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  1. Annibale19ITA

    Felice di vedere che....

    Sono molto felice di vedere che finalmente questo gioco farsa sta perdendo consensi,dopo avergli dato soldi e tempo ed essere sempre stato ricambiato con prese in giro nonche' totale mancanza di considerazione e rispetto,non fosse altro perche'....sono Italiano...e me ne vanto !! Poteva essere il miglior gioco/simulazione di navi ma....cosi' non e' quindi...auguri per una veloce dipartita WOWS !!!!
  2. Annibale19ITA


    I fully understand that....Italy,is a country which has to be massacrated,( thz also to the worst slave behaviours maintained by our past governments),but who is developing this game,inxists in winding up and ridiculing what was the 3th navy in the great 2th war and this is not fair. Why there is still no italian tree ??? Why all the best BB made at that age by my People is so poor respect the realty??? (Roma had a firing range of 37 kms,more then any others, Giulio Cesare had the secondary guns able to shoot at 18 kms,more then Tirpitz). Exist an historical report about some english cruisers ,obliged to get more distance by the Vittorio Veneto,( the almost twin of Roma,cause she was firing to them around 29-32 kms !!!!). This fully demonstrates that You are cutting down the real power of Italian ships, (has to be remebered infact that,many of the fights lost with the english navy was cause the radars never mounted in time,on our ships). Italian ships apart,now i would like to remeber how......after have buyed a ship,its value goes down and it is not comprensible how an AP bullet can penetrate and going out from a BB hitted on the waterline,without any damage ,almost as hitted in a point in which the armour be much less hard !!! There are many other incredible things that happen in this game,which are not eligible !!! and its a damage ,cause like i sayd many times here...it could be the number one but... at this point it is only a children game,nothing more then a play station game and i don't want to offend the playstation product. (An offended Italian).
  3. Annibale19ITA

    mi sa che e' impossibile....... :)

    Come da copione,faro' finta di sentirmi coinvolto in tutte le bellissime discussioni sul forum e subito dopo diro'.......e' possibile sperare che in questo gioco del *modificato*, con le prossime patches,si vedano le navi della terza ...e ripeto TERZA !!!! marina della seconda guerra mondiale??? certo la risposta e' scontata,quasi come se fossimo nella trasmissione "sottovoce"....si faccia una domanda e sia dia una risposta !!!!...Ovviamente no !! e ancora....e' possibile sperare che...sempre con le prossime patches,qualcuno si svegli col piede giusto e la smetta di inserire idiozie e che per una volta aggiunga serieta' ad un gioco che...."potrebbe" essere meraviglioso ma che in realta' e' un'ammasso di prese per i....... ?????---ovviamente no !!!! Io l' ho gia' disinstallato almeno venti volte,poi ,causa il mio amore per il mare e per la tipologia di gioco,nonche' per la qualita' dello stesso...continuo a farmi del male ed a giocarci.Solo vorrei aggiungere che... a parte le sub routines ,che solo un cieco non vedrebbe ,insistentemente offensive ,con accanimento "ad personam",sarebbe ora di mettere le "famose anti cheats" che tutti i giochi seri hanno,visto che in alcuni giorni ed orari ,il gioco fa fatica a muoversi dall'altissimo numero di variabili causate dalle stesse. So gia' che 9 su 10 di quelli che leggeranno questa mia post penseranno che sono matto o chissa' cos'altro ma.....sinceramente...non me ne frega nulla ....giacche' il mio motto e' quello di un certo signore che disse......tu che guardi alla pagliuzza negli occhi altrui e non vedi la trave davanti ai tuoi . P.S A tutti coloro che pensano che vincere significhi solo, vincere....dico......non e' cosi'...si vince di abilita' e comunque...sempre nel pieno rispetto di tutti i partecipanti.
  4. Annibale19ITA

    when will you stop this treasure?

    I play this game by more then 2 years and......sincerely i'm still upset about the indecorous treatment reserved to all what is Italian !!!! If you !!! developers have something wrong about Us...come on !!! say it and stop this ,once for ever...i mean...you could act,like Italian army never existed,never partecipated to the second world war,also if would be difficult do do,but at least,declare it and don't inxist in reduce the real power of our navy,with its defects and limits ok???? It is simply ridicolous to see my language finally added to the game after more then 2 years,like is also ridicolous to don't have any tech tree and please...also if you don't feel good about Us.....don't sell,because you sell !!! Italian ships,reduced to an half of the real power.thta's not fair !!!! I sincerely think that...exist good ships in all the navys of the second world war but.....right cause that...when a ship is excellent..must remain so and not manipulated in a bad way for to be...a treasure.
  5. Annibale19ITA


    It seems to me really ridicolous to play now in this game,if i compare it to what was 1 year and an half ago....it seems another game !!!! In coop the game does practically all what is almost impossible,when you buy a new ship ,premium or not,it will work good for one or two battles,then become a barril, same thing with some special through captain experience,also i noticed an inxisting bad behaviour ,by the game,about italian ships,it's not rare to make a good score, (i mean...damages)but see then a ridicolous ranking.Again....but not last.....in the last patch ,the clever developers thought well to cut off the chance to play training like before,also changing the internal menu,in a really complicated way....not fair...not good.I deleted this game at least 10 times in the last 2 months...one of these days i will do that...for ever. Thanks to theyr "happy choices" !!!!
  6. Annibale19ITA

    totally dissatisfied

    I'm not usual to post something in here but.....when this game is really exagerating i feeel myself obliged to do it. In more then 2 years i saw this game changing in worse and worse. The AI cheats like a mad and over all ,it is not equal with all the players. If the developers are not able to create a real AI,like i saw in many other games,something close to a human ability and personality, well abort the game,this is not an AI,it's more a ROBOCOP army full of cheats . Also,like not me only sayd,it's a real shame that.....after more then 2 years,the Italian navy is not represented in the tech trees. Is not possible that the third,but in some cases,one of the best,navy,in the world at that time,does not exist and also that,all the times the developers realize an Italian ship, they ever,ever,reduce the real power and features,this is not right and fair,this sound to me like a disrispect to an entire Italian ,Navy,Nation,People. I'm not talking about the sympathy that anyone could feel about Italy,i'm just talking about what it is and what not. It's a real damage,to see a game that could be really fantastic,to be in this way......but ,as i unistalled the game many times,cause these reasons, one of these days i will do it for ever. PS At the moment....we have 2 italian ships but....no flag which represent them...but...we have flags representing navyes that almost never existed. It's a shame !!!! May i think that the developers intentionally want to discredit all what is Italian?
  7. Annibale19ITA

    why ?

    Colonel Pete....obviously you think to be the best no??? Obviously you think that people like me write ,like you talk ,for to give air to your teeths. Obviously you have not understood what i sayd !!!....maybe you can't...your post says that !!!! Since i play this game i met lot of players,i also talked with many of them,who don't imagine what is for real this game...but... obviously you don't imagine like them.......let me tell you something,like the american politicians love to say.... think before to talk and never ever...suppose...what you really don't know .... i did know that my post was ....wasted time.....like i sayd....i met lot of people in this game and.... the level is this,so.maybe better ,for the future ,to leave this site to people like you....intelligent and smart. Thank You colonel.
  8. Annibale19ITA

    why ?

    Ok....after 2 years that i play this game ,i can assure to all,also to who has not seen what this game really is,that this is not a normal game. Why by more then one year me and my brother,when in game ,have to suffer,almost all the games,points reduction,fake shots,incredible damages at the first enemy shot, ships almost destroyed which never sink.....but obviously when another player shoots they do.......carriers at 90 percent of the games on us...inxisting ...and more. I could add that.....the only 2 italian ships added to the available ships in the game ,are not present in any three,also if we italians had one of the best navy. But it's not sufficient,because the developers,in more,thought well to destroy the real power of those 2 ships,one example? The BB Giulio Cesare,which was very advanced for that time,had the secondary able to shoot till 18.3 kms,but they thought to reduce at less.....LES !!!!! then any other poor BB existing or not. I could also say that...anyone knows.....that one good performance the italians ships had for sure was...not only the fast speed but long rang cannons....but... both ships were cutted about that,so that the result is......less then many others.If this is game,somone would have to explain to me....all this !!!! Also i would like to see in the next patches something able to show to all, the single results,in damages, about any game ,cause i too often see,players who did less then me, getting better positions in the game result,that is not right !!!!
  9. Annibale19ITA

    Not a strange thing

    I'm sincerely tired to see all the times the same ridicolous things in this game. The developers must !!! do something. I probably know why it happens to me but......it's incredible. Every game,or almost all,i'm the preferred target in game,all the times a BB shot to me ,not caring about many other ships in the immediate surrounding,all the times a shot becomes a disaster to me,heavy damages also when i point the enemy with the bow. All the times i shot to a ship ,it remains at 0.01 life and another player is able to sink it,before me. Ok this happens by months,before was not so. If the developers have something wrong on me......i will note that and...i will permanently delete this game.....it's just sufficient to know it ok? I did like this game till one year ago...now...i would not suggest it to anyone also if...an enemy.
  10. Annibale19ITA

    unfair settings

    Hello all. I play this game by 2 years,but....i don't understand why the developers inxist in doing some things and in not doing others. In some hours of the day,becomes almost impossible to play in COOP ,cause the improbable settings and the not equal fury, distributed by the AI to some and only some...players. The punishments to the players who have hitted friendly are sometimes ,sincerely too hard,also considering that, not all the torps,for example,hit a friendly cause a mistake made by who launched it,so,would be right to consider the exceptions, without punishing who is just playng the cruiser or destroyer way,in the right form. By last....but not for importance.....would be good,for one time,to say STOP to all the various and many cheats in the game. I know that it's a fantasy but a serious game needs for first serious anticheats.
  11. Annibale19ITA

    is this a serious game?

    I played this game by almost one year and......i realized that,also if it's very nice in graphyc and effects,that is not a serious game.....for first it prefers ADV and punishes the COOP and then ,cause the total absence of anticheats is practically impossible to play clean in random or ranked.I saw too much people useing incredible cheats and doing things that are impossible in normal playng. Well i know that much people in here will start to laugh while reading this post and just cause that i permanently deleted the game right today......where is the meaning in a tricked gameplay? where is the pleasure in destroyng other players just because you can do what they can't ? Insane pleasure for sure ,once more if thinking that without those tricks your value is...under 0 !!!!
  12. HI all. Well after have readed many of theese replyes to Zentek777......i have got what seems to be his same opinion.........useless to put on the table questions that need a whide deep mind supported by a good gaming experience,i mean...i totally agree with Zentek777 cause i get that problem every 2 3 days...and it's logical considering at least 2 points, 1)most of the players run into the battle with no idea about what is really the ship they are useing (it's nice to see people with a konisberg inxisting with the cannons on an heavy BB giving to her the all flank thinking to be indestructable), 2)if i use a myoko,for example with 10 kms torp i normally launch in a clear area full only of enemyes but......there is EVER someone ready to go there not watching around him....think about it...we all play in battles with...BB cruisers and destroyers....full of torpedoes !!! everywhere ,so why sailing like in a walk in the park ????? Anyway i appreciate your idea Zentek,could be a solution(also if seem that the developers are not considering too much our ideas),i thought to another solution....automatic punishment,but in money,to who hits with torpedoes within the 3,5 kms.