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  1. Onsterfelijke

    Operation: Raptor Rescue

    I played Aegis also yesterday Tordenskjold23 drunk to much?
  2. Your were unluckly but that is not to be sad about directives you can do and then getting something is the best way! (Not the porto rico one) Myself has the Rhein with the first 5 containers (directive 1) the Wieser only when i completed directive 3. When i finished all directives i had not the Parsival so i bought 1 box and there was my last mission. (i was luckly but on average when you buy 5 boxes you should have a mission)
  3. Just play the tier IV to VI and you will see the historical ships above that you can encounter fantasy ships. Tier VIII is then the maximum you can encounter when playing Tier VI and most of Tier VIII are historical ships.
  4. Onsterfelijke

    Next WG title

    This was a game i supported with my guild we build many ships the game used. Pirates of the Burning Seas This was a battle against the devs and yes i am also in the video
  5. Onsterfelijke

    the slava it comes!

    I almost thought you tested Dasha untill i saw the last part. (Otherwise we had to silence you)
  6. Onsterfelijke

    Transformers Collab incoming!

    Ooh Pool of Radiance mmmh i think i will start my c64 and check if my save games are still working :) So many fun times playing with my nephew back in the 90's For those older like me anyone have played Zork the text advantures?
  7. Onsterfelijke

    Transformers Collab incoming!

    I had hoped the whole ship transformed......
  8. Onsterfelijke

    how do you run a replay?

    You have to tell windows to use wows.exe But remember old replays don't work after a new update. You have to make updates of every version to kep playing your old files.
  9. Onsterfelijke

    Belfast coming back...

    Wows can't change premiums like that as people paid money for it. Tweaking with general things who can influence the Belfast is possible but just upteir her and giving torps no
  10. Onsterfelijke

    Azur+Hololive Collab with WoWs

    You cannot change Historical names because of the past doing that is like changing history which make you the same as that dictatorship. What you should do is the idea of Facist and attack that. Symbols in games are forbidden is some countries (like swastika) in WWII content that is why they use crosses instead of the swastika's.
  11. Onsterfelijke

    Anti Ship missiles in World Of Warships?

    I think that is too easy for white i wonder how Black created this. Bishop in the corner pions 1 down but awefull placed (fritz did this?) I see some escape but at losses I wonder at the move before this! I would never get in this mess! And I was once a Dutch chess champion rapid club teams.... with a rating of almost 2000
  12. Onsterfelijke

    Anti Ship missiles in World Of Warships?

    Indeed much later :) remember the 50's is still guns >1959 the missels are coming so expect ships crossing over the date they will have the 1950s configuration. I will see the c801 de Ruyter in game but without the SSMS they got in the sixties!
  13. Onsterfelijke

    Anti Ship missiles in World Of Warships?

    It was great till the 90s after that the computer entered the area and people spend there time playing computer games. (I know i was a member of a chess club which is struggling to stay open. as the old memebrs pass away and there is almost no new blood) and the ipad will finnish most clubs.... But on the bright side online chess is growing.
  14. Onsterfelijke

    Anti Ship missiles in World Of Warships?

    It didn't had shipmissels those launcher are the asrock (ASW deptcharge rockets) same as the Friesland. But guided missels is a other game!