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  1. Robert_Parsons

    Looking for a clan

    I am also looking for similar dont mind joining a division if in the same battle or on line at sametime and using ingame text chat to coordinate.
  2. Robert_Parsons

    ''Technical issue found'' - unable to log in

    Tried that makes no difference still have "technical issues" also look like customer support website is broke as well.
  3. Robert_Parsons

    Hoods out!

    100 euro.... Ha ha ha.... No. Won't be paying that.
  4. Robert_Parsons

    honorary mission

    In the "easy" campaign last set of missing you need 15 pins. you MUST do one mission that seems to require you to get 2 heroic rewards in one battle.... If you do every other missions you end up with 14 pins forcing you to complete a mission which you can't "plan" to do and can only pray to achieve. In fact both the heroic and honerable achievements are down to luck.. and this seems a silly way to complete missions
  5. Robert_Parsons

    We need a harsher high tier-Noob/Bot punishing economy.

    Doesent The current Economy reward you for "Battle Activity" More damage you do to a ship the more credits you earn.... if i do 90% damage to a ship i get more credits than you if you do 10% and kill it... i did all the work i am rewarded more. - Therefore Citadels are rewarded more than kills and therefore not worthless. Rewards just for ships kills aint a good idea cause you could in theory kill 6 ships but only do 6 points of damage in the game - hardly right is it? The economy rewards you for Captures, Assisted Capture and defence as well as spotting damage and potential damage.. all trying to promote players to DO something in the game. Also i think there is a win bonus so that if you do same damage/activity in a match as another and one is on the losing side the player on the wining side will get more cash. Maybe the results screen should show not just what credits you earn but how you earned them. This would help highlight what activities are profitable.
  6. Robert_Parsons

    Game chat and politics

    Not quiet... Judaism would be more iron Age not bronze age Christianity is firmly in the Roman Period and Muslim faith developed after the Romans... Still i get the point.
  7. Robert_Parsons

    WG answer to BB Heavy meta?

    If you want to reduce the number of BB in a match the only way to do that is to put a max number of BB allowed into the MM. This would then mean BB players would either have to wait long for a match and either do that or change to a different ship. Maybe even max the number of CV, BB and DD in a match so max of 2 CV 4BB 3DD Straight away this would increase the CL/CA count I would have also thought it would make the game more fun for BB cause of the increase of cruisers to citadel and reduce the number of DD they contend with. Cruisers would be happy as less BB to contend with. DD will have less DD to contest CAPs will have greater spotting income due to less friendly DD to do contest that with and still loads of ships to spam trops at.
  8. Robert_Parsons

    Campaigns Appreciacion Thread.

    I like the campaigns - there were two early on kill a plane and damage a CV, both those were T IV and could be completed in co-op so to guarantee completion i took my CV out in co-op for one battle this means i can guarantee at least 1 plane kill and same for damage on a CV... in one battle both missions done - right at start of mission i sent my trop plans against the dumb AI getting the damage done (also killing it) and then simply a case of putting my fighters against one of the enemy squ to get the plane kill.... simples. Dont have to make it difficult for your self. same again for some of the ship kills a T IV CV should be able to kill of a BB or even two CV in Random Battles missions dont always say kill ships in a specific manner.
  9. Robert_Parsons

    Campaign SoV M5T6

    I diod not do this mission as i werent sure what was going to count and i could not be sure of achieving the criteria in a reasonable lengh of time... As it was the one with kill 2 DD was a pain, got the 1st one str away killing the second took a number of battles hoping to get a fair number of DDs on enemy side to give me a chance of killing one.
  10. Robert_Parsons

    campaign missions lead to bad play

    I think the "campaigns" are good The missions do need a tweak. Spot 2 DD with a BB - seem daft if all players will do is steam into the cap like an idiot to get it done. The idea is probably to try and promote less sitting at the back shouting at others cause the team is losing and make BB more aggressive. If it was changed to "at any time spot 2 DDs" This would still be achievable probably prompt BB to be more forward at coming forwards and less likely to make em charge the cap like a rabid dog. I suppose it depends on what WG want to achieve via the campaigns - is it to promote a certain play style or discourage a style, play different ships or nations or just a way to try and make the game more fun and give away free stuff. If what you want is to promote aggressive BB play maybe "be the first to spot" is not the way to do it. Maybe "spot X number of ships at any time" would be better that way your need to be close up with the action to do the get the spot but no need to charge the CAP straight off and if it was say 10 ships to spot you would need a more up front play style over a number of games which might lead to an overal change in style.
  11. Robert_Parsons

    What are the consequence of too many "plays poorly" reports?

    But does this not depend on the type of BB, Gerrman BB's are great at tanking damage by design they are made for close up work. Japs much less so and americans a mix of the two types. If the BBS all steam into the middle you can bet the crusiers and DD will simply hang at the back and try and mop up whats left. Then we will be saying the cruisers are playing badly. I dont think its as simple as All BB MUST steam in a and tank damage each ship should be played to its strengths for the benefit of the team. Saying that i do hate it when the BB is at the back shouting CAP A etc, to the cruiser and then sailing off to the other side of the map doing nothing.
  12. Robert_Parsons

    The Plague of players that AFK

    Yep not everyone is AFK cause they have gone to sleep at the keyboard. For some strange reason my first game of the day always takes a long time to load up. I personally dont report AFK at the start of a game as because of the huge number of reasons why someone might not be as quick of the mark at the start than others. If they are AFK for the whole game then maybe worth reporting.
  13. Robert_Parsons

    Upcoming Captain Skill Changes (Leak)

    Keen intuition - - - NO NO NO, this would take away the DDs only real advantage. Even with situational awareness and a look at the map there is an element of doubt where exactly the DD might be. Slapping an arrow on the screen showing where he is makes him totally ineffective. it will prevent ANY attempts at ambush by ANY ship. What if your that brit cruiser trying to hide behind an island to get a sneak trop attack in.. Nope forget big arrow slapped over you saying look here a shop is behind this island.
  14. Robert_Parsons

    Error Connecting To Server Unknown Error

    Actually i have experienced something similar. started to happen every two matches... I uninstalled and then deleted the folder as uninstall does not do that and reinstalled the game. I also wondered if my son playing destiny on the PS3 was stretching the bandwidth on the broadband a bit. (ment to get 100mps but never seen much over about 25mps) I played Saturday with no issues - this was after the reinstall and the lad not on destiny. go figure. did not play at all sunday as was outin the mountainss/hills
  15. Robert_Parsons

    What are the consequence of too many "plays poorly" reports?

    I doubt it does anything since "plays poorly" is very subjective. such as everyone jumps on the lemming train to "cap A" while a lone ship tries to prevent the other team CAP B and C who's playing poorly the lemming train or the lone ship possibly both if the team loses. Is the lone DD spraying trops on a cap but doing little damage but preventing its capture playing well by preventing the CAP or playing poorly cause he failed to hunt down the enemy BB. Is the BB at the back Sniping playing poorly or for sniping and not charging the CAP and surviving till the end or the BB who charges the CAP tanks the damage and dies in 10 mins playing well or badly. Unless Wargamming determines what is good or bad play the the "plays poorly" is just too subjective to mean anything. As what Player A might think is poor, Player B thinks is good and Player C does not care about.