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  1. DarthDon49

    Developer Bulletin 0.9.6

    That's three too many (and why no odd tier CV's, perhaps it is because folks don't play them). Besides, that does NOT change the fact that REAL ships are being ignored for PAPER fantasies.
  2. DarthDon49

    Developer Bulletin 0.9.6

    Many players such as myself never play CV's, but most play DD's at least a little, so why not something that actually fought, LIKE ITALIAN DD's? (I don't know why I bother asking, I've been asking for Italian DD's for ages.)
  3. DarthDon49

    Dry Dock: Admiral Graf Spee

    Putting the Deutschland in the shipyard event would have gotten me to think about participating, but, since I already have the Spee I'm not.
  4. DarthDon49

    Armada: Ägir

    I would love to see WG come out with the ships like this, from the 1870's on. They could have their own tech trees and battles (just as subs should).
  5. DarthDon49

    Armory Update Review

    Meanwhile, WG did not add any new ships THAT ACTUALLY EXISTED, much less ships in low to middle tiers and buyable with coal. (I have enough coal, I DON'T WANT a Georgia.)
  6. DarthDon49

    Armada: Ägir

    Another paper ship while WG ignores dozens of ships that ACTUALLY EXISTED. (I know, most aren't tier IX and X so WG can't milk players for port fees, what else is new?)
  7. DarthDon49

    Hamburg Dockyard: Directives Deadline Approaching!

    I already have the Spee. I'm not going to spend money and grind my butt off for a PAPER ship. There are lots of ships that actually existed W.G. could have used, like the IJN Ise, the IJN Tone, the HMS Repulse, the USS Wichita, I could go on and on, but NOOOOO!!
  8. DarthDon49

    Armada: Pyotr Bagration

    WG gives us Soviet ships that "Might have been" instead of ships that actually existed, LIKE ITALIAN DD's...
  9. DarthDon49

    Weekly Combat Missions: Battle of Midway

    I have a zillion of them as well, plus, the number you can get isn't all that impressive. I would be interested in a perma-cammo I could put on any ship (as long as it wasn't something goofy like the French and Swedish with all the trash hanging off the ship. The same for the Halloween and space cammo's, NOT interested.
  10. DarthDon49

    Weekly Combat Missions: Battle of Midway

    1) I don't play CV's, 2) I have a ton of flags I never use, 3) I don't play rentals = 3 strikes, you're OUT!!
  11. DarthDon49

    Free Goodies in our news Articles!

    Why repost this today, after the "event" is over (according to the page)? Inquiring minds, and all that... Also, why does the original post say the offer expires June 5, 2020 and yet says it has expired today (June 3, 2020).
  12. DarthDon49

    Mods Policy

    I use mods on many of the games I play but because I post screenshots on DeviantArt (I'm 62Guy there), and I don't want to alter the appearance of the ships/background, I don't use any mods.
  13. DarthDon49

    Launch Day Calendar: June 2020

    I have been harping on the lack of missions for ships below Tier V for a long time. WG has been ignoring me for a long time. (They haven't figured out how to milk low tier players for cash.)
  14. DarthDon49

    The Story of Nobuo Fujita

    Unless you count what happened on 9/11...
  15. DarthDon49

    Wargaming Game Center – All in One!

    Here are some test results: "That's it so far, showing that (obviously) XP SP3 has the lead in RAM usage (76-82 MB), followed by 7 Beta (288-320 MB) and Vista SP1 (295-347 MB). Overall XP also has the least bloat, with 6.3%, followed by Seven with 10% and Vista bringing up the rear with 15%." 8 and 10 are even worse, plus there's the TINY matter of Microsoft spying on you.