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  1. harryderekel

    GNB - The End

    At the start of GNB we all received a mail to join the GNB event. I gathered 900 diamonds on this event and my plan was to save them and buy slots so i can collect more ships, i do visit the WOWS main website multiple times a day did NOT notice a end date on GNB neither did i receive an e-mail regarding a end date on the GNB event. iv'e put in a lot of my free time to participate in this event and collected 900 diamonds without being able to spend them, did i just loose my diamonds ? was all that effort for nothing?. Remember that I bought specially the premium ship saipan for this event ! So my answer is I deinstall the game and don't wast my time and Euro's on this game!! There go the Russians with our euro's, shame on you!! Amen and out! PS : xXx_Blogis_xXx , maybe you're one of those Russians
  2. harryderekel

    GNB - The End

  3. harryderekel

    Zao post 5.6 stealth nerf

    If they nerf DD's than they must nurf the zao to ... For the moment the MM !! shame you WOWS!! This morning playing random's with tier 7 fighting to seven tier 10 enemy's !! Are whe there for training shooting targets and loosing or points on the big brothers?! Lame for steeling credits from low tiers. Lets fight the tier 10 with tier 9, Why? Becourse the ranking matches soon are only for tier 10 players !!! Well let them have a fairly match between targets like tiers 9 and 10 than. Like today the Matches on +100% its the same like x1 ... it's a poor weekend play.
  4. harryderekel

    Can I please not get players with elitist attitudes?

    drunken sailors why not ... long way from home I think ... LOL
  5. harryderekel

    Destroyer action

    Hi all DD players, maybe whe can do a final action for starting one lang week !! Don't help the BB's and CA's enymore, let them take the flags and spot the ships!! Becourse they ask for NURF the DD's !!
  6. harryderekel

    more high tier japanese destroyer changes

    Stop nurf the DD's !! Or I quit this game like other people. If they change the torp speed and distants (km) well that they than change or consealment for the DD's to 3 or 4 km. The only thing is that the BB's , CA's and AC's you can blow out game with one or two hits. Remove the Radar's too than from the BB ships. And don't forget if they nurf again the DD's well give the DD's more speed than!! In the beginning whe have a LAMBOURGINI bud for the moment the rebuld them to a skoda, only for some complayning noob players that loosing credits in a match defeat !! Poor guy's thats allways complain here.
  7. harryderekel

    japanese cruisers

    proof of a battle tier 10 Victory destroy ship 1 and the rest credits almost 150.000 repair and amo : 108.000 repair + 72000 amo = 180.000 credits total lost - total - 30615 Funny for playing tier 10 !!
  8. harryderekel

    japanese cruisers

    Hi all , Like or friend telling here ( duoinvasion ) once you have a tier 10 YAMATO or something els , everybody wants to proof that he can destroy a ship like this. Personaly I don't play with my tier 10 ships becourse the repair cost it's to high 250.000 a 260.000 credits !! Everybody expens money for his tiers , and once you have a tier 10 than you must pay amazing repair credits for your ships ! Lets be the Matches (MM) fair fights - between tiers 9 and tiers 10 and than a lower repair credit! For the moment the Match Makings is on point zero ... sometimes you see tier6 in tier10 matches. Please stop to nurf ships ! A lot of group players stopping with WOWS becourse this.
  9. harryderekel

    Best Gunboat?

    The best gun boat is the Atlanta ! Bud the HP is to low.
  10. harryderekel

    Share your Tirpitz noob stories

    Hi friends, don't forget this : it's a game and still a game, it's not real life ... stay friends. Like today a big AC player tier X report me with his friends becourse I spot and cover a DE MOIN ship ingame with my DD ?! Offcours his friend have 4 kills, becourse he covering and deffent his friend with the AC stuff!! Bud please do something with guy's that crossing and hanging in the border !! You can't see the kiev/mahan/benson in the borders (out field/map) and not a detection possible. Kind Regards to all friends here Greetings Ciaoooooooo
  11. harryderekel

    Dutch Lions

    Hi Zikai, This here is a site for Word of Warships. And not for ARMA 3 !!!! On your website I don't see a connection to WOWS. Admins lock this trade or delete this topic.
  12. harryderekel

    Alanta buffs ?

    The strange thing is that you don't show how many times you are destroyed from other ships !! The HP from this ship is to low !!
  13. harryderekel

    Fubuki. Why.

    Upgrade , well there you say something ! afther the new update is it a downgrade !! First they let you pay for the destroyers, than they change the game play modus! With the new update you don't hit enymore a battle or cruiser ... so what whe urn than on XP 's or credits in a battle? So they change the distend from the torps and speeds ( knots) ! Bud they forget that whe as player from a destroyer playing for BB's and that whe don't do this enymore with the new update! If they change the destroyers, well that they than change the HP and speed from this ships ( some BB's and cruisers ar faster than a destroyer ) So with the new update we are just a simply shooting target for the BB's and Cruisers thats all. Lets be honnest than, let's us sell or destroyers ! But give us than the full compensation back - sell price from the ship and modules !! Becourse they don't ask if we are agree with the new update ! Don't forget we pay for the doubloons and credits ... think once about this. Kind regard
  14. Hi all friends here, Me and my friend 53 and 46 years old , try to find dutch( west vlaams) speaking people for playing WOWS . So it's not for joining a clan! Only have fun - playing and friendship on or ts. Kind regards, Harryderekel and xRustbucketx
  15. harryderekel

    HMS Warspite Review :)

    Warspite is wasted money. turrets are too slow !!! You can not even fight them worst ships! Please speed up a bit on the turning speed.