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  1. That was some comfy paddling with clan friends. Played on Warspite and Budyonny myself. Didn't have any technical issues. Clan was rotating two divisions and making sure everyone got enough battles to count towards the reward, and then a couple extra battles for good measure and fun.
  2. Masa2mune

    the "carry harder!" thread

    At times like these the "keep your star" mechanic isn't too bad...
  3. Masa2mune

    A sudden and unexpected e-mail about supertest. What now?

    I actually tried but after spending some minutes searching I got no relevant results, both inside and outside of the forum. Maybe I just missed the relevant subforums, but I wasn't going to spend my morning searching and risk still not finding any answers. I bet a lot of the Q&A questions are something you can find your answer by dedicating enough time searching but that's just how these things tend to go. The community makes getting the answers far more convenient.
  4. Masa2mune

    A sudden and unexpected e-mail about supertest. What now?

    Heh, I see. I kinda expected that, but I still wanted to humor the possibility as if it were intentional and a lucky break for me.
  5. So basically I got an e-mail message telling about me having a whole bunch of new ST ships linked to my account out of the blue. I have never applied for the supertesting but I was excited nevertheless. However, when I logged into the game I didn't see any new ships. Are they only available on public test server (which I haven't downloaded yet), or something else? Also, how do I give my feedback? Do I need to participate in teamspeak sessions at scheduled times or is written feedback sufficient? Thank you for the answers in advance.
  6. Masa2mune

    Bug Reports

    1. Description Pressed BATTLE for ranked, got stuck with the loading icon (didn't even make it to the loading screen). 2. Reproduction steps First time happened to me, and hopefully the last. I don't intend to try to do it again. EDIT: The very next battle and the same thing happened again. 3. Result Decided to crash and restart the game. My ship was stuck in "In Battle" after the re-logging in, couldn't join the battle. 4. Expected result Should have entered the battle normally, or at least be able to enter the battle after crashing the game. 5. Technical details (none) GEE THANKS
  7. I haven't gotten around to reaching rank 10 and beyond yet, but when I eventually do, I'll do it with a mix up of legendary module Yamato and my T10 cruisers. The cruisers are great and you can do great contributions in them, but whenever I don't take the BB role myself I feel like I'm risking the battle big time by potentially having one more potato BB on the team, increasing overall fatal risk of not having a single good BB on your team, which happens all too often IMO (and unlike in randoms I can't div up to fix this problem by having a friend/clan member secure the spot). As a BB main I would then feel responsible...
  8. Masa2mune

    Anyone else get burnt out on this game?

    I think it says a lot when it's one of the two games I play on almost daily basis around the year. Take a break if you feel you need to. If there are game modes, tiers or whatever you don't enjoy, then don't play them. Also don't feel bad about missing daily containers, premium days, events, ranked/CB seasons and etc. Those are extra incentives to keep you playing, yes, but don't let them dominate your life if you don't enjoy the game.
  9. Masa2mune

    Current Ranked T10 Meta

    Ranked feels so much better when you stop paying attention to the stars and ranks. I treat it as 7v7 randoms which it basically is. It's going to be a long grind up either way, getting worked up over some bad players won't help you. As for the ships, I personally prefer Yamato as my main pick since it's my favorite after the legendary module. Occasionally I try my new Worcester that has been blessed with the oddly high luck of facing enemy carries. I'll eventually try my Zao, Des Moines and Hindenburg as well. - Haven't really been interested in Montana for a while now, it used to have that accuracy + more guns thing going for it, but after the legendary Yamato 9x460 feels way better and I learned to angle my Yamato in a way that both baits and tanks the shells, whereas Montana has to maintain a steeper angle or get wrecked, but then it also runs into trouble it can't get out without getting punished while my Yammy just casually disengages and eats 1 citadel at worst. - Kürfurst secondary play is still fun and the lower number of ships actually lets it work better in ranked, assuming I dare to pick it. - Conqueror is a tanky hit and runner but oh my GOD the accuracy is all over the place and feel terrible after a nice game of Yamato. However, as long as I don't get torpedoed I can typically manage my health pool and disengagement in a way that doesn't get me killed, leaving me little to worry about. AP doesn't really work consistently enough until closer distances. - All the cruisers feel solid as usual, offering nice variety in playstyles.
  10. Masa2mune

    Darstadly Deads by Dasha

    This whole event is just another example of WG failing to make a successful event where you pick your sides. The balance is way worse than with the Fire vs. Water event. I chose Eagles because I want that camo since it kinda fits with the U.S. nationality theme (whereas sharks are not affiliated with any nation). After I finish my camo grind and if Sharks are still winning, I will drop the Eagles team like the hot garbage they are. The whole notion of any kind of loyalty to some made-up animal themed team is truly laughable. Also I don't really need the Sharks camo at all.
  11. Masa2mune

    How Karma helped me get better!

    I have been getting better and better, but recently I have also started losing karma because people accuse me of hacking for aiming well and angling my ships properly, to the point they openly accuse me on the in-game All chat.
  12. Oh yeah, it has finally updated now. Definitely takes a while, it seems.
  13. Doesn't look like it. The link and filename in the URL remains the same, at least so far.
  14. So I tried to update to a different background and to show different stats, but while the signature update on wows-numbers went smoothly, it doesn't seem to update here on the forums. It's like the old signature image is cached and refuses to change not matter how hard I try to update the link. Maybe it assumes that because the link URL remains the same, then the image must still be the same too! I tried changing the image size and alignment, but it always automatically reverts to the old signature image without changing anything. Anyone know how to get past this? EDIT: The image file on the top is what it SHOULD look like and the bottom one is the old one refusing to update.
  15. I think Shimakaze still gives a slightly underwhelming impression compared to what the other tier 10 DDs are capable of (especially Yueyang that is a dangerous torpedo boat AND can knife fight better than Shimakaze because it's a pseudo-Gearing), but the IJN torpedo boat play style is what keeps me at using her. The fact that her guns are only "okay" limits their use to more opportunistic use which gives me more excuses to not use them. Often times you are better off running away or quietly spot for the others in the open, rather than smoking up to fire or fight other DDs without relying on others. Knife fighting is so stressful and I'd rather enjoy most of my time spotting, capping and torping... and then I fire my guns when I see an easy prey when it's worth opening up and when I can get away with it without getting totally crippled or killed. My only complaint really is that her 12km torps could use a range increase to 14-16km (Frustrating when you have to sit so much out of radar range and when you spot the enemies as you try to torp them, they will often turn tail and run because you spotting is actually putting them under heavy fire and then you don't get any damage in.) or that the 20km ones were less useless. (Better concealment anyone? Or maybe better reload, or maybe speed? Something, please!) I miss the 16km range from Gearing...