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  1. Admiral3_battlefield

    RESULTS - Anzac Day Approaches

    The odds of earning HMAS Perth are 500 to 1 if they reach 3000 participants and they go even lower to reach 2000 to 1 when 30 000 players complete the missions. Compared to that, the odds of earning a premium ship during flamu's giveaway stream were a lot higher and the ships themselves a lot more interesting. When I do appreciate WG willing to remember Anzac Day I don't really approve the gambling methods they use in order for the players to sink a huge amount of their time into the game.
  2. Admiral3_battlefield

    Twitch 100k Stream: Get your Supercontainers!

    I received the mission but no container. And the mission itself was activated after I clicked on the button of the dedicated article about the 100 000 twitch followers. I've followed the stream 2-hours long and got the notification about the received mission more than 2 hours after the end of the stream. I'm not sure if I should have received more than just the mission but if not, then no worries, I don't mind it that much.
  3. Admiral3_battlefield

    Tirpitz and Asashio are back in action

    Viribus Unitis: the most famous dreadnought of Austro-hungary. Really? What about Szent Istvan which in my opinion is better known to the public as one of the few BB's that were actually filmed while sinking? Or the SMS Tegethoff that accompanied the Szent Istvan and on which the filming of the her sister ship sinking was made? Not to mention that putting Viribus Unitis at tier 5 is like fighting a shark with our fists. With very low speed, pratically non-existent AA and a ton of higher tier ships that will eat this ship for breakfast. Why not putting her at tier 4 where she would rightfully belong? Well I guess we'll have to wait for the players who actually bought her and tried her out in battle for their reactions on how she handles in combat.
  4. Admiral3_battlefield

    Summer Sale: New Offers Every Day!

    As I'm from Belgium, is there any way to buy anything from their shop?
  5. Admiral3_battlefield

    EU Weekend Server Issues - Compensation

    Thanks for those Belle Epoque containers Mr Conway. I need precisely one more to complete my collection. Without that, I wouldn't be able to complete it because of the same issue as for the Santa gifts. Since I live in Belgium, it is indeed impossible for me to buy any of those Belle Epoque containers. Anyway thanks for dealing these informations and have a nice day.
  6. Admiral3_battlefield

    Santa Claus Containers: A Time of Gifts! - Discussion Thread

    Already tried and nope. It doesn't work. It dosn't matter if you set your vpn in Sweden, Brasil or Australia, your WG account is what determines the place you live. From the moment you tell where you live when you create your account, it stays this way. And that, I cannot change.
  7. Admiral3_battlefield

    Santa Claus Containers: A Time of Gifts! - Discussion Thread

    So because I live in Belgium, I can't get any Santa Claus container whatsoever since the Belgian legislation restricts me to get them even the free ones. Well I guess there's no point for me to try claiming them if all it does is just showing me a page that says "The premium shop is unavailable" and if the WG player support page which was kindly indicated by Mr Conway himself just shows you how to claim your free Santa crates only if you can load the premium shop page which I CANNOT. No present for me at all this year and I see there's a lot of people experiencing the same problem and not only in Belgium. I think WG should rename the Santa Claus Containers title to "Santa Claus Containers except for Belgium". Merry Christmas everyone and a happy New Year.
  8. Admiral3_battlefield

    Santa Claus Containers: A Time of Gifts! - Discussion Thread

    The Santa banner appears on my screen but when i click on it, it tries to load the page and all i get at the end is a message that says that the premium shop is unavailable. This is really annoying knowing i've got 2 free santa boxes that i cannot claim because theywon't show up. I've tried to log out than to relog but again the same message appeared and i cannot get my free santa crates. Did anyone witness the same problem and is there a solution to it? Thanks in advance.
  9. Admiral3_battlefield

    Naval Underdogs: Spain - Discussion Thread

    Portugal certainly deserves to have at least one ship represented in WOW. Dão is there a good example and could easily fit at tier 6 or even a Guadiana-class destroyer at tier 3. As for Afonso de Albuquerque I doubt it will go any higher than tier 1 (if it's ever represented) because of its weak armament (only 4x120 mm guns). This ship was a colonial sloop built to support troops on land and not really meant to fight in open seas against other warships. But because this was Portugal's biggest and most active vessel during WWII, and she fought to the bitter end while defending Gao against the Indian Navy, she certainly deserves a bit of attention from the wargamings team. They could write a chapter about her in their Portuguese navy's article and, if they feel like, they can put it as the first tier cruiser in the Pan-European tech tree.
  10. Admiral3_battlefield

    Naval Underdogs: Spain - Discussion Thread

    I wish we could get a full Pan-European DD, CA and BB tech tree in which we could have a churruca-class destroyer at tier 5 (maybe 6), a Canarias-class heavy cruiser at tier 7 and a España-class battleship at tier 3. Now i know this will take a lot of time and research to complete this tech tree, especially for the BB section (if they ever bring one in-game), but I'm quite sure they'll be able to bring at least a full DD tech tree with each time a ship from a different nation at each tier (for example: Austro-Hungarian dd Warasdiner at tier 4, Romanian dd Regele Ferdinand at tier 5, etc...).