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  1. My first time I was accused, I was in a tier 7 Kiev, burning down a Bismarck and his div mate (also a tier 8 BB). Obviously I was a hacker, because they failed to hit me. Sweetest reports I have ever received.
  2. Robber_Baron

    Movies about warships

    I rewatched Das Boot yesterday. Pretty sure it was the Director's Cut. I've seen the miniseries previously, but not recent enough to say anything about missing content. Time to re-rewatch it I guess. I almost feel ashamed that I ordered a DVD of U-571 once (and bought a VHS of Pearl Harbor... ) but Das Boot is so much better. I love the cynicism of the crew, and the music. Michiel de Ruyter... meh. I have my questionmarks about its historical accuracy. About events, ships used in the battles, but also about the admiral himself. Someone who was deeply religious IRL was cursing in the movie, to the extent that I was annoyed by it. I don't remember how often it happened, but I wasn't impressed by the actor anyway. Perhaps that is because he'll forever remain the guy from the Jumbo supermarket to me. Regardless, I like the fact that during the premiere a group of (former) marines threatened to throw a group of woke/sjw protestors in the water. Something that might be interesting is the TV series Das Boot from 2018, which is a sequel to the 1981 movie/miniseries.
  3. Robber_Baron

    Fantasy vs reality Submarine Edition.

    You'll still have either the speed or the range wrong, but since the last patch US torps ingame have a realistic fail rate when launched against allies.
  4. Robber_Baron

    The New cant hit Freindly target works perfect.

    Probably also because of the subs. Imagine a torpedo-dependent type of ship where you can't attack in every direction.
  5. Robber_Baron

    ships Radar

    South Dakota disagrees. To OP: you do realize that radar IRL can't get through islands? And I don't know what the effect of rough seas, hurricanes and rain squalls are on 1940s ship radars, but the latter at least limited the capacity on the air defence radar I worked on. Clutter should've been a thing back then as well. For sure radar IRL doesn't simply make the enemy visible like a livestream to the entire team.
  6. Robber_Baron

    Place your bet.

    Does that mean Hood and Nelson finally get their historical fixed torpedo tubes?
  7. 6. I still have fun now and then playing this game. And I'm likely stupid enough to yet again put money in the game when Repulse gets released. But it could've been so much better. After all those years still not a tutorial for new players. The CV rework is a FARCE. And with that not properly adressed they want to push subs into the game. And skipbombers. Not for ships remotely real, but for soviet CV's which were only a meme a few years ago. Ships with ridiculous gun calibers to overcompensate, stupid gimmicks. Ships with stupid gimmicks. And then there is the obvious money grab by releasing way too many ships way too fast. And I also suspect that is the reason for the economic nerf to the Missouri (as others have stated, that combat mission can be removed easily). I think the game was more streamlined some years ago. Maybe obvious due to not that many ships in the game, but do we really need so many different ships, most of them fictional? Like others, the reason for me to stay is a lack of alternatives. I'll probably play Cities Skylines more often (gotta work on New Pripyat), but for naval games I think I'll keep an eye to these games, though some are more simulator-esque.
  8. Robber_Baron

    Predict the first nerf/buff on Captain skills..

    The text says 100%.
  9. Robber_Baron

    New German battlecruiser tech tree line coming next.

    Yay battlecruisers! Good to read from the comments they aren't that much altered with fantasy crap like the German battleships. I was expecting British battlecruisers before the Germans, basically because of Tiger '59 (the only reason for me to add a year is if you intend to release a ship with the same name, for example a one-off British battlecruiser at tier 5) and because Repulse was announced. That, and the Brits were the first (release Invincible and you'll have the historical (ill-fated) command of Horace Hood). But this gives hope we'll see them at one point regardless. Besides, German battlecruisers are not bad news either, and I'll make sure to at least try the historical ones. The T8 monstrocity's superstructure reminds me of that of Graf Spee.
  10. Robber_Baron

    World of (modern) warships?

    And I thought Oklahoma's reload already was enough to wash my car inbetween volleys. Modern ships look dull. Even the cold war-era stuff looks better than all those clean lines of modern frigates and destroyers, with all the emphasis on stealth. That's a matter of opinion of course, but I'm not sure if a game which takes place in an era where the battles are dictated by guided weapons would be enjoyable on the long run.
  11. Never got to Hiryu, but would've loved to git gud in rts carriers, and I miss them as a whole (and Hiryu sure was a looker, and from what I understood a good ship). Related to that, a few days ago WG reminded me of Independence Day, yet I'm still waiting for Independence's return! A ship I never had and would like to get is Benham.
  12. Robber_Baron

    Black captain shortage

    Nowadays people seem to be obsessed with race. Ironic if you ask me. Just like with job interviews, where people should be selected whether they're qualified for the job, instead of [edited] like Affirmative Action and selecting based on race and gender/made up gender. I do realize not many dark people and women are present ingame, but realy how representative would they be? That's like complaining about the lack of people of colour in the Chernobyl miniseries, or the lack of Indian people in Dunkirk (where they were a very small minority IRL). That being said, an officer (not an admiral though) who had to face prejudice AND fully deserves a place ingame IMO, purely based on his service records, is Ernest Evans. It takes courage to charge the largest battleship ever constructed of which any of the main turrets outweigh your tin can.
  13. Robber_Baron

    Historical Camo Idea

    Yes please! One such camo for my Kuma would be an instabuy. Shame we won't see permaflages below tier 6 (with New York being the exception, though that teeth one was only used by Oklahoma and Utah IIRC, in WW1). Maybe we have a different definition of historical, but I don't think Le Terrible (or any of the Fantasque-class) had a camo scheme similar to that. Realistic maybe, which would be an improvement over the hideous colour vomit a lot of the other camouflages seem to have, but I can't find any source that such a camo was used on any ship other than the Galissonière-class. Which is one of the few ships with two historical camouflages available: Measure 22, ánd the one posted by you. That ship I think is the only of those four with a historical camouflage, though Furious her "standard" available permaflage is historical. And Hood looks gorgeous. Shame the plain paint job was only available in the expensive admiral pack*. On a related note I obviously went for the plain paint job on Tashkent (resulting in complaints of people who thought I was sailing without camo), and I'm glad I got the plain "camo" on the Italian cruisers, at least the historical ones. But why are plain camos so hard to come by? Fictional colour vomit is easy to get, permanent colour vomit is even available. But if I want plain Ms-21 for my US ships, or For Meritous Service for my Friesland (closest to her real life looks if I háve to put on a camo) I have to buy a very expensive bundle of mostly even more colour vomit, with a handful of plain paint jobs. Which I thus will run out after a handful of games. Make thóse available as permanent camouflages. *The other option would be to sail her naked, we don't want to Repulsify her, do we?
  14. Robber_Baron

    Historical Camo Idea

    I think camo on IJN ships was rare. Ingame Myõkõ, Nagato and I believe Shõkaku have historical camos available, and that's about it. Hyuga has a pseudo-historical camo I think, used by Ise after her hybrid conversion, during her time as a floating AA battery. The camo of Ise herself ingame is fiction. I'll never understand WG's camo plans. They put effort in turning Bismarck into a cathedral, but there are a lot of ships who had dazzle in real life, yet they decided those ships should have some fictional camo instead.
  15. Robber_Baron

    De Ruyter: Should she be T6?

    Yes, I'm well aware of that. I talked about myself realizing the De Ruyter could not work at tier 5, let alone tier 6. At least if you somehow want to do it justice. De Ruyter could work at tier 6, but not without making it into some fantasy mockery. To me that sounds contradicting to you claiming you want to do her justice. Besides, if we shouldn't care about realism or history, then there are plenty alternatives, including the planned but never built as such upcoming Dutch tier 6. No reason to ruin the real ships.