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  1. Clawgr

    Do German BBs need IFHE for secondary builds?

    Nope. The values on what secondaries get /4 and what secondaries are /6 are tied directly to the gun. (Ofc all Main Ger BB get /4) 105s are /6 128s and 150s are /4 (GK is only those guns) 150/4 = 37,5 so its something YOU DONT need IFHE however 105/6 *130/100 = 22.75 which means they dont pen. (Ok they pen the 19mm superstructures, but is it worth 4points?) And it is rather old, but watch this:
  2. Clawgr

    Do German BBs need IFHE for secondary builds?

    1st) It 's a build for the lol. (That means it doesn't always work) 2nd) Only GK and Gneissenau secondaries get the '/4 HE pen'. The rest (Bismark Tirpitz etc) get /6. That means they dont pen 32mm bow. To make it work though u have to specifically target people that Bow on and reverse
  3. Clawgr

    Need help with Amagi

    -Fully upgrade it. (its not as bad as old Amagi stock, but never judge a ship non-upgraded (in case you are)). And its only playable with acc module. NC has better sigma and USS AP. You cant afford to have AA modules -Learn your effective range. (Usually its 14-17km but go for ranges that you are comfortable), it doesnt mean there arent cases you should go aggressive. -Amagi shines on kiting away angles. Not only it brings most guns that way, but it is also extremely tanky. -Stay away from secondaries, it could have been a good brawler, but its not because of that -Guns have lower sigma than Nagato, but shells travel fast and the potential firepower is great. They are accurate, but they arent that good penetrating BBs at longranges (especially high tiered). If you got better luck with german BBs, then that means you dont know to aim (or you are not timing your shots ok). (Try to watch some videos how other people aim, and maybe on twitch (dont only watch great highlights and expect to do the same. RNG is a beech) It is vital to know which parts to shoot on all BBs, you cant aim waterline on everything. And there are ships you wont citadel so you dont need to waste half your shells on the water (if they fall short) you excel killing cruisers though and thats why you should play it with concealment build (dont ruin your chances, shooting at BBs if you are undetected. Surprise some cruisers instead, and learn to aim for opportunities. You usually have one chance (then they angle). It is also fine if you shoot front and rear turrets at different times (so that you stay angled) -Actually Amagi is thin (and not tall). superstructure is not that huge. Thats why most shells hit the belt or superstructure. You cant tank Yamato/Mushashi though If you cant make it work, dont bother proceeding further, because that playstyle is the bread and butter on all BBs (Its a ship that teaches you all the good habits you need, unlike many others that get away doing stupid crap). Izumo is way worse (and also plays different). I know its annoying now that everyone plays T10s and you get horrible MM.
  4. Clawgr

    Rework of CVs

    While True: QA = 'Cvs insta-delete.' # NERF. Lower Population QA = 'they still do?' # buff the cruisers! QA = 'we still get deleted?' # Manual AA! QA = 'Yamato better than Montana?' # Lower Citadels! QA = 'cruiser gets focused?' # Buff HE / IFHE QA = 'Balance seems perfect!' # Premium CVS! QA = 'Great ideas so far:'# Bonus- AP Bombs! QA = 'Stupid people still get deleted?' # Maybe the ships are too difficult. Dump em Down! NO citadels on BBs from now on. QA = 'No its the CVs that are stupid. They sealclub them!' #Ok make sure they learn to autodrop! It is important for later tiers and premCVs = no panic autoclick QA = 'Everything perfect so far:' # NEW line! more premium QA = 'Smoke meta? Hydro stronk?' # RADAR! like, everyone QA = 'DDs deleted?' # Those #$!@ CVs. #KIDD QA = 'ppl are getting uninterested' # More gimmicks, special modules! QA = 'DDs still cry..' # Those MF CVs dont learn. Buff DD. SuperSaiyan defensive AA mode! QA = 'Cvs cry!' # Oh its about that Midway thing from 2 years ago. Those Americans think we are biased. BUFF USS. # Just make sure monkeys can play em. Give them only 1 choice. And dont listen to anyone, wait some months to get data! QA = 'Ok that Midway was just a tiny bit too strong' # Buff the Haku! Clearly! QA = 'CVs still blap ppl' # New Line: WOOSTER. that will teach them to quit. QA = 'Midways bait the defensive! They blap cruisers with AP now!' # How? we made sure that the monk... # OOOOH ITS THE F@kin Unicums. Those half-Korean Starcraft scumbags that play RTS all their life!. Thats why the average Cv lose. YEP, THATS IT! # That doesnt work at all on our glorious balanced system... # Rework! Dump it down so it can be played on Mobile. They cant control their aircrafts, they cant control their carrier. We keep all control ''' Meanwhile on consoles''' Seriously though. Its not like we never asked for balance and for better tutorials. And sure the skill gap is high. But it will get higher the more you let it. On anything. How many times we asked for better rewards on objective play, fix on abuse of some elements, teach players to analyse their games about things that could be done differently. How things are now? Look at randoms. Why do you think people play on T10s like its some T5 The problem is with balance both in lineups and skill difference (some learn, some dont). You already start the battle with the odds uneven. There are cases that the CV snowballs (especially if unoposed, and unfortunately most times because of the difference on skill). But there are cases that it doesnt matter how good the CV is. It depends on the lineup and on your/their team. Like heavily. And even on high lvl CV play. Even if there are differences in skill. Its about who does the stupid move first, and who capitalizes on it and can go eitherway. It can also turn around if you relax (and most often all the thing you can do is trade some strikes/planes). That is why CV is the hardest thing to play. You get mentally fatigued and most of the time get flamed or complimented for the wrong reason! CVs get advantage from missplays and bad positions. Thats it. They insta-punish people for those though, unlike every other class (yea lets leave aside AP bombs). It is also the best support, and can do every role. You might think it gives you an easy advantage, but its the same with bringing good combo on divisions and control the map. You just dont notice it as easy, when your division played good. But you can easy say "oh our CV suck thats why we lose". (you will be surprised on how many cases that wasnt the reason) It is fortunately/unfortunately teamplay the thing that wins battles and I dont think some halfassed rework is gonna fix the day. Wanna try it? Fine. But if you f this up we are going back? (Oh what a stupid question)
  5. Clawgr

    Where do you shoot to gain the most effectiveness?

    "In Theory" Go to the armor viewer, and study your possible targets. What you look for is parts, that are over-matched by your caliber. The typical BB vs Cruiser: If they are paperthin, then: 1) you wait till they angle a bit so you get full pen dmg. 2) you aim for the barbette of the front turrets (and citadel), so if your shells land high they hit extra armor and not overpen To effectively hit the broadside, you wait till he commits some turn, and then shoot so that you catch him on the turn (and the shells must land the moment he will be perfect broadside). And you aim for the waterline If he is giving broadside, (depending on the distance) if you shoot he will dodge, so you aim either high or low (i pref high(part on belt) because most ppl dodge away, but if he is a monkey and doesnt pay attention, i still hit the belt). The problem on the waterline is, that some shells will land below the point you aimed and you can completely miss. But if you aim slightly high, the high shells will overpen. with crap RNG there is a chance you will miss fully (even if you aimed well). But ofc the risk pays off sometimes === on BB vs BB: never underestimate superstructure/highbelt/gun shots. You want to be hitting the belt only on perfect broadsides. (at times he wont bounce them off) but then again (especially for Fuso) you should hunt cruisers first than angled battleships. That said so, nothing is consistent. And i know i said, aimed for angled ships, but depending on the distance, enemy can dodge better and easier the more they use the vertical axis (because of the camera). Unless you use the spotter plane (but it also requires to be more precise when predicting dodges) PS: Dont forget to sacrifice a goat to RNG
  6. Nope but sounds something else is stealing window focus. -at first glance: i would think it might be a virus. Command console poping up is never good, and that should alert you (Could be 3rd party of smthing running. And it (maybe) draws over wows (think of it, as if it were smthing like fraps). (It is also possible that it is from Nvidia. With the drivers comes "updated" nvidia software, that has overlay in-games or smthing (could be for recording purposes or smthing similar) The moment you click/press keys the app that runs swaps to the front. Anyway try to disable some settings ((from nvidia) that offer game overlays) or run taskmanager and kill everything non-essential. Also run it in borderless-window mode and see if it also manages to steal focus from it If you aint sure Google most keywords here (Im sorry im on AMD card, but i know they have similarities with those kind of problems)
  7. If you think its an exploit, go ahead.. Do it! As if this is easy. Communication is an unfair advantage... lets remove it.. So that the average players wont feel ashamed of losing. Any division can be unfair, because they pair up any ship they want and if you use a little bit of your brain you will figure out why. But advantage != win And also there is nothing you can do if good players are paired together, because chances are they know what they doing. Stop bitching about it and admit that some players actually are better.. Dont give out stupid excuses on every post. (There is always someone above you/me/anyone) And also about the CVs in general just an advice: It is as deep as chess. If you dont see it (or you dont feel its this way) its because you dont have a clue when someone outplayed you. There are things you might not even see on a game (but happening behind the scenes), and this is the strategy and way of thinking of the opponent you are playing against. Its different though because the chess pieces dont move on their own (unlike here), but you can affect them by blocking/counter/gaining tempo/pincer and things like that. And its not a fair trade about dmg kills and planes or just numbers. (its All about the order things are done, timing and positions. Something you clearly arent aware of) It is also complete [edited] to say this game is not competitive (and especially on cvs) no matter the mechanics. The skill difference exist in everything and will always be there (because its ppl that compete at each other, and some are getting better out of high lvl matches. Some play 7000 battles and still dont know what strafe is on Midways..), but on other ships you dont see it this clearly. (eg. how many dds you see that know to bait the radar before they cap (or go to cap from locations that cant be shot)). And im pretty certain because this post will also fail you will just open another one.
  8. well if Ctrl+H doesnt work (I think this hokey removes HUD but aintsure), probably only with creating a custom crosshair having nothing!
  9. Clawgr

    Fighter CV vs Torp/dive CV

    Patience is the key. Dont lose yours, and dont commit to try to snipe him (after some battles it gets so obvious). (If you cant get him in 1 go, it is better not to bother at all. You gonna lose all the time flying around the map) Well most ppl at that tier, have a very simple goal: -They want your planes, because if they try to contest you in dmg, you outperform them. Your goal: - 1 good strike. (Sometimes he can never achieve that the entire battle). If you get it you still aim for more! - you are the one that can cross-drop DDs, if you think you can (=it might be rather advanced), remind him that right off the start! So your option is to harass him, and make it as annoying as possible. You probably gonna think its the other-way around, but no (you need to get creative there). And here is some common ways: -- You dont EVER pick a fair fight (you gonna lose). (Remember he picked AS so you have to play "the mouse") Fall back to friendly AA. Force him over to lock, and dont retreat back the plane too soon. keep the bait as alive and "close" as possible. (and keep repeating that) If he is desperate to lock over AA, well still dont lock. Milk him as much as you can! Try to lock/strafe as late as possible If he avoids it/ignores it = he will try to strike. that's the moment you gonna hit. You either strafe (his fighters if you see them idle), or you bomb. Because most people tunnel-vision to their screen zoomed-in to strike, you can get anything outside of his screen for free (you got 2-3 secs though) -- Always try to figure what he is going to bomb and defend it. (If possible make him drag his fighters to lock over friendly AA). If you can exit-strafe on his torper do it! He will be losing any mean to do any dmg -- Make it uncomfortable for him: empty your dive bombers. Its not about dealing dmg: Scout their DDs, or also scout him. If you are careful he cant catch them. he might split his fighters to chase (make him chase as far away from what u want to strike) -- Always hide your planes (like 12km away from enemy ships). And show him the last moment from an angle he cant catch them in time. Most people struggle to play without having air-superiority. Sure its comfortable when you win the air, and then you strike what you want. But thats because they dont know how to use distraction most of the time. If you see him stacking the fighters = He is gonna take every bait most likely :P That is why it is important to empty the dive bomber. If you spot him out of position and some random player shoot and hits him, he is gonna fear you might strike him and he is forced to chase that bomber away. (you move it back in the furthest corner). If he chases= at least 1 fighter will be away. He might also be forced to play conservative (with one fighter behind) the rest of the game!
  10. Clawgr

    Starting to play CV's

    Some extra pointers: 1) Calculate the 19 captain skills the whole way. (Concealment is mandatory for Midway, you are too far from it anyway but in case you dont want to respec). 3rd Tier Skill is either TorpRel or BFT (no need for DE) 2) T4/T5 dont have strafes/manual bombs, so familiarize with the interface. Find effective positions. Stick and play A LOT at t6, everything you learn is your bread and butter there. you also need to stop auto-dropping. You are considered good if you can hit DDs when they missplay, consistently (you also need to learn the arm range of torps to drop as close as possible with manual) 3)CV snipe is a tactic but only works with ManualBombing at t6-t7 (t8+ get defensive fire, but anyway). IF There are no better targets then consider it (note that CVs get 30s repair AND you need to DOT, so you have to win air-fight). You will lose lot of time to do that where your team might need you. Highly situational and not usually recommended (but you need to watch out for it. IF you go for it you need to do it in 1 GO, any more than that you lost half of game time) 4) Learn the repair times by heart. (eg. IJN BBs=5s / KM BBs = 10/ US = 20s / cruisers 5-10s /cvs 30s ). Try to watch who repaired, because grouping planes give you a better chance surviving (but you can miss the DOT). Thats more for late tiers though. 5) Position: Way back in some corner isolated, your planes travel a lot to refill. +If a dd sneaks through you have no support and are pretty much dead. Too aggressive though, you need to plan ahead ur escape route if they push. (Ideal = behind your team but not too far back, and you might need to contest caps on lategame). Use islands to ur advantage, but dont overuse them and stay behind 1 rock the whole game 6) When dds dogfight (or before) spot the torpedoes. Try to spot ahead to give him a warning what is coming and also protect him from getting spotted from planes. (when you retreat try to not bring enemy fighters over him if he was stealthy. If you force enemy DD to smoke (first) its enough usually 7) When you strike dont bring the fighters following the bombers. you need to distract him elsewhere. (unless you want to lock his fighters and strike, not ideal situation). You dont want to show him off your bombers (where you could be striking) unless you got a clear target in mind 8) Shift+Click = queueing waypoints and keys pressed. (For example Shift+Clicking just away from an AA bubble . and then Shift+ F. you should route your planes to get away from AA and then return. You should do it each time you strike when the line becomes yellow and committed. Also although i personally dislike Evasive Maneuvers (Never pick the skill). In case you have done you use the F to get the healthbuff (+slow) until you away from AA, then Shift+click next to ur carrier and then shift+F. That way you dont lose speed. (Dunno if it is patched though). I think skill is active only in "return" mode, (not necessarily after dropping payload. it just happens that they auto return). (Tbh not needed better to get 5%hp+dogfight) There are also alternative controls in options (where it swaps mouse clicks. Each have advantages and disadvantages. Use whatever you like) Thats it. Your strategy is pretty good. The CVs are the most flexible class and can affect the flow of the gameplay. Adapt to every situation and try to deliver what the team needs. (It might be nice to get early the destroyers, but you should also punish ships that roam free without AA. Some times you should also be patient about your strikes) Play a lot of games and even when you research next CV stay at that tier to familiarize more (well depends on the player, but you can skip those up to t6 because you learn few things of value there)
  11. Clawgr

    Mogami 155 vs 203

    155mm if you go with a dedicated IFHE captain (or plan to respec him). It gives so much alpha dmg. personally with turret traverse buffs (before those 155mm would rotate like its yamato guns) its quite ok for me even without IFHE. Besides it offers a different playstyle on IJN line. (i mean you could have myoko/atago/takao/ibuki on that kind of setup). Careful though. This ship gets citadeled from everywhere, so you kinda play like USN cruisers. You might also want to try rudershift module if you are good at dodging stealth is already good. (you would miss the dispersion debuf from concealment module though but at 14km+ you can evade most shells)
  12. Clawgr

    Battle ship question

    Also note that the enemy is not potato.. Not only there is a skill called priority target that lets them know exactly when and how many they aim at them, after u shoot. "Testing the leading" means u are giving away the ambush damage. If they have brain they will angle away the moment they see shells coming their way (even if you aim "correctly" its the reason of most misses).. On most ships its better to fire full salvos. And some require to fire front while angled then tilt slightly to fire the rear (remaining most of the time angled). US line till NC is quite slow though for that tactic to work and you give a lot of broadside to fire rear guns. As for the ship speeds you need to "feel it" from the smokestacks and learn what ships are fast/slow etc. And if you got torps swap to them between shots, to see from that white-line indicator how fast they travel at any given time. Practice with different ship classes. Only with number of battles and will, you will learn to aim
  13. Clawgr

    Game lags even at lowest settings

    I believe 4Gigs ram might also be low now. Game uses 1.5Gigs alone for me, and windows about 3,5G (but again windows uses anything if it comes free). check the pagefile if its used (if its like 1 - 2% its ok but if it is used, you are using the disk because you are out of ram). If its video ram, try to compress textures (with a mod) and test again
  14. Clawgr

    What is your highest amount of credits?

    Missouri + Prem + CredBuff (cammo+flags) on a very good game gets u 2m creds easy (thats because u radar+get DDs more often than other BBs)
  15. Clawgr

    Just pissed a CV player off :)

    To do that u simply bring a division CV+ 2DM or minotaurs