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  1. I really can't track how credit earnings work. I currently have a premium account and use premium consumables (bought with credits), but I have games where I do decent damage and XP, somewhere on the top half of the winning team, but I still lose credits. Or the other way around: I think I play bad and then I get 400k profit.
  2. Some interesting info around the world

    ST. ARP ships. Players will be able to sell their Arpeggio of Blue Steel ships in the client for credits. Source WoWs Development Blog
  3. kiev vs tashkent

    ^I like your profile pic. In fact, KC Tashkent sparked my interest in playing the ship again. As for smoke vs heal: the thing with smoke is that you need somebody to spot for you, and they're not always available. Besides, to effectively use it you're binded to a specific area and it happened to me before that we lost line of sight with every ship inside my range, turning my smoke useless. Besides, smoke conceals you but íf you take hits, that damage will be permanent. A matter of opinion I guess. So far using heal worked for me.
  4. kiev vs tashkent

    I love the Tashkent. Besides the looks I like the gameplay. Lately it's my to-go ship when playing tier 9. You can't really contest caps, you lack the concealment for that. Stay at long range and make use of your speed while peppering enemies who have a hard time hitting you with a bit of effort in dodging. With speed boost and speed flag you can go 48 knots IIRC. Use the heal instead of smoke (I already got a Dreadnought) and if you have it install the upgrade for longer speed boost duration. I didn't play the Kiev after it became t8, already grinded to t8 Tashkent, so I can't really compare them. But I assume they have a comparable playstyle.
  5. Midway only has tier 8 torpedo bombers and can get tier 9 fighters (tier 10 for all types on Hakuryu). She had the plane reserves for a reason I'd say. Decreasing the hangar capacity is one thing, but 40 planes less? I have to admit I'm not experienced in CVs either.
  6. Some interesting info around the world

    ST. Balance changes. Japanese destroyer Shimakaze's base concealment improved to 7.11 km (instead of 7.56), while with all the modifiers the number is 5.47 km (instead of 5.9 km). This allows her to spot most of the rivals first at her battle tier. German cruiser Admiral Hipper received faster base rudder shift (9.2 s instead of 10.7 s) and faster main battery reload (11.5 s instead of 13). Both are true for Hulls "B" and "C". Even though the cruiser has many unique aspects it didn't always show the desired effectiveness at her tier. Now the ship is a better match for her rivals. German cruiser Prinz Eugen received the Repair Party consumable, similar in stats to that of Atago. The change increases average lifetime of the cruiser and makes her gameplay more unique, compared to that of Admiral Hipper. American aircraft carrier Midway had her hangar limited to 96 planes instead of 136. The ship performed about equally to Hakuryu in shorter battles, but in longer ones the Japanese rival often had issues because of Midway's larger hangar. British battleship Orion had her sigma value decreased to 1.6 from 1.8. This is due to ships heightened efficiency at her tier, especially in the hands of seasoned players. Source https://www.facebook.com/wowsdevblog/
  7. Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    I met @Admiral_noodle in his Alsace today, with me in my Tashkent. The previous time(s?) I met him he was on the enemy team, but this time we were on the same team. And we won.
  8. What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    My very first Kraken at tier 10. :D Of course the next one was a loss, because for some reason I'm not allowed to get a decent winrate in Gearing.
  9. "Retarded"

    Growing a thick skin might not be the answer OP was hoping for, but you won't stop people from insulting anyway. I admit I do it myself also, too often for my liking. I've been insulted based on my job, religion and political views, but I just tried to ignore it. I suggest to do the same on the internet. If it really bothers you, you can always mute users.