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  1. Hello,

    I appreciate your advice and help.

    I am not a very good player based on statistics.

    I have never played any video games in my life until World of Warships.

    Now I play several hours a day or any time my wife is not looking.

    If I had never played WOW and was hired by the developers to provide objective analysis of the how some of the statistics were being calculated the stats  make the point which questions the relevancy of how Win Rates are Calculated.

    There is a saying "If you want better answers" Ask better questions."

    There is also a saying "Until you can break things down into numbers you do not have much to go on" or something like that.

    It would seem like one question to be considered would be what is the objective and value of Win Rates?

    It would seem that the objective of Win Rates is to provide the player and a Clan Leader a clear and reasonably accurate depiction of the skill level of the player. I provided the information and the math to back it up. Apparently, there are many players that do not care how the numbers are generated. The facts indicate that as a 50% Win Rate player you would have to win 204 consecutive games to show a1% improvement. The response on the Forum indicates that these players see this as OK. So be it.

    So I have no more to say on the subject.

    I indicated on the forum that I had little interest in Clans and did not care about Win Rates.

    I do not care about win rates because win or lose I judge my performance by how well I can support a Battleship.

    I have developed a tactic/strategy whereby I devote 100% support to a BB that I see is thoughtfully playing. By flanking and acting as an additional set of guns for the BB, adding extra AA defense and DD support, it seems that quite often we are still alive at the end of the game. My focus is on contributing to that BB becoming a top earner. Seems to be effective reasonably consistently.

    Thank You for your feedback

    1. HMS_Kilinowski


      Hi Morgan,


      i replied to your message in your forum thread as I think this should be part of the discussion. Rest assured, whatever motives and interests you have is confidential and will not be part of my reply.