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  1. World of Warships EU Discord - Any Intrest?

    There is one already though: https://discord.gg/wjP3GWN
  2. high tier dds

    I love the Americans. Had some trouble with Gearing, but now I can win games in it. And Fletcher is awesome. Yesterday I got reported in it, for devastriking a New Orleans who was new to WASD hax. Tashkent is also a great ship. The only annoying part is that it's badly suited to cap, and a lot of people, even on the high tiers, don't know that. Besides, I use the historical premium camouflage, which is a plain blue colour, so people complain that I sail without any camo. I first had a quite easy time winning games in this ship, but lately it's a lot harder. Harekaze is also nice with the Aki guns.
  3. Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    I met @Loran_Battle, @Live85 and @Aotearas on Land of Fire. Too bad they were on the enemy team. Congrats with the victory.
  4. Reporting system - hit back

    First of all there is no real measurement to dictate the contribution to the battle. All the factors weigh in of course, but they can't take things into account like positioning. Somebody killing a ship that is lurking close to a cap is a whole different thing than killing a ship that is AFK. And as stated already a dozen times in this topic alone: XP doesn't tell you anything about what that player really did to win. I've seen a well-known streamer deliberately limiting himself and his div and basically throwing the game away. He ended on top of the losing team, while the second player on the team did much more to try to win. Not even mentioning people who might've gotten an excellent game if they didn't have a DD div who were just trolling. Second there is no measurement of knowledge to the game. Let's say I'm in bad luck and get detonated at the start of the game. Chances are I will be somewhere on the bottom of the team. Or I just have a crap game. Anyway, I'm dead, does that mean I suddenly lost the ability to realize shooting at max range in a Bismarck is not the brightest thing to do? Of course not.
  5. Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    I think it was yesterday when I met @Marlekin was it on Mountain Range? Anyway he and his div mate were on our team, and we won, so gg.
  6. So ships that are dependent on their concealment for survival, are screwed anyways later in the game? No fan of that.
  7. Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    I met @aboomination and his div on Islands on Ice. We were both in Gearings, they were in the enemy team. For one moment I thought we'd lose, but in the end our team seemed to be less bad. Too bad one of his Minotaur buddies prevented me from getting a Kraken.
  8. Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    I met @Sonic_157 earlier today on the enemy team. Fortunately for him, unfortunately for me it was part of my losing streak. :/
  9. The Reason why people dont play CV

    I rarely play CVs anymore. Partly because I wanted to play the US line first (because micro management is not where I excel in), and I am at the Ranger now (with Saipans and Kagas in very experienced hands... yeah, let's remove manual drops from t4 and t5, but let's release more premium CVs) so I don't know if I really want to serve as an XP pinata. I kinda want to wait for the CV rework. Then again, that might never happen. The second reason is that I suffer from crap games the last months. I saw myself as an okay-ish CV player and a decent player in the other classes, but due to lack of decent results I completely lost my motivation to play BBs, and kinda CVs as well. Now that it's a while ago since I last played them, it might be harder to return to the CVs. I haven't done any drop in a while, and that is something you can't practice in any of the other classes. Besides, I wasn't very experienced to begin with. Before I try a random game again, I surely have to do some co-op or training room battles first, to get the hang of strafing and manual drops again.
  10. Related to this I would be willing to spend the anount of credits to play a plain ship if it gave me detectability and dispersion bonuses.
  11. I really can't track how credit earnings work. I currently have a premium account and use premium consumables (bought with credits), but I have games where I do decent damage and XP, somewhere on the top half of the winning team, but I still lose credits. Or the other way around: I think I play bad and then I get 400k profit.
  12. Some interesting info around the world

    ST. ARP ships. Players will be able to sell their Arpeggio of Blue Steel ships in the client for credits. Source WoWs Development Blog
  13. kiev vs tashkent

    ^I like your profile pic. In fact, KC Tashkent sparked my interest in playing the ship again. As for smoke vs heal: the thing with smoke is that you need somebody to spot for you, and they're not always available. Besides, to effectively use it you're binded to a specific area and it happened to me before that we lost line of sight with every ship inside my range, turning my smoke useless. Besides, smoke conceals you but íf you take hits, that damage will be permanent. A matter of opinion I guess. So far using heal worked for me.
  14. kiev vs tashkent

    I love the Tashkent. Besides the looks I like the gameplay. Lately it's my to-go ship when playing tier 9. You can't really contest caps, you lack the concealment for that. Stay at long range and make use of your speed while peppering enemies who have a hard time hitting you with a bit of effort in dodging. With speed boost and speed flag you can go 48 knots IIRC. Use the heal instead of smoke (I already got a Dreadnought) and if you have it install the upgrade for longer speed boost duration. I didn't play the Kiev after it became t8, already grinded to t8 Tashkent, so I can't really compare them. But I assume they have a comparable playstyle.
  15. Midway only has tier 8 torpedo bombers and can get tier 9 fighters (tier 10 for all types on Hakuryu). She had the plane reserves for a reason I'd say. Decreasing the hangar capacity is one thing, but 40 planes less? I have to admit I'm not experienced in CVs either.