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  1. moggy242

    Escaping. Was I wrong?

    Completely in the right. Giving away those points is senseless. Yes, still be aware of what's going on and always be aware of an opportunity to contribute.
  2. moggy242

    Whats up with the MM?

    That's enough staring at the MM screen for me. Certainly hope they will give the days premium back though.
  3. moggy242

    Top Tier DD Infestation

    Crazy game last night 5 Shim's on other side against our 2 and a Kag. I felt sorry for anyone not in a DD to be honest. It isn't fun when it gets like that.
  4. The title says it all really. Just curious what people do. I have an active ship of each nation/class going (with exception of IJN BB for some reason). I start with first on the list and play that ship until either it is sunk or I have played 3 matches on it. Then move onto the next active ship. What do you do?
  5. moggy242

    The flawed concept of "kill stealing"

    Yep, had a bad few days for this. spend match after match shredding ships only to have the kill-shot taken by someone else. That's the way the game goes sometimes. I don't get upset by it but just carry on, after all, if I see a ship with lttle HP next to one with a lot of HP Im going to try to grab the kill. Its just human nature.
  6. moggy242

    non detectable during the game

    As a DD driver I can appreciate the frustration felt by our larger shipped captains. I would accept some moderation of the stealth factor - BUT ONLY TO THE SHIP you are seen by. Why should some BB the other side of the map have your precise co-ordinates, heading and speed so you can be plastered from all directions because one ship saw you? Please don't trot out the tired old diatribe of "haven't you heard of radio". Have you considered the length of time it would take a message to get from a lookout to the bridge who would then probably want to look himself, then make his mind up to tell everyone. pass the message to a radio operator who would have to code it, send it, someone would then have to de-code it pass to the bridge. A dd would be miles away by the time this happened. Unless someone can tell me real time intra-ship networking in real time was available during WW2. Maybe detection should be restricted to only what your ship can see. If you want to tell your team mates a DD is in a certain spot fine. you do it but in your own time. Not in real time to every ship on your side. I would happily accept this reduction in stealth to one ship provided the whole fleets detection was reduced to reflect reality.
  7. moggy242

    Main turret blown up!

    Had a game the other day in which my Kiev had no turrets left. That provided me with 4Km torps and a detection range a LOT further than that!!. Was fun being a fast motorised target for a short while.
  8. moggy242

    mogami 155 vs 203

    I have reverted back to 155mm's on my Mog. I am currently progressing 2 x 203 (ish)mm CA's at the same time with my Hipper and Pepsicola. Sometimes its nice to have something you can just spam HE in for a change. . I know this will change once I go up to next tier.
  9. moggy242

    Winrate means NOTHING

    Some days my win rate sinks a bit no matter how well I play. My quick pre-work match today had me sinking 3 CA/CL's in my Kiev and getting over 150 hits. Last ship on my side on the correct side of the sea surface. Still lost though, but that's just the way the game goes. Overall the win rate steadily is climbing and a good player will find this happening. Just don't get discouraged when you find yourself in a losing streak.
  10. Think I will be keeping my Kiev. Its a nice cash earner and apart from that I just plain simple enjoy it. Just sunk 3 CA/CL's in quick game before work this morning. Still lost but made plenty of cash. Will be even better when I can improve the concealment. I may just freeze on the Russian DD's at this level and wait for the CA/CL line to work up another captain as I only have 1 at the moment.
  11. moggy242

    DD excessive survivability? lets review and discuss

    Yep, lost count of the number of times I have been in my Kiev when all 3 turrets have been knocked off. There I am in a fast DD with 4km torps. Perfect offensive weapon for hunting the seabed.
  12. moggy242

    DD excessive survivability? lets review and discuss

    I accept what has juts been said to a degree until you come to Russian DD's. They have such lousy detection they are always seen before anyone elses DD's and to make them more vulnerable to fire would write the class off as almost unusable. About the only thing they have going for them is their speed (yep, I'm at the Kiev stage) and flat firing arcs. They have 4km range on torps so I'm more surprised then the target if I ever get the chance to use them. In addition you also have to take into account the fragility of their engines/steering, seems like even near misses break it.
  13. moggy242

    DD excessive survivability? lets review and discuss

    Its all well and good to moan about the torp walls but it also has to be taken into account the reload time on this. I am only up to Kag at the moment and have to wait well over a minute before I can launch again. A common tactic used against me is to slowly push me further and further back until I am boxed in by either the corner or other ships. A torp boat can only slow down an advance unless the hunters are 'not that good'. They can't stop it. Its the threat of the torp wall that does this not the reality.
  14. moggy242

    How much ammunition would a ship carry?

    That second half of the game sound fun. Maybe bring back in Greek navy, add a few Galley slaves, some Biremes, etc. Ah well, think that's one thought too many.
  15. moggy242

    How much ammunition would a ship carry?

    Up to Kagero, Kiev and Mahan. It was curiosity that asked the question. I have, in the past, played simulation naval games ( I accept they were modern ship based) where ammo is restricted and it worked quite well.