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  1. Giorgio_marksman

    Brindisi, that headache

    I personally found the Brindisi to be very similar to the Venezia, just weaker in almost every way. Keep in mind most tier IX’s are ‘speed bumps’ made to make people suffer for the tier X ship. Use the SAP as if it were AP, and dodge a lot. Always know when a BB is aiming at you. As soon as you see the muzzle flash put the engine on ‘reverse’ and full rudder to point your nose towards the bb, this way you will successfully avoid almost all the bb salvos from over 15km. If pointing your nose towards the enemy is not an option (island, torps, ecc.) point your nose away, it is riskier but most of the times their shells will just land short.Try to flank the enemy, the ship is very fast and the smoke can help you get out of bad situations. If you hit any DD with an SAP salvo it will deal massive amounts of damage, as it can’t overpen, but you are by no means a D D hunter, just take shots at them if a radar cruiser spots them. The Venezia has better armour, can land good salvos on every type of ship and is IMO one of the best cruisers in the game. Hold tight, it’s worth the suffering.
  2. Giorgio_marksman

    Seattle range 18km?

    Then why do I hear everyone complaining about it’s range? 18km is pretty good
  3. Giorgio_marksman

    Seattle range 18km?

    If the range for the upgraded gun mod. on Seattle is 15.7 km and I put Gun Fire Control System Modification 2 (which adds 16% gun firing range) then I should theoretically have 18km range? Correct me if i’m wrong. Also if I mount the upgrade before I research and mount the gun module will it add 16% firing range to the new range (15.7 km, making the range 18km) or will it just ignore the new mod because I mounted it when the ship had the old module?
  4. Giorgio_marksman

    42% fire chance, 38 hits and only 3 fires

    none of the ships which i shot were already burning, not even once, and 42% is a ridiculous rate of fire, i should have gotten 15 fires (15.95999999...) , calculating the percentage.
  5. Am I just unlucky or what?😂
  6. Giorgio_marksman

    5250 doubloons, what would I buy?

    Hey didn’t mean to be stubborn, just saying I asked for a ship, not a camo. I already said that I don’t like being judged by my profile and wr, why? Because: 1) I have improved since when I started (clearly) and my stats are affected by when I was bad at playing this game 2)When I ask for advice on a high tier ship (which unlike you think I am perfectly capable of playing) I get many other players (such as you) who instead of giving me the advice I asked for offer some other options which I don’t want, and get mad when I refuse them! If I wanted to buy some prem camo’s I would have asked ‘which camo can I buy with 5k dobloons?’ but that’s not what I asked, because I know I can handle tier 6-7 ships (because I can’t buy any t8 ships which many of you keep saying I can’t handle). Instead of telling me I have no skill, which even if it were true I probably would already know, think a second longer and understand that if someone (for examples) asks you what sports car you can buy with a certain amount of money you don’t reply telling them to buy a family car! Same goes for ships and camo’s, I asked for a ship and not a camo because I want a ship and not a camo. I wish you happy holidays.
  7. Giorgio_marksman

    5250 doubloons, what would I buy?

    Thanks for being one of the only people who’s answer actually helped, if I were asking for a prem camo I would have told you guys (which i’m not because I already have too many normal camo’s and flags) once again I thank you for your answer!
  8. Giorgio_marksman

    5250 doubloons, what would I buy?

    Unfortunateley I started playing this game when I was still little (in age, as I am only 15 now) and at the time I didn’t understand how the mechanics worked, and at the same time I had a lot o free time so I did a lot of battles. I am a decent team player, just look at my ranked sprint, when I reached rank 5 I had only lost 2 battles and in those battles I came first, so I didn’t even lose a star. I would consider myself just as good as the average Yamato player, as the server average is 80k, and although my average is lower (as it is influenced by the first 15 battles where I didn’t know how to play the ship) in the last 10 battles or so I always kept myself above 105k damage/battle. Unfortunately people like you judge me from my stats (which I myself agree are shitty) but are heavily influenced by my 11/12 yo self, which was a terrible crap at playing. Just look at some of my most recent ships, Nagato 55% (As I said before I have played few battles with Yamato and the wr is still influenced by when I was adjusting my playstyle) iron duke 75% (I only used it to get to the QE playing around 30 battles) bogue 56% New Mexico 56% and budyonny which i’ve played quite a lot (around 2.5% of my total battles) considering I only used it to grind schohrs 54%
  9. Giorgio_marksman

    5250 doubloons, what would I buy?

    Yep Izumo fucked up my play style, and because I have done few battles with my Yamato my stats are still influenced by the first 15 or so, keep in mind I won’t go lower than 105k each battle with the yamato
  10. Giorgio_marksman

    5250 doubloons, what would I buy?

    I already have Perth, Duca d’aosta, Atlanta, Atago, Tirpiz and Alabama. I like bb’s but I am trying to get more familiar with cruisers and especially dd’s because the only t10 I have is the Yamato. Any advice on which prem to get?
  11. can you get the PEF as soon as the campaign starts or are there different missions every week that you have to complete so that it takes you multiple weeks?
  12. About every 2 seconds the enemy team caught up with points for about 0.5 sec before we went in the lead again, when the battle finished we were 2 points ahead but it still ended in a draw. I’m extremely pissed (because I think draws give you the same amount of XP as a loss) and can’t understand why even if we were 2 points ahead it was a draw. Can anyone explain?
  13. Giorgio_marksman

    Yamato- How to position?

    I just got the Yamato (2 days ago) and I only have around 10 battles in it. The second was fairly good (140k damage) but in all the others I only have 70-90k damage done per battle. All of the time I think i’m out of position, sometimes i’m too far behind and can’t deal a lot of damage before the match ends and others i’m too far in front and get killed with 60-70k damage done. Most of the matches I loose around 20-30k credits. Any help on positioning? Thank you very much guys!
  14. Giorgio_marksman

    How do I switch from EU server to NA?

    Which one of his mods? will it also let me access to NA server? he has thousands of them and i don't really know which to chose, could you please send ma a link?
  15. Giorgio_marksman

    How do I switch from EU server to NA?