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  1. barbabarba

    where is this player base heading to...?

    Hi, Just to add, Moskva with player that has only 500 games in total with in WOWS... He should be at tier 5 max.. Noobs at tier 9 with only 900 games in total are now usual. Because they have premiums so skill is not required.
  2. barbabarba

    Noobs at Ter 10

    I was out of game for some 3 months, and now it is event worst then before. For example now you will meet total noobs with less then 1000 battles (in total) playing with tier 10 ships. Mino deploys smoke at full speed and then stops out of smoke full broadside to Izumo... Yesterday I meet player with 87 game in total at tier 8, I know that WOWS is desperate but so much... Pathetic ..
  3. barbabarba

    Joke, joke...

    So usually you will buy half made car???
  4. barbabarba

    Joke, joke...

    First I believe to be average player with 50% win rate, but for the last few months this game is joke. In tier 8-10 you will find potatoes with less then 1000 battles and driving Yamato, Montana etc and hawing over all win rate of less then 40%. MM is total waste, if you get two players like that game is lost. Ok if you are some exceptional player with win rate above 65% maybe you will win by yourself but for US average players this is lost game. I know this game is about earning money for developers but this is joke, I will not pay as this is getting ridiculous. Either they should finish product and deliver complete game and then start charging or make if free for all with some advertisement. After 3 years in development there are constant changes and number of potatoes with high tier games is ridiculous., before it was common to have most of players with win rate of 50% and now 45 is average. There are also players with 10000 games and win rate of 39%.....
  5. barbabarba

    This is nonsens

    The point is if there is no support, then most of the classes are broken... BBs are strong with guns, cruisers are way tooo week with armor... But issue is these dds and some cruisers are joke, shells are just flying, i am unable to run from both. Each hit is cca 400 damage but amount of hits in minute is joke.
  6. barbabarba

    This is nonsens

    True there is nothing I am able to do, they just shoot and shoot...
  7. barbabarba

    This is nonsens

    Just few comments on nonsense with in game. Last game I am Amagi, two Haragumo dds firing form the smoke, some 9 km away. In less then 1 min they killed me. In total 45600K damage. This is nonsense, I am mean this game has so many mistakes and this is one. There is no cruisers or dd on my side and I am left there just to die. Shells are pouring and what to do. Further I made 4 hits on one of dds with HE shells for only 6000k damage. Point is that game is broken, most of other games there is chance for victory with any class, tier etc.. But here is you are BB and dds are chasing you you are dead. Now dds will start saying like ok but AP are killing us, and that is true.
  8. barbabarba

    What is wrong with this game....

    I agree that ranked are not true statement of performance but most of the time team with better ranked players win, not always but most of the time.
  9. barbabarba

    What is wrong with this game....

    Just one more thing, last battle my Bismarck against Khabarovsk... He has upper hand, keeping out of my secondary range and pounding me all the time, try to kill dd at 13 or more km with Bismarck guns.... Total pointless game..
  10. barbabarba

    What is wrong with this game....

    After some 6 months of inactivity I've came back and found game broken as always. For example, most time of tier 8 ships will be facing tier 10, and also tier 10 cruiser is more powerful then tier 8 battleships (not always but for the most of the time). And battles are 90% single sided, I mean after some one reaches tier 10, he/she should know how to use ships. But nooooo cruisers showing broadside to yamato at 12 km (us cruiser).. Shimakaze using guns on bbs some 11 km away.... I am only at 50% win rate, but this is ridiculous. Even worst if you have some expert with cv then all is lost, team is decimated... Or even better yamato drivers with cca 4000 games and win rate at 41%... but think is that if you check ranks then you will see most ot the time team with few players with rank one and other team best is with rank 10 or even 11.. Ranks should be included with in MM as this make huge difference.
  11. barbabarba

    Again MM..

    I ma not buying premiums anyhow. Still why to hide your profile???
  12. barbabarba

    Again MM..

    Last battle today, expert with 321 (in all, not only tier 8 or9) games played in tier 9 battle with Amagi (9 battles - win rate 23%) with his more experienced friend (about 500 games), we lost game in seconds.. I know that developers need to earn some money but this is stupidity. He is playing tier 8 ships and has all in all 321 game??!!!!! Because of that I am not willing to pay any more for premiums, I am not expert (51-52% win rate) but this is pointless. Even without noobs like this higher tier battles are single sideed.
  13. barbabarba


    Detonation was changed, for sure, today i had 3 detonations, two in bbs and one on DD... Again wrong move from developers, cant wait for WT naval game.... This is becoming pointless...
  14. barbabarba

    Noobs etc..

    After not playing game for about 3 moths I found that players are worst and matchmaking is total crap.. Games are single sided, most of potato players are for nothing, smoke is being used heavily even far form torpedo or gun range, or German tirpiz firing torpedoes at enemy form 15km.... Today 7 defeats in row, and for sure 6 were lost in first 2 minutes, you can see that team is full of potatoes in expensive ships.. Shame..
  15. barbabarba

    One sided battles

    Just to add form my latest game, dds (shima), launch torpedo attack and run away, no spotting or any support (they are reloading torpedo tubes). During that time I was pounded by enemy i could not see or to fire back... That is totally upsetting, because I can not due anything, also team with one ore more division is in great advantage. Spotting should be changed with bbs having better detection range and dds much smaller.