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  1. Bump
  2. From a historical point of view, South Dakota makes more sense I think. Edit: whoops, didn't notice the posts inbetween. ^More sense than Massachusetts I mean.
  3. Fair enough @daki (although he didn't ask for advice) @deBanfield I'd advise you maybe going into a training room or divisioning with an experienced BB player. He can give you advice about positioning and dealing with damage. I used to be bad in battleships. I'm still not thát great in them, but after divisioning with other battleship players I greatly improved my gameplay in them. And as I stated I don't have that many issues with destroyers or cruisers anymore. Another thing might be to try destroyers yourself. I think you'll learn they're not thát powerful. But maybe more important, if you learn how to sail them properly, you'll learn to know their weaknesses and a better understanding how to counter them.
  4. As far as they had to be addressed in the first place. ;)
  5. While I agree with you, there are still people who complain about most of these things. A random list of things I collected in the last months to make the new version: -carriers should be removed -AP bombs are OP -Fires/Fire damage OP -HE is OP (I read this before the release of RN BBs) -torps should get nerfed -BBs get annihilated -I need more heals -Conqueror should've kept its radar -Conqueror needs defensive AA -improve my rudder shift -AA useless -BBs sluggish like hell Et cetera. So yes, you're right that most of the counters to BBs have been nerfed. This is still not enough for some people though, and they will only get satisfied if either the other classes are removed, or nerfed into oblivion, reducing them to damage/XP pinatas.
  6. Thanks for the post OP! Another one to add to my BBaby Complaint Bingo 2.0 WiP
  7. Hydro implemented on German DDs is not a real argument to implement radar on others imo, I'd rather see hydro removed from DDs altogether than releasing another gimmicky line instead. I don't get why every line should have a gimmick. More than half of my games are in American ships, and while I'm a DD main I now also play more and more in freedom battleships and starting on the Murican heavy cruisers. But do they need any gimmicks? I don't think so.
  8. Time for a bump!
  9. No ship in game should have access to both smoke and radar. Belfast should've been banned from the shop long ago. And hydro and radar should be cruiser only. The fact that they even consider it to DDs (and now silver DDs even) really makes me doubt if the developers actually play this game on a regular base. And of course we especially should do this to the least relevant DD line, because reasons.
  10. Kongou`s Tea Time is a community clan, with members from all over Europe. Everybody is welcome (even those who do not like tea)! The clan started in the early days of 2017, with a group of players from all over Europe. One day we figured out, why not start a clan? And that’s when it all started. We soon grew, and we currently have 22 players (15.08.2017). We are allied with two other clans (Pravda and FoF), and have plenty of people in our community that’s not a part of the clan (Over 50 players). We also have trainings, and other social events from time to time. We use Discord as our main service for communication, and it works great! The community there is rather large and active, so there is always someone to play and chat with. Our small and easy requirements: · Have Discord · Respect each other. It’s a multicultural community with different mindsets and backgrounds. · 16+ · Speak English, and take part in a normal conversation. · At least two tier Vs. · A desire to play well, but in a relaxed atmosphere. · Have a sense of humour, either good or bad (We cannot require good humour, as our admins humour sucks). These requirements may change without notice. If you are interested, PM me, contact me on Discord or post below. My Discord tag is Robber_Baron#2296 The recruit process goes like this: 1. You contact me on the forum, or directly on Discord (if you contact me on the forum, you will get directed to Discord anyways). 2. You join our server, and gain the "Undergoing Sea Trials" role. 3. You play some battle with the recruiter (thats what we like to call the Sea Trials). 4. If you fulfill the requirements, you will get added to the in-game clan, and gain the role "Seaman" (This role gives access to all the necessarry rooms on our server). 5. Profit? Welcome to Kongou`s Tea Time!
  11. I've only played six games in Pensacola so far, but I'm not disappointed at all. I think US cruisers will be my main line the next months.
  12. Ups for Scrubs! Also mandatory Pudding picture Allright, one more:
  13. As a reaction to this somebody just showed me all red stats of some players with over 7k battles. I almost have to vomit. Some people will never learn. So no, a certain amount of games will not always help. But I don't get at all why people think it's a good idea to keep on playing high-tier premiums without knowing the basics. I purchased some high-tier premiums before I had enough experience, but I knew basic game mechanics and it didn't take long before I realized it would be better to first git gud on the mid tiers* before returning to high tiers. It is that naming and shaming is not allowed, because I would be excited to have some sort of yearly Razzie Awards, with the worst players around. *And do it still, recently rebought Furutaka to git gud before ruining battles in Myõkõ among others.
  14. Never say never, but I'm not interested in the Asian DD line at all. Many were ships that could've been better released in their former careers first, and do we really need the fourth Gnevny? Still waiting for historical significant lines still missing in the game. I've played Russian ships, but not really interested anymore.