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  1. COPlUM

    Very disappointed in Leone

    I can't be disappointed, ran out of missions/containers and missing 1 piece of the collection. Or does this make me turbo disappointed?
  2. COPlUM

    Is Slava worth 63.000 research points?

    If you get ohio cuz it's actually good, the other options are all about what you think could be fun. I got slava last week, got a triple citadel on a yamato 22km away, i lold, so it's fun and therefor worth it. It's not a particularly strong ship though in the sense that if your opponent is running the brain.exe mod, he angles and you're an iowa without armor.
  3. DD main is hard work, sometimes we need a break and we play like US server DD mains : - Cruisers risk their lives capping, get in that cap, hindenburg. - Battleships spot by tanking a million damage with their face, go spot, slava. - We speedboost around in the back farming.
  4. COPlUM

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    Sometimes it's obvious from the start, if a ship spawns and does a 90° turn to drive to another flank for no reason at all, you know he's 44%. I just like knowing in detail who on the map is competent and who is not. With no intention of saying anything about it, I just need to know to adjust my play. It has immense influence on my decisionmaking, for example if there's 4 destroyers and 3 caps, one of our destroyers is terrible, the other 3 including myself are good. I will go with the terrible one, assuming he will die immediately, to keep that flank alive when he drives into groningen hydro or whatever it is potato DD players do to get killed in the 2nd minute. These assumptions are almost never wrong. I like monitor so much because periods when I'm using it I can visibly see my winrate curve go up, I'm just making more informed decisions. Using monitor also increases my karma, because battleship players cringe when the DD in front of them explodes in the 2nd minute, they are grateful another DD (me) anticipated this would happen and is there to take over. If I wasn't there, their entire match would be kiting away and getting farmed.
  5. The game is designed to become harder as you go up the tiers, everything hits harder. This is especially true for DDs. Wargaming did a good job of designing it in such a way that you learn as you go, you're introduced to some mild radar at T7, bit more at T8 etc. The problem is everyone is rushing to T10, they stay there, learn bad habits and never unlearn them. This is a problem for every class, but it's a huge problem for DDs. If you play DDs at T10 the way you would at T6, you're gonna have a bad time, about 2 minutes worth of bad time
  6. COPlUM

    Subs again, again (sorry)

    Collect data on how, why and to what extent submarines in their current state are hilariously overpowered in the right hands and entirely useless in the wrong hands. Maybe this is also why they are making us suffer through this on live servers. I mean, they cant post an ad asking pepegas, specifically, to come test the ship.
  7. COPlUM

    When do we get the next break from submarines?

    Submarine testing will resume until morale improves, says so in the last patch notes.
  8. I'm leaving for another year or whatever, I disagree with how nice you are and how much patience you have with some of these ... specimens. But I do respect it in a weird way, I could not do what you do, I would have unironically blown my brains out by now.
  9. That too is balanced by the randomness of it, over thousands of games, just like how the average winrate of all your teammates would have been 50%, your team would have had the stronger ships 50% of the time. You're talking about a game, or 10 games, or 100 games. I'm talking about thousands. Over thousands of games, the only differentiating factor is you, not your team, not the ship line-up, you.
  10. It's supposed to respond differently to the Q and E keys. Q makes it go left, E makes it go right.
  11. COPlUM

    whats the new research ship

    idk how some people keep doing it man, I can do it a couple days a year, I get tilted and leave, guys like dfens and forlorn left this cesspool after thousands of real answers because their brain was just rotting away trying to help people. Pete has been doing this every hour of every day for years, i'd have blown my brains out by now. It's like drowning in an ocean of stupid cringe, you can swim but you're not getting anywhere, there's just more cringe in every direction. I'm out, see you guys in six months or whatever idk.
  12. I got prinz eugen from my first ever recruiting station container, afaik by far the most expensive thing you can get in those if you were to buy it with doubloons. It fit well in my fleet too because I didn't have a ship like it at T8, much appreciated.