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  1. I totally disagree with the idea of Anglo-Saxon numbers. This program is mainly for excel analyse, and excel can customize anything: page , line, column, a selection of cells or single cell. We all other than British people see just a buck and some change in "1,254" pounds.... ... and is very much confusing for us, and I think we are more of us in EU. It would be a must if you launch your program on NA servers forum (I think old British colonies in Asia use it too).
  2. Bug Reports

    The FPS are OK, just the renderer freeze for 5/10 - 8/10 sec while it looks for something in the memory (I suspect new water effect/splashes or some other sprite animation badly defined ) then restarts and achieves the 75 FPS only for the rest 0.2- 0.5 of that second. Hence 18-035 FPS reported. This started with and went from bad to worse when splash drop was accelerated ( This make me suspect water splash animation as cause) It also looks as some buffer overflow as it appears more and more pregnant with each battle we play until it becomes unplayable. Last game I played I started crossing a gap between 2 islands, I saw a Cruise, switched to binocular - it looked stationary, smoke rising vertical. I fired my guns aiming to its middle. The next moment both ships ( enemy and mine) jumped ahead by two ship length as the game unfreeze. Shells drooped harmlessly where i have a aimed them: 2 ship lengths behind. ALT+F4 + !@!%%^%!%!%# !!!! Please fix & repatch fast
  3. SLI or Crossfire needed !!!

    This is the page of anti-technique players ? I see this a lot: "Savvy" guys [edited]up system stability for the sake of a high value frame-rate displayed in the corner of the screen, totally ignoring that human eye perceives the world at 10 frames per second (cinema is at 24, TV is at 24 or 30 frames /second) Your beloved LCD monitor is more capable, it can cope with a 60 frames fed every second (of which 50 are simply passed over by your eye) At 144 FPS all you get is an uneven display of the frames rendered by the GPU (like first frame then the forth, 6th, 8th, 10th ...and so on as the rendering is not a multiple of the displaying rate ) Happy bragging about your SLI guys !
  4. Operation Hermes

    The mission is: 1. too hard... if you wander away from the escorting job. Especially if you turn 180 to some enemy ship behind, Rouan (RUAN) is quite determined to move ahead alone (to its demise) 2. too easy if you stick with the BB. the cruisers did shred any plane before launching bombs or torpedo., the Richelieu(s) erased any large ship from range and shredded the DD with secondaries to an extent that cruisers did not let them live enough to torpedo launch efectivelly. In the end darting ahead, triggered the torpedo soup of the final DD attack long before RUAN was close enough to be in danger. When the team "2"-ed we won with 5 stars for every start/finish variant. When the team went "1" we never got more then 3 stars and we lost 2 times completely. As a general observation, I liked all missions and completed them all with 5 stars until now. So I am a bit disappointed that afterwards there is no interest to replay them. Completing a mission with 5 stars should trigger another type of rewards for the stars ( what about 20% exp per star ?), so players would have an incentive to do them again. Maybe different rewards for completing the mission with different type of ship...
  5. General Feedback

    "The current size of ships and text on the minimap is too big." - he says. In my oppinion, txt is too small to be read without straining ones eyes ( If I need too. my glasses are not enough, I need to use a magnifying glass) It is true that I have a 23 inch screen, but I don't stay with my nose glued to it. I stay farther so, the perspective is the same as for any other screen seen at the optimal distance)
  6. General Feedback

    And ... I did not complete the campaign cause in the 3 missions available (1,2 and 4) I got to many duplicates. but not enough to buy the missing emblems. So: Where is Aigle to be seen ? I did expect it to make an apparition in this (2nd) part of the test but ....
  7. Hello again, I have noticed the net income figure is a lot pinker than the reality. The reason for this is that payed in game currency II grade consumable are not added to "Total cost" column. I realize this may be a bit of an issue as default cost for those is in doubloons and to make things more difficult there are reductions of costs from time to time. But since now the program analyses the replays, is it possible to add a"Consumable payed" column ? This would affect the "Total cost" and "Net income ", so they show the actual status. In case you can do this,, could you make that the respective update reanalyses replays ( I am aware that it would take an awful lot of time thou but I am with it) Anyways thank you again for this tool. The excel is a great help. It allows me to find my weak / strong ships & maps and also get a general indication about my game play evolution - involution Respect
  8. Bug reports

    It seems someone (programmer) tried to address the difficult (if not impossible) issue with stopping the ship. Now if you double tap a key it has the same effect as keeping it pressed continuously; ship turns, fires, go max speed and reverse like crazy. In other words the GUI is fu..ed up totally. It seems that trying to get that effect (double tap= max effect on a multi point scale) some mistake ( some line partly or totally undeleted /deleted by accident) has found its way maybe in the preferences xml or whatever. What puzzles me is that the issue is of intermittent type. The first time it occurred, seeing that custom keys do not work I renamed preferences.xml and restarting the game I reconfigured my preferences. It worked for some time. As it occurred again, I uninstalled and re-downloaded a new instance of the game. Everything was fine for five battles. In the sixth I lost all control of battle commands the cursor was in the screen moving it as when CTRL is pressed for free mouse - moving the view as it reached the margin of the screen. Being unable to aim, shoot turn change direction, my BB sailed across the cap to the enemy side and was grounded on the shore of an island ... where it was put out of its (and mine) misery.
  9. Vive le France Collection

    "Vive la France" Collection Ou est elle ? In English: Where is it ?
  10. Overall Quality & Stability

    Sorry, I was just waiting the battle to end> I was watching a mkv movie on pot player on an adjacent monitor when crash happened
  11. Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    I would like to enter the raffle. If I win, can I please have the 1: Atalanta if available, if not then Arizona 2: T-61 if available, if not then De Grasse 3: Doubloons Happy holidays skippers !
  12. Bug Reports

    1. Description Battle ended normally - Defeat. After viewing result panels. pressed "Return to Port" button. Ship model appeared with no UI selection tabs, no carousel, no ship & captain characteristics. I tried to log off- log in again to reload interface. Game crashed 2. Reproduction steps n/a A 3. Result I did need to reload from desktop. 4. Expected result Port facilities to be able to go in next battle. 5. Technical details Bug time: about 16:40 (UTC)., DxDiag.txt
  13. Hello again, and congrats for the work you done. Still, WG won'y give you respite :D So please make your magic to display the tag of the opposing team in the clan battles. Also the clan tag of individual players in other type of battles, would be a welcome addition. Respect, TataLup
  14. Public Test 0.6.11 - Smoke Changes

    This sums up the TRUE downside of the game : the integrated after 90's electronic battle field. At the time the game tries to picture (WW I to WW II end) all communication was radio So from "Cap, shop spotted bearings xxx", through "send message to fleet" order given by the captain it all ended as " ship spotted in quadrant M,n " as message handed to the BB captain back 20 miles. So he could at most turn turrets in that direction and wait for a direct sight to aim. What the ships outside direct sighting get should be something like the RPF eyebrow at most !
  15. Public Test 0.6.10 - New Effects

    Realistic ?!?!? TRUE ! it is just as it is in reality ...on Cartoon Network :D For REAL...ity... just watch this " Especially listen the TSHPHHH.... sound opposite to the BADABOOM you seem to think big guns do (the low pitch vibe seems to come from the sonic boom a mach 2.5 shell of that size produces rather than the gunpowder). Don't just look at the image above, it seems generously PHPTOSHOP-ed