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  1. Chouhi

    [ALL] Nagato Kantai Collection Voiceover

    I like how she says absolutely different thing, that is not what you think she is supposed to say or whatever.
  2. Chouhi

    Bug Reports

    1. Description Lunar New Year container didn't show up when it should have. 2. Reproduction steps Finish battle that resulted in completing the task to get the container. Get to the port. 3. Result Not getting container after the battle. x1 there didn't even appeared. 4. Expected result Getting container after completing the task that gives you a container.
  3. Sure, I want to take part too! (i.e. join the lottery)
  4. Chouhi

    Update 0.7.5 Bug Reports

    National+ VO doesn't work! Game is unmodded and all of captains speak "VO language".
  5. Chouhi

    Update 0.7.5 Bug Reports

    Yeah, getting strange issues with sound levels too. But main problem is VO modification National+ which doesnt work. None of the captains speak their respective language even Isoroku and other special captains speak standart language, which is set in "VO language".
  6. Chouhi

    Update 0.7.5 General Feedback

    I don't know if it's me, but unmodded game has same issue in the last 4 patches, i think. All of the british captains and Isoroku special cap with VO mod set on National + always speak your set language, and not their native.
  7. Chouhi

    randomly not being able to get into a game

    Same here. Getting this issue after two or three last updates. Its very persistent and happens almost every time i log in. Its either everlasting load or load into battle after 6 minutes after start. Happens with mods and without them. I didnt change any of settings after the patches or before them.
  8. Chouhi

    Division Window

    New division window jumps back and forth. Never stays where you put it. Not covenient
  9. Chouhi

    national voices bug

    Now they broke them even more. Now not even national mod works properly on normal caps. I was playing BensonYang today and heard japanese voices. National mod does not override VO lang anymore.
  10. Chouhi

    National Voiceover mod

    This patch broke national voiceover modification. Voiceover doesnt change depending on which nationality ship you play. National VO mod used to override VO lang chosen. Now it doesnt. I have to manually change VO everytime i play different ship. Why is national VO mod is even there now?
  11. Chouhi

    Update 0.6.15 Feedback

    I didnt say its a bug. I just want that feaure back. its annoying to change VO mods yourself. I don't even saying that it would cool if it was like if you pick, for example, Takao, then only your messages would sound like her, others are like normal national phrases. But that's too much to ask i guess.
  12. Chouhi

    Update 0.6.15 Feedback

    I just noticed, that you removed special commanders "detector" or something. Because now, if i have voiceover modification set to "National" it will be still national even if im playing ship with, for example, Takao as commander. Before one of the latest patches it wasn't like that. You have national voiceover modification, ships with normal commanders have normal VO, then you pick ship with ARP commander or HSF one, and it sounds like one. Now even if you pick ship with special commander it will still sound as normal japanese commander. What can i do to get it back
  13. Chouhi

    Harekaze premium ship controversy

    Nice arguements there. 100 mm guns are good, shreds DDs and stuff BUT only if enemy ship is broadsiding ONLY if you have IFHE. This is not good guns, this is bad design. Something is not good, if its good only under some criteria you know.
  14. Chouhi

    Harekaze premium ship controversy

    Dont talk about "stats", personal stats are not an indicator of a good/bad ship. Especially your 37 games with 67% WR. But 100 HE dont pen most of the ships, Even DDs. My Hare always gets T10 MM with super potatoes on my side.
  15. Chouhi

    Harekaze premium ship controversy

    Guns on an IJN DD mean nothing, especially if it has 13k hp. 1. Stock IJN guns, why they are crap, i wont even explain 2. Akizuki 100mm guns. Guns, that need your commander to have certain skills, otherwise you wont be able to damage nothing, unless they are broadsiding. 3. 3 USN guns. Lack of one salvo damage, poor DPM, crap accuracy. That is my opinion on this garbage, after suffering 50 games with it.