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  1. No need to be so angry. No mere mortal will be able to by your beloved T10s. The theortical max amount of steel which can be earned in the campaigns (included the paid one), and through the snowflakes, is 17319. You can buy the Stalingrad with a coupon for 21000. So it will remain the pride of your type of players. You know the dedicated God ones.
  2. Reducing the number of CV-s to four/branch a clear sign, that you cant provide enough variety to a whole line, in this limited gameplay. Refusing to give us the ability to control the cv, means a carrier wont be able to protect herself. How on earth should I attack the marching dd, and dodging the torps in one time? Moving all the premium cv-s to tier 8 means, all of them will play in the top bracket. T8 will be flooded by prem. carriers Finally the compensation. Nowadays, when I sitting on 1M+ freeExp, I can't be amazed by another 3-4k. What the hell should I do with it? I have all the fxp ship already, and you public new reward ships for coal, steel, cooper etc... anything but Fxp.
  3. Gknight_007

    EU server down?

  4. Gknight_007

    Got a ST Ship E-mail?

    I got it twice, at 1:30, and 6:45. I felt myself kinda special till I saw this thread. So Wg, what happened?
  5. Gknight_007

    Update 0.6.1 - New Upgrades feedback

    I think better to add a new slot for the elite upgrades. In this case you can use only one elite up for one ship, and you can modify the build to max out the benefits. On the common slots where they competes with other much needed upgrades, they are simply not worth. For example I will never trade my concealment expert upgrade on my dds or even cruisers, because I can last long enough without the concealment to get benefit from the elite upgrade.
  6. Gknight_007

    The RN is coming tomorrow!

    The "reign" of the DD's are over. These smoke sitting radar equipped bastards will wipe out all of them. Cvs out of the game now, DDs will be erased by these monsters, welcome in the world of BBs. I hope I wont be right this time.
  7. Gknight_007

    Season 5 - Show off your High Scores

    My little Fubu fought well
  8. Gknight_007

    Dragon Flags

    More intereseting situation here; I've got 50 yesterday, which maybe comes from my only tier X, but the other 250 which comes after the 3700 games I've played, are still missing. Weird.
  9. Gknight_007

    DD cap issues

    IJN sneaky DDs which are capable cap on by own, but it's harder than ever by the increasing population of radar equipped cruisers/BBs. I really hate when cruisers, camping in a safe distance, calling me noob when I play one of my russian or US DDs, and I'm not runing headlessly to cap. I doubt that, only I'm the person in the whole team, who knows enemy IJN DD will spot me, and they cruisers rip me appart in a blink? Really too hard to understandt, that a living DD can help a lot at later stages? Take your time, at the begginning of the battle, run through the enemy lineup, and think it over. Enemy has IJN DDs? - they are great in scouting, capping, stealth torping, hunt them as fast as possible Russian DDs - firespitters, great range, great dpms, expect fires, limited torp ability USN DDs - bit of booth, but still bad stealth ability, good fire rate and dpm, terrible gun arch, great torps at high tiers The same situation at your teammates.
  10. Gknight_007

    Epicenter maps

    This game mode on low tiers works fine, on tier 3-5. Later as capable dd's appear its not fun any more to me. IN the center knife fighting for dd's and that team who lost their dd's will loose. The gunboats here has great advantage. Ca-s can't really support their dds, beacuse nuked by BBs extremely fast. BBs can't push, because of the torps. Acting like a team could maybe help, but here comes the toll of the high repair prices. Noone, or just few player will push, beacause of the fear to loose the ship early, and loose great amount of money. Players are fear from this on the test server, where they have nearly unlimited resources, waht will they do on the live server?
  11. Gknight_007

    What the H...? Only Base Experience counts now?

    This base Xp "thing" is good. This way the conditions are the same for the premium account/ship, and the base account/ship users, and that's great!
  12. Gknight_007

    soon 5.11 with armor viewer

    I'm not happy with the map changes, I like them as they are now.
  13. I don't expect high tier German BBs brawling. It will ends by Bismarck, The T9 and T10 monsters are too big, and vulnerable for torps. They will keep distance if don't want to die fast.
  14. Gknight_007

    Is Flint really that OP?

    Please read, I didn't call it OP, I didn't blame the Flint, I described a situation which happened yesterdey with me, when I made a mistake. There are many options to die, a dd can smoke a bb, citadell me, bang, die. One, two or more Atlantas can burn me in a blink, the result is the same only one dd can torp me into oblivion... I just said one Flint and one Atlanta while using the two ships abiliites right, is surprisingly strong.
  15. Gknight_007

    Is Flint really that OP?

    The "ran into" part means I made a mistake, and they popped up from behind an island. It was a mistake, this is not a question. But nothing killed me before as fast as these two, and without any chance to fight back. You can call me bad player, don't care, really I'm not a big shot, but this little ship has all the powers of the dd's plus the huge He output. It's a new type of danger out there.