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  1. Parakitteh

    The World of Warships ModStation!

    Broken record topic I'm sure, but is there any news on what is happening with the server switch feature, and also the "yet another zoom out mod" mods? It occurred to me without it, that I despise the base game's camera, and really struggle at close-range navigation, it just shows me none of my periphery. What mods do offer a large zoom-out function, and possibly, also a good zoom-in function? Assuming by "historical" you mean the controversial Nazi KM and IJN battle flags, there are plenty of mods in the modpack for those. Personally, I use the Panzerschiffe icons for ships, which I feel convey more information clearer than the standard markers, but also feature the KM and IJN standards, which I don't care for seeing. It does, however, also show interesting things like the Russian Imperial Navy and German Imperial Navy flags.
  2. Sure, because players in this community are totally rational and not toxic enough to abuse a system like this. Nop. My first teamkill, I didn't get pink teamkiller status. I did for my second. Both were torpedo accidents, the second absolutely my fault.
  3. Parakitteh

    Servicing Cost. Umm??

    I think it's substantially less "oh no, repair cost" than "oh christ, I don't want to be deleted in the first two minutes".
  4. Parakitteh

    Servicing Cost. Umm??

    I feel like I have a good game if I get 1 million potential damage fired at me, sunk or not. Sometimes less in cruisers if I'm hiding or being screened, I've had waaay more than that in BBs.
  5. Parakitteh

    Servicing Cost. Umm??

    No, I mean, I'm following a friendly Gneis who is brawling and secondary'ing another BB. I try torping the BB at range (while trying to be sure the Gneis is clear), but before my torps arrive, nine times of ten, our Gneis just dumps four torpedoes into their side at pirate range.
  6. Parakitteh

    Servicing Cost. Umm??

    It's not easy being pink ;) It's frustrating in the CLs at the moment, because I can't stealth-fire torps and don't have the armour to tank. I've tried launching surprise torp attacks around cover or from smoke occasionally, and that sometimes works. I think Warships Today is passive-aggressively judging me with how I "extremely rarely use torpedoes". My pet peeve though, are German BBs who tank all their damage because they're German BBs, and then torpedo their opponent at close range. Like, erm, give the rest of us a chance will you?
  7. Parakitteh

    Servicing Cost. Umm??

    Oh I've got detailed ribbons, I learned that one very early, I just wasn't paying attention to them or the damage counter Wanted to use torps instead but friendly Hipper would have been in the danger zone. (And in my defence, at this point, it was the last red left alive on our side of the map)
  8. Parakitteh

    HMS Cossack

    Have you seen my K/D?
  9. Parakitteh

    Servicing Cost. Umm??

    Tbf, that was an embarrassing game damage-wise, since apparently I bounced 70 shots, most of which were against the enemy carrier. I guess I was shooting at the bow? I thought I was behind it. I find carriers pretty difficult to shoot at - I'm struggling to find their citadels. Didn't think to just go for easy pens on the deck.
  10. Parakitteh

    Servicing Cost. Umm??

    And yet, in this game (which I pointed out as being highly unusual), I was doing everything a CL should be doing. DD-hunting, smoke cover for other ships, a limited amount of AA and then from the mid-game onwards, pushing pushing pushing with the top-tier friendly CAs. The reds left a flank open, so we only had to deal one-by-one with a bottom-tier BB, and a mid-tier and top-tier CA and then their mid-tier CV. Then we won by cap, and I was also on the cap, leaving just a red DD trying to cap our base, and a red BB trying badly to hunt our CV. To quote Rick & Morty, You don't know me! CLs can't tank damage. The clue is in the name "Light" Cruiser. If I'm screening, covering, pushing and capping in standard battle, and I take no damage in an unarmoured ship, that is good play. I don't often make good play. I was a little bummed this wouldn't be reflected in a servicing cost I wasn't aware of that isn't explained anywhere but the wiki. I'd like to think my stats would show I'm not a "camper", rather quite obviously, "the guy who gets overextended because he forgot that ships don't slow to a stop inside of 20m like tanks do".
  11. Parakitteh

    some normal crosshair?

    Only at maximum zoom. The static crosshair looks identical at any level of zoom. Lower levels of zoom will effectively "calibrate" it to higher speeds and smaller ships, but there's no actual way of knowing what.
  12. Parakitteh

    Noobs will kill this game!

    I've got nearly 30,000 battles in World of Tanks and I was playing like a toddler until literally last week. I'm still not remotely good, I've literally just reached a point of decency.
  13. Parakitteh

    Servicing Cost. Umm??

    NOTE - yes, I do understand this is how the game *works* before anyone TL;DRs and posts that So early tonight I made a rare achievement for myself - not only not getting sunk in the Leander, but somehow managing to take 0 points of damage and 0 modules damaged or destroyed. Something I would have thought impossible, but hey, apparently no-one wanted to focus down the unarmoured bottom-tier cruiser for once. I thought that this would allow me to eliminate the Servicing Cost for that match, since the 20-something thousand credits I normally spend is kinda painful. Just another thing I'm used to from playing World of Tanks. Nope. This was pretty disappointing. So, all the time when I play like garbage, I get charged the same even when I don't take damage? I understand, of course, that this was a specific change made in 5.12 for whatever reason. I don't understand that reason, also of course. So why a fixed amount that doesn't reward a player for "good" play? It doesn't really punish "bad" play either for what it's worth, it just becomes an arbitrary silver tax on bothering to play the game. Why not have a base "servicing cost" per tier, then extra fees are levies on top of that for damage taken and ship loss? So if my Leander dies, I end up paying say 25,000C instead of the 23,000 it is now, but surviving a battle is maybe only 8-10,000 credits charged, plus an amount based on how much health was remaining at the end of the match? (charging more for more damage taken than your total hitpoints would just make calculations weird and arguably punish "good" play, as while you can argue that taking that much damage is a symptom of poor play, powering through it and pumping out damage compensates). So, 8k base servicing charge, +7k "recovery fee", +10k "damage fee" (100% of total HP lost at game end) if your ship is sunk adding up to 25kC; Or, survive with 35% of your HP remaining (not total damage), 8k servicing charge, no recovery fee, and then 65% of 10k "damage fee" totalling 14,500C I mean, I really don't get it as a system. Repair charges in WoT made plenty of sense, to me... this doesn't.
  14. Parakitteh

    some normal crosshair?

    That'd make sense. Is there literally anywhere in the game that tells you this relatively important information? I can't make the static work at any level of zoom below max tbh, unless I'm super close range. The two main reasons I'm zooming out is so I can get to the "20" marker for a zippy DD (which then isn't showing me scaled to 20kts as an estimate for 40kts) or if I'm at close range. tbh I'd probably use zoom a lot more if I had a real mouse.
  15. Parakitteh

    some normal crosshair?

    I've tried the dynamic crosshair (and the modded dynamic) crosshair so much, and it actually makes my aim worse. By just "guessing" on the standard crosshair my hitrate is way better. Just wish the Type 1 wasn't so ridiculously faint. Can't make out the numbers half the time.