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  1. I met @xenopathia on the enemy team. They won, with him on top of the team. I continued my bad games streak... -_-
  2. Still some places open, so don't hesitate to contact us!
  3. I use this one. I don't know if it's the build or my playstyle, and if the latter what I'm doing wrong. In every US DD from Mahan and up I have a good winrate, but somehow I keep losing in Gearing (46,6% atm, with 103 battles).
  4. Bump.
  5. I've seen unicums doing this. I think it only underlines the post by OP: don't judge based on stats. When I had a sub 50% wr I did some great games where I carried hard and what not. I now dare to say my stats are good or at the very least decent in most ships I regularly play, but from time to time I make crap decisions.
  6. Bump.
  7. omni

    No, but trying to win is a start. It's a team game, and I rather have a mediocre player trying to win, than a unicum division just screwing around, limiting themselves (only using 20 km widespread torpedoes when their division are the only DDs for example), basically saying [edited]you to the team, and afterwards one of them bragging about being on top of the team. While especially unicums should know that farming XP isn't what wins games. Another game where some unicum player camps in the back and only moves forward when it's already too late so that he can farm damage and XP. I once smoked up a division mate before being first-blooded, I dare to say I did more to win in that game than any of these cases. I can't forbid them, everybody is allowed to play like they want, but these games really opened my eyes about the (lack of) team spirit by some "unicums".
  8. There are still some slots free in the clan!
  9. omni

    I think OMNI is just like every other clan, true, excellent stats, but not invincible at all. I've seen excellent matches by OMNI guys, and selfish matches where they didn't try at all to win. Stats give you a general picture how well the skills are of a certain clan or player. It doesn't say anything about if a player has his day (we all have better and worse games), or worse, has a bad attitude.
  10. I haven't been very active on the forum lately. Looking at the flattop comments I think it's about time to post a picture of Iowa. Yes, I prefer well-endowed girls.
  11. You've got a PM
  12. bump
  13. Time for a bump! While we're full at the moment, we'll be able to expand our clan very soon. We're recruiting again, so don't hesitate to contact one of us.
  14. I met @Tyrendian89 in his Conqueror, me in Gearing. It looked a winnable battle, and I think our division did well enough, but Tyrendian and his division mate were just too good and Conqueror has OPheal. Too bad my Gearing winrate is already bad as it is... but well played. The next match I met @Raziel_Walker, I believe in his Schors. I was in Pensacola. I was a bit frustrated because of a Gangut that only seemed to finish off low HP targets, and because RNG fucked me over, that I immediately left after I died.