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  1. Would like to join an English speaking clan that doesn't demand clan activity or in-game activity. Not saying I won't ever participate in clan/in-game activity , but I would love to have the feeling of responsibility off me and not having to boot up the game "because I'm in an active clan that demands activity" even if I were to decide to take a month or two break from the game. I have a ton of ships all the way to multiple tier 10s and confidently good in playing all of them. Clan with skilled players would be nice, but having the clan bonuses are ultimately more important since I solo play a lot. I don't mind diving up whenever I play, but I don't like waiting in the port when I could be playing, so that's why I often play solo. I do have a Discord and mic in case I need it, but I would prefer to not use the mic unless it's something competitive like clan battles. EDIT: Looks like I found my new clan already.
  2. It's a ladder grindfest with a lot of headbashing against a wall until you get through, not a "ranked" mode. A proper ranked gameplay would have matchmaking that puts you against opponents of equal skill and success and bad players would be pushed down by the top of the crop. But in WoWS, there is no "top", because the top rank players get kicked out of the season (ranking out), which doesn't make any sense. Clan Battles are the basically the only true ranked mode in this game, but that requires an entire team of clan mates...
  3. Masa2mune

    GK or Kremlin

    Kremlin is the more competitive option and unfun to play against. GK is the ship that's fun to play under strict circumstances that take a lot of experience and knowledge to fully take advantage of. Doing well on GK feels more like an achievement thanks to your own skills, whereas doing well on Kremlin feels mostly like a result of the ship's stupid design that lacks any real weaknesses compared to the other BBs. Of course the correct option here is to have both.
  4. Masa2mune

    ST, changes to test ships

    But 420s have the Yamato gun sound...
  5. Hasn't Enterprise been the best T8 carrier for a long time now? Or was she too good for you?
  6. are you still WG and WoW fanboys/girls Never was, never will be. But I still play their games. do you still care or like me simply stopped caring what WG do with WoW anymore Kinda? I'll stop playing if it becomes too much of a chore or annoyance. So far I still keep coming back. I'm not really hyped for new ships anymore, I've got plenty. Balance and gameplay improvements are probably the most interesting thing to me. Events and new promoted stuff not so much. do you think WG will ever listen to what the community actually wants. It's like they have two ears; one ear kinda sorta listens to the community sometimes to a limited extent, the other ear listens to the greedy corporate decision makes. Sure, they need to make money as a business, but they would do so much better if they didn't destroy the community's trust with blatantly predatory practices. The new HMS CA line seems kind of "Eh, I guess I'll try it... Doesn't look that unique on paper but it's not like I have anything better to do. (still not touching the Research Bureau, I want to KEEP play my ships and keep them too!)"
  7. Masa2mune

    0.9.0 - General Feedback

    Started a battle in my Hindenburg. I was stuck at the loading and the circulating loading icon showed it was still "loading", but I could hear the battle start and I could even hear my ship responding to my commands, but I couldn't see anything because of the endlessly loading screen blocking the view. I tried rebooting the game and jumping back into the battle. Same thing happened again. I could hear the battle going on in the background but still stuck at the loading screen. Tried to wait it out. Didn't help, just endlessly stuck there loading. I feel bad for my team... EDIT: Nice. Got pinked for "leaving the battle". Locked out of Random battles too. EDIT 2: Probably was due to the display-entire-tech-tree mod or the clear view mod (the mod showing the fully colored ships when viewing ships that you don't own). After I uninstalled those everything started working again. First time for everything I guess...
  8. Masa2mune

    PSA - 0.8.11 - Disconnect back to login screen fix

    Didn't install the manual update. Got the automatic update. The game was good for some dozen games or so, but then it started kicking me out again.
  9. Masa2mune

    Should I get the Harugumo?

    Also eats rockets like a champ. Having no heal just makes things better. Always worth throwing a plane or few at it, not like you'll almost ever run out of them anyway.
  10. Masa2mune

    Does the Smolensk need a nerf.

    Yes, it needs a nerf. "Toned down" if you will. Then I won't have problems with it, as annoying as it can be to hunt down.
  11. Masa2mune

    Italian cruiser line

    Going for the superstructure is all fun and games until said superstructure gets damage saturated... Have fun trying to find alternate spots to shoot at. The BBs that are not covered in 32mm are going to shatter most of your stuff. With fires this wouldn't be a problem since fire damage only looks at max HP percentages, not damage saturation. Some BBs don't have much superstructure to begin with.
  12. Masa2mune

    Italian cruisers are intentionally that bad?

    Feeling like tomorrow I'm going to play some IFHE Hindenburg again! That thing gets the pens AND the fires, has better reload to be more ready to use AP, can tank a whole lot if you sail and angle her correctly, and most importantly isn't afraid to show those pesky Musashis/Yamatos/Soyzs/Kremlins with their 58-60mm plating who's the boss! And even has a 6km hydro!
  13. Masa2mune

    Italian cruisers are intentionally that bad?

    So I played some Zara. When I think about it, Italian cruisers don't really offer anything that IJN cruisers can't already do. The smoke gimmick is effectively the only thing, THE ONLY THING that sets them apart. Where an IJN cruiser might be afraid to push in case of getting spotted, the Italian cruiser can do some "suicidal" distance closing. ....Which can be useful when you blap enemy DDs from 10km as the opposing DDs run into each other. However! This comes at a great cost. Your torps are borderline useless: ultra slow + damage isn't great + there's so few of them + you can't stealth torp. SAP is pathetic against BBs, especially Russian BBs (and I HATE that notion). You are doomed to do 0.5-4.5k salvos with no fires against BB, whereas IJN cruisers can do the same, except the fires add a lot to the damage and the visibility debuff from fires is nice and keeping the enemy damage control down can have serious consequences if there's some kind of follow-up. So yeah, I would like Italian cruisers a lot more if they weren't so pitiful against BBs. Oh. And Italian cruisers don't have hydros. Enjoy getting suddenly torped by a DD or cruiser, whereas Des Moines, Moskva, Minotaur, Zao, Hindenburg, Henri IV and Worcester would have hydro'd that nonsense (who bothers with def AA these days anyway? the most useless consumable). Italian cruisers get C+ from me. Fun gimmick but they need buffs to be taken seriously. The SAP needs that 60mm pen for the 203mm IMO.
  14. Masa2mune

    CV Rework Discussion

    Well, I don't dedicate my routes entirely to defending, it's still just something you should consider doing if it's not too much to be asked. It doesn't have to be mutually exclusive with your frenzied damage race.
  15. Masa2mune

    CV Rework Discussion

    Sadly replays are currently broken. Still waiting for them to fix it. Basically you drop the fighters either above the friendlies, or where they want to go (cap zones, escape routes, direction of their push and so on). If you know where the enemy CV is attacking from you may adjust the position of the fighters so that they will catch the enemy bombers slightly earlier. Or if the enemy CV is already about to drop their load you can drop you fighters a bit behind the ally ship to prevent/punish follow up attacks. The fighters will devastate the bomber squads if they don't recall/flee immediately and if they are already firing at the bombers they will catch up to them until the bombers are dead. Can't despawn with a bomber drop anymore thankfully. Just because the fighters don't necessarily kill anything doesn't mean you are not making the enemy CV's life considerably harder. I too have to often call off my attacks at the first drop because of the enemy CV is doing the same to me and I don't want to get deplaned for nothing. PS. Dropping the fighters in the middle of nowhere to block enemy bombers' route to somewhere else rarely works unless the enemy CV is a bad player and isn't paying any attention.