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  1. An attempt to make a bad ship look cool ? But i like the Lys flower on the turret, i'm a Warhammer 40k fan so big emblems like this, i'm used to :) (and without the red and blue, this ship could have lokked like a Black Templar vessel)
  2. I'm replying to Tucci when he answered me in the Q&A answers thread : First, looking at the data mined of the client, both the Henry IV AP and HE shells have the same weight (220kg), so, once again, why is there so much difference in the flight time ? The Yorck is the only ship in my mind that has so much difference and the shells weight are not the same (108kg vs 114kg) so that makes sense. My suggestion anyway is to clearly define WHICH parameter is influence by historical reason and WHICH parameter by balance reason, and maybe always apply this characteristic among all ships in a line (for example : the hulls are always historical, the guns are always balanced due to the gameplay...)
  3. Yeah, great ! French ships are the less played of all ships (and it's deserved, they're not good ships). Usually I only do through the 4th part to get the 1mill crédits, i'll pass the mission this week...
  4. Hi, thanks for the quick replies that's very appreciated :) I'll go back to the Henry IV, is this normal that the AP shells are way more faster than HE shells ? (1 second of flight time more with HE at 19km range) With other TX cruisers we don't have this much difference : Hindenburg and Moskva roughly the same flight time, DM HE shells are faster than AP shells).
  5. Hello again, Are there plans to change/add/remove Special Upgrades (improved Smoke Generator, Spotter planes, etc...) ? Moving them all to the most unused slot ?
  6. Are you satisfied with French cruisers and German DD population and gameplay ?
  7. Le H4 est plus précis que le Moskva (H4 : Min Dist H = 146 / Min Dist V = 566 ...... Moskva : Min Dist H = 152 / Min Dist V = 606). Mais juste d'un chouïa quoi... Pas de quoi manquer un BB à max range. Je préfère de loin une meilleure balistique d'obus, qui sert beaucoup plus souvent et pas qu'à max range, qu'une meilleure précision.
  8. C'est vrai, c'est un peu le seul navire Tier pour Tier qui est intéressant, mais il n'est pas non plus monstrueux. Faut pas monter une branche juste pour ce navire là.
  9. Petite précision, moi je dirais que le Martel a la meilleure artillerie du T8 non premium (et même premium inclus d'ailleurs), mais il manque aussi d'autres choses, il n'a pas de radar ni de smoke, une AA pas terrible et une dissimulation pas top non plus. Le Saint Louis est pareil, sauf qu'il peut monter l'upgrade de reload pour ses canons, donc pas franchement top comme navire. Je viens à peine de débloquer de H4 et je n'ai fais qu'une partie avec pour l'instant, mais je ne ressens aucun effet Waouw en le jouant
  10. Petite question sur le De Grasse, le gouvernail prend toujours aussi cher que ses équivalents silverships ?
  11. Or....If WG wants a cruiser line with only great artillery, make the artillery truly outstanding. (good dmg, fire chances, velocity, pen angles, but nothing else...)
  12. If I could correct myself, I would say the Charles Martel has the best artillery of all the T8 cruisers, but is not the best ship. French CA (T8 to 10) lack that end game utility and have Nothing to turn the table (not a lot of torps, no radars, not best AA). When the game is in the last 5 minutes, you have 5~6 ships per side, the French CA cannot yolo BB and torp them to death, nor spot DD, nor is a serious threat to ennemy CA, and if focused by a CV is probably dead. In those scenarios, US and USSR cruisers can hunt DDs and inflict tremendous dmg to broadside BBs and CAs, KM and IJN can yolo rush ships with excellent torps, UK can hide/torp/murder broadsides... French CA are good only to inflict long range fires and punish mid range CA caught broadside. That's all.
  13. Good AA ? Charles Martel AA is just behind NO in AA mid/long range power, only Mogami and Atago are behind. Hipper has very good AA, Chappy too, Edinburgh also but no AA boost sadly :/ Anyway yes, finished the grind to the Saint Louis and Charles Martel is probably tier for tier the best T8 cruiser, she has good Fire per minute and great AP salvos.
  14. Allez encore une partie vite fait en Charles Martel, coup de bol là aussi sur certains coups !
  15. Unless you're a Moskva ^^