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  1. Even if you think a ship isn't good anymore, what's the problem, just let it sit there, you get a supercontainer for it every year in september and a santa crate in december. Most people collect T10 ships -even ones they don't like- for this. There's also fun factor, very few people will argue khaba is still good, it was removed from tech tree because kleber just does it better, but some still play khaba for fun.
  2. COPlUM

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    Could be worse, you could have double CV, double Sub, four destroyers, two cruisers and one battleship but all three of those have smoke. Literally an empty map with 0 visible ships is possible
  3. Only ships with hydro can spot submarines but also only if the submarine is within 2km of your ship. 2km is proximity spotting distance, basically ramming distance, you have to be right on top of it. And since the submarine outspots and outruns you, it either has to screw up royally, or you have to ask the submarine player nicely to please come to you and sit still under your ship while you have hydro active. Sorry, that's the only way to know where they are, I didn't design it, I just laugh at it, a lot. The only way to actively spot and kill a submarine is you overextend into an obvious suicide position, drive into a pile of enemy ships to maybe get yourself on top of the submarine. That's the core problem with submarines, the only way to maybe get rid of them is trade, doesn't matter how good of a player you are or how potato the submarine is, best case scenario is you trade with it. Trading a good player for a bad one is a bad deal, so the correct play is : See submarine => Leave
  4. They just did a whole rework to disconnected cosmetics from economic or combat bonuses, they won't reconnect them now, especially when the solution is simple. Cosmetics will sell if they are available. I personally know multiple clans who would immediately put all their ships in a certain camo to have a clan-theme going on with their camos.
  5. COPlUM

    The rigged is strong in ranked?

    I like the odds of that Hermelin player winning this if he has 10% better winrate and he can use Lutjens as a captain to heal up between kills.
  6. COPlUM

    Sevastopol hits the Armory for 58k RPs

    It has a turbo heal too apparently, but i'm not overly excited for the ship either. I'm done with the research bureau, I got ohio, I got slava, I got the last two remaining legendary modules worth having. I still do one line reset every 3 months though, just to buy 60.000 RB points worth of combat signals every year Maybe i'll pick up yolo emilio one day, looks like a fun ship to play drunk.
  7. People pay to change the color of their gun in CS-GO, people pay to have bigger boobs in asian MMO games. Cosmetics sell in online games, they just do. I would pay to have my ships look different, and by different I mean let me choose from that large selection of realistic looking camos. Not the weeb/pirate/sci fi stuff. Most players won't do this, most don't buy premium ships or pay $8/month for premium time either, some do, they're the ones funding the game. Let them fund the game, it's good for you no? I get to make my ship purple, the game you play has money for further development, some people in belarus have jobs. This is a win/win/win any way you look at it.
  8. No shlt it's a terrible idea, the only scenario in which a submarine was ever spotted long enough to kill it was when it is fighting another submarine. Without this the only way to spot and kill a submarine is some heroic man with hydro over-extends into a suicide position to sit right on top of the submarine for a few minutes, hopefully long enough for half a dozen people to pummel it with ASW before the hydro-man sacrificing himself for the greater good dies. The only way to maybe kill a sub now is trade with it, it's designed for children and the more changes I see, the more I think they were also designed by children. There's nothing wrong with submarines spotting eachother, destroyers spot eachother all the time, whichever destroyer's team is paying attention usually wins. Why should submarines be any different? If one submarine has a supportive team dropping ASW while the other submarine's team is sleeping, that submarine dies. This applies to destroyers, why shouldn't it apply to subs? What on earth are they even talking about "being spotted and having to fight when you don't want to fight is uncomfortable" what does this even mean, it's a videogame about killing eachother, why should there be a class of ship that can be like "Uhmm, no sweety, I'm not in the mood for being killed, I think I won't enable PVP right now sorry" Do other ships also get a button to enable/disable PVP mid game? Who comes up with this stuff. Getting spotted and farmed in a battleship is also "uncomfortable" when do they get a button to disable being farmed? This is all so confusing.
  9. The only tolerable way to "deal with" submarines in any ship -especially a destroyer- is fck off and let someone else deal with it. Why would I deal with it? Best case scenario I throw my ship away to trade with a 39% turbo potato. The game has improved drastically for me by abandoning my flank when I see a glimpse of a submarine and let someone else deal with it, it's usually half a dozen people dogpiling on top of it trying to understand how you can do damage to it, getting absolutely smashed by the enemy team in the process because they're all way out of position, over-extended and turbo exposed. I'm sorry, you deal with that, I will drive to another cap attempting to outplay things that can be outplayed. My last game yesterday was great evidence of it, i'm learning, there was a 39% winrate submarine in front of my kitakaze at C cap, I simply left, speed boost, U-turn and leave. Every other ship behind me and a USS Black spent the next 5 minutes trying to deal with it, the black died in the process, I killed a bunch of people in B cap while looking at that gameplay travesty. This is how you deal with submarines, it is impossible to outplay them without throwing your ship away, even if the guy playing the submarine is literally too dumb to breathe through his nose, so you relocate and play somewhere else on the map, let some other suckers deal with it. In a DD the best case scenario when fighting a submarine is you over-extend to trade with a potato, this is the best case scenario, that is a bad deal, so the only correct play is leave, you just leave.
  10. I can't wait for a mod to remove that white indicator in the water for where the submarine supposedly is, we all know it's not there, it's not even in the same timezone, that white indicator is wargaming trolling you.
  11. Not the same, submarines : - Oh look, a destroyer, I will sail towards it *Surfaces* - Destroyer starts getting pounded with shells and submarine torpedoes - Destroyer doesn't know what to do, frantically drive around while getting pounded looking for the submarine, miraculously found it before being pummeled to death by everyone *Dives* teehee i'm immortal now *Surfaces again* - Destroyer starts getting pounded with shells and submarine torpedoes again. It's braindead on a scale carriers never were. With plane spotting you get breaks between to relocate, you can hug some stuff with good AA to make it piss off. Submarines just sit there *Surface* teehee you are spotted Oh you somehow found me before you died *Dive* teehee I am immortal *Surface* teehee you are spotted again The enemy team has radars? Oh that's bad, we can't have that. *Surfaces* teehee you all used your radar consumable *dives* teehee i'm immortal before anyone could point their guns at me, and the range of ASW is too limited to drop cope-bombs on me. I just removed all radar from the enemy team by clicking the submerge + dive button once. Oh no I screwed up so bad someone shot his guns at me *dives* teehee literally immune to shells in the time it took for the shells to land Only last week did we get rid of *teehee I surface within 2km of your ship, your ASW has a minimum range of 2km, you can't even drop cope-bombs on me for 400 damage while I shotgun you to deah, I get to kill you for free and I'm literally making it impossible for you to do 400 damage to me in return, just to make you seethe even more at this broken class* We had to suffer through 12 months of this one. In a few months they will get rid of *Teehee you dropped an ASW bomb on me for 400 damage, that's nice, congratulations, but all the guns on your ship are pointed in random directions for the next 2 minutes so you'll do 0 damage to anything else because you did 400 damage to me, teehee*
  12. What is there to fear? The solution is straightforward. All those expendable camos for silver? Sell those for doubloons, same deal, 100~200 for the first one, 1000~2000 for the second one etc. The reason people are driving around naked not spending anything on looking good is for some bizarre reason the choice of permanent camos you can buy is limited to one (plus maybe one or two sci-fi weeb camos on some ships) If I could buy any camo for a couple hundred doubloons, i'd make all my ships look exactly like I want and pay for it. Until then, naked boy. This change would sell camos for real money and take up literally 1 hour of development time, all the camos are designed and sold for credits already, just let us buy those for doubloons perma, simple.
  13. COPlUM

    General Submarines related discussions

    Not a bad idea, hakuryu and nevsky should ask DD captains for their consent first. That's how submarines work, it's how destroyers should work too. No spotting without consent!
  14. Doing this is how all games with this business model make a living. - Release obviously broken thing - Sell many broken thing, potatoes purchase many broken thing to finally smash - Everyone is mad for awhile because they're getting smashed by apes in broken thing - Broken thing is removed or drastically altered once they sold enough broken thing They will also never be allowed in ranked or clan battles for obvious reasons. Submarines will cease to be immortal after enough premium submarines have been released and sold, probably sometime in 2023. Then the 41% players smashing you in submarines will go back to dying in the 2nd minute as they always have in every other class of ship. All the current changes/buffs/nerfs to submarines is just noise to make it look like they're trying to balance them, they're not. Anyone with a pulse knows if a ship can drive around, smash you with torpedoes from 2km, dive and take 400 damage from cope-bombs as they escape, it's dumb. Submarines can surface next to a destroyer, the destroyer then has 3 choices : A) I shoot the submarine, it dives, I am spotted, I am dead B) I do not shoot the submarine, I am spotted, I am dead C) Piss off and surrender the flank to the other team They released a class that can kill any destroyer by simply being close to one and giving the destroyer a binary choice in how they wish to die. You're a mouth breather if you think they will still work like this a year from now, they clearly won't.
  15. Enjoy not dying in the second minute for the first time since you installed this game, while it lasts. Submarines will be changed, there is 0% chance they will remain as they are long term, they are completely broken, this is obvious to anyone with triple digit IQ. Wargaming just wants tubo potatoes like yourself to spend big on immortal ships, then remove the immortality. You're a cow, they will milk you for awhile, then kill it.