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  1. Robber_Baron

    Spanish Ships line

    And don't forget that they were one of the leading countries in submarine design from the 1930s till the 1990s, and would still be if not for our incompetent politicians. I do wonder when (if) we'll see a Dutch sub. So I don 't see why Spain should be any different. As far as I know of those four carriers there was only one built in real life, but that was an Independence-class. That's no different than say Pan Asia, where everything was second-hand. And in that line most were built actually. I just can't see half of a tree from a relatively minor country (otherwise there would've been less paper designs) work if there isn't high demand like Russki battleboats.
  2. Robber_Baron

    HMS Renown (1944)

    I think she would work better at tier 6 as a battleship. Warspite guns, minus one turret, and less armoured, but fast. And IIRC after her 1930s refit, she got torpedo launchers above deck (kinda like Tirpitz).
  3. I don't entirely get the reference. I have the three Konigsberg-class cruisers, Z23, Prinz Eugen and Leipzig, so that leaves one vanguard ship before I can start researching Roon. But most of the Ironblood ships seem to be event ships? Am I missing something?
  4. Robber_Baron

    Suggestions thread

    Can the camo "For Meritous Service" become available in the Arsenal? Many ships never had any camouflage, and this is the closest to sail some of the ships like how they were in real life.
  5. Robber_Baron

    Ships which are no more....

    Battleships don't need radar. The main advantage of destroyers is their concealment. They are supposed to be the counter to battleships (if rock-paper-scissors is still a thing), why would you give those battleships a tool that hardcounters it? Cruisers are supposed to be the counter to destroyers, so cruisers with radar make sense.
  6. This is how I imagine my death.
  7. Robber_Baron

    Why no perma camo for T5 ?

    I would like to see more historical camouflages (this includes ships that now have a wrong camouflage), and since there was a Kuma-class with camo I want them even at tier 4, as long as the price is right. Another example is the Kirov, one of her sisters used the camouflage now put onto the Krasny Krym. As for reasons, probably they don't sell enough to justify the work involved.
  8. Robber_Baron

    Discounts on defeats this month ???

    That would be the first step to improvement.
  9. Whoopsie. Did I just sign the death sentence of one of my brides? Oh well, we all make silly mistakes. Farewell Z23. We had good times together. It was fun while it lasted... Not bad, but I prefer Sirius
  10. This is a beautiful day, I won't let you ruin it! And animated, yes. Totally worth it.
  11. I married Taihou. My life is complete. <3
  12. Robber_Baron

    Can we get the new French captain for free?

    Improved SE, instead of the improved EM and AR that the brothers have, as well as some special thingies: -Devastating Strike reduces reload time of main guns and torpedoes; -Capture or assist in capture increases fire chance; -A certain number of potential damage increases speed. Since the skills were nerfed and since I'm not sure what the correct numbers are I've left them out.
  13. Robber_Baron


    So you rather see your team die and get more XP than to see them survive, which might increase the chance to win? There are plenty of "weekend warriors" who prove you don't have to play the game everyday of the week to be decent or good, and there are plenty of "players" with a very high number of battles, which I doubt could be achieved in weekends only, with all red stats. More battles doesn't always equal a better performance.