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  1. Robber_Baron

    Movies about warships

    A movie about warships from a non-WoWs era which I think is often overlooked is Master and Commander. Not based on a real battle, but the movie feels authentic. Nominated for many Oscars when those still meant something, but they had the misfortune to have to compete against LOTR. Greyhound on the other hand? Going by the trailer it seems too "Hollywood" to me. "Fury" at sea, perhaps.
  2. I only got the ships I'm least interested in so far, as well as a shitload of Kents, Northamptons and some other material to be disposed of. Edit: complaining helps, I have my cute cow now as well.
  3. Not sure if I get you right, but I think I rather face a good enemy DD player than a good enemy CV player whilst in a DD. I did have games facing enemy (super)unicum DD players whilst I managed to work around that, still being able to do something. Making sure always to have back up which can deal with him. But with CV's? One of the rare wins I got the last months was in Cossack. I survived only because of the many smokes, but I didn't contribute much, despite being the only DD in the match (no enemy DD).
  4. Robber_Baron

    Just for the kicks. Pick just one ship.

    Fiji. Not sure if I would regret it, but it was the first that came to mind.
  5. Robber_Baron


    People who complain about carriers shouldn't bring up the argument "Detonations should be in the game because they happened in real life". Both can ruin my day, but I'd gladly take some detonations if it meant we would get the old carriers back.
  6. Robber_Baron

    Dutch ships

    You do know that except for De Ruyter and Java (the latter being salvaged as well) it were mostly destroyers sunk in the area? No, the destroyers had no thick armour, but which destroyer does? As for destroyers Kortenaer was illegally salvaged as well.
  7. Robber_Baron

    European research tree?

    Keep in mind that if you put coastal defence ships at tier Xas was suggested somewhere, you'll basically put old ships, purely built out of budgettary reasons, with a speed slower than Mikasa, against the most advanced designs of the gun era. I haven't read enough in them to have an extensive look, but they sound to me like a balancing nightmare. Lacking the speed of cruisers, lacking the firepower of battleships.
  8. Robber_Baron

    Dutch ships

  9. I kinda expected the two IJN armoured, top-heavy extra T H I C C aircraft carriers to have already appeared together in art. Oh well, I'll patiently wait, it's inevitable. My poor wallet though. :/ Not sure about the dethroning thing. Perspective can do a lot, I remember somewhere on Reddit it was discussed who had the biggest torpedo bulges, Taihõ or Zara, and perspective was mentioned there as well. It also differs among the unofficial tier lists. They're welcome in my fleet anyway.
  10. Robber_Baron

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    It's more that I use the most rare camo's, who give the biggest (free) XP multipliers, on the battles that I believe I can win. A waste of potential I guess. Of course you can't win all of them, but lately I fail to win anything except for Operations, wondering if I should've kept the camo's for those. And of course the victory of today was me in the single destroyer in the match, being permaspotted by the CV, so felt miserable for the entire game. Didn't manage to hit a single torp either I think.
  11. Robber_Baron

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    A loss, but finally something I find worth posting again. We were close, but time was against us. My winrate seems to be on a free fall as of late. The high XP amounts are a result of me wasting rare camos and flags in an attempt to get Smäland.
  12. Robber_Baron

    Dutch ships

    I'm in the Royal Netherlands Army, but except some RHIB's and small boats used by the commando's and engineers, it's the Royal Netherlands Navy if you want floating stuff. I do expect additional lines for Europe at some point. One single nation (save for a handful of other nations, most of them premiums) is NOT representative for "Pan-Europe".
  13. Robber_Baron

    WG should STOP to PUNISH GOOD players - regardless of team

    XP doesn't say a lot. You get barely anything for spotting for example. Being on top of the team doesn't mean you contributed most to avoid a loss. Experienced players should know this, and I'm always happy to compliment anybody who did an outstanding job, regardless where on the teamscore he ends up (and also happy to see Youtubers/streamers doing it as well).
  14. Robber_Baron

    Naval Battles Ribbons count - question

    I just picked a fast-firing ship in co-op. Maybe not the most exciting way of doing it, but it's efficient. Easy to get a lot of shell hits, thus, ribbons.
  15. I have a weakness for historical camouflages in the game. Camo never worn by the ship or class can be a dealbreaker for me especially with premiums, if I do a little investment in the game it better be accurate (sorry Wichita, but that was a missed opportunity). Now, I missed the initial release of the Swedish destroyers, but was fascinated by their camouflage schemes. Kinda because looking globally, camouflaged ships were not common practice anymore in the Cold War, but Sweden did it at least on their cruisers and some destroyers. As it turns out the camouflage on the Smäland is kinda accurate if you allow sisterships being mixed: This is the Halland. I'm not familiar enough with the class to distinguish differences between the two ships, but it's reason enough for me to continue grinding free XP. But for the tech tree ships/classes I can't figure out if the patterns of their permaflage were used IRL. For most other ships it's somewhat easier to figure out, possibly because of the large focus of ships who fought in WW2 by historians and scale modelers. Can anyone around here help me with this? Were any of these patterns used IRL by the ships or their sisters in the same respective classes? I've found this picture of Hälsingland, an Östergötland-class, and especially at the aft it looks like some dazzle has been applied, giving me reason to think there were more Cold War-era destroyers camouflaged than just Halland, maybe with different schemes during different time periods as well. Now, ingame they look like this: Halland-class Östergötland-class Öland-class