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  1. stockyy1994

    Argument to replace HMS Iron duke already

    It has the same guns but it fires a heavier 13.5 inch shell that does more damage.
  2. stockyy1994


    The real problems with the stock hulls for the old IJN and USN BB's were that they used the WW1 era guns/shells, and couldn't penetrate anything, why not just keep the historical look of the stock hulls, but give the ships the upgraded guns.
  3. stockyy1994

    British battleships incoming

    Queen Elizabeth has an extra 800m range, which will be pretty useful, apart from that though, not much, the better secondaries have been gimped by having only 4km range. Also, for some reason, QE has the same shells as Hood, and not her sister ship Warspite, so QE will also have worse penetration than Warspite, as the shells have lower Krupp. Not sure about the improved bounce angles and shorter fuse time though. Edit: it does have the shorter fuse time.
  4. stockyy1994

    British battleships incoming

    On gm3d, the guns are listed as 356mm, and so are the shells, but when you click on the shell details, they are the 381mm shells (879kg, 836m/s) that would have been fired by the theoretical 3x3 381mm KGV. They also have a 27.77s reload.
  5. stockyy1994

    British Battleship line - Everything I believe is FUBAR + Suggestions

    Tier 7-10 are currently in supertest, and all of their ingame stats are on gamemodels3d
  6. stockyy1994

    British Battleship line - Everything I believe is FUBAR + Suggestions

    What about using the supercharges for the 14" guns as the hull upgrade, keeping the 4,2,4 layout. It's obviously not historical, as only the coastal versions of the guns could handle the higher muzzle velocity, but more historical than 3x3 15" and certainly more historical than the current ingame KGV. I think the supercharges would work at tier 8, and it would keep the unique look and playstyle of the KGV, and not just a generic 3x3. Also, for some reason, the current version of the KGV ingame only has a full load displacement of 42,076 tons, which seems strange, as I would think the KGV would need all the hitpoints it can get, Anson or Howe displaced roughly 45,000 tons by the end of the war, it's surprising that value hasn't been used. Finally, does anyone know why all the British BB guns seem to have such a low krupp value for the AP shell? - Warspite 2330 - Hood 2190 - Nelson 2266, Colorado - KGV 2250 - Lion 2257/2258 - Conqueror 2485
  7. stockyy1994

    Algérie, Henri IV and Duca d'Aosta preliminary stats

    I just used the same as the Budyonny, 0.321, I don't know what the actual value is.
  8. stockyy1994

    HMS Hood Teaser

    It should have at least 65,000 hit points though, probably closer to 70,000 hit points, and the armour isn't that bad, essentially the same as Warspite, and unlike Warspite, it shouldn't have the unhistorical extended citadel not protected by the belt. Plus it will go at least 28 knots, hopefully they give it the full 31 knots. When talking about ingame gun accuracy, historical accuracy is usually irelavent, German battleships historically were accurate, but ingame they suck.
  9. stockyy1994

    HMS Hood Teaser

    The ingame Warspite's guns have nerfed penetration thanks to used gun muzzle velocity and low krupp, if the Vanguard's guns were given the new gun mv of 752m/s and krupp inline with other tier 8 battleships, they would be better Warspite's, still not amazing though. As for Hood, I believe she fired different (worse) shells than Warspite, but with her historical muzzle velocity and a krupp value higher than Warspite's nerfed value (not historical but Warspite's gun penetration is worse because of game balance at tier 6) they should be decent at tier 7.
  10. stockyy1994

    Algérie, Henri IV and Duca d'Aosta preliminary stats

    The 240mm guns could (and should) be given a higher krupp before release, which will increase shell penetration, but as the guns are right now, the leaked penetration values are accurate, the graphs made using Fnord_disc's matlab code match pretty well with the listed penetration values.
  11. stockyy1994

    Algérie, Henri IV and Duca d'Aosta preliminary stats

    Yep, I forgot to check the colours though, so Saint Louis and Des Moines have the same colour line, Saint Louis is the one just above Algérie.
  12. stockyy1994

    Algérie, Henri IV and Duca d'Aosta preliminary stats

    Here's them both compared with the current tier 6 150-152mm gun cruisers ingame. Their guns will be pretty similar to the rest penetration wise, but will probably have pretty flat shells arcs, again, German ap (krupp) sucks, so the Nurnberg is a long way behind the others in penetration.
  13. stockyy1994

    Algérie, Henri IV and Duca d'Aosta preliminary stats

    Ok cheers, here's the updated graph with Minotaur Yeah agreed, it sucks that a line desgined around having stronger ap and weaker he shells has such poor penetration with ap, lowest krupp of tier 10 cruisers as well.
  14. stockyy1994

    Algérie, Henri IV and Duca d'Aosta preliminary stats

    This is a graph I made using Fnord_disc's matlab code showing the penetration of Henri IV's guns compared to the other tier 10 crusiers (apart from Minotaur as I couldn't find the krupp value for the shells). As it stands, with the low krupp of the 240mm guns, they are pretty similar to the current 203mm guns.
  15. stockyy1994

    French cruiser next it seems

    I think Trento will work pretty well at tier 7, it's got more armour (still not that much though, but enough), faster, better guns than Suffren, so they shouldn't have any problems making it work at tier 7, also, it's not like they can really downtier Zara to tier 7, it's got too much armour to work to work there, should be a good tier 8.