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  1. MadMac392

    [ALL] ModStation

    New update did it. thanks
  2. MadMac392

    [ALL] ModStation

    previews of the mods don't show , Good idea to put all mods in one place but how is the better (or not) than Aslain's mod-pack
  3. MadMac392

    HMS Conqueror 419mm or 457mm?

    The ship is not Just HE. it just take no skill to play with the 419. but with the 457 you have to think abit about what your going to hit. and seeing as most if not all player I see have no skill and just spam HE.
  4. MadMac392

    How do you get the full HSF collection?

    nope not got any now from regular containers. have not for 2 days. did all 10 for the Yamato and then none.
  5. MadMac392

    HE Spam from BB

    LOL True unless there a Video of what to use this is something that is not going a way anytime soon. WG need to look at and see that high tier is a mess now. Tier 1 to 5 I understand HE spam as it just noob and high tier player farming xp or having fun.
  6. MadMac392

    HE Spam from BB

    Sorry I know how to play. been playing for 2 year and in the Beta. and you not more tanky. you get with 3 fires and put them out 20 sec later hit with 3 or more fire. And before you say anything I never put out 1 fire only 2 or more
  7. MadMac392

    HE Spam from BB

    Thats what I mean in one game 2 USA BB tier 9/10 and 2 German tier 8. and none of them ware noobs at the game so I would think they would know how to play
  8. MadMac392

    HE Spam from BB

    So I take it the no Skill HE spam from tier 7 to 10 BB is the way to go now? Had two game and all the BB were just spamming HE even if there under 12km on a broadside ship. I under stand HE from over 15Km or at max range but not under that and you can not do much when your on fire all the time
  9. MadMac392

    looking causal clan. uk

    Boobacon Done just will not be on TS/Discord
  10. MadMac392

    looking causal clan. uk

    Looking for a Causal uk clan. I'm a old timer been gaming for over 30 years. No TS as I'm too old for all that crap now. Play times are on and off as I work long hours and never know when i'm on. so there might be time were i'm not on for days/weeks. Have Tier 10 IJN/Tier 9 German and US. play all tier from 3 and up. I don't do ranked as I think its a was of time but will do OP's. Have over 1200 battles and 52% win. Overview PM me in game with info or on here if not on.
  11. Yes now. when you see CL and DD run as soon as they see a DD or BB and at tier 9 its no skill torp walls
  12. I had 6 games in the Iowa yesterday and lost them all, I was on the Front line with DD and CL but as soon as the fighting started they ran away and left me to tank with no support. That's why BB don't like to help out. You ask BB to help on the front line but will not give support. I have 3 Tier 8 BB's US/IJN/Ger and 1 Tier 9 Iowa and only need the cash for the German tier 9 all setup for close range (The NC/Iowa is AA). I'm wrong if I do help and wrong if I camp So I give up helping and play my game now.