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  1. lapwing68

    Are you buying the HMS Hood?

    I want the Hood but £85 is too much and I refuse to talk myself around. I can get a 200gb micro SD card for the DAP I'm saving for at that price. It's all about priorities, If I wanted to spend £85 on pixels I'd have bought Mass Effect: Andromeda super deluxe edition from EA by now.
  2. lapwing68

    Sever Issues - November 4th

    Cannot login. I've been trying for about an hour and a quarter since I got in from work.
  3. lapwing68

    215MB Update Tonight

    Nutters....you're all nutters round here.
  4. lapwing68

    0.5.3 Bugs And Performance Feedback

    Well I installed the latest update. First game great. Second game has just crashed. It was saying that I had run out of memory. Well I have 32GB of 3000MHz LPX. The windows report showed I was using 23% of the RAM. Something still is not right. Also a minor issue is that the Left Alt and Enter combo no longer works. On the plus side the lag has improved dramatically since last night. I now have to decide whether to be brave enough to turn SLI back on...........
  5. Living in hope of the game being fixed......

  6. lapwing68

    0.5.3 Feedback

    Flickering Port Screen. Flickering Battles. Sky and land turn black. No difference since the hotfix went on. The game is for me kaput.
  7. lapwing68

    0.5.3 Bugs And Performance Feedback

    After a further update when I restarted the game the issue is unresolved. It still flickers horrifically.
  8. lapwing68

    0.5.3 Bugs And Performance Feedback

    Ok. I have a flickering screen whether in Port or in a Battle. It has made the game unplayable. Set Up: i7 6700k 4.0GHz 16Gb Corsair Vengeance LPX 3000MHz 2x Nvidia GTX 970 Strix OC in SLI mode. Sandisk Ultra II 480Gb C:\ drive Windows 10 all updated Before the game updated today the game played great. 58 fps and a 34ms ping rate. Now the port screen flickers and flashes. In game the sky and land features just turn black. It's a nightmare. I do hope you can fix it really soon and or give us updates as to what is going on. Thank you.
  9. lapwing68

    Sli problems / flickering after new update

    I refuse to have the hassle of disabling and re-enabling sli depending on what I am doing plus reinstalling every time.
  10. lapwing68

    Game crashes to port in the new update !

    Oh dear. Back to The Witcher III Wild Hunt it is then. Bang goes my remaining two weeks of Premium unless it gets fixed asap.
  11. lapwing68

    graphics problem after update?

    Same issue for me. It's now unplayable.
  12. lapwing68

    Sli problems / flickering after new update

    Same here. Flickering like crazy. The game is unplayable. Hopefully we won't lose more than a day of our premium whilst it gets fixed.
  13. lapwing68

    Game crashes to port in the new update !

    When I load up the game I have a severe flickering screen whether I'm in port or trying to play a game. I had to leave the battle it is that bad. My first thought was that the SLI wasn't working and I changed the bridge but it made no difference. Will uninstalling and then reinstalling make any difference? i7 6700k 16Gb Corsair Vengeance LPX 3000MHz Nvidia GTX 970 4Gb x2 SLI Sandisk Ultra II 480Gb
  14. It's nice having torpedoes but getting close enough with the Nurnberg with its 6km range is tricky. I keep on trying to get the 3 or 4 torpedo hits in a battle but after nearly 100 battles with her I've never had more than two. I've tried sneaking up. I've tried high speed dashes. I've tried avoiding every ship in the hunt for a carrier. Stil no joy. Just a big bang and glug glug she goes.
  15. The Nurnberg is a pain in the posterior. Some games I've put 60+ AP into a BB and it still kills me with less than six hits. The worst experience was 72 AP and 1 torpedo into a BB and still it sunk me. Cruisers rated Tier VII and VII give me the same issue. VII and VIII's tend to gang up on a Nurnberg. Every now and then things click and I've have a great battle but it's frustratingly rare. Generally the only way to survive that I've found is hang onto the coat tails of one or two of my own BB's or continually sprint between obstacles. Why the German armour seems so poor is beyond me. Unless wargaming,net being from Belorussia they still really don't like the Germans lol? With regards to different ships in different tiers why not use the Graf Spee or the Scharnhorst/Gneisenau (classed as Battlecruisers)? I'm sticking with an all German fleet for now. I really want the Hipper because I liked her sister ship the Prinz Eugen, which survived the first nuclear detonation at Bikini Atoll as a test ship. Very graceful lines,