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  1. Cheating (again on public record )

    I waited quite amused to see the "it's not real" replys... They are usually pointing at cheat users with a keen eye on posts that reveal them and instantly spamming them with denying or even denigrating arguments. See my remark abut stupidity above... Just for the sake of the argument: if captain skill was not taken in account the show me what captain skill cuts the torpedo reload by 30 seconds as I want to use it myself !. ( the skill honest players use cuts 10% of the reload time, so the original should have been 300 seconds=5 minutes ?!?)
  2. Cheating (again on public record )

    Watching I arrived at mark 10: 33 and I was expecting to see the cruiser stepping over the DD ..as funny: as clearly DD has another 30+ seconds of torpedo cooldown... Surprise ! With 28 seconds left on one launcher and 34 on the other the DD LAUNCHED (!) both and annihilated the cruiser ! and he sent it to be put on Youtube ! probably counting on the low quality to mask his exploit ( no wonder the uploader Twannieboy did not noticed it) Well we have that saying : If the *edit isn't priggish then it isn't *edit enough !
  3. #Funtage Video Contest!

    Why here ? What to do here ? See you on the Tube !
  4. How to : Old version replays

    The reason for every replay working only with the full old game patch that created it is obvious to me: every patch has different data files many of them specific only to that patch. So, here is my Q : Could the WG coders take their time to create a "Master key" version able to plat any replay? The way I see it would be something like team 1 : n DEFAULT battleships +m DEFAULT Cruisers+ ... CV added if case is. Plus the full set of maps (WG has archives of them all) and what else is needed so the game does not hang loading the battle screen as it actually happens. The reason we need this is that after a while we have no means to check what happened in an older replay, and we cannot download all the needed versions to find the replay we are interested in. Concrete example: I'd have something really funny to post in the #funtage contest, but I also have 7 replays Kamikaze_Neighbors made with different game versions. Even if I'd have 200+ Gb of disk and find the seeds for all the version downloads ( which I don't), it is too much of a trouble. Instead, a version able to play the action of any replays even if not accurate as original ship shape/name/camo, even just the mini-map action It would be most appreciated. P.S. "clientVersionFromExe : 0, 6, 13, 297724 is 0.6.13.? -
  5. I have read almost all the posts, but I have found them all beside the point so I quit reading and I post directly my point of view - which I made clear also in the survey I participate about the patches on PT server: WG lost sight of the forest because of the trees. As I see it at some moment during the summer of 2016 some WG boss decided the reality of the game resides in the correct side the broom closed doorknob is on the ship, instead of speed at which the player view is updated. As a result, ship hulls have been re-tessellated thus increasing the number of calculations upon hit by a square factor, then every hit is affected ( in a bad arithmetical way, btw *) by quite a few RNG factors. The result of all this complications is that the LOS (line of sight) algorithm - which has to be applied to every pair of objects in the game space - completes its cycle in ? seconds. On the other hand "the data to be sent to players" buffer has a much faster cycle (it should be optimized to the average lag players experience) As a result data is sent to the clients missing altogether the objects that took longer to calculate parameters. The only solutions to the problem would be 1. faster servers (by a factor of 2 or 3 ! ) - unrealistic :( 2. simpler ships with less tessellation and simpler ballistic and hit calculations. and while there, more realistic table based RNG mitigated damage values. *Hit damage should always exist as a (MIN + random) damage. To let RNG tel you that 5 x 1 ton shells have penetrated a hull with NO DAMAGE as it is at present makes the player throw with the keyboard to the floor (as I personally witnessed.
  6. Matchmaker Improvements

    Improved Matchmaker ? Or improved protectionism for WG wallet-warriors ? Shouldn't the same type ships be split between the 2 teams according to WG statement about the new MM ? (that would have been 1 Asashio and 2 Bismarcks in each team) As it seems, if the 3 min are past then the MM just trashes whatever has concocted till then and goes berserk. (and I am not sure the battle was set in more than 3 min
  7. I messed up with the normal-test server installs somehow and now I cannot update directly -I have to download the zip and manually replace files. The Windows uninstaller says it cannot find the mxstats.msi in // ..... local/... and suggest I browse for it but if I point to the one I have, it cannot use it. Can you tell which reg entry to delete? Or whatever... Thank you PS about the analyse bugs we get: are you sure that the target database is OK ? Maybe cause of trouble are some variable are ill defined there... Anyways I am confident you will nail it ! :D
  8. sorry bad topic
  9. LOL Don't you think instead that it would be time for you to join the decimal system that is about to be made official all over the globe ?
  10. I totally disagree with the idea of Anglo-Saxon numbers. This program is mainly for excel analyse, and excel can customize anything: page , line, column, a selection of cells or single cell. We all other than British people see just a buck and some change in "1,254" pounds.... ... and is very much confusing for us, and I think we are more of us in EU. It would be a must if you launch your program on NA servers forum (I think old British colonies in Asia use it too).
  11. Bug Reports

    The FPS are OK, just the renderer freeze for 5/10 - 8/10 sec while it looks for something in the memory (I suspect new water effect/splashes or some other sprite animation badly defined ) then restarts and achieves the 75 FPS only for the rest 0.2- 0.5 of that second. Hence 18-035 FPS reported. This started with and went from bad to worse when splash drop was accelerated ( This make me suspect water splash animation as cause) It also looks as some buffer overflow as it appears more and more pregnant with each battle we play until it becomes unplayable. Last game I played I started crossing a gap between 2 islands, I saw a Cruise, switched to binocular - it looked stationary, smoke rising vertical. I fired my guns aiming to its middle. The next moment both ships ( enemy and mine) jumped ahead by two ship length as the game unfreeze. Shells drooped harmlessly where i have a aimed them: 2 ship lengths behind. ALT+F4 + !@!%%^%!%!%# !!!! Please fix & repatch fast
  12. SLI or Crossfire needed !!!

    This is the page of anti-technique players ? I see this a lot: "Savvy" guys [edited]up system stability for the sake of a high value frame-rate displayed in the corner of the screen, totally ignoring that human eye perceives the world at 10 frames per second (cinema is at 24, TV is at 24 or 30 frames /second) Your beloved LCD monitor is more capable, it can cope with a 60 frames fed every second (of which 50 are simply passed over by your eye) At 144 FPS all you get is an uneven display of the frames rendered by the GPU (like first frame then the forth, 6th, 8th, 10th ...and so on as the rendering is not a multiple of the displaying rate ) Happy bragging about your SLI guys !
  13. Operation Hermes

    The mission is: 1. too hard... if you wander away from the escorting job. Especially if you turn 180 to some enemy ship behind, Rouan (RUAN) is quite determined to move ahead alone (to its demise) 2. too easy if you stick with the BB. the cruisers did shred any plane before launching bombs or torpedo., the Richelieu(s) erased any large ship from range and shredded the DD with secondaries to an extent that cruisers did not let them live enough to torpedo launch efectivelly. In the end darting ahead, triggered the torpedo soup of the final DD attack long before RUAN was close enough to be in danger. When the team "2"-ed we won with 5 stars for every start/finish variant. When the team went "1" we never got more then 3 stars and we lost 2 times completely. As a general observation, I liked all missions and completed them all with 5 stars until now. So I am a bit disappointed that afterwards there is no interest to replay them. Completing a mission with 5 stars should trigger another type of rewards for the stars ( what about 20% exp per star ?), so players would have an incentive to do them again. Maybe different rewards for completing the mission with different type of ship...
  14. General Feedback

    "The current size of ships and text on the minimap is too big." - he says. In my oppinion, txt is too small to be read without straining ones eyes ( If I need too. my glasses are not enough, I need to use a magnifying glass) It is true that I have a 23 inch screen, but I don't stay with my nose glued to it. I stay farther so, the perspective is the same as for any other screen seen at the optimal distance)
  15. General Feedback

    And ... I did not complete the campaign cause in the 3 missions available (1,2 and 4) I got to many duplicates. but not enough to buy the missing emblems. So: Where is Aigle to be seen ? I did expect it to make an apparition in this (2nd) part of the test but ....