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    What makes a ship OP?

    OP: -when you get perks you wont find on ships on similar tiers. -when it combos perks / skills that would normally require 2 ships (for eg. smoke + radar, accuracy+ no citadels\limited dmg) -the ability to abuse game mechanics to your favor fairly easy with few drawbacks/risks.. -when the ability and accuracy to delete others is waay above normal and easy when you compare it to the weaknesses. the last part is annoying. Because when something is made unbalanced (and easy to be consistent) on the hands on someone good it gives a clear advantage every single time. And yea they dont have to be premium (although they get lenient nerfs), but sometimes they are borderline P2W
  2. You know it reminds me of pyramid and online surveys... Pay that to whoever developer fixes CV rework, why we have to scam others into this
  3. Yea its is playable, (and its viable in rank). Sure there are cases that you wont have fun, but this is the same for every ship when a CV picks him.. (cv however has to spend most of his time to drop him), and if you go solo you are dead anyway. your real problem is hakus. (the 25k (from full ap) is unrecoverable and annoying)) and combined with slingshots he keeps reserves and avoids the flak. (If im not mistaken the only (TX- BBs you cant citadel from bombs are British and French), the rest if you catch them solo, they went yolo xD ) the weakness is still the polygon citadel (you are the only BB that cant give ~30-40deg, cause the bow is vulnerable), so a slight forcedturn (from a drop of the CV) can be devastating, if you take unrecoverable damage in any way. So you can go (kinda) Flank (and basically limit potential crossfires to you), but you cant do it solo, so you go towards mino/wooster side. Then hope the CV wont pick you. That said, I never liked to play anything after that CV rework. (Not even the CVs). There is no point discussing the mechanics and balance on every thread, the whole player-base is aware of it, but the only important one that can do something about it wont lift a finger or acknowledge it