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    Split Topic: Gameplay > Dasha Perova as RU captain (random thought)

    [edited] non-constructive RogDodgeUK
  2. Tazarak_Brutal

    Good uses for free experience

    Upgrades only. Never use it to unlock a hull. Then never play a hull stock. You gain nothing by it, except crappy stats.
  3. Tazarak_Brutal

    AFT > fire chance?

    You won't hit anything aside from beached BBs or AFK CVs at max AFT range. The real debate is Demolition Expert versus Survivability Expert. Both have their moments.
  4. Tazarak_Brutal

    Do you keep playing the same ship from your port?

    I start every session with a Cleveland to warm up. If it's not over 1400 WTR, I play it again until my average creeps above 1,400. Then repeat with Nurnberg and Murmansk (used to be Aoba as well, but using him in Myoko at moment). Then whatever I'm currently playing with, which is currently T8 cruisers, I'll do New Orleans, Myoko and Hipster until I'm happy with the WTR.
  5. Tazarak_Brutal

    Server down / problems?

    Nope. They are on different patch version.
  6. Tazarak_Brutal

    Carriers are unbalanced and not fun and here is why:

    Bro, everyone has a Langley or Bogue for farming these, it's not news. Shooting down 50 planes with the Bogue against a Zuihio and Hosho or whatever is hardly an accomplishment. Larger squadron + Strafe + Engage = Win On the IJN side you have to at least strafe the US fighters to get a 4 v 4 dogfight. That's if there's only a single squadron in their setup.
  7. Use them on everything at all levels, except: spotter plane fighter plane Premium everything else. Credits do not become an issue at some point once you get through a couple ranked seasons and have a high WTR. You can't spend them fast enough if you commit to a good 25-50 game run with every ship (for fun).
  8. Tazarak_Brutal

    Carriers are unbalanced and not fun and here is why:

    Dude. You get like 1 XP point per plane, whereas ships get radically more.
  9. Tazarak_Brutal

    [] Aslain's WoWS ModPack Installer #12 (19-04-2019)

    It is the smoke circle (hedgehog in the fog) mod causing client hangs. If Google translate can be trusted the March 10th version causes the hangs. It will be fixed forwardly whatever that means.
  10. Tazarak_Brutal

    Carriers are unbalanced and not fun and here is why:

    Uh, ships get XP for killing planes. CVs do not. You just do it to be a knobhead.
  11. Tazarak_Brutal

    Again new patch

    SLI fix finally.
  12. Tazarak_Brutal

    Should I purchase the Mikhail Kutuzov premium tier 8 ship?

    It is a good ship, but it is not a Cleveland in any respect. As better stated above, you can't just turn up in a T8 match and derp around and expect to get a credit printer. You'll be punished brutally unless you're familiar with high tier Cruiser play (or shall we say weakness) . The Murmansk gets you plenty of credits AND T5 matches are typically fun and also good for farming flags.
  13. Tazarak_Brutal

    Better graphic card

    750TI is a decent card if you're poor. Just verify your PSU can handle it and has the right connectors. And if you bought a cheap PSU, it would be a good time to upgrade. WaterTanks usually uses around 3 GB of VRAM when playing at 1080p. You want the 4 GB version.
  14. Tazarak_Brutal

    Smoke addon - Aslains WoWs Mod

    [edited] If you can't understand how mods work, in other words reskinning the UI because the developers are too lazy, then you are the kind of person console gaming was invented for. Go sit yourself down on the couch with a joystick controller, it will put your mind to rest that no one is 'cheating' when your pixels die.
  15. Tazarak_Brutal

    Out of memory error

    This is the VRAM bug. It's hit a few poeple after the last Nvidia drivers update who hadn't experienced it before, as well as broke SLI. I've not known anyone to get it 5 times as it clears after a reboot, so must have something to do with your textures. The way around is to lower the game settings then do what you want with mods.