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  1. The Language Barrier in game.

    This sounds way too familiar to me.
  2. Opinions differ, and that's a good thing. If not, everybody would have the same profile pic as me. To be honest I'm not yet into Azur Lane that much. I still have to learn about Kancolle and I have to watch more anime. But yeah, kc Saratoga is lovely.
  3. In fact, iirc the American t8 "Lexington" in game is actually Saratoga and she's even more reason to grind further. I really like those not-flattop CVs who provide a soft landing.
  4. I have been not active enough on the forums, and this includes this topic as well. I should better my life. I don't know if this has been posted before, but I really like the look of Ranger. She needs love too. <3
  5. What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    I think this is my second 200k+ damage game ever, but the first victory.
  6. Poll: Ship Class for Stalingrad & Kronshtadt

    I'm pretty sure Project 1047 was classified as a battlecruiser.
  7. Recommended Tier 6 and 8 Premiums?

    I really like the Perth, but it's a ship that might need some time to get used to.
  8. i won gaming laptop?

    One for you, one for me? Here's my craptop: Enemies can hide Fuso's in those black spots
  9. Rewarding Good players on Losing Teams

    I remember a unicum Shima division who were limiting themselves in only using 20km torps in widespread, and being the only DDs on their team they gave the enemy a big advantage. But they didn't care about the rest of their team. Their team lost, one of the Shima players got top xp and bragged about it, while he basically did NOTHING for the team. I would really hate it if this kind of behaviour would get rewarded. The star saving of the top xp loser in Ranked is already bad as it is.
  10. Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    @Galen_512 and me had @von_chom in our team, while facing @Durin_VI on the enemy team, on Two Brothers.
  11. Roma - pay to win at MAX

    Do you have a replay by any chance? A replay says more than a thousand words. Maybe somebody could give you tips to improve as well (not me, I'm not that good in BBs)
  12. Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    I just met @triumphgt6 in his Conqueror on Warriors Path, with me in my Benson. Unfortunately on the enemy team.
  13. How would you improve the skill of player base?

    ^Besides, there are plenty of wallet warriors* who pay their way in, without understanding what the purpose of that strange square thingy in the bottom right corner is. So I don't think a pay floor will stop these kind of people. *Wallet Warrior myself, although I think I'm decent enough with most of my premiums, at least the ones which I play on a regular base.
  14. How would you improve the skill of player base?

    Tutorials might not help for the people who already have 8k+ battles (and 42% winrate) but might be helpful for people new to the game. Only unlock co-op and random battles after doing the tutorials. Make default ribbons the default, and explain why you should AP or HE, and why you should shoot at the superstructure instead of the hull. Reverse the removal of AP at tier 1 and manual drops at tier 5 and maybe tier 4.
  15. Greek Ships

    We already have the Pan-Asian line. I'm not interested at all, so I can't say about the silver ships, but I know that the nations of the Anshan and Lo Yang are no friends at all. Dutch ships confirmed!