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  1. NikolayKuznetsov

    General CV related discussions.

    Well if I am the only DD in a CV game i am going to live 20 mins from now on, in J10 or A1 while reading my email. I am not doing it anymore, there is nothing to do, just run from the planes like a moron, get blapped, smoke up, get blapped some more, smoke up some more. Im begrudgingly willing to cope with CVs in other scenarios, in the scenario of being the only DD I am not doing it any more. I won't get jerbaited into "trying" to play these games and hoping the CV won't come after me non-stop, he will, I'm the only DD, he knows if I'm dead, his team wins.
  2. NikolayKuznetsov

    General CV related discussions.

    I challenge anyone to get anything done as the only T6 DD in the match with a Shokaku on the other team. Anything, do 100 damage, spot 1 ship, shoot 1 shell, anything. Do it, prove it.
  3. NikolayKuznetsov

    General CV related discussions.

    I'm doing my best to cope with CVs because the rest of the game is not a disease, but being the only DD in a CV game I'm going AFK from now on because there's 0 seconds of gameplay in a 20 minute battle. Has anyone who develops this game tried being the only T6/T7 DD with a Shokaku in the match? There is 0 seconds of gameplay in these matches, not 3 seconds, not 1 second, 0 seconds. All you do is sail around like an idiot, get blapped for half your HP, smoke up, stay alive for 70 seconds, smoke up again, stay alive for another 70 seconds, if you leave your smoke you get blapped for your remaining HP. You can't spot anything, you can't shoot anything, you can't do anything, nothing, there is nothing whatsoever you can do. At least if there's another DD he can share in your misery and there will be a few minutes of gameplay, if you're the only DD there are 0 seconds of gameplay. Matchmaking won't be fixed, I'll be the only T6 DD going up against T8 carriers, that's fine, i'll make coffee, i'll watch youtube, I'll alt-tab and play a game of fifa, I'll do anything but flee to the edge of the map and sit in smoke for 20 minutes. Is it disgusting? Is my team screwed without their only DD? Probably, but that's your problem, fix your mess. I want someone who develops this game to take out a T6 DD and show everyone how they suggest the T6 DD handles being the only DD in a T8 CV game.
  4. NikolayKuznetsov

    Why is low tier a hellhole

    Dipped my toes in low tiers a bit, it's sealclubbing during the day and statpadding slaughtering bots at night. T1/T2 : 3 man divs from top clans chaining smokes with 19pt captains and anywhere from 60-65% WR. T1/T2 at night : 1v1 with 11 bots on both sides, whoever kills the enemy bots faster wins. T3/T4 : CVs waiting in queue to murder bots (and some people) who don't have AA. T3/T4 at night : Same thing just without people, only bots. T5 : 70% WR players with 30.000 games on Kamikaze R that haven't played another ship in 3 years. T5 at night : Same thing but with a ton of bots. Playing low tier for a couple hours grossed me out so much I had to close the game for a bit because the menu music was making me sick. I'll stay away knowing what it's like, my take-away is stats are meaningless when people can simply go down there at night slaughtering bots - But I have serious questions about what this game is like for a real new player picking up the game. New players don't know you have to FXP until T6 to actually play. Maybe sealclubbing and bot genocide is why WG is experimenting with asymmetric battles? If so please continue your experiments because low tier needs help.
  5. NikolayKuznetsov

    Georgia or Pommern?

    Georgia is worth the coal if you need a strong T9 BB with good economy, pommern is worth the coal if you want a fun T9 BB with good economy. One fits the boring max range 457 overmatch sniping meta, the other is fun.
  6. NikolayKuznetsov

    Carriers in next season of clan battles...

    Yeah, some ships are amazing in randoms, poop in ranked/cb -& vice versa. That's okay, in fact it's cool, different ships for different jobs. But with the addition of CVs, the amount of ships that are good in ranked/cb is tiny and one entire ship class is unviable. I appreciate devs trying to give CVs a place in competitive without outright making destroyers unviable, but I don't see how it can be done, everything a DD brings to a team, CV does better and CVs don't risk getting blapped.
  7. NikolayKuznetsov

    Carriers in next season of clan battles...

    I don't see how this would bring DDs back. The problem isn't just that DDs get nuked by CVs. -Air detectability range of the DD is irrelevant, because unless the CV is in a vegetative state, he knows where the DD is when his plane is spotted. -Why bring a DD anyway? They provide some spotting sometimes when there's no radar, meanwhile CVs can spot all the things all the time. Torps? Yeah good luck with those, everyone is running hydro because DefAA doesn't do anything. There's other ships that are useless with CVs, des moines/salem, they sit still, lock down positions and lob shells over islands, sitting still with that citadel and deck armor is suicide, you'll lose count of the AP bomb citadel hits on your ship. Also their fancy radar without DDs? Not very useful. 1 Hakuryu/MVR 1 Kremlin 2 Stalingrads 4 venezias Also tactics, planning, surprising the enemy team, nope, both teams know exactly what the other team is doing right off the bat. I'd love to be wrong but very much doubt it.
  8. NikolayKuznetsov

    LWM and the proposed new captain skills

    I look forward to missing out on the free captain skill respec because it's a 24 hour link on the bottom of some article I didn't read and then spending about 10K doubloons retraining captains. Please reset captains by default when patch goes live, don't make people opt-in
  9. NikolayKuznetsov

    the grind is getting to me

    Play another game for a couple days, you'll get back when you actually want to make ships go boom, playing for the grind is dumb anyway, you don't need 100 ships. If you need a grind to feel like you're making progress, there's many grinds in the game without a time limit, try the new low tier campaign, you can finish it at your own pace and you'll play different tiers/ships in the process.
  10. NikolayKuznetsov

    Capture the base & XP/Credits

    I played the game mode where you cap the enemy base, I recognize pretty quickly my team is collapsing, the only way we win is if I make a chunk of the enemy team turn back and keep their points from ticking. So I go into the enemy cap in a DD and find 3 full HP BBs behind an island in their own cap, I keep them pinned behind that island with torpedo threat for 17 minutes, effectively removing 3 BBs from the battle for the entire game - and I prevent the enemy teams points from ticking the entire round. The reward at the end was so pathetic, had we lost the game and I farmed some useless fire damage on BBs instead, I'd have gotten way more. So why is the game telling me I should do the most useless thing I could possibly be doing in a destroyer instead of getting map control and winning the game? The most useless thing a DD can do is so effective in terms of credits and XP, you're better off doing the most useless thing and lose than doing the most useful thing and winning. Am I playing randoms wrong? Should I smoke up behind friendly cruisers, laugh as they blow up in my face because at least I started 2 fires? That's how you lose, but it's also how you make XP and credits, apparently. * Edit : Tested a bit and compared some recent results, wrote down what I did in specific games, it seems preventing a cap is somewhat rewarded with credits but not at all with base XP. 3 extreme examples with the same T5 DD 1) Yolo torpedo + about 40K damage + 1 kill + Dead in the 3rd minute = 100K credits 950 xp 2) Smoke, spam HE fires on BBs + about 40K damage + no kills = 110K credits 925 xp 3) Sit in enemy cap for 17 minutes + about 40K damage + 1 kill + last survivor = 160K credits 900 xp In example 1 I traded my ship for another, in example 2 I did basically nothing useful, just spam some fire damage which is 100% repairable - I was so useless I may as well not have been there- in example 3 I won that game for my team, I don't think these games should be rewarded equally, should they?
  11. NikolayKuznetsov

    General CV related discussions.

    I think people are doing that, so after making carriers immune to fire and flooding, we can expect them to soon become immune to rockets and bombs. They cannot, should not and must not be sunk.
  12. NikolayKuznetsov

    General CV related discussions.

    I am seeing MvR being used to blap the enemy CV more frequently, soon, friends, we will have CV players unironically come here and complain about CVs killing them and having no counterplay. God wills it
  13. NikolayKuznetsov

    General CV related discussions.

    MvR chunks me for 3X16K when i am sailing North Carolina, i can only guess what it does to other nations BBs
  14. NikolayKuznetsov

    General CV related discussions.

    Tried the Kotovsky, enemy team had two wesers, I was angled, they did not care, I died before the battle began. Same with the MvR at top tier. The same plague that made DD play a form of masochism is turning CA play into a form of masochism, you just sail around like someone with down syndrome trying to get away from the planes as they murder you. 96% of the playerbase is effectively playing the game so 4% of the playerbase can have fun.
  15. NikolayKuznetsov

    Summer sale tokens - Art of the Deal well done

    My point exactly