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  1. Masa2mune

    Azuma only £103!! (Reduced from already bargain £128!!)

    I guess britchaps get better value for buying Azuma with FXP...
  2. Masa2mune

    Impossible play with DD after this CV rework

    Every now and then I take a dip at DD gameplay and usually there's a CV or two per side, but I haven't really felt the pressure from them. The rare occasions where a CV actually does try to hunt me it doesn't do much chip damage and I have my escape routes and safe areas already planned if the CV decides to persist. At times CVs can even help the DD gameplay because it makes life for the radar cruisers that much harder, which I consider a much bigger hinderance to DDs. Oh and clumped up enemy teams (with ships that are too busy trying to deal with the friendly CV's drops and armor angling against your team's AP punishment) are pretty juicy torpedo targets.
  3. Masa2mune

    How does Skill effects WR?

    Maybe it's not. But when Alaska hit the servers there were so many T9s that I would end up being middle tiered often. Also I feel like I've been encountering these "22 out 24 are T10s" battles more often too. But maybe it's just my imagination...
  4. Masa2mune

    How does Skill effects WR?

    On the flip side, when you bring your T8 and outperform the T10s and then you have your own team's T10s on top of that... it's quite the upset of odds. Meanwhile the enemy team's T8 equivalent just makes a complaint and dies before the 4 minute mark. Also some ships actually get some compensation for being lower tier, mostly the DDs and their superior concealment. (Fletcher, Kitakaze, Asashio, Kagero...) Oh and T8s get to be top tiers too sometimes. That's your chance to make a big impact against those poor T6s. I feel like bottom tiering as T8s has been less common after the CV rework patch hit the game.
  5. Masa2mune

    How does Skill effects WR?

    The problem with this kind of simple analysis is that your average potato will understand that as "Oh, I guess I'll just sit back and snipe and survive until the end" which rarely goes well unless it's a ship that was generally built for that like Henri IV, but even then one of that ship's issues has been considered to be the lack of early game impact. This is important because the battles tend to snowball heavily, and the earlier it starts to rolling into the right direction, the better your odds of winning.
  6. Masa2mune

    How does Skill effects WR?

    Asymmetrical MM is so rare these days it might as well not exist. You pick a T10 BB, you face a T10 BB. You pick a T10 DD, you face a T10 DD, etc. Of course it's not the exact same ship, but that doesn't matter much unless you pick ships like Stalingrad or Musashi, and even then you can still play them badly. Really badly.
  7. Masa2mune

    How does Skill effects WR?

    I sometimes notices these losing streaks as well. They almost seem like an anomaly, something completely outside the boundaries of normal MM.
  8. Masa2mune

    How does Skill effects WR?

    It would be bad if you only looked at a single winrate stat. But luckily we have much more detailed statistic and other stats besides WR, as well as stats by individual ships and solo stats. You can sealclub at tier 3-4 or do things like triple Belfast div all day long, but it's not going to make you look like a top tier player at a closer inspection even if your overall WR is among the highest numbers out there. "Oh, but you only have 32% WR in Montana and 34% in Gearing? Yikes!" And so on.
  9. Masa2mune

    How does Skill effects WR?

    Whenever I start a new battle, what I try to do is: - Win - If that fails, get good base XP. - If that fails, just try to play your ship "correctly" even if you can't achieve much given the precarious situation. Ideally more than one of these of course. Some ships end up being cursed by the MM while others rake in jolly 70%+ WRs despite my best/worst efforts. It does eventually even out after a hundred or two games on the ship. Then you have situations like playing ships that simply happen to be over- or underpowered at the time before the numerous balance hotfixes roll in. *coughcoughCVreworkforexamplecough*
  10. Masa2mune

    Japanese Carriers are fairly bad or just me?

    I think the Hakuryu could still use a tiny buff, but it's gotten quite decent with the re-buffs and me learning to actually play the thing. Rockets can deal with DDs, although it's going to take time to deal serious damage without Midway's HE bombs if no one is assisting you, so chasing DDs might not always be worth your time. Rockets also work well on things like bigger-than-DD British ships that have exterior armor like paper. The torps and their snail like slowness complete with the marathon distance arming time makes them very difficult to land if the enemy player is making any decent attempts at dodging, especially if they have a hydro on. On Hakuryu, instead of going for the minimum distance drops, I found it more effective to do 3 long distance drops instead and saturate the waters with fishies. Something will likely land if you make decent predictions. Yes, you read that right, you can do multidrops with torps, but I recommend getting all the HP boosts for the torp bombers you can and if you drop your load before the massive flak wall hits your planes, you can actually survive long enough to do all your 3 drops. Torp bombers are good bread and butter when the AA is too heavy for the other strike craft and there are no lone DDs to hunt at the moment. But as soon as you see anything bigger than a DD isolated from the rest of their AA, it's probably time to switch to your juicy AP bombers. I don't care if you are a Des Moines or Stalingrad or whatever, if you are isolated and not 100% AA build, my AP bombers WILL get through that isolated AA and get that 1-3 citadels per drop and it's going to hurt. AP bombers deal very well with short range AA, so it's very important that you try to use them only on isolated targets, which usually happens more the longer the battle progresses. Even two mediocre AA ships will shred your AP bombers apart because you will remain in the flak range of one of them while striking the other and that's not good. Also do use your speed boost to slow down the second you drop your AP bombs, because otherwise your planes will climb up unnecessarily far away from target into the flak range and you might not be able to pull off multiple passes on AA heavy ships.
  11. Masa2mune

    Friedrich der Große worth it?

    Worth what? She's just stepping stone to GK. She was buffed to make her slightly less insufferable but I don't see why anyone would want to keep her after your reach GK. You can do well in her, but she's an average T9 BB at best, the slightly worse than the rest at worst. Can't recommend. GK is still worth climbing for if you like the German BB playstyle. HOWEVER... even in a secondary heavy build the secondaries are still only one of the tools in your kit, in some battles there isn't really any opportunity to use them to meaningful degree, but that doesn't make you useless, far from it. Even with the German dispersion it's still twelve 406-420mm guns, although GK's terrible gun angles mean I treat them as two pairs instead of a quadruple of turrets. German high tier BBs admittedly could use a slight buff IMO... Maybe something like the Russian style proximity-based accuracy increase.
  12. Masa2mune

    Update 0.8.1 - General Feedback

    CV gameplay is still very unfun with the current MM where 4 out of 5 games has 4-6 T10 cruisers and other AA heavy ships. You can't really save your planes with any modicum of skill if the enemy clumps up even two good AA ships together and there aren't any good targets left. i.e. the plane survivability is an issue. Have fun reworking the rework. I think I'll come back to CVs later when the CV gameplay has been polished to better shape. I don't want my stats to tank much more than they already have.
  13. Masa2mune


    I was waiting for this Hakuryu buff, the torpedo planes were my biggest issue. Time to put her to test if she's comfortable enough to play yet.
  14. Masa2mune

    Update 0.8.1 - General Feedback

    Hakuryu is just garbage at the moment. Shelved until she gets a buff. Her torps are incredibly iffy to land at anything at the moment, unless the enemy literally can't dodge the torps for some reason and even then they are just inferior. Rocket planes die too easily to be a viable alternative against most targets and are too precious to waste since they are your only viable tool against DDs. Dive bombers are too situational to be the only decent damage dealer, you need more than just one type of bomber when there are 2 Minotaurs and 2 Worcesters on the enemy team. Of course I had to pick the worse carrier of the two... (not counting the royal ones) Please don't take too long to buff her.
  15. Masa2mune

    How do I play the new Midway?

    It was a defeat so clearly room for buffs.