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  1. Onsterfelijke

    New rocket mechanics in Detail

    This was for Dd captains to help them dodge those attacks? at the moment rocket planes hit always what ever the Dd does i hope this helps.
  2. Onsterfelijke


    The mod makers need time to adjust their mods and isn't maintained by WoWS. Just give it a day or so!
  3. Onsterfelijke

    De Ruyter: Should she be T6?

    No the build were going to start on those Heavy cruiser in 1940 all materiaal were already bought and maded. So they were certainly NOT made up I think you are confused with the names just check the buildyears to keep them seperate. So give WG a bit slack here Historical i find they did a good job (airstrike a bit overdone) but the plans very good
  4. Onsterfelijke

    Amazon Prime and drops?

    Lol, i got her too but i see a lot of players using her. It's has at least some AA at teir IV but no flak yet even using Bofors or did that get nerfed?
  5. Onsterfelijke

    Amazon Prime and drops?

    The Konig Albert is a bit OP but fun BB to play just don't seal-club our poor Newbies too much.
  6. Thanks for the chat and have fun untill next time!
  7. I am afraid you wrong on the landbased airstrikes of the Dutch. If you noticed the armchair admirals (Java Seas battle) you noticed they used spotter planes often.. Those were the early warning system to launch airstrikes to spots near the coast while it was totaly not effective because of the japanse air superity at the time but that was the idea to coop the japanses might. This was called CV who couldn't sink and that is why they had airfields over several islands. Note: As you notice they used the Fokker TV which the Dutch didn't had many of them but were good for these strikes (Light Bombers) Airstrikes from the dutch ships is then no problem for me as they are fire and forget attack just like Torpedoes. And I am agree you with your third point the Hybrid ships should be like the Dutch airstrikes. Select a area and fire and keep doing the normal thing like moving your ship and fire.
  8. I understand the reason for this and i am just fine with it. If needed i can sell the commander for exp and use that for my new commander. My beef was only the transfer of the Friesland to the Dutch which should be done (the Groningen i will buy too as collector) I fine it strange to have a Dutch DD in the EU line while we have a Dutch line.
  9. Onsterfelijke

    ST 0.10.6, "Dutch cruisers. Part 1

    As Historical (Naval) Buff of the 17th Century I have to agree with @Khaba_Gandalfthat Michiel de Ruyter is a bit more then a unique commander. He is a Legendary one with the likes as H. Nelson, Yi Sun-sin and all those later admirals (british, US) The english would want to bring Nelson in to the game next! @Tanatoy Did you contact Frits de Ruyter de Wildt to use the name of Michiel de Ruyter before there are problems with the use of the name? If you want I can e-mail him to bring you guys together? Or i can give you his contact info. I really think that Karel W.F.M. Doorman admiraal schout-bij-nacht. ( Rear Admiral ) a better choice is for a unique commander as he gave his life in the battle of Java Sea.
  10. That is what i always do so you get the feel what the devs think should be the strongest point. I offered captain refund as a sheet for the nosebleed but i would be glad as they just moved the ship! And always the captain you have on it ship... Everyone is then happy because they did it before and noone complained. Ok the ships were moved and changed but the idea was the same.
  11. Onsterfelijke

    Naval Battles

    My clan (5) is doing very well and we get clan with about the same number of players (Never expanded the officers club) But in the highest league is it getting hard to get the same amount of players as they are active to keep them on top.
  12. Onsterfelijke

    After 1945 ?

    Thanks, I knew it but had a different building in mind so i was not certain..... Yes i worked in building H for a while. This is Building A which looks very scary now but most of the view is hidden by trees. (from building H) I always thought that was a building only for the Directie or owner :) back in that time. I think it's 50 years not in use? Yes i am Dutch but my memory seems to be not that good anymore i am getting old.
  13. Onsterfelijke

    After 1945 ?

    Where is this?
  14. Onsterfelijke

    After 1945 ?

    Ah the Dutch CV Karel Doorman and the 2 cruisers those are not bad looking at all.