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  1. Mechthart

    Friesland... Sigh

    I won't say she's a good ship... I just say Lady Luck might have kissed her plenty :) Solo session, 15 in a row and a detonation in game nr. 16:
  2. The Friesland series.... Solo session, 15 in a row.... and a detonation in game nr. 16... fun and engaging!
  3. Mechthart

    Problems with the server

    ARE YOU JOKERS KIDDING ME? Your server crashed and I'm restricted to coop battles for 10 matches???? You serious? Honestly? I mean, really? No early April's fool? YOU... fumble...twice...in a row...in 2 matches...Tier X CV....and...YOU...block....ME...? You don't just take down the server in a controlled way and wipe any penalties for the last 20 minutes.... you know, the penalties that spiked from 5 per hour to 2200... no algorithm for that... you have no intern that can do this "premium ethereal" level of exception handling.... REALLY??????? Mechthart... getting drunk now...
  4. Mechthart

    Problems with the server

    From Southern Germany here... dropped out of 2 Midway games just now, got a TK penalty for leaving early after the first one! Can reach any other website, checked DSL stability, checked speed, checked WLAN... so.... SERVER DOWN!
  5. Mechthart

    CV tips for an old-fart-newbie

    Well... probably not, but Langley was ewwww, Ranger was meh... so I just skipped the Lexington... and (maybe that's just bias, I admit it...) I feel I can at least perform on an average level in the Midway... and really, is that so low of a starting point? Do I have to have unicum stats (whatever that might be) before buying the ship? I see where you come from... and if I find myself becoming a liability for my team, I will go back and learn some more... Anyway, thanx again for your help, especially the manual fly-out thing was important!
  6. Mechthart

    CV tips for an old-fart-newbie

    Thanks man, quick response :) Hey, what do you mean, I already perform on average potato level, that's not too bad for my first 6 games in the ship.... oh boy, now I'm inviting bad luck, eh...
  7. Hello fellow captains, not really a newbie here, but I started my career as a CV captain more or less 2 days ago and cannot figure out some issues... so maybe the experienced air jockeys can give me a hand here: 1. If I strike with my US DB squadrons and really want to do just a single pass in order to conserve planes, do I press RTB right after the strike or do I fly out my bombers manually? Any benefit to that? (Evading flak, taking a more optimal route away from AA ships...) 2. Is it just me or is the pre-strike aiming reticle of the Midway's rocket planes (Tiny Tims... will change that, unreliable stuff) a bit too far out? About half a second to a second at normal flight speed? On the Langley and the Ranger those were more or less spot on, but I tend to overshoot a bit in the Midway's fighters... 3. I think I will figure that one out with experience, but: Does accelerating and decelerating still work while in a strike animation? I think it does for the RFs and TBs, but what about the divebombers? Can I slightly adjust my reticle when reaching up and diving down to strike? In the direction of my flight axis, not perpendicular to it ( that obviously works....)? Thanks in advance, CV newbie Mechthart out
  8. Mechthart

    Manipulation on world of warships gameplay

    I have a bit more than 13k battles (I think), am mostly a solo player and can keep an overall WR of 60 percent or so... Thus, skill seems to be rewarded somewhat here and I can't point at a definite incident of a rigged game or sth of the like... There IS (far as I know) a little curtailing mechanic in place where players of a certain level of proficiency are more likely to get uptiered and very weak players have an increased chance of getting top tier positions in the matchmaking spread... would be nice if someone can confirm or deny that, I am pulling that from memory and don't have a reliable source at hand. The only thing I do indeed find "fishy" at times are MM setups where team distributions of the same ship are counterintuitive and just don't make sense. To give an example: A spread where I see 2 Musashis on one team and a Friedrich the Great and an Alsace on the other one. I am not talking the strength or weakness of a certain ship, but a simple exchange of one Musashi against either one of the BBs on the other side would balance team composition here. I am fully aware that there are mix-up limitations in place for divisions, however, I see those strange setups for solo players as well... and to be clear: We're not talking the holy grail of algorithms here, removing that kind of imbalance is entry-level sorting for our engineering and physics students... Aside from that, I never observed anything that could confirm your suspicion... Just my 2 cents, Mechthart out
  9. Mechthart

    Good DD players - Asashio - yes or no?

    Emmm... that slogan: Let's battle... I really think it focusses more on the ship online game thingie... and maybe, just maybe not so much on a war of roses in real life divorce situations, but what do I know... anyway, thanks for the Jerry clarification, there was a moment when something inside me almost broke and shattered...
  10. Mechthart

    Good DD players - Asashio - yes or no?

    Just my few cents on the topic: She is a fun ship, for sure, but things don't get much more into the subjective sphere than the question if a ship is fun... Can she perform? Well... thing is, if your opponent has 5 BBs captained by... shall we say, casual players, you have a field day, it's pure carnage. However, the more competent your opponent gets, the more you will wish you took your Kagero instead... I had loads of fun with the ship, but the 1-dimensional torpedo power will cost you exactly these games where you really needed to carry and just didn't have the tools for it... @Yaska and Shin: How much for aunt jessica's nude paintings? :)
  11. Mechthart


    @Yaskaraxx: I humbly have to disagree here. I bought the ship blindly because a friend of mine was so hyped about her... just had 2 full sessions (bit over 40 solo battles) in her and she fits like a perfect glove. The torpedoes are just plain awesome, they are fast, she has 8 of them, they are damned hard to spot... yes, the alpha could be a bit higher, but with that reload (61 secs with expertise) I very very often get the follow-up flooding or set the guy on fire with 20-30 secs of smoke firing afterwards. As for the guns... 'tis true, the AP is more situational than one might think, be it a cruiser or BB, just spam that subpar HE when your target is angled... at a rate of 4 shells every 3.6 secs (BFT) which gives you a very real chance of setting fires. The 4km ship-spotting hydro makes you a very annoying enemy, almost impossible to torp, almost impossible to rush (she WILL have her torps back up, count on it!) and denying any comfortable smokesitting for other DDs (bit of a psychological thing here... at least as I perceived it). Yes, she is a big girl for a DD, like all the German ones are... and that sluggish speed can get on your nerves... she is however surprisingly agile for a German DD, which really took me by surprise... Open water gunboating CAN work situationally, though sometimes I thought those CLs, CAs and BBs missed because they couldn't believe I moved so slowly... again, perception... I wouldn't recommend it... For me, she works, she just performs astonishingly well up to the T8-T6 bracket. Two things I feel I should mention: 1. She hates CVs, a good one finds you alone, you're toast, no little us dd evading like crazy, he will get you! Don't wander off! 2. She feels like work, you will need to think about positioning, level of aggression, the way and time to get in and out and all that awareness stuff when driving that boat, she is lots of fun, but she's no comfy boat! Oh, I'm a DD main, so I felt right at home, I wouldn't recommend her for new players, just too much stuff to monitor simultaneously! Quick edit: I checked my numbers: 42 solo battles, 78,5 winrate... she DOES perform, wow...
  12. Mechthart

    Do we already have a BB hardcap of 5?

    Ah ok, has that been announced anywhere? I must have missed it, then... Was just wondering why the Bismarck-mission-BB-explosion receded to almost acceptable levels from one day to the next... Anyway, thanks for clearing that up Greetings, Mechthart
  13. Mechthart

    Do we already have a BB hardcap of 5?

    Good evening, title says it all... During recent play sessions (40 or so battles) I noticed that regardless of the queue distribution of any class I always end up in battles with exactly 5 BBs per side... This is no discussion about the problems with the BB-heavy meta we encounter right now. I just wondered why I often see 30-40 BBs, 3 CVs, 2 CA/CLs and 7 DDs in queue and get precisely 5 BBs per side. Has WG introduced hard caps without notice? Btw, I'm a DD main, if that adds anything to explain that phenomenon... Greetings, Mechthart
  14. Mechthart

    MM Will not allow a win Duca d'Aosta

    Hmm, as I was part of that match... What exactly would you prefer? Introduction of skill based MM? I mean, if Random is Random you will always get those matches from time to time... Everybody hates it when (despite their best and pristinely competent efforts) they just can't get a victory out of a match because the other flank just collapses within 3 minutes... Please specify, would you want every match balanced according to player stats? Greetings, Mechthart
  15. Mechthart

    Update 0.6.3 Feedback - Bug Reports

    1. DescriptionGuns and torpedoes don't fire (left mouse button doesn't respond), cannot enter menu while in battle (ESC button doesn't respond), cannot get into overview (right mouse button doesn't respond)... consumable buttons, ship engine and rudder control and gun sights are still working, bug lasted for the whole battle 2. Reproduction steps Happened after the first salvo in battle (HE), was switching ammo type to AP after the salvo, first battle on a new ship (D. Donskoi), was playing in a 2-man-div. (Mechthart/gtathens), tier X game, domination, Atlantic... I have no clue if that helps... encountered the bug only once, a division mate described the same bug (different tier, map, mode, ship, but still 2-man-div. and first battle in a new ship) yesterday, he could solve it by mashing left mouse, right mouse and shift... well, I couldn't... EDIT: One more thing, the mouse cursor was different when loading into battle (before pressing start battle, the ship list) and it felt like something was off when loading into the match... took a bit longer than normally to load as well 3. Result Guns, torpedoes, menu are not working 4. Expected resultGuns blazing, fishes in the water, menu minions standing by for my divine orders 5. Technical details Was sober when playing