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  1. Robber_Baron

    CV's shouldnt be in the game, by a CV player

    No, it wasn't. I can't remember the stats of everyone I faced, but I remember I've faced enough players with either familiar names or in competitive clans who either gave up on me, or managed to kill me after multiple attacks. In the latter case that likely meant I was going solo, and that's a stupid idea anyway.
  2. Robber_Baron

    CV's shouldnt be in the game, by a CV player

    That's one opinion. I have no reason to believe the complains about the old carrier were being posted by a small and very vocal group either. Old carriers had their issues. But there is something between old carriers how they were and completely ignoring suggestions by CC's and ST'ers, like what they did with the carrier rework and continue to do now. There were quite a number of suggestions about how to fix the carriers but those were ignored. Besides, complete garbage? I had more chance to survive in a destroyer against a triple crossdrop than I have against rockets. I've been on the receiving end of carriers far more often than I played them myself, so the often heard and repeated argument about salty CV mains losing their toys is BS.
  3. Robber_Baron

    CV's shouldnt be in the game, by a CV player

    I would like to vote "removal of current CV's, balancing of 'RTS' CV's". I think it's possible. It would mean the developers or whoever made the decision would have to admit that their idea didn't work, but they kinda did already, right? And admitting you were wrong is not that hard. Here's an example. To whoever it was who called the CV rework a FARCE: you were right, I was wrong. I stand corrected. The next thing would be to look at the suggestions and advice the supertesters et cetera gave the years before the rework, about how to improve the 'RTS' carriers. That would be hard though, since they prove time after time they don't listen to feedback if it doesn't fit the path they lined out for the game.
  4. Robber_Baron

    CV Rework Discussion

    Thanks for the advice. I see that you don't use Torpedo Acceleration, while I always thought it was kinda mandatory on carriers. Would you skip it on other carriers as well?
  5. Robber_Baron

    CV Rework Discussion

    I'm struggling learning the reworked CV's, and I'm often at the bottom of the team. Mostly playing tier 6 co-op as not to be that big of a burden of my team. But I don't get the feeling that I'm out of planes that often, so for some reason I fail to hit I guess.
  6. Robber_Baron

    Poll: Unofficial Most Anticipated Ship by this Forum

    While I think Lusty deserves to be in this game, I wonder where she'll differ from Implacable (and Indomitable if she'll ever be finished). Besides, she's a carrier and I found those not to be fun anymore after the rework. A battlecruiser it is. I'd like to see one of the WW1-era battlecruisers as a tier 4 ship maybe (one of the real built and commissioned ships armed with 11", 12" or 13.5" main guns), but it appears I'm one of the few. The next best thing is a Hood Light in the form of Renown or Repulse. The former might be better, but because of the looks I had to vote for the latter.
  7. Hey, don't question this rare moment of good taste! It looks the same to me.
  8. I've made this picture of Zara earlier today. Doesn't she look gorgeous? <3 This is her in the permaflage that you can get with tokens. It's exactly the same colour for Montecuccoli and Trento, and I bet for the tier 8 as well. On a sidenote I really like these "camouflages". It looks better than most of the dazzle schemes in my opinion. In fact, as it turned out the Trento dazzle camouflage that you can get for dubloons seems to be historically accurate, but why would I buy that if I can get an also historically accurate plain scheme instead?
  9. Robber_Baron

    Suggestions thread

    How about Reinhard Scheer? The thing is that you shouldn't go SJW-mode, because then you'll find nobody (in any navy). Not being a pacifist doesn't neccesary mean someone's evil. I'd like to suggest to make some of the camouflages permanently available in the arsenal. Three of those being "For Meritorious Service" (the plain white one), "Type 21" (the plain green one) and "MS-21" (the plain blue one). I like to have plain ships, and with these I can give ships a more correct skin while having the concealment benefit. I would be happy to spend my coal for it.
  10. Robber_Baron

    Poll: Which ship are you most looking forward to?

    Tier 2 CV's sound like a bad idea to me. Remember there are ships on those tiers without a single AA gun, let alone a decent one. Repulse never got a big refit/rebuild like the Renown, and that is what I like aesthetically about the Repulse. I don't like the looks of most British refits. One of the two apparently had torpedo launchers above deck like Scharnhorst, but other than written text I haven't found any proof yet. Anyhow I would love to see another actual battlecruiser that was built. If not the Repulse or Renown, then maybe the Tiger. I'd like if they gave her historical camo though. Or make a plain skin available, like they do right now with some of the Italian cruisers (GREAT idea! ) A lot of ideas here are nice for collectors, but they are often very similar to ships already in the game. What will the USS Washington add with North Carolina, Alabama and Massachusetts already at tier 8? Or Rodney, when you have KGV, Duke of York, Hood ánd Nelson already at that tier? No, I rather have a battlecruiser. And one that was actually built. About all of the ships from the minor countries I do not know so I can't comment on that. I'd like to see the Dutch destroyer Isaac Sweers as built, as well as the destroyer leaders/light cruisers Tromp and/or Jacob van Heemskerck. And of course an Admiralen-class destroyer with spotter plane. :D
  11. Robber_Baron

    Heads up: new T8 Cheshire and T8 Borodino announced

    For one moment I hoped for this Borodino: She was actually built. Problem is that she was part of a fleet that is best known for attacking fishing boats until they got wiped out by the Japanese, and that doesn't fit the narrative of the glorious Russian naval tradition. Personally I rather have a ship that was unsuccesfull in real life, than getting oversaturated with ships that were never in real life to begin with.
  12. Robber_Baron

    Old gems rediscoverded?

    I don't want to regrind the lines. However, after I found out I was bad in Japanese heavy cruisers, I bought Furutaka back to gain more experience. She's a great ship and I think she will not be sold anytime soon.
  13. Robber_Baron

    Sad news, USS Texas close to sinking

    It makes me wonder though why Texas is in such a terrible state. A lack of maintenance? There are ships much older that are still in a good condition to this day. And while not the best looking solution, I think we don't have to fear for Mikasa's fate for a while.