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  1. SexyBikiniGirl

    Continous chat bans

    Is it allowed by moderators for a "Rear Admiral" to make personal attacks (accusing of lying) to normal forum users like this? And besides that, it is allowed to make statements like that without proof?
  2. SexyBikiniGirl

    Shall we have some fun with the Pommern?

    Pommern = Zutaten-Neutral und Struktur-Purist
  3. SexyBikiniGirl

    Continous chat bans

    I got a 3 day chat ban (my first EVER) from trolling with a friend (two people who know eachother for some time and decided to play together) during a TRAINING BATTLE... What mistake did I make? There is no automated tool that can recognise that. So the auto-chat-ban mechanism is absolutely not what WG claims that it is: "...To ensure with absolute certainty that the system does not catch innocent players, it is under constant review and monitoring..."
  4. SexyBikiniGirl

    General CV related discussions.

    A fully upgraded Asashio, with a 10 point captain, can get really close (high concealment, down to 5.3Km) very fast (engine boost). And in combination with the fast torpedo reload consumable, well, the result can be very bad very quick for the CV. The whole design (and WG sales pitch!) for (some) destroyers is "surprise attack". So to claim it to be "practically impossible" should raise some eyebrows to people who play destroyers.
  5. SexyBikiniGirl

    General CV related discussions.

    As CV player I can safely 100% disagree with that.
  6. SexyBikiniGirl

    General CV related discussions.

    Perhaps they should introduce special spotting-only squadrons with heavy armored planes (with NO ammunition/torps/rockets/bombs). Or perhaps the spotting squadron should be at a height where AA does not affect them, but then they come with a time limit. Those spotting-only squadrons will then gain XP/credits rewards for the CV player without being able to attack the spotted ship. A new attack run with another squadron is then required to try to attack. In the meantime the ship can try to hide. And since CV's will become even more vulnerable, the CV secondary ranges should be increased, and dispersion lowered and sigma should be higher... to have at least some defense against a suddenly popping up DD... Which can take out a CV with one Torpedo salvo...
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  8. What happens when you do a training room with you being the only human player versus some bots? Because if that training battle works without all that lag that your are describing, I am 99% sure that you have a local network issue. And then there is no point blaming WG or WG servers. If you still have the issue in training battle then set the graphics to the lowest levels to exclude any kind of PC bottleneck.
  9. Short FPS lag or freezes which can take up to a full second, maybe 2, can be caused by network congestion. This can occur in old or bad or cheap WIFI routers/chipsets. Or in old router firmware. This can also occur when the wifi channel frequency is congested. This can happen when multiple WIFI routers (or other wireless appliances/devices/products) in relative close proximity are using the same channel/frequency. So when you are using wifi when playing this game, try switching to ethernet and see if the stability improves. Another reason for congestion is when you share your internet connection and somebody is using the line (up to 100%) for video streams/downloads/etc...
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    "Your Last Chance to Obtain Z-35"

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    Thanks for the tip. I don't want to change the contrast of the other aspects of the game.
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