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  1. Bladenite

    ban this kid for chat harrassment

    Thanks for sticking up for me bro i appreciate it.
  2. Bladenite

    ban this kid for chat harrassment

    I didnt mean to name and shame i just wanted to know if i can do something about him, and also he started this on his own accord without me even doing anything so i asked him what his problem was, and that was basically his only reply, even after the game he messages me with this crap, so i screenshotted it and blocked him. I sent it to support and really hope he gets what he deserves cause i know he has atleast 1 t6 ship
  3. Bladenite

    ban this kid for chat harrassment

    Ill edit it the now
  4. Bladenite

    Missouri 750k free xp ?

    any mods can tell us what the deadline of the missouri is? doesnt say...
  5. Bladenite

    Arpeggio Compensation and More

    You forgot that players who finished the mission first time cannot sell their ship for the additional slot.
  6. Bladenite

    Event Calendar December

    Info please? Its better to get people hyped up for something then to say nothing at all...
  7. Bladenite

    Captain skills and leveling

    I'd like to bump this topic and ask whats the most effective way of leveling captains? lowtier(1-4) midtier(5-7) or hightier(8-10) ?? Keep in mind this is for a free to play.
  8. can i submit a support ticket for manual addition?
  9. I see i have 2 kongou commanders but what happen to the ship? Sorry im really bad at finding information a short answer will do me
  10. Bladenite

    Captain Cowper's Colorado Guide

    Does switching my US captain to another ship reset the tree??
  11. Bladenite

    Izumo- the joke at tier 9

    I still like the furutaka, play it like aoba, myoko and youre good as gold as the cruisers u face at that tier have piss poor armor
  12. Bladenite

    Where is König Albert!

    are you referring to a nerf?
  13. Bladenite

    Are the ARP ships isdentical to the normal ships?

    Guys its really fun if u use aslains modpack and put the arpeggio global hit effects when something gets hit it looks like a nuke just rekt them.
  14. Bladenite

    A Look At The Stock Izumo In [196k damage]

    How do u delete this.///