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  1. DarthDon49

    Never Enough Gifts!

    I have two fleets, one here on the EU server and one on the NA. As I've had to cut back on my gaming, I'm going to sell my EU account, therefore, I'll buy zero "gifts".
  2. DarthDon49

    Naval History in Photos: The Panama Canal

    I've been a member of the USNI for years. They publish some of the finest books on Naval history. Members get a discount and they have sales, too.
  3. DarthDon49

    Public Test of Update 0.10.7: Round 2

    I stand by my original post. FYI, Pearl Harbor was NOT a surface engagement, neither was the Battle of the Philippine sea, but then, you have to stick to your narrative. Good boy.
  4. DarthDon49

    Borodino in the Armory and Premium Shop

    I haven't ever met a Dutch honey named Dasha, just say'n.
  5. DarthDon49

    Public Test of Update 0.10.7: Round 2

    Good little boy, toe the corporate party line. You obviously don't know your BATTLE history. Very few warships were sunk by subs DURING battles - FACT. Go peddle your nonsense elsewhere.
  6. DarthDon49

    Public Test of Update 0.10.7: Round 2

    Subs did NOT participate in many battles, they mostly preyed on cargo ships. p.s. That's what WoWS was supposed to be all about, surface battles, they even stated they would never add subs.
  7. DarthDon49

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.10.7

    I'm another player that will stop when subs are in regular matches. I'll put this profile up for sale at that point.
  8. DarthDon49

    Public Test of Update 0.10.7: Round 2

    Submarines? One step closer to me selling my profile.
  9. DarthDon49

    Naval Legends: Tambovskiy Komsomolets – Trailer

    No ship made of ordinary steel this, pure Stallinium, stem to stern! SMH
  10. DarthDon49

    LIVE Reveal — New German Battleship Branch!

    I'm boycotting Disney since they've gotten "woke". Walt is spinning in his grave.
  11. DarthDon49

    Armada: Nueve de Julio

    While some may criticise WG for picking a prison ship I chalk it up to Russians being Russions. The Admiral Belgrano might have been a better choice, the fact that it was sunk by a British attack sub during the Falkland War might have been a factor. My beef is that to participate in the drawing one must subscribe to WG's lame "history" channel with its recycled footage., I get too much garbage in my inbox as it is. (I already have the ship, anyway.) WG seems to forget that time I spend watching their videos is time taken away from other things I could be doing, LIKE PLAYING THE GAME. - D'OH !!
  12. DarthDon49

    LIVE Reveal — New German Battleship Branch!

    I agree, the more REAL ships the better. Now, for the umpteenth time, WHERE ARE THE ITALIAN DD's?
  13. DarthDon49

    How It Works: Economics – Expenses

    O.K. but I still prefer being able to read the information, not watch a video. It is far easier to do an in depth analysis from text and tables. To have to view videos takes that away (not to mention using unnecessary bandwidth).
  14. DarthDon49

    How It Works: Economics – Expenses

    Subscribe to the channel to read the news? HELL NO!! I should be able to read/view the news without subscribing to ANYTHING!! To post content in the "News" that folks cannot access directly is dishonest.