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  1. I don't have a clue what you mean by that, are you saying you think it was fixed? all I want is a list of the major winners, for transparency reasons. I have been asking for over a month now.
  2. I have written to PayPal and asked them to provide a list of the winners of the major prizes, after I have no response from @MrConway @Tuccy Maybe I should have asked @iEarlGrey.33 days ago.
  3. @The_EURL_Guy Can somebody please answer my question? a simple link will be suffice.
  4. 13Ninjas

    ChaosMachineGR Twitch Streams, Replays and more!!!

    I spent a couple of hours one night watching ChaosmachineGR, the guy (Giannis) has all the ingredients to get you addicted, hilarious, charming, eager to please, knowledge, i could go on, he hosts his shows in English with a quirky Greek accent which makes his narration even more interesting. what i found more unusual than anything, was the way he listens to his audience and replies with such genuine love and interest, something I have found with other streamers lack. Honestly, give this guy a visit, you won't be disappointed.
  5. Has anyone have a link to the winners list? I have searched everywhere, They would usually put it on the page the competition was announced. https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/general-news/recruitment-video/ @MrConway @Tuccy
  6. 13Ninjas

    Future Plans for Aircraft Carriers

    New CV rework anyone?
  7. 13Ninjas

    Future Plans for Aircraft Carriers

    In reality, only the super unicom CV players will dominate CV play in the months to come as was with old RTS CV's, sounds like a great idea, i can play DD's again soon. EDIT. BTW can we have a full rebate again in doubloons on the CV's we own? it is only fair after nerf nerf nerfing CV's, those poor guys that spent lots of money.
  8. 13Ninjas

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    I would like to join the Lottery. Merry Xmas everyone.
  9. Oh Good, get to have some fun in the Kamikaze.
  10. 13Ninjas

    I will pay no more for this game

    His opinion happens to be the same as mine and maybe a lot more players. And as a experienced player who has parted with money, he is, and always will be entitled to have his say.
  11. 13Ninjas

    Great changes to HMS Cossack

    New Changes March 30th, latest ST stats. Source: WOWS Global News
  12. 13Ninjas

    Best Ship To Carry Teams With?

    It's pretty hard to carry a game on your own, try and division up with somebody you know. While your team a prancing about like brainless louts around the base campfire, at least you and your div buddy will be earning some XP and Credits, and who knows, maybe even go on to win the game.
  13. 13Ninjas

    How am I getting detected in smoke without shooting?

    So you have been away for a year, well done, you gained your sanity back. Did you expect the game to freeze whilst you were in the twilight zone? no, well the game changes, like everything in life, maybe before you jumped back in your ship and started the engines, you should have read about the changes that have been made since 0.6.2. https://worldofwarships.eu/en/content/update-notes-main/
  14. Bonus Code from Facebook Signals - Camo's - Container DST23EU18FB EU Only Confirmed, worked for me