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  1. Captain_Ktosiek

    Damageable Radar idea

    Well, at least this would give us some feeling of a real sea battle, not just some cover-shooter peekaboo P.S. Curved Horizon please!
  2. Captain_Ktosiek

    Damageable Radar idea

    Imho, this actually happens - at DD you just never know when you'd get caught with your pants off, when this Worcester activates radar when you're inside the range. But yes, real issue is spotting from behind islands - thus this I think should be limited by islands just like optical spotting The last point is actually quite funny. #BBorgTeam
  3. Captain_Ktosiek

    Damageable Radar idea

    Ye, that's a good point. Module damages mechanic (especially main gun damage) is not as widely used as it could be. Moar damages, moar. More destroyed guns. Let our ships really be crippled at the end of the battle.
  4. Captain_Ktosiek

    Damageable Radar idea

    Well, this still happens and actually Shima would not even score 1 hit, cos for what? (Edited first post for the second idea, of radar being damagable consumable, huh)
  5. Captain_Ktosiek

    Damageable Radar idea

    Hmmm, yeah, then not a continous, but still a damageable, that was the original idea, though, both versions worth considering maybe?
  6. Captain_Ktosiek

    Damageable Radar idea

    But DD'd be able to ensure no further detection by focusing on destroying radars from high distance, and thus way, not being all the time, to the end of the battle in danger of enemy using consumable radar.
  7. Captain_Ktosiek

    Damageable Radar idea

    Hello I know everyone have a best idea for game changes and new features, but here's my idea for developers: 1. - How about making radar not a consumable, but a ship module. Maybe constantly working, but damagable (fragile). EDIT: or 2. - what was an original idea - radar still being consumable, not constantly working - but still, able to be "shut off" and damaged for the rest of a battle (just as Defensive Fire is, when there's no longer AA mounts on deck) Currently we have a lot of ships which historically were using radar (most american battleships, cruisers, russian cruisers, british cruiser, other nations too), but from obvious reasons, so many ships with radar would break the game balance (khem...). But do really? Radars were very fragile devices, so... How about adding to most ships a radar as a continually (maybe?) working, damagable module - just like AA guns - mounted on the top of ships bridge/tower (and by so, hard to precisly hit). Not a perma-living consumable as it is now. Of course, it would massivly change the battle course (for destroyers and CAs only, mostly no effect for BBs), making DD lives hard at start (so no rushing to cap - as it happens at high tier now with consumable radar) - but waaaayy easier and focused at mid and late game, when the most ships got their modules broken. This way spotted ship would no longer be helpless, and forced to run away for 30secs every time enemy get him spotted with consumable radar. Got spotted? Get your chance to find and destroy what's spotting you. For example: DD got spotted, but over distance overruns BB's radar with gunfire, radar (having health pool of about 500-1500 HP) got broken, DD soon get covered again, but to the end of the battle BB is unable to use her radar. Of course more balance would be needed (lower concealment for DDs?) , but way is open for more complexity: - changed tactic for battles, ranked and clan battles - ships specialized for radar (longer range, durable module, low concealment but poor gunfire - mostly for selfdefence) and able to gain more exp for detecting. - shipsetting with new upgrades - better radar instead of better guns/AA And, at top of all, for balance - reduce shot bloom duration for DDs and CAs (of 20s now, this should differ for ship classes).. For any language mistakes I'm sorry, my english is no longer as good as it used to be few years ago. Enjoy, let's discuss (no hate allowed).
  8. Captain_Ktosiek

    Kreml TX BB

    Nie przesadzajmy, ma jeszcze parę wad. z 15km wsadza w Henri IV przez rufę tylko 3 cytadele, a nie 4. Tak samo w Yamato, z dowolnego kąta wbija tylko 3 cytadele zamiast 9, a sam na 9 pocisków z Yamy prosto w burtę dostaje 2 nadpenetracje i 7 rozbić. No jak tak można? Tym ruskim crapem się nie da grać... #NEEDBUFF