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  1. TataLup

    PT 0.10.0 - Commander Skills Update

    There was another update but still the loader hangs at "logging in" When the PT started i have played OK until update installed. Since I tried even uninstall-reinstall. Stil the same thing...
  2. TataLup

    Updates to Ranked Battles

    Right on target AmiralPotato ! As ususal they are changing everything except what is wrong ! Giving stars for a classification by a lateral criteria goes against the leaderboard principle altogether (that first is better than second and so on).Here all the team is awarded the same, from the first one with +3000 base XP that carried, to the last AFK with undeserved 283 XP. Who devised this, I wonder.... Every player should be rewarded according to his apport IN BOTH teams, with some bonus added for victors. So even if slacker-snipers will stil be first by damage, the next ones will get something for their effort unlike now where everyone is disgusted . Then ranking and advancement should be obtained by averaging the "stars" per number of battles, or limit the number of battles per "season" as they are in the actual weekly battles. this could vary by season ship tiers or/and class (?). Anyways, IMO this (lateral classification) is the only thing that is completely wrong in the actual format and it seems Wg cannot see it. I am talking as a player who is often distracted from the game by various endeavours and who has won many unmerited stars being AFK on one hand, and have lost even more of them after hard work in a DD fighting for caps, the battle being thrown by a couple of BB players sniping for max dammage instead of doing their part in winning. About rewards, as in the case of the daily awards at the time, people got the arithmetics compltely wrong. They are hugely increased especialy for those who never advanced in rank to get steel until now. For the numbers see page 2 under post of radius77
  3. TataLup

    Tech Tree crashed

    What happened to the tech tree tab ? I can change the selected country but nothing change in the window. In the end had to CTRL+ALT+DELETE to quit to desktop as anything else failed.
  4. TataLup

    New container glitch

    I had 2 containers from yesterday after first container I "open all"-ed them everything vanished - no message I restarted the game then I've got second of today, open, same result No trace of them all in mxstats either Glitch or bug ?
  5. TataLup

    Italian Arc - First part

    Random... What that means for WG ?
  6. TataLup

    ST - Submarines

    just a small question: will the free underwater camera return with the submarines ? ( at least the "afterlife" one ?
  7. TataLup

    This needs to end!

    You mean you got bad team players ? MM can do much worse then that ! I had a Ranked Battle VERY BAD performance (anti-performance in fact) and I ended FIRST of my team with 683 base XP !!! THAT WAS a bad team !!!
  8. TataLup

    Ranked: Seasons and Sprints

    Hey W.G., What about a real ranking criteria ? Like first half of both teams get the star, nobody loses stars anymore. Ranks according the percentage - like in the Hall of Fame - ten in all. Players only being able to play a limited number of battles during the event ( let's say 100 in 14 days, two full weekends ) with no daily limit . So players can have their mother-in-law visit without being excluded from top ranks. This needs to be tweaked to make it relevant, still giving a fair chance to a good rank to those not married with Word of worships :D Would not that be nice ?
  9. TataLup

    Where are my stars ?

    It was a glitch, not a serious issue. Next battle I won and the stars total auto - corrected itself
  10. TataLup

    Where are my stars ?

    Last night I have uninstalled the game and reinstalled it. I did this because I watched a friend playing on his laptop and he was having issues in port ( as the carousel view being reset after each battle). I criticized him blaming him for not having made a clean installation for years. So returning to my PC, and having issues myself (planes forgetting the arrow key I am using to control both ships and planes - after changing cap by mouse), I decided to make a clean instal myself. This morning I re-did my personalized settings, and I played 2 co-op to check them. After that I played 2 ranked battles. First was a n-th defeat on a row, so I reached rank 12 +0 stars. Then I won (!?!). but where is the star ?
  11. TataLup

    Suggestions thread

    made a suggestion at
  12. TataLup

    Font change possible ?

    I would like to change the font type from Arial to Times New Roman as digits in the distance indicator are much more clear. Distances important for DD concealment (digits :5 to 9 ) are more discernible as they have more open tails. If you can't give me directions to do it locally, on my PC, please consider including it in an upcoming patch.
  13. TataLup

    French Destroyers

    We are past the half of the event and I haven't got even one of them. I have fulfilled tab I and II of the directive, which gave me, added the Daily Gifted ones, some 15 French DD chests to open. No mission to get a DD. Since the rest of the missions (tab III and IV) rely hard on already having at least one of the Tier 7-8, it seems I can take a vacation for the rest of this update. Sadly it seems that French Destroyers, is a bad taste joke by WG really,
  14. TataLup

    0.8.5 - Rogue Wave event

    @ Palubac My watch says we are in the evening 15 jully ... till 21 in the evening seem to be 6 days left in my arithmetic On 22 the event closes at 6 a.m. So no mote droplet missions.
  15. TataLup

    0.8.5 - Rogue Wave event

    OUPS I forgot to add yje 100 from the final reward of the 48 days grind Still the weirdness of 3 extra droplets remain ( At that moment I still had 1 segment in the second mission to fulfill)