when they said "we have Something interesting for the H4" it was no doubt that they'll put the same consumable on her. With the consumable on the H4 you can deliver 3/4 volleys in 15s, like a DM in essence, so it can be useful in some scenarios. But in my opinion the H4 is (for me) the worst cruiser in TX and that won't change. The nerf for the other french cruiser is hilarious. EDIT : For the Jean-Bart changes, meh. The 2.0 sigma is not very useful on the french BB guns with their horrible dispersion (like the République), it's basically a Scharnhorst dispersion... The Alsace nerf was logical, the Alsace is sometimes referred as a better TX BB than the Répu.
  12. The muzzle velocity does not represent the overall shell speed, take a look at how much time a shell take to reach a certain distance Gearing shells take 11.35secs to reach 11.12km, in comparison the RN 114mm guns (as quoted) takes 11.5 s to get to 13.5 km. The shell weight is maybe not acurate or irrelevant to some shell velocity calculations, take Henri 4 HE and AP shells for example, they have the same weight and same muzzle velocity but have different speed at long range (almost 2 secs).
  13. Shell speed of the 114mm RN guns seems pretty good, way better than Gearing. The 1/6 caliber pen rule for HE is standard, why is it listed as a "pro" ?
  14. RN DD announced

    The Facebook post clearly says "All stats are listed without crew and upgrade modifiers but with best available modules." So unfortunately these are top hull stats / top torps stats.
  15. Some interesting info around the world

    ST. Balance changes. Tier X special upgrades: HakuryuBonus HP of the fighter planes decreased from 15% to 10% Moskva Moved from the fifth slot to the sixth Hindenburg Fire duration reduction decreased from 50% to 40% Montana Fire duration reduction increased from 10% to 15% Flooding duration reduction increased from 10% to 30% Yamato Reloading time bonus decreased from 12% to 6% Großer Kurfürst Secondaries' firing rate bonus increased from 10% to 15% Republique Main battery turrets' traverse speed bonus decreased from 19% to 13% Main battery range penalty increased from 16% to 24% Yueyang Surveillance Radar active time penalty decreased from 30% to 15% Smoke screen dispersion time penalty decreased from 30% to 15% Z-52 Torpedo reload time reduction bonus increased from 10% to 15%. Remember that these upgrades are still undergoing testing and may change significantly. The aim of the changes is to diversify the gameplay of these well-known ships