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  1. HMS_Kilinowski

    Clan Battles: "Loop" Season

    We did some training battles. Up to now my impression is that we might get a variety of different tactics and different line-ups. It's not gonna be only two ships and CVs might not be that much of a factor in T6 as they were in T10. The maps are much smaller. Even BB-line-ups with a good offensive approach are viable. CV-sniping is an option. Ships with smoke are attractive, but most of them are premium ships and not every player will have them all. So one clan will work with Perths creeping smoke, while another will use italian or stationary smoke. Some clans will go for HE-dpm, while others will go for tanking power. Each clan will work with what they have and that will differ a lot, even depending on what players are online. Especially T6 is not a tier with lots of dedicated 19pt-captains. Together with the limited number of ships, we should see a lot variety. In comparison to CB in T10, if you puta 19pt-captain anywhere, it'S gonna be your T10 ships. Yes, premium ships, too, but they likely are from a similar silver ships. If I put a dedicated captain on a silver ship, it's mostly T10s first. Needless to say, Stalingrad works well with a survival built BB captain, so everyboy had one available. And as for the Venezia, there really isn't any better place to put a Sansonetti-Captain, so most players have it on Venezia and once it's there, might as well make it 19pts. So the T10 meta was determined by fixed factors. T6 will be much different. There are hardly any heals in T6. People will have lots of Graf Spees after the dockyard event. BB calibers might decide which team gets decimated first. One thing I am sure of: Any clan with only mediocre CV-players but some decent BB-players, is better off, tailoring their strategy around a BB-push. It might well be, that BB-line-ups entirely dominate this meta. And if so, the CV issue would not be relevant from a practical point of view. So I wouldn't write off this season, just because CVs are allowed. I felt that plane-spotting was less of an issue since the maps were small and teams spot each other rather early even without CVs. But ofc that is just a preliminary impression and the meta might turn out to be a boring smoke camping and plane spotting meta. I however doubt it and in our training battles I had way more fun that in the preceding T10 season. Isn't the fact that we never had T1-CB reason enough? For a start WG might do a little fun event like a T1-Clan Brawl. Wouldn't hurt to have a little derp-event, would it? Btw, since I sort of pinged you: Concerning CBs in mid-tiers, Wargaming might consider allowing some free retraining of commanders. Retraining, not re-spec, mind you. The reason I see is that many veteran clans have lots of 19 pt captains available, whereas newb-clans will hardly have good captains on T6. They also will not have the CXP to retrain commanders from high-tiers back and forth just for a season. This issue is also linked to the missing rental ships they usually got at T10. Just an idea, not for myself but for fairness sake.
  2. HMS_Kilinowski

    What is your reason for potatoing?

    It's strange we have emojis for "bad", "angry" and "boring" but not for "sad". I really miss that now. Of course winning is not the main goal in the grind. But that is more for a clicker game on your smartphone, where you lose against some boss opponent and then try again after a while. This is WoWs. Why would anybody think this game is about grinding in the first place? I'd rather say: Grinding is not the main goal in the win.
  3. HMS_Kilinowski

    [THESO] The Salty Ones, looking for salt!

    Get bumped.
  4. HMS_Kilinowski

    Advice please, Ibuki but cruisers in general

    Okay, let's start. Hotspot map, spawn north, 3-line. You are in an Ibuki. It an all-T9-battle. Ibuki is a cruiser with trolish but rather weak armor, good range and dispersion, good maneuverablity. That in comparison to other cruisers dictates how to play it (and all the other ships in the IJN-CA-line). You are a shapely elf archer, going up against 600 pound-trolls, if you get the picture. You are not into arm westling. Threat assessment: - one radar cruiser - Alaska - needs to go early to give DDs freedom of movement - noteworthy DDs: Paolo Emilio (test ship, capable player), Benham, lots of torps if in the area - triple Georgia: If they are a group, push hard and your BBs do not hold the line, they are too fast for you to retreat, so early spotting is important. You want a cautious approach and not overextend. In Ibuki on this map and this spawn, going 1-2- line is the best option. You can kite that area, spam fires on bigger ships that fell for the illusion of safety in open waters. If it's a somination map Maybe in the beginning you want to stay behind the cap first to support your DD if he spots and enemy DD in the cap zone. Now this is a standard battle, so no caps. DDs tend to go 1-2-line themseves to spot for their team or catch some overconfident BB. You DD is going 1-2-line. The first priority in the beginning is always to win the DD-fights. The DDs are highlighting each other and whoever brings more friends survives. So you as a cruiser with good disperion and high alpha damage want to be there 4km behind your DD. So you start moving in very deep. Going into D-line you are overextending. The BBs are far behind you. Your DD is not spotted. As soon as you get spotted now, you will be the only possible target and every ship will shoot you. They won't even need to communicate to focus you down. Also you start with AP-shells. They are good if you can reasonably expect your first target to be a broadside cruiser. Maybe in clan battles but certainly not in randoms with DDs. You need HE. This mistake will show later. Arguably you are popping hydro too early. You are still full speed, lots of places to go to not hit torpedos and they are italian torps, they are very slow and will take a while. But you got RPF on your Ibuki. So the second you saw it was pointing wide, you should have pinged that area on the map to alert your DD that a DD is there. Now you are going behind the volcano. First, that is a DesMo or Moskva move. They go there to radar the cap, but this is a standard battle, no cap. Is it worth commiting to this position? You can already see on the map, only one BB is following you. Your team is not strong on this side, the other BB seems afk or camping way back. There is nothing that could hold the enemy team back, if they want to push hard. So camoing behind the volcano is dangerous, cause you can hardly disengage and run, if the enemy pushes around the island. Radar cruisers can bow-tank and prolong their destruction. Your Ibuki can't. For Ibuki, being so close to the enemy is brutally overextending. If you have to nose-in, you only got your front guns, low dpm and 25mm bow armor. You are a sitting duck. You get into a position where you are perma-spotted by a Paolo Emilio moving up the 1-line. Now you are trapped behind the volcano. You are beaching which you shouldn't. You gotta expect DD-torps coming your way, you need to stay mobile. It gets busy now, too many things to think of. You get two shots at the Paolo Emilio. The first ones miss since you see it smoking up and your brain tells you to account for the DD to slow down. But it's an Emilio with italian smoke, it can go full speed. Then it even overshoots his own smoke and you get a second chance. But you still got AP loaded, mostly overpens. Had you started with HE, you now would have got massive damage on him, set a fire, hit his engine or rudder. In this duel of the DDs your focus must be on the DD. But the Paolo gets unspotted, so you immediately turn your guns to the BBs. Not a good idea, Your Z-46 obviously is going in for the kill, he needs your support. But it all got so busy for you so you didn't notice you were reversing more and more into the open. Doing that you imo commit a very dangerous mistake. You reverse turning your ship broadside to Georgia and Soyuz in 1-2-line around 14km away, while being perma-spotted. This could already be it. The island is low enough to eat lots of citadel hits. And while you are now stressed out trying to get back in cover, your Z-46 is alone against a Paolo Emilio. He is a good player, so he wins, but that is luck. If you were in a more relaxed situation and not under direct threat, you could have helped him and made sure that Paolo Emilio goes down. Also, why do you not have PT on your ship? Obviously you did not notice the dangerous situation you were getting into. You were lacking awareness. Happens to the best, but that is exactly what the PT-indicator is for. Ibuki shell arcs are too flat to shoot effectively behind islands. The better choice would have been to turn your ship out into a kiting position, then slow down or reverse south until the enemies are spotted and then kite while focussing the Paolo Emilio. Instead now you are trapped behind the volcano and in hydro range. You do the right thing, reversing behind the island. Then the hydro is off. The Paolo Emilio was killed by your DD, so this is your one chance to finally get out undetected and kite away. instead 14min left you push around the volcano in the 2-line into 2BBs and 2 cruisers, being perma-spotted and nose-in. this is a suicide move. You can't bow-tank a Soyuz with 25mm-Ibuki at 13km, ofc he will citadel you. In your defense, it's not all your fault. Your BBs are terribly passive. That FdG is hiding behind the volcano, not drawing any attention to his tanky ship, what german BBs are supposed to do. Your Iowa is way too far back in the B-line, to be useful. You lack the pushing power on your flank. Your team is not superior on the flank and not in position to focus fire. Your team does not at all dictate the terms on this side, but you think you can make the enemy run in fright if your one squishy cruiser pushes them? You earned yourself a sarcastic remark right there: Now this has cost you, you are now 20% HP. You reverse back. It's already too late, the battle is practically decided. You are playing static, going back and forth behind the island trying to be covered by island while stealth firing. There you cannot support the DD that is spotted by the Benham. You have no shots. Your current play is depending on the spotting of your DD which is overextended and without support. Clearly you will not be able to endure this much longer. Your DD gets shot to bits. That is not a mistake, it is the consequence of past mistakes. The enemy now has too many ships left on this flank and your team has too few. RPF indicates the Benham going 1-line. You are perma spotted again, 10 min to go. You finally realize it's time to get out or get torped. Too many torps are possibly on the way. You get out. Right decision. An option would be blind torping into the general direction of the DD, and maybe getting a lucky hit. You got RPF on this ship, you should use it. Then you get killed by the Soyuz on the 4-line. At that time your team was already decimated and you are an attractive target to farm. So what might have worked better? Probably staying in the 1-2-line. Drawing attention, getting shot at while aggressively maneuvering to avoid the incoming fire. You would have been in a position to shoot the Paolo Emilio, while being further away from the enemy BBs. You would have had the option to go dark when you need to. After the Paolo was dead, you could have shot the two Roons at range to kill their hydros. That in return would have given your DD the chance to torp the BBs without the torps being spotted from the moon. It's a lot of speculation. But staying at range in the Ibuki is generally the better way. You set fires. You try to observe which targets eat torpedos, so you follow with fires if they use DCP. You wear them down slowly. With your BBs so passive, I think it would not have changed the outcome. Maybe if you had worn them down, your BB-players would get greedy and finally move in a bit. But generally Ibuki is best at range and there was no need to get as close. Finally, why do you need to overextend in so many ways? You rush up the tiers like it's a contest. There is no need to force yourself into this. In T2 the struggle began, your ship got destroyed twice as often as you killed an enemy ship, the damage was low. If difficulty level 1 is too hard, level 2 and above are not gonna make it easier. Like many things in life, you build up slowly and from the bottom. You should start at the low tiers and observe how your numbers are. If you win a lot, if you do a lot of damage, take a lot of caps, have a lot of impact on the game, that is the time to increase difficulty by going up one tier. The T10 ships are not better, not shinier or more powerful. It's an illusion, the enemies get better and you are worse off. Take it slow. Play low tiers. Observe your stats and go from there. Watch lots of tutorials. And always think what players are doing in these tutorials, how else you would do it and why they might do it the way they do. It's a very positive thing that you posted this replay. It takes some courage and you deserve respect for that. It's the first step into a more conscious way to experience the game. If you stay on that road, you will enjoy that game a lot more, but only, if you are patient and humble.
  5. HMS_Kilinowski

    What is your reason for potatoing?

    I can't answer that question. To me that is the whole problem with - at least me - potatoing. If I knew what I did wrong and why I did it, I could learn and improve. I am very eager to learn. Still, about 30% of all situations in the game I still cannot understand correctly. I sometimes don't see the obvious or because of some lack of experience I fall back into an old pattern that is a losing move. Most of us see other players act a certain way and we can tell they are potatoing, much like we can proofread a text written by somebody else. Still, when it comes to our very own errors, we are blind to them. We can shake our head or even bang it against the desk, not believing how other players can make the mistakes they make and not see what is obvious to us, yet we fail to assess ourselves. So in short I potato cause I think what I do is right or, lacking better ideas, is still the lesser of all evils. If anybody ever comes across me ingame and sees me doing a stupid thing, feel free to tell me. I will appreciate it.
  6. HMS_Kilinowski

    Research Bureau Reset?

    I think the way to solve it would bve luxury content, like e.g. the steel camos. I will probably say that some super nice camo for 100k RP is way too pricy. But at some point, where you have finished all lines, unlocked all LMs and got all reward/special ships and only stuff that nobody needs is left, stuff that just grants bragging rights, you will not stop to play the game. You will continue regrinding lines, playing premium ships and if at some point you have enough RP for such an exclusive camo and nothing better is on the horizon, you will get it. Just yesterday I watched old WoWs videos by Jingles. I noticed how many players didn't have camos on their ships. And Jingles didn't even take notice, cause it was so common. Today if you see a ship without camo, it's immediately noticed in the division and interpreted as noob behavior. So I can see the optics being more and more important. At some point WG might be doing the same they did with the premium consumables, make the -3% on concealment and +4% on enemy dispersion a standard and focus solely on the optics and economic bonusses. It's the one thing that many people don't understand, why WG makes ships so expensive and optics so cheap. People have to pay 60€ for a T9-ship, but they get a nice camo for the Hayate for 30€.
  7. HMS_Kilinowski

    Research Bureau Reset?

    I mean even if you get double the bonus every 3 months, what is in the NTC is still enough to keep a player busy for the next 5 years. One module costs 1-2 resets and about half the ships didn't have LM mission chains. On top of that there is three ships worth 8-16 resets. With the NTC Wargaming has basically doubled if not tripled the grind. I'm not sure if they really do this to make money through FXP conversion. I hope they are smart enough to do it to keep their long-term player base engaged. I know people who have all lines finished. Many of them just keep playing because of the clan and because they like playing with friends. But there is also poepl who think "I finished all grinds. What now? Different game." So to keep them playing WG needs increasingly expensive exclusive content to grind and unlock.
  8. HMS_Kilinowski

    Clan Battle CV boycott

    The negative feedback practically was there within weeks after the CV-rework one and a half years ago. The criticism has filled hundreds of pages in this forum. Just after 18 months of denying there is a problem, Wargaming basically says everything is now so fine and balanced that we can confidently and permanently move CVs into CBs. It's only natural that such a reaction from the community would occur. Our clan has however decided to not partake in the boycot and as a member I feel bound by my loyalty and obligation to my clan. I hope the sacrifice of the boycotting clans will not go unnoticed. I am pretty sure however, WG is just gonna sit this one out, knowing that your boycot will collapse once they do not give in after the upcoming season. It'll be a game of chicken and the clans will yield. WG can live without a couple of dozens of players, while you guys probably cannot live without WoWs.
  9. HMS_Kilinowski

    Research Bureau Reset?

    I doubt they can uphold that RP earning speed, getting double every few months and 10k RP otherwise for a reset in the long run. It's just not enough if players have to pay two resets worth for a Legendary Module.
  10. HMS_Kilinowski

    recruited a friend, big mistake

    So you understood "3k doubloons is literally nothing." I need to work on my kappa then.
  11. HMS_Kilinowski

    recruited a friend, big mistake

    ... compared to that: Again literally nothing, which also answers the unasked question, why there is an invite link from Flamu in the first place and why this philanthropist might want to help complete strangers. Well, if someone just wants to vent and not argue reasonable, I guess we shouldn't waste our time any further.
  12. Die alten RTS-CVs werden nicht zurückkommen. Ein Ziel des Rework war es, das Spiel auf Konsolen-Niveau zu drücken, also mussten CVs mit dem Controller gesteuert werden können. Das alte System hatte zudem viele Nachteile. Die aktuellen Heulsusen haben das scheinbar vergessen oder haben erst in den letzten 18 Monaten mit WoWs angefangen und die alten CVs nicht erlebt. 1. Die alten CVs konnten mehrere Staffeln gleichzeitig einsetzen und waren auch damals nicht zu kontern. Zwei TB-STaffeln haben entweder Schachbretter aus Torpedos abgeworfen oder gebündelt. Wenn gleichzeitig 12 Torpedos über eine Breite von eineinhalb Bootslängen im Wasser sind, konnte damals niemand mehr ausweichen. Abschließend gab's noch den Gute-Nacht-Kuss rektal mit den Bombern, die noch ein oder mehrere Perma-Feuer gelandet haben, falls denn tatsächlich der massive Torpedoangriff überlebt wurde. Bei den alten CVs war etwas möglich, was heute unmöglich ist, ein Schlachtschiff mit vollen Lebenspunkten innerhalb von einer Minute zu zerstören. Das Können des Schlachtschiffspielers war nahezu irrelevant. Will das wirklich irgendjemand zurück? Die CV-Spieler vielleicht. 2. Flugzeuge konnten früher Torpedos aufdecken. Eines der größten Ärgernisse und Grund für freundliche Kritik am eigenen CV-Spieler war, wenn der eigene CV seine Luftkämpfe über den Torpedos seiner DDs ausgetragen hat und sie damit bereits viele Kilometer vor ihrem Ziel sichtbar und vermeidbar waren. Wenn ich mich recht entsinne, hatten manche CVs 5 Staffeln gleichzeitig in der Luft, könnten sogar 6 Staffeln gewesen sein. Die Torpedos wurden also häufig von Flugzeugen aufgedeckt. Man musste das beim torpen sehr aufmerksam einplanen und konnte oft Ziele nicht angreifen, selbst wenn sie kerzengerade über die Karte gefahren sind, einfach nur weil eine Staffel Jäger dazwischen patrouillierte. Es gab sogar Trolle unter den CV-Spielern, die bewusst gegnerische Staffeln über Torpedos gelockt haben, damit der DD sein Ziel nicht trifft und der CV dieses Ziel anschließend selber farmen kann. 3. Die Qualität der CV-Spieler ging deutlich weiter auseinander als das heute der Fall ist. Die CVs konnten (a) sich noch direkt bekämpfen. Mit zwei TB-Staffeln in die Breitseite und ein bis zwei Bombern, konnte ein CV in nur einem einzigen massiven Angriff bereits zu Beginn des Gefechts eliminiert werden. Die schlechten CV-Spieler konnten diese Angriffe nicht rechtzeitig erkennen. Natürlich machten die Torps damals mehr Schaden, und Flutungsschaden bzw. Feuer dauerte so lange wie bei allen anderen Schiffen. Das war damals tatsächlich besser, dass ein DD mit ein paar guten Perma-Feuern den CV noch abfackeln konnte. (b) die Staffeln des Gegners noch aktiv bekämpfen. Ein guter CV-Spieler hatte innerhalb weniger Minuten die meisten Flugzeuge seines Gegenspielers abgeschossen und dieser war nur noch Zuschauer. Es gab also eine enorme Spreizung in den Fähigkeiten. Ein Team mit einem schlechten CV-Spieler gegen einen guten CV-Spieler war fast hoffnungslos unterlegen. Deswegen sehen wir noch heute bei den alten CVs Winraten zwischen 12% und 95% über dreistellige Gefechtszahlen. Vergleichen wir das mit heute, da liegen die Winraten zwischen 20% und 85%. Das ist immernoch deutlich zu viel Einfluss, aber weit besser als früher. Aber es gab natürlich auch Vorteile des alten Systems: 4. Die strikte Begrenzung der Flugzeuge hat den Einfluss des CVs aufs Endgame stark eingeschränkt. Das war fair, weil ja die AA der meisten überlebenden Schiffe bereits abgebrannt ist und sie sich kaum noch wehren können. 5. Luftangriffe waren punktuelle Ereignisse. Der Spieler konnte klar erkennen, wenn er angrgriffen wird und dann auch alle Register ziehen. Wenn ein Spieler heute DefAA nutzt, dann um eine einzige Staffel zu bekämpfen und im Wissen, dass eine Minute später der nächste gleich starke Angriff kommen wird, während sein DefAA gerade auf Cooldown ist. Damals sah man drei Staffeln anfliegen und es war klar: Das ist jetzt der Moment, wo man DefAA einsetzt. Man hat ja nur eine Hand voll Ladungen, also ist eben wichtig, sie für besondere Bedrohungslagen aufzuheben. Diese Besonderheiten gibt's aber nicht mehr, sondern nur monotone ewig wiederkehrende Luftangriffe. 6. Es gab zu RTS-Zeiten noch AA-Schiffe. Ich erinnere mich an Zeiten als eine Minotaur/Neptune das gesamte Zentrum einer Karte abdecken konnte. Eine Zeit als Worcester, Cleveland, Huanghe, Texas oder Baltimore noch richtig Schaden gemacht haben. Dass es heute ein einziges Schiff gibt, vor dem CVs Angst haben - die Halland - und dieses Schiff deutlich mehr Schaden macht als all die sogenannten AA-Schiffe mit teils deutlich mehr Flak, zeigt eigentlich schon den Missstand. Entweder ist im Spiel derart starke AA angemessen, dann müssten auch viele Schiffe mit ähnlicher AA-Bewaffnung diese starke AA haben. Oder sie ist zu stark, dann war es nicht legitim, die Halland überhaupt so ins Spiel zu bringen. Welches von beidem zutrifft, da mögen die Meinungen auseinander gehen. Dass die AA aber heute inkonsistent über die Schiffe verteilt ist, darüber kann man nicht geteilter Meinung sein.
  13. HMS_Kilinowski

    To buy or not to buy - Ist das günstig, oder kann das weg?

    Da man alle Schiffe auch im Shop kaufen kann, stellt sich doch die Frage, ob man den ganzen Tamtam um die Pakete überhaupt braucht. Bei dieser Gelegenheit drängt sich eine kurze Rechenaufgabe auf: In den Paketen sind 6 T7-Schiffe, 3 T8-Schiffe und 2 T9-Schiffe. Man nehme selbstbewusste Preise von 35€ für jedes T7, 45€ für jedes T8 und 65€ für jedes T9 Schiff an. Dann kosten alle Schiffe direkt im Shop gekauft nicht mehr als: 6 * 35 + 3 * 45 + 2 * 65 = 475€. Das ist immrnoch beträchtlich weniger als die Pakete kosten und man muss nicht alles nehmen, sondern kann sich die Rosinen rauspicken. Beim Kauf übers Arsenal sogar einen Coupon nutzen. Abschließend sollte nicht unerwähnt bleiben, dass diese Pakete ein Kunstgriff sind, um Glücksspiel-Verbote zu umgehen. Das erste Los ist sozusagen bekannt und man bezahlt 1500 Doublonen, um das erste Los einzulösen und gleichsam das folgende Los offenzulegen. Wer beim ersten Los bereits ein Schiff hat, für den ist der Fall klar: Kaufempfehlung! Wer eine Niete gezogen hat, der sollte kurz innehalten und die Wahrscheinlichkeit kennen, mit der er nun ein Schiff bekommt. Bei 11 Schiffen in verbleibenden 130 Paketen ist die Wahrscheinlichkeit 8,5% ein Schiff zu ziehen. Die Niete, die man kaufen muss, um den Weg für das nächste Los freizumachen, kostet 1500 Dublonen. Selbst wenn man dann ein Schiff zieht, muss man nochmals 1500 Dublonen bezahlen, um das Los für das dann gezogene Schiff auch einzulösen. Man zahlt zusammen 3000 Dublonen, also ca. 10€. Der Wert eines der aufgelisteten Schiffe ist im Durchschnitt 475€ / 11 = 43€ Wenn man also mit 8,5% ein Schiff im Wert von erwartungsgemäß 43€ bekommt, ergibt sich ein Erwartungswert von ca. 3,70 € für das Los, zuzüglich dem Wert der Niete (der Verbrauchsmaterialien). Man sieht also: 10€ ist deutlich mehr als der faire Wert von 3,70€. Die Niete müsste einen Wert von mindestens 6,40€ haben, damit dieses kleine Glücksspiel vorteilhaft wäre. Unabhängig von der Möglichkeit, die Schiffe bar zu kaufen, sind die Lose also ihren Preis nicht wert und man sollte objektiv die Finger davon lassen.
  14. HMS_Kilinowski

    recruited a friend, big mistake

    It still doesn't change the fact that he got the invite from you and not from somebody else. So you did something nice for him, not somebody else. You also don't need a Warspite to "platoon farm credits". Above all you should "platoon have an impact on the battle" a.k.a. play as a team and not just together. For a new player that is best done in T1 and then slowly going up tier by tier over weeks. A T6-Warspite is probably quite counterintuitive to learning the game from scratch.
  15. HMS_Kilinowski

    recruited a friend, big mistake

    Don't call me a saint but shouldn't the incentive to invite a friend primarily be that he gets something? Do you really need a reward to do something beneficial for a close friend? You likely are much further in this game and the gifts help him catch up. That way at least nobody can blame you to invite someone for selfish reasons. Not being selfish again is the basis for long lasting friendships and friendships are much more valuable than anything Wargaming can offer. Just think about it and hopefully you won't be bitter and just enjoy having a friend in the game.