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  1. Cpt_Blackadder_II

    No FXP for Flying Papa Papa and Ourorbourus Flags

    Not seeing any response to that Colonel pete, cat got your tonge
  2. Cpt_Blackadder_II

    No FXP for Flying Papa Papa and Ourorbourus Flags

    ok see attached, this is just one battle in the belfast with the papa Papa flag i have loads more.
  3. Cpt_Blackadder_II

    No FXP for Flying Papa Papa and Ourorbourus Flags

    Captain Pete, im happy for you but mine are not working
  4. Cpt_Blackadder_II

    No FXP for Flying Papa Papa and Ourorbourus Flags

    This is the point I fly the flags as per all the screenshots i sent WG but no extra FXP and all they say is look at Flag policy, which is tottaly useless for this they are just sticking their head in the sand and just ignore it by shutting down the ticket, they will not even say how to fix it, as if they do i guess they admit there is an issue
  5. In the last few weeks i have been trying to build up my FXP so installed the papa Papa and Ourorobours flags on my ships and went grinding and i noticed that i was not recieving what i thought i should be for having these flags on the ship. So i looked further and noticed that although i was flying these flags when i went to the detailed credit report there was no mention of these flags in the post battle report hence i did not recieve the extra FXP. So i contacted customer support who did not believe me called me a liar in not so many words and closed the ticket, so i reopened it explaining it all again and they asked for proof, so i took pictures and sent them to them in with the ticket. They still did not believe me and closed the ticket. I reopened it again, again explaining it all and asking why they were not listening to me or answering the questions. They said i could not prove and asked for screenshots, so i played more battles screenshoting before, during and after showing them i had the flags installed prior to and then during the battle and at the end no credit being given. They told me oh, that would be nothing.. just kept refering me to flag flying policies which were no use at all for this situation. Even though i asked them the following questions i still have not recieved any explantion any answers or refunds in relation to this, even though i proved to them beyond doubt that there was an issue with their game and the rewards for flying these flags. I asked the following questions 1. could they please credit me with the FXP i have not recieved for flying these flags, as they have now been used and i recieved no FXP for useing them. 2. Could they please sort the issue out and tell me if its fixed. 3. Could they please possibly reinburse the flags at least. 4. As a good will gesture could they reinburse the flags and also the FXP, due to the length of time this has dragged on with no answers and being treated like a liar even though they are proved to be at fault. Thier response to all this just close the ticket saying they have answered it, so i am left with not recieving the FXP for the flags, i have lost all the flags i used and the ones also used to prove them wrong, I still cannot fly these flags as i recieve no bonus for doing so. So in all of this i have not recieved any satisfactory answer or recieved any reinbursement and the issue reamains. There is the way they treat the loyal player base with disdain, contempt and just complete disregard for any issues they have Is anyone else having the same issues with these flags, it seems to have occured at the same time as the last patch.
  6. Cpt_Blackadder_II

    Who will be able to afford new "Bourgogne" for 30.000 Steel?

    This just another example of Elitist Bull...., i am just an average player along with 10s of thousands of others. And you release a ship that is unobtainable to probaly over 80% of the player base. It shows exactly what you think of your customers and a perfect example of the disdain, you have for all the hours they put in and the effort to grind ships and free XP. Only a few players have the time to put in hundreds of hours to play the CW etc but others still put in many hours playing the game, all rewards should be open to all, just put a different price on the ship depending what currency you have say 1 steel for 5 coal for eample. Because i for one am put of putting the effort in to obtain resourses to then have nothing decent to buy with it, the ships released for coal now appear to be second class ships not worthy of being sold for steel and the better ships for elite players. the whole thing stinks of greed and no care or respect for the average player.
  7. Cpt_Blackadder_II

    Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    Hi, Guys I'd like to eneter plz, and thanks for the great idea. 1.Roma/Saipan 2.De Grasse 3.Doubloons
  8. Cpt_Blackadder_II

    Flamu: Nerf Conqueror already!

    HI I have recently worked my way up to the Conqueror, and i have to say i am not sure where all this NERF NERF NERF the british BB line is comming from. I say that after doing my own small tests, i do not think they are any stronger or weaker than any other BB line. Ok i played 5 games with each of the BB's with AP only and did on average 100k+ damage sometimes a lot less sometimes a bit more, and the dispersion of these shells is way from ideal, for example i was 12km form a neptune and he was slightly angled but side and 3 out of 5 salvos missed the target on either side and the hits only scored 1-5k damage. You would have destroyed it in any other BB. I also tested the HE for 5 batlles using it only and out of say 50- 70 hits per game i set a maximum of 5 fires each time, so if this ship has a 40%+ chance of setting fires per shell what does this tell you about it the fire %, very poor from my experinces. Also with the British BB line u take far more damage than other othe BB line, so if 1 or 2 ships are attacking you, you need to run or hide or drop of concealment do other BB's have to do this, No they dont as they take lesss damage overal. If you say Nerf the BB line i say NERF the german line with its insane Secondaries, as a British BB you cannot duel a german BB below 11km due to its secondaries, neither can you duel 1 on 1 with them as they do substantialy more damage to you than you do to them even angled, is this fair, i say no its not. So what i would say is each BB line has its own flaws and strengths, live with it and learn to fight as a team stop trying to play solo. On a seperate note i would like to say that there are too many BB in game, they should be limmited to a smaller number per game, this would reduce the impact they have on the game and maybe make more people play CL's and DD maybe, then they would have to improve their skill lvl or die.
  9. Cpt_Blackadder_II

    Looking for English Speaking Clan

    Hi I am a mature player with over 6k battles with a 51% WR (could be better but you know what random is like) in Random and 58% in Ranked, so the better the players i play with the better i play, i have 52k plus Damage per battle with an average XP of 1400k plus. I can do comms if required and am looking for a reasonable and relaxed clan to team up with, some friendly and good players to improve my game and to help in a team environment, but not a full on you need to play 10 battles a night, win 9/10 have gold plated headphones a 3k Computer etc etc... I just want to get better have fun with other players in a relaxed environment. Regards
  10. Cpt_Blackadder_II

    problems since last update

    Since the last update i have experienced the following. 1. Black screen at loading, game freezes the whole computer have to restart. 2. When entering a battle, game just freezes and unable to do anything have to restart computer. 3. When entering a battle the timer gets to 5 secs left, game either freezes or black screen, unable to do anything have to restart computer. 4. During the battle again game freezes and or black screen or just dumped out of the game, unable to do anything have to restart computer. One or more of these occurs about 1 in 4 battles, so this means i die in the battle and the team starts 1 ships less, i have now recieved so much negative Karma for this i have zero. WHAT have you done to this game i never had any of this prior to the last update, please explain and sort it out please, and restore all my Karma for your uselessness. The ongoing issues that have still not been addressed ever since i mentioned them over a year agao. 1. Only a small percentage of your guns fire, so for example you fire the mogami's 15 guns and only 5 shells fire and only 5 shells fly through the air and u get report on 5 shells. This happens at least 1 in 3 battles a couple of times per battle i cannot believe i am the only person who has noticed this. 2. So often now torpedoes go underneath battle ships i have just about stopped playing DD's as you never get the reward from the torpedo hits as they go under and do not hit. I ask again WG please explain and state why you are doing nothing about it.
  11. Cpt_Blackadder_II

    ships and tea mission bug?

    I have the same issues, i have now sunk 8 battleships and have only been credited with 3, WG what on earth is going on, this game has so many glitches atm its riduculous. Please advise me on what compensation i am going to recieve for basicaly having to complete your Ships and Tea mission twice for the same reward...
  12. Cpt_Blackadder_II

    Guns not firing

    I have mentioned this before but nothing has happened and it is becomming more frequent, it does not matter which ship you are in but it seems to be more in Cruisers, you line up the shot and fire and only some of you shells fire, lets say for example im in the Zao you are expecting 12 rounds to fire but instead 3 come out, nothing else and when u get the report back you never get more than 3 hits, penetrations etc so you know that only that number of shells were fired. you can also see from the splashes around the ship that only a small percentage of your shells fired. This is just one gliche that for months now has not been sorted along with my torps going straight through BB's broadside and causing no damage and happily going off in the distance.
  13. Cpt_Blackadder_II

    Connection instability last days

    Disconnects, don't start me on this for the last few weeks since the last update i have had nothing bot disconnects, i would say 1 in 3 time i am frozen. Normaly happens when u enter a battle and are waiting for ships to join all of a sudden all just freezes, so yet again you have to do a full PC start as the screen is frozen and u cannot get out of it. WG get this sorted, i for one am playing less and less becase of this issue if it continues thats me finished with the game, cannot deal with such a glitchy game.
  14. Cpt_Blackadder_II

    Win Rate

    Wargaming I am not sure what is happen and if it is your intention to be driving people away from the game, over the last week i have lost over 100 games and only won 12, this has been going on for weeks for me now where i lose more battles than i win each week. In these games i am in the top 3 most of the time and top more times than not, i cap when in DD i assist DD's in cruisers and when in BB's push up and do damage, i average around 100K damage, most times more recently. My Warships today rating shows all my stats going up but my win rate dropping like a stone. I just have no idea why this would be, it seems the better i play and the more i assist the team the more battles i lose, i do not know how much more losing i can do. I always use premium consumables and flags, and try to win all the time, i know this is not possible but to be losing so many is turning me away from the game. How is it that some people say they have won like 12 in a row when i can not even win 2 in a row or some days 2 all day, i had a run 2 days ago where i lost 22 battles in a row, and ppl's win rate is like 56% and more. Why do i always get the team that has ships AFK all the time the BB's that sail to the edge of the map and do nothing DD's that sail in the cap and die in seconds, the players that yolo in and die in minutes. I am not saying that i or others i guess there must be others should win all the time but how can it be that i am so unlucky with the teams so much. You surely cannot expect players to continue playing when they lose so much. Can i please have an explanation as to why this is happening, if match making is truly randon given there are 2 teams surely i should win half my matches for example, but this is now not the case.
  15. Cpt_Blackadder_II

    AA is Rubbish

    OK, can i say AA is pointless in this game i tell you why. I was in my T10 G Kurfurst which has an AA build and the enemy carrier sent 5 waves of a mixture of bombers and torp bombers against me he was in a Hakuryu. Thats fine so i target the torp planes as they got in range, and every single plane and i mean every single plane unloaded its armament on me, i did not shoot down one plane and i have an AA rating of 96%. so i went from full health to dead in a 5 sec. So i ask what is the point at all of having any AA on a ship. Surely this is not right, please tell me something went wrong or has the game become so unbalanced that a carrier can just send plane after plane with no worries of any being shot down, i dont expect to kill them all but not one plane realy that is not right.