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  1. Eek i have 238 ships and abot 34 captains in reserve that would take ages to respec everything..... :) Manual AA is that doing something or we can forget it?
  2. Onsterfelijke

    Spanish Ships line

    There isn't enough ships for that so expect some ships (not the paperones) in the Pan European line. Even the Dutch aren't getting their line and they have enough shipsclasses for atleast one line (without paper ships)
  3. Onsterfelijke

    Homing torpedoes for subs confirmed

    The DD's have all the fun so why whinging I wonder! But it is work in progress and it neeed a lot of work yet, don't forget to send suggestions to the devs. Autodropping of deptcharges i am fine with (like secudaries) for now. Rocket/mortar deptcharges should be fired by player so player can gues where the sub is. Homing Torps is a bit advantage for WWII but the subs are 1945+ I had hoped for more classes from like 1930-1960 So not homing torps for the lower level and Teir X homing but watching the stream the homing works only if you sail in straight lines just a sharp turn will evade the torp quit easy. (there aren't the wireguided torps of 1970+ which never misses) Speed should be 5 knots slower for all subs to give the older BB a change to sail away. Detecting is something the devs reall should look at. Sub detect DD everyone can shoot no if the subs want to send that info he should be detectable by the DD (radiolocation should be easy then)
  4. Onsterfelijke

    So the Russian bias is real

    That was a moment in the game you saw but if the ship already was damaged by other players then it looks like you didn't do damage. So you get only full damage when you are the first hitting that spot what you try to hit. I hope this is a more informative for you.
  5. Onsterfelijke

    Coop vs Random

    As all above but to teach new players in the clan who to play this game (shooting torping ect.) to try new ships how they play... But most important games last 6-8 minutes and you can enter 1 in 30 seconds great for missions.
  6. Onsterfelijke

    Naval Legends: U.S.S. Cod – Trailer

    Great video, Now the Dutch Submarines (Maybe there will be a Dutch nation later)
  7. Onsterfelijke


    It make sense to introduce a AA /ASW DD oh wait they did. Take the Friesland DD it's build to shoot down jets and hunt Subs. I think WoWs is preparing for something. And the good part we can have Dutch Subs... :)
  8. Onsterfelijke

    Where is the promissed ARP hide in port?

    use the mod station you can disable anime ships in port with that.
  9. Onsterfelijke

    Operation Dynamo


    Same time when they start the Movie here in Holland. But i liked the replays on youtube!