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  1. BaronTest

    Wargaming.net Game Center - Open Beta - Feedback

    I would like to suggest probably the same thing, as Iollo08 above - it would be really nice to add a WoWS Public Test to the "list of games available/administrated" in the Game Centre? It will help me a lot to keep it updated and under my controll. Thank You.
  2. BaronTest

    Unable to division - 4 days now

    Still not working for you? Today morning servers were quickly restarted wit a hotfix, which is said to solve some minor bugs, including a "division one".
  3. BaronTest

    PSA - Patch 0.6.10 problems

    Check the "Known issues" folder in the "Current Update" section. Up to now, there is: Captains, Here are few known issues with the 0.6.10. Where possible we provide a workaround until the issue can be fixed: • After updating the game client via Launcher or Wargaming.net Game Center, temporary files with the extension .killme in the folder res \ packages are not deleted, which causes significant increase in Game Client size (up to ~40GB). ◦ Workaround: In order for the temporary files to be deleted and to not take up unnecessary space, you need to close and restart Launcher or Wargaming.net Game Center. NOTE: You have to shut down the Game Center in the Tray as well. WGC Tray.png • After the update and game client launch, load progress bar in the port freezes, ship can not be loaded and players cannot play normally. ◦ Workaround: The issue is caused by an incorrect update of the client files, you can fix it by running the client integrity check command ("Check") in the Launcher options, the system will restore the system files. However, it will need to download from 1.5 to 20 GB. • British battleships Bellerophon, Orion, Iron Duke, received by players after the release of 0.6.10 as a result of completing SSE tasks, can not be sold by players. ◦ Workaround: None. The issue will be fixed with patch release (currently scheduled for September 13-14, 2017). We apologize for the inconvenience.
  4. BaronTest

    Deep Water Torpedoes

    Yup. I see this like a nerf of CVs more than anything else ...
  5. BaronTest

    The reason why BBs hug the map border

    Imo the problém is, taht too many BB players: - just want to sail their mighty big ship - want to pepper any target with their mighty guns and to show all players who is the strongest one human being here, but - are too afraid to accept any risk and - do not care about details like "scenario" and "what is the goal to reach here" (mostly becouse they are not self-confident and/or able enough to deal with the task) and - they are willing and able to pay the WG for fullfilling of their dreams
  6. BaronTest

    Is the CV player is the team Babysitter?

    On the other hand - if you do not help your teammates, then do not expect them to help you (so do not call them names for letting that DD to sneak around and attack you). And, also, expect bit higher probability of games being lost :) Yes, you are not here to make a carebear. But, you know, there is the thing called "a teamplay" which benefits its members :)
  7. BaronTest

    Current British BB quest/missions [Question]

    To unlock the Iron Duke (as well as those two lower BBS) you just need to get 3 flags, one from each mission (their 3rd part). The rest is just ... a bonus :)
  8. BaronTest

    Brilliant WG patch!!!

    Bit more cases of "locked in loadscreen" and one blacscreen crash after the end of the game for me. Yes, this patch seems to be less stable than previous ones.
  9. BaronTest

    Dunkirk RN captain

    1. I would say NO is the correct answer :) 2. It depends on how much money you could and are willing to spend. IMO you'll need 20+ of crates. In my case I've got first 11 items easily in missions, then getting duplicates only, so that it took me 6 crates to get 11 items directly + 5 items from duplicate-exchange (5-for-1), i.e. to get all 16 pieces I needed at least 18 crates :)
  10. BaronTest

    Killer Whale revisited - Anthony/Cyclone plague

    I'm afraid we'll not see any Elo-based grouping in the WoWs. Why? Becouse this will make the game for thousands of weak players totally un-playable. With no carebears to push them throught they will not be able to deal with even the easiest missions on their own. Moreover, without meeting experienced players in the heat of the battle they will never learn how to play. Therefore - they will be bored by their "impossible to win" games first, then, when finally getting necessary Elo to climb up to "standard" level of battles, they will be beaten back to the boredom. And in this way the WG will loose their customers ...
  11. BaronTest

    Killer Whale revisited - Anthony/Cyclone plague

    Yeah, this weekend was really bad. All my attempts were filled with 5-6 players sailing their Anthony/Cyclone/New York, where: - they selected tier V ship - they selected ship weak in HP/armor/alpha damage/AA - they selected "improper" ship (i.e. not the one from the list of ships, suggested for the scenario as "good/optimal") - they did not try to find any info about the scenario and had no idea about what to do here - they have rather low sklil (WR below 45%, PR 400 or lower) - they are not used in teamplay, do not listen/talk in chat So the every attempt ended with 1-2 stars fail, whatever the remaining 2 ships in the team tried to do ... Maybe there should be more levels of the Operation battle, starting with the level of "Care-bear", where inexperienced ppl could "just cruise" for some small reward, letting them to enter the "standard" version when they are ready for it?
  12. BaronTest

    Strange MM

    Hi All, under current release I'm experiencing - at least once or twice a day - strange MM setups, where: - one side has more BBS, which is OK, but ... - the same side gets more DDs as well, which is IMO very bad, but that's still not all, becouse ... - while BBs are mostly ballanced as good as it goes, those "more DDs" have higher tier than those of the opposing team The MM system tries to ballance this setup by giving the opposite cruisers bit higher tier, but, in my opinion, this just can't work, becouse the clear advantage the one team has in battle-decisive classes (higher number of punch-giving battleships, higher number - and tier - of scouting/capping destroyers) simply could not be weighted by higher number (and bit of higher tier) of support ship class - the cruisers. PS: and gues what - in such games the team with more BBs + DDs always won. Always.
  13. Yup, try some games in low-to-mid tiers. The game is bit better there and you just expect less experienced/able ppl playing those games, so you'll not be as surprised (or, rather shocked) with that as in tier X games :D
  14. BaronTest

    New smoke upcoming changes very bad idea

    So - ID the WG devs intend to stop BBS firing from the smoke, why they want to affect the smoke (which is not targeted) instead of the intented target itself - the visibility of battleships? In my opinion it should be really easy to keep the smoke as it is, but reveal the shooting ship (fully or just its "outline") sitting in it? And for how long the ship is visible will depend on amount+caliber of guns firing (Yamato full salvo maybe 10 seconds, light cruiser 0-3 secs, destroyers maybe not affected at all). In this way the shooting ship will afect only itself, as it should, and the danger of being revealet will depend on the strenght of the salvo? We probably all remember the time, when ships tend to blink in/out in the smoke, so - if necessary, why should we not get use of such an effect, this time in a planned way?
  15. BaronTest

    RN DDs here at last (HMS Gallant G-Class DD)

    Hmmmm, with those commander's special skills - can I give him the regular vesrsion of those skills as well? And if yes - how will it work (adding/multiplying/...)?