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  1. They tried to nerf it by fixing the repair cost. It didn't work.
  2. What do you mean "unattainable"? Also: (Don't get me wrong, I like the pic you posted) :)
  3. But as Sander says for a DD to be spotted when shooting, the enemy is already almost close enough to spot you anyway if you silence your guns. As a DD main I could live with that, and wouldn't discourage me from smoking up teammates (though I don't think a smoke nerf is needed).
  4. Almost right. 18 points were the limit back then (so one 4-point skill max), because you needed an astronomic amount of XP to get the 19 points, 9999999 IIRC (only obtainable if you actually had no life at all). While I think the old system worked and I needed some time to get used to the new system, I think the current system works. Too many captain points isn't a good idea I think. Now you have to make choices, like choosing between firepower or protection for example. You can't have all, that would make ships with trained captains too OP compared to lesser-trained ships I think. IIRC that was one of the reasons to drop the 5-point skills.
  5. Maybe he's somewhere in the minefield? Not very clever, but I've already concluded that Minelayer is one of the worst teamkillers around.
  6. I think it'd only be fair if the same changes were applied to ships relying on radar ships spotting. Another option (I believe opted by somebody else already) is to decrease the accuracy of ships relying on spotter ships. On the lower tiers battleships can launch spotter planes, as demonstrated here. I've had some success with this tactic. On the higher tiers there are radar ships, and on every tier there's the option to find the spotter or torp the smoke.
  7. ^Soon(tm) BBabies don't have anything left to complain about, since their battleboats have no weakness left.
  8. Not sure about weed, this might be the heavier stuff. Nelson as a premium doesn't make sense. At least release the Rodney then. And defensive AA? Might be to calm everybody down about radar (which can still be picked as of now). Lack of CVs might mean less complaints, but I don't see the benefit of making CVs even less beneficial.
  9. To OP: why do you tell about not enough time to play 4000 matches? Quality beats quantity. I've seen players with 7000+ matches, but were horrible in playing the game and how they acted in chat. On the other hand I was impressed by my colleague, who has less than 200 battles and not playing atm due to a lack of time, but was playing like a pro.
  10. Here sre also some tips:
  11. I met Verence196 on the enemy team in his Missouri, with me in Tirpitz. I managed to kill his division buddy, but their team won. Well played sir!
  12. Just give me the chance to find a working pic already!
  13. Sorry, I couldn't resist