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  1. 3mg4

    invisable ships suck

    I had this today in several games, it's just sh*t! How can it be that I see a destroyer 4K in front of me and in the next second he is gone but keeps to shot at me, and I have basically no idea where he is, after a few seconds I see him again for some seconds and he disappears again, note: this all happens within a 4 too 5 km radius. It just sick. if my laptop would be strong enough I would record this issue, as proof.
  2. 3mg4


    It do not need to be overly realistic, but somethings is wrong with those little bastards, they appear 4 k in front of you right from nothing you shoot one salve on them they disappear and appear on a complete different spot again (they move fast;-) this is not so funny! i know there are several topics about this matter, if my laptop would be strong enough I would record a video of one of my games, but I think everybody above tier 5 knows this issue.
  3. 3mg4

    I hereby agree......... (buying doubloons)

    i know the law, just asking because it's near to impossible to do so. Look at all the cellphone games, you can't grant a refund for 14 days. I buy it I use it, maybe within an hour, play for several days with better ships, weapons or what else you can buy with them, and then I come and shout refund. Theory and real life is as far apart as the Mars to the world. ;-) just my 2 cents
  4. 3mg4

    How do I report a teamkiller?

    you can report (kind of) but only without giving a "reason" for the report, there is just the option "playes bad" (or similar i play in german "Spielt schlecht") IN Game you need to press TAB and then CTRL hoover with your mouse over the name you want to report click right and choose "Report" ("Melden")->and Reason (Spam in chat, playes bad ...) But honestly i dont know if anybody cares about this, i mean this option is more or less hidden in the game and you always need to know the name of the player, so if he just starts shooting at you but never write something in the chat, it could be anyone on your team. (okey sometimes you can identify the ship) ...
  5. 3mg4

    I hereby agree......... (buying doubloons)

    How should they give you a refund if you used the Dublothings already? To revert all your changes wich you made with the Dublodollars? This will end up in a mess...
  6. 3mg4

    How are XP are calculated

    Thank you for put things clear! I can confirm, after playing some real multiplayer fights (not Co-Op), i get a lot of XP! Thank you for your help!
  7. 3mg4

    How are XP are calculated

    Oke here some old examples from two or one day ago. Dont know how to upload Pictrures so i post a link to Dropbox. Pic_1 Over 100 shots, 2 destroyed, 8 times fire, maybe not my best game but but 174 XP Pic_2 Pic_2_1 basically the same as above Pic_3 just to compare, here i got 400 XP, and did far less then in Pic_1 or this one Pic_4 over 900 XP but did not as good Pic_1 and Pic_2 was a Co-Op fight; Pic_3 and Pic_4 was a randomfight against real people. Is the diffrence this big between those two typs of fights/games. greetings 3mg4
  8. 3mg4

    How are XP are calculated

    Oke thank you for your answer, seems to be logic;-)
  9. 3mg4

    How are XP are calculated

    Thank you!!
  10. 3mg4

    How are XP are calculated

    hello, quick question: how are XP points are calculated? I have some battles where I destroy some ships and shot and hit a lot off enemies but only get about 200 XP and in other battles where I destroy nobody and only shot at enemies I get up to 400 XP. How is this calculated, I'm currently playing the St. Louis and it's a pain in the [edited]to get enough XP for the next ship... thx 3mg4