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  1. HMS_Kilinowski

    need some advise on whether I should keep grinding Japanese BBs

    American BBs are not more accurate, rather the contrary. They are more accurate at close ranges, while japanese BBs are more accurate at long range. The info you give on your play style is a bit thin. It might well be any other BB line is less attractive to you. German BBs are good for brawling, but then again it needs a lot of experience to know where to push and when. Unexperienced players usually stay too far back and achieve nothing or go in too hard and get focussed down early. USN-BBs are good for brawling too, but more maingun-oriented. Until high-tiers they are painfully slow, which is not real fun. Royal Navy BBs are HE-spammer. So they are not helpful, learning to play BBs the right way. You will end up shooting HE most of the time and not pay attention to enemies making mistakes. French BBs are usally pretty fast, but not as durable. They are good for fast flanking and ambushes. They can be pretty nice, if a player knows how to angle. Finally the russian BBs are pretty new. As such they are still overperforming. They most of the time are played nose in, as their bow armor is very solid, not so much their sides. So a player should at least know how to cover his sides or not overextend. The guns are ridiculously accurate. That is a good thing as your aiming is probably not trained well, so a ship that gives you a precise feedback on where you hit, will help learning to aim, althoguh unfortunately at the cost of missing a lot of salvos completely when starting to learn. Personally I like the french BBs most as I am impatient. I hat ships that are out of the battle too long or take a long time to reposition. The french BBs are generally fast and later get a speed boost, which ensures you are where the action is. Their calibers are rather small and you will at times struggle to penetrate other BBs. Every ship has its up- and downsides. What ever your next project is, don't push yourself too hard. Don't force yourself into climbing the tiers too fast. The game will allow you to progress through the tiers rather quickly, but that will be a frustrating experience as other players will "outsmart" you. Keep it at a comfortable pace and, keep watching the youtube-videos to master the more complex mechanics before you need them. Good luck.
  2. HMS_Kilinowski

    What Camo should I use on T10 ships?

    If you wanna know about credit-multipliers. I often used the "Blue Lagoon" (-10% cost; +10% earnings) and especially the "For meritorious service" (-50% cost; +50% all other). Service cost is high at T10, so each camo that has less cost is a good thing. That is purely credit-wise. You however forget one thing: Even T10 ships can be fabulous XP earners. That by implication means, they are also great CXP and FXP earners, as both are based on the XP you earned. So stacking FXP and CXP boni by using XP flags and bonusses from the camo is crucial. While it is true that you cannot use the XP anymore as there is nothing to grind and converting XP is currently too expensive, you will get a lot of CXP and FXP and both currencies are quite valuable and harder to earn on lower tiers. That said, you should restrict your good camos and flags to those ships you do exceptionally well in. A T10-ship at an average 1000 XP is nothing to waste good camos and flags on. You should play a couple of battles, maybe even dozens, to find out, which ships shine for you and that is where to put the good flags. The other ships you just play to get better. Also look beyond the perspective of a single battle. A Zulu flag, or other credits multipliers might seem to make sense, as you want to counter the cost of a T10-battle, if you just look at one battle. If you however have a T9-premium ship in port, it is much smarter to use those credit multipliers on that T9-ship and earn your credits there to then accept low earnings or even losses on a T10 ship. One battle in a T9-premium-ship can make up for 5 battles in a T10 and you only use the flags once. You can ofc use as many flags and camos as you like on any T10, as long as you earn them back by doing missions or getting medals.
  3. HMS_Kilinowski

    [THESO] The Salty Ones, recruiting members

    You may be acid or base, don't matter. Join the equilibrium.
  4. HMS_Kilinowski

    PTS - World of Warships Anniversary

    @WG_LumberjackIn some news WG announced you would get the anniversary rewards for a T10-ship whose line has been reset and you would get the reward twice if you manage to finish the re-grind to T10 within the update. Is that correct? To reset a line I technically only need to have the T10-ship researched, not bought. If I skip buying that T10-ship and reset the line, will I still be eligible for the reward of that ship? Or does the T10 only register if I owned it and maybe even played a battle in it? Could you please specify the exact conditions.
  5. HMS_Kilinowski


    Nach Startschwierigkeiten ist mir die Yoshino langsam ans Herz gewachsen. Sie macht einen soliden Job als Zao-/Henri-Ersatz. Was mich vorallem überascht ist, dass sie sich defensiv super als Zao spielen lässt, während sie offensiv mit ihrer frontalen Ausrichtung fast schon an die Henri heranreicht. Yoshino ist öfter mal pink, das stimmt. Ist die Kombination aus 20km-Shima-Torps und Spiel aus der 2. / 3. Reihe. Das Problem hat(te) die Shima ja auch, als 20km noch die bevorzugte Variante waren. Theoretisch kann jedes eigene Schiff in einem 10 km Radius um den Zielbereich bzw. 5 km auf halber Strecke mit Vollgas in die Torps fahren. Ähnliche Probleme haben Sims und Black, weniger wegen der Reichweite, mehr wegen der geringen Geschwindigkeit, die auch wieder Freunden viel Zeit gibt, in die Schusslinie zu fahren. Ist umso schwieriger einzuschätzen in Teams, die nicht kommunizieren. Wenn man danach geht, ist ein Torp-Einsatz fast unmöglich. Man kann nur beobachten und halbwegs rationales Verhalten unterstellen. Ist man eben mal pink. Ein Trost kann sein, dass die Spieler, die in die Torps fahren i.d.R. eher schlechte Stats haben und das Gefecht nicht maßgeblich beeinflusst hätten. Ich habe auf meiner Yoshi doppelte Ruder-Mod. Bei 13.2 km Tarnwert sind 12km Torps tatsächlich kaum nutzbar. Wenn man allerdings Tarn-Mod verwendet, hat man 11.7km Ternwert. Ich könnte mir vorstellen, dass man, ähnlich der mittleren IJN-CAs, durchaus einem Verfolger, aus der Drehung heraus, ein paar Torps in den Weg legen kann. Für mich sind die 20km Torps die bessere Wahl. Die Yoshi ist gut darin, übermächtige Gegner abzubremsen. Die 20km Torps helfen da, damit die Gegner nicht ganz so selbstbewusst pushen.
  6. HMS_Kilinowski

    Friesland: before you spend your FXP

    I could get it in a minute if I wanted to. i saved 2M FXP. The problem is that it's not that easy anymore to decide what ships you want. In the beginning was the Missouri, a no-brainer that I missed. Then came Nelson, Musashi and Kronshtadt, all decent ships. They give less credits than the Missi, still I would classify them as no-brainers. Nelson will farm you Arsonist, Dreadnought and sometimes even Witherer medals, Musashi is a Yamato at T9 with a slight nerf and Kronshtadt is a very hard hitting, well-armored and mobile heavy cruiser. All those ships were ships you could get as soon as you had the FXP for them, without hesitation. Now we got Azuma, Alaska and Friesland. Each ship is interesting in its own way, but do you need them? Are they no-brainers? No. They are not those ships you wait for and save yor FXP in advance. They are the ships you save your DXP and think about waiting, if a better ship succeeds them. That is a bit sad, isn't it? The Missouri once was that reward, that ship everybody wanted, the ice-cream we knew we would get if we all eat our spinace. Frankly, none of the currently available ships strikes me as thrilling. It's come to the point, where I can't discuss the Fries, without discussing the alternative picks. A DD without torps? Why not just pick the Kita, have almost the same dpm and still have six Shima torps plus a reload booster to punish some straight line sailing? A heavy cruiser with 25mm deck armor? I loved the Yoshino, but the nerfs on Azuma are pretty substantial. Slower reload, less range, no torps. And on top of that 25mm armor all over. Please tell me it will be part of the IFHE-rework and get better center armor then. Otherwise even Gneisenau can do the Yamato thing to you all day long. A heavy radar cruiser with american shell trajectories? Might sound like a decent idea. But I sucked in the Buffalo, I suck in the DM, I even suck in the Stalingrad. So Alaska might not be for me. What am I gonna do with 2M FXP?
  7. HMS_Kilinowski

    Friesland: before you spend your FXP

    Wow, quite a wall of text. Hope you don't mind if I just stick with your main message. I agree with everything you wrote. I even think a Friesland will do fine contesting caps. My point, or rather one aspect of my point, was that Friesland will probably not be played according to its capabilities by most players, but according to the cliché attached to it, being the fire spammer. I think the decreasing winrate originates in players farming repairable BB-damage, where they could easily have taken on a DD, eliminated it, got out of it alive although at low hp and then fallen back to then farm BBs using the even faster spam, as AR kicks in. That is one side to the Fries, what the players do. Another side is that Fries even exists. Yes, any team can and should take its line-up as given. Don't force a ship into a role it's not designed to fulfil or it will just vanish early. But that perspective - "the ship is given" - is only valid as you have chosen the ship and are in battle now. Prior to that, you, the player should reflect if you need that ship at all. My sentiment is that we have too many types of DDs that don't excel at scouting and contesting caps in the game as it is. I think the game didn't need the Friesland. Prior to your decision whether to buy the Friesland, was another decision, made by WG, to introduce that ship into the game. They shouldn't have done it. We already see too much bad and selfish play and the Friesland is not a bold statement to go for the objective. WG has wasted the opportunity to make such a statement. So now the ball is lying at your feet and you must decide, whether you want that ship. Not you as "you", rather the you as whoever reads that and tries to make up his mind. So if you think you can play a Friesland in an integral role as part of a team, please do so by any means. Just please don't give into the temptation to be another fire-spammer 5 - 8 km behind the cap, pressing the F7-butten repeatedly, cause you cannot see a damn thing, while a wall of torps is flooding every ship around you.
  8. HMS_Kilinowski

    Friesland: before you spend your FXP

  9. HMS_Kilinowski

    Friesland: before you spend your FXP

    But that is more of a buff, isn't it? This ship is supposed to die if going headlessly into brawls against the odds. I don't think players spam HE on BBs cause DD-hunting is that dangerous. They do, cause they can, it's easy and less risky. But balance-wise that ship is well-balanced for DD-hunting. No DD is supposed to annihilate any other DD in a 1 on 1 and come out with enough hp to do that twice. You can do that repeatedly if you play with the odds, take your chances and are a better player, alright, but not on an even basis. So that DD-brawling power is enough. If people still stick to sitting in the back, that is staying in their comfort-zone, which means the rest of the team is well-beyond their comfort-zone. No ship is supposed to be sitting comfortably shoving popcorn in their mouth while the rest is making moves. If you want to play a DD, play a DD. Be in the game, not next to it. The properties of a ship should reflect that. You don't need fires to spam DDs and you don't need 3 fires on a BB that has done the right thing and is not sitting in the spawn point. So encourage the right play and discourage the wrong play.
  10. HMS_Kilinowski

    Friesland: before you spend your FXP

    I didn't want to write it, cause I see all Fries owners jumpin on my face with their buttocks, but there are obvious ways of balancing that out, e.g. lowering RoF. It's probably more of a psychological thing anyway. Like with those caps that have an island in the middle, i know the Fries sneaks up behind that, I don't care for my better concealment but I get the hell out of there.
  11. HMS_Kilinowski

    Friesland: before you spend your FXP

    I know there is a set of ifs that may make such a DD shine. Maybe there is a CV i nteh game, mostly not. Maybe I saved some cruiser or the team from a flanking Musashi that would have crossfired. My impression is that a team expects certain ships to perform certain roles. If they don't that leaves a vacuum to be filled by enemy action. How many battles are lost, not by the enemy taking something, but by your team giving it away? I don't think it needs a buff, but a sidegrade. Better concealment for less fire chance. Make it less attractive to sit in the back and spam HE and give it the tools to contest caps. The russian and french DDs and the Fries, as fun as they may be to play are not suited to perform a DD job in a team that needs a DD. The concept of the fast kiting Destroyer-leader has shown its limits in the russian DDs. WG should have learnt from it and given us the right tools. It's no conincidence the RN-DDs perform so well.
  12. HMS_Kilinowski

    Preise im Premium-Laden Gesenkt

    Die Preissenkung ist eine gute Sache. Ich finde allerdings, dass die an anderer Stelle mehr Sinn machen würde, nämlich bei den Dublonen. Der Wert der Dublonen ist über Monate verfallen, da bestimmte Optionen im WErt verfallen sind. Der Preis ist aber gleich geblieben. Als Beispiel hierfür will ich den Wechselkurs Dublonen + EliteXP in FreeXP nennen. Ursprünglich (rabattierter Tauschkurs 1:35 zugrunde gelegt) konnte man für etwas mehr als 20.000 Dublonen das Äquivalent eines Premiumschiffs umtauschen, also beispielsweise die Kronshtadt für 750k FreeXP. Für aktuelle Schiffe müsste man aber fast 30.000 Dublonen in FreeXP umwandeln. Man bezahlt also heute für ein T9-Schiff etwa 115€, wo man früher für 85€ ein gleichwertiges Schiff kaufen konnte. Ja, das waren andere Schiffe. Die aktuellen Preise in FreeXP tragen dem leichteren Zugang zu FreeXP Rechnung. Wenn aber FreeXP im Wert verfallen ist, müsste auch der Umtauschkurs Echtgeld zu Dublonen zu FreeXP dem Rechung tragen. Kleine Anregung. Verzeih, aber das ist imo etwas vereinfachend. Man nimmt hier vier Regionen der Erde und schert über den Kamm. Beim Asia- und NA-Server wird scheinbar europäische Kaufkraft zugrunde gelegt. Asien ist aber nicht nur Südkorea und Japan. Auf dem NA-Server spielen sicher auch Südamerikaner. Jede dieser Regionen hat Unterschiede in der Kaufkraft von 1000%. Selbst in Europa gibt es Länder wie Norwegen oder die Schweiz mit 8-mal höherer Kaufkraft als beispielsweise Rumänien. Ich lehne mich argumentativ nicht aus dem Fenster, wenn ich sage, dass die Kaufkraftunterschiede innerhalb jeder dieser Regionen größer sind als die Unterschiede zwischen den Regionen. Die Unterschiede in den Einkommen innerhalb der individuellen Länder sind da noch gar nicht berücksichtigt. Ich verstehe die grundsätzliche Denkweise, aber wenn Kaufkraft das Argument sein soll, greift der Ansatz zu kurz.
  13. HMS_Kilinowski

    Friesland: before you spend your FXP

    Well if you think about it. Yesterday I got a lucky shot on a Musashi in my own Musashi. Took it for 40k in one salvo. It ignored me, so I did 80k in 3 salvos and killed it. I could never kill a DD in 3 salvos and even a Fries will take some time to burn down a Musashi. I don't need a DD to do a BBs job. A team works on the basis of rock-paper-scissors. The MM tries to maintain that by having an even distribution of classes. A ship that sneaks a different class into a battle, screws up that MM. You can have a DD playing like a light cruiser, but then it must do a hell of a job to overcompensate the flexibility of the enemy team, having one more real DD. So dutch fries sit in smoke pew-pewing away, while all the caps turn red
  14. HMS_Kilinowski

    Game Play on the EU server.

    I had some events, where ping went up considerably. I think however the crash after the game, when the results screen should be loading, as experienced by @Redcap375, is another phenomenon, introduced with the latest patch and also addressed here.
  15. HMS_Kilinowski

    Friesland: before you spend your FXP

    I am being less and less impressed by the Frieslands I encounter. Their best use is imo in at least double-DD divisions, where she sits in the back, let's the other DD spot and spams HE or uses its dpm to help the other DD put down any enemy DD. In randoms and solo, she is depending too much on the team. She is a scary opponent at the start of the match. That is her capital, the fear of other DDs to come close to her, which keeps them away and allows Friesland to dominate an area of the map. The simple approach is to not engage her 1 on 1 but outspot her and let other ships reduce her HP pool to a more manageable level. In the end every DD is only as much gunboat as his damage output and damage input allow her to be. A Friesland on 6k health turns from hunter into hunted and even a good Yugumo captain can go into a 1 on 1 and finish her. I just find the concept less appealing. Most DDs can go into a fight and if their hp pool runs low they can retreat, stay alive and become a pesky torp boat. They still can impact the game. the Friesland can only try to sit behind islands or in smoke and hope it's not rushed. Mostly I feel a Friesland is doing a CLs job, while not doing a DDs job costs the team the game. 15k damage on enemy DDs is worth more than 50k on BBs.