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  1. Moros_Olethrus

    Submarine Testing

    go under 50M
  2. Moros_Olethrus

    Submarine Testing

    I have this question, you can increase the damage from air bombs. When I hit 700, it was possible to increase it to 900. (and a small request, you can reduce the distance of the falling bombs because it looks like a dribbler) I like that I change course and the torpedoes lose their target and pass under the ship if I shorten them and fail to reach the correct depth. + rep for that Ps. You have improved your aiming at the enemy underwater very well, if 2 submarines meet, skill + training will give you the results.
  3. Moros_Olethrus

    Submarine Testing

    As I can see, the campers themselves are crying that there are no to give submarines. WOW please get these submarines as soon as possible the game will be at least dynamic. And with a submarine, it's hard to hit you, you change course and cover the point of mark, and the tarpedoes lose the target and miss. BUT WHY IS BETTER TO campers IN THE PLACE;]
  4. Moros_Olethrus

    Submarine Testing

    For me it is a great idea and that is what is missing in this game, dynamics and the end of the island campig. I hope he introduces these submarines quickly. At least campers learn to anchor and not help others. It won't kill the game and only I will make it more attractive.
  5. Moros_Olethrus

    Submarine Testing

    As for me, there are at least camps behind the islands and I hope to introduce the submarines as soon as possible, because at least people will stop coming, I was sailing a battleship today and somehow two submarines wanted to catch me and they failed, only 2 battleships sunk me but they only hit me once. People do too much drama and they want those submarines !!! END OF THE HIDDEN CAMPAIGN ON THE ISLANDS !!! PS. If you played and read, you would know that it is enough to change the course so that the torpedoes do not see the mark and miss the target. END OF STANDING, IN PLACE
  6. Moros_Olethrus

    Submarine Testing

    I have a question for programmers if I'm in a battleship, and I use planes to bombard submarines. These bombs could fall at smaller intervals because the spread is too large for them.
  7. Moros_Olethrus

    Submarine Testing

    ps. It depends on which new players you will get it when I swim the submarine I will make the team dive in the smoke while I dip and play the ping to display hidden targets. If you find those who run away and hide and now there are many of them and my black list has already reached over 200, I know not to follow them because it's a waste of nerves. Those who create this game are making progress and as soon as possible they should give the game underwater ... at least people will start playing as a team ...
  8. Moros_Olethrus

    Submarine Testing

    TO ALL OF YOU I can do such drops of screenshots, from a lot, no matter what you play, skills and luck are important. Submarines serve more in this test and in the spot game you use ping to detect dd opponents in smoke or submarines at depths below 50m by 80m. Team play is what counts, not a lone wolf. I was playing from left to right, the team was losing and we won .... I do not praise you on YouTube because there is nothing ... Ps. As the ship flows, it changed course from time to time during the war, so is the game. You change course and the submarine torpedoes miss target. If you want so much, I will record a movie for you to swim because I see the drama you are doing.
  9. Moros_Olethrus

    Submarine Testing

    I have such a request, look at who he shot and who was sunk by a bot or a normal player. If it is a player and he obeys the instructions, he will change course to the other side and the torpedoes will lose the target. It is the same with dd turns dd and torpedoes go into space. Half of the people who come in don't even read the instructions or read them at all. When I play bots, I have up to 3 sinks. For normal players, maybe you will play 5 minutes of the match ...... Ps. It will not destroy the game, it only it will enrich her, first it will boom on the ice and then people will get bored as they will be drowned by dd. I know by myself I see a submarine that goes down .... an easy target to sink
  10. Moros_Olethrus

    Submarine Testing

    Hello all My attention is aiming at the enemy underwater. Why are these torpedoes going so fast UP as you shoot without aiming? Additionally, the indicator of how far you can shoot a target at close range disappears over time. These torpedoes should be straight longer because this parabola upwards is short and at 0.5km these torpedoes are already above the enemy and aim was measuring below target. My question is the possibility of choosing a different crosshair for the submarine. https://pl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Okręt_podwodny#/media/Plik:Japanese_Cargo_Ship_Sinking.jpg https://bloximages.chicago2.vip.townnews.com/napavalleyregister.com/content/tncms/assets/v3/editorial/9/2f/92f96f2a-9fde-11e1-80f0-001a4bcf887a/4fb4885e677eb.image.jpg https://i.pinimg.com/originals/b9/fb/83/b9fb836dbf53f1e71c89796f6f7c7239.jpg https://www.alamy.com/stock-photo-allied-destroyers-in-the-periscope-of-a-german-submarine-during-the-48404222.html https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn%3AANd9GcQyZpKCHQyNWoyib1xUHFXOYczQlCmJC5V2lQ&usqp=CAU https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn%3AANd9GcRzRyaUwpDoYii6sK7f-jXXjoJ03Hw66lGfVw&usqp=CAU https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn%3AANd9GcQvm0jt9iBjysoZxm48_7dHtiWROOvGwbaQYA&usqp=CAU https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn%3AANd9GcSFKxm9QGVmgteJefJ0BdNB6ZCLQCYZ6Eyb0A&usqp=CAU https://thomascsanger.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/perisocpe.jpg https://media.gettyimages.com/photos/naval-warfare-uboat-war-view-through-the-periscope-of-a-uboat-at-a-picture-id542401647
  11. Moros_Olethrus

    Okręty podwodne: jak nimi grać

    to witaj w klubie tylko wybrancom dawali
  12. Moros_Olethrus

    Okręty podwodne: jak nimi grać

    gdzie niby ten test publiczny zero linku nic ???? tylko art. server itp.... namiary poprosze
  13. Moros_Olethrus

    My question to game developers

    Why is my data being sent illegally and I did not agree with this about the secret sending of my data and following me. I ask you what law are you doing? I never had a twitt account............. and else. Why am I being spied on my own computer, what I do and browse
  14. Moros_Olethrus

    Dlaczego program wysyla dane ???

    Mam pytanie i prosze o sensowna odpowiedz. Dlaczego program wysyła pliki z mojego komputera na wasze serwery, podłuchiwanie jest na porcie 80, co robie czy co robiłem. Dzisiaj zainstaluje program do przechwytywania pakietów by spradzic co jest wysyłane. Jesli jestem podsluchiwany sprawe kieruje na policje i idę do prawnika. Zbyt długo coś program instalowal i sprawdziłem sieć co się dzieje. Te GamingCenter powinno sciagac a nie wysyłac cos z mojego komputera.
  15. Moros_Olethrus


    Wczoraj odwiedziłem Londyn, przy okazji zwiedzania moje oczy ujrzały cos fajnego dla każdego gracza World of Warships. Zacumowany blisko Tower Bridge.