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  1. TataLup

    window position BAD !

    The "keep fighting feature introduced is very nice and we are tempted to use it repeatedly, until.... we have to manage something. Then we have to wait minutes until thereview of recent acivities ends hiding the buttons. It is the same for every screen: port- you cannot equip economic or read another ship stats, containers - you cannot do anything, even on captains you need to wait. It seems there are no quality controllers there ?!?
  2. TataLup


    how the mind of the programmer that did this was working ? it is true that I started with some delay, but I think I did my part plenty.
  3. TataLup

    Suggestions thread

    As the new "battle on feature alow us to play several games in a row, when trying to do something else the outdated reports nag us for minutes. Could you move them in a non active region of the screen ? I put an example here but same goes for containers economic choices and even cpt skills screen
  4. TataLup

    WG address this please

    It is true that I had a kind of late start, but.......2 captured does not count ?
  5. TataLup

    Update 0.10.10 - Bug reports

    finally I could log in but... ...after playing a Co-op with Tallinn, I chose Gearing for Ranked battle.. and I got this. I did not dare to press the button as I did not know what to expect : ignored info and captain and normally entering with Gearing in battle-queue, entering Ranked battle with Tallinn or another catastrophically crash needing reinstall of Game and Game Center... This patch really really needs a patch !
  6. TataLup

    Update 0.10.10 - Bug reports

    oops! I did it again. another rental, another freeze on exit to port program still doing something with 10-18% processor time ?!?! as game center is running, there goes an errormonitor.exe but it does not seem to earn its wages.
  7. TataLup

    Update 0.10.10 - Bug reports

    same at me after 1. I chosed to play a supership. Only alowwed in Co-op When game ended, game froze. impossible to exit. Needed to use RESET PC. Read the rest of my post bellow. I hope they'll patch the patch soon
  8. TataLup

    Update 0.10.10 - Bug reports

    there is something fishy about this update 10.10 1. I chosed to play a supership. Only alowwed in Co-op When game ended, game froze. impossible to exit. Needed to use RESET PC. Restart PC, uninstall, game+game center. Reinstall. 2. Play again, buy new ship (Tallinn - w/o slot - w/o commander) No commander silhuette to click for adding commander. - Restrat game. Same result Uninstall, game+game center. Reinstall. 3.Played DM in Co-op AT 09:24. Sunk. Back in port. Took Salem AT 09:30 . Ended battle returned in port DM not there. No battle result. time of screenshot 09:43 After some time battle result apeared But DM is still in battle ?!?. do I uninstall, game+game center. Reinstall. AGAIN ?
  9. TataLup

    PT 0.10.1 - Bug reports

    Simply the negative numbers show not enough players so you will get bots in place
  10. TataLup

    PT 0.10.1 - Bug reports

    Since then I had the 3 following USELESS attempts to make Player Suport understand that : IT IS NOTHING WRONG WITH MY GAME since I was already playing an older account that I happen to have. Anyway I still followed the steps they tell me to do (in what seems to me it is a "default" answer that they copy-paste and send without reading the entire ticket). How else would they miss the above capitals TWICE !?! Never the less, I did run and sent the WG diagnostic, I have first checked the files and finally uninstalled BOTH WoWs EU & PT, did a full system & registry check/clean up, then INSTALLED WoWs_EU and WoWs_PT from scratch. I did it twice ! P.S. I posted this as the last email answer told me to ask for the community help as they seem to be unable to do more than standard advice : :check files -run diag-install new, and simply are unqualified to check their own servers for bugged database check or whatever happens there
  11. TataLup

    PT 0.10.1 - Bug reports

    thanks but I have no Av ( I do not need it as I stay away fron P :D) and the game was set as a firewall exception (already played PT 10.0 till its second update. Then login problem started)
  12. TataLup

    PT 0.10.1 - Bug reports

    When I first tried to log in, the game remained hanging in the "LOGGING IN" phase. This happened to me since the second update of 10.0. Suspecting some patching isssue, I uninstalled the game and installed again from scratch. When starting the game again I was puzzled by a pannel asking me by my ingame nick if I want to change the region (?!? I thought there is a single worldwide PT server). I answered Yes and to my surprise I got a pannel asking email and password. Why, as I started from Game Center an it already knew my ingame credentials ? Anyway, I went on and was asking to agree to the rules, then loading process started. After a short period of "LOADING" the screen changed to "LOGGING IN"..and so it is now afetr 2 hours of waiting ? can you tell me what is wrong ?
  13. TataLup

    0.10.0 - General Feedback

    update live, no changes visible (old commander UI + skills ) ?!?
  14. TataLup

    PT 0.10.0 - Commander Skills Update

    There was another update but still the loader hangs at "logging in" When the PT started i have played OK until update installed. Since I tried even uninstall-reinstall. Stil the same thing...
  15. TataLup

    Updates to Ranked Battles

    Right on target AmiralPotato ! As ususal they are changing everything except what is wrong ! Giving stars for a classification by a lateral criteria goes against the leaderboard principle altogether (that first is better than second and so on).Here all the team is awarded the same, from the first one with +3000 base XP that carried, to the last AFK with undeserved 283 XP. Who devised this, I wonder.... Every player should be rewarded according to his apport IN BOTH teams, with some bonus added for victors. So even if slacker-snipers will stil be first by damage, the next ones will get something for their effort unlike now where everyone is disgusted . Then ranking and advancement should be obtained by averaging the "stars" per number of battles, or limit the number of battles per "season" as they are in the actual weekly battles. this could vary by season ship tiers or/and class (?). Anyways, IMO this (lateral classification) is the only thing that is completely wrong in the actual format and it seems Wg cannot see it. I am talking as a player who is often distracted from the game by various endeavours and who has won many unmerited stars being AFK on one hand, and have lost even more of them after hard work in a DD fighting for caps, the battle being thrown by a couple of BB players sniping for max dammage instead of doing their part in winning. About rewards, as in the case of the daily awards at the time, people got the arithmetics compltely wrong. They are hugely increased especialy for those who never advanced in rank to get steel until now. For the numbers see page 2 under post of radius77