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  1. Hyperion84

    aa completely useless now?

    It's a glue sniffer created the op, it's probably not even aware what year it is.
  2. Hyperion84

    New CVs

    I dont like the new carrier playstyle, you guys has officially killed the class totally for me. Congratulation! Now's the matter on refund for premium carriers I have brought in the past, is there any possibilities to get them refunded (maybe) in gold? This patch otherwise I really like, especially the buffs for some ships that sorely needed it. But carrier, the gameplay bored me already in training room after a couple of tryouts and AA seems waay too potent compared to airplanes life or ability to attack the ship in first places. In killing the CV class this way I may "this" time for good just stop playing the game and leave, especially after premiums I've brought now are completely useless to me.
  3. Hyperion84

    What a nose <3

    And here I thought a Moskva did spawn, silly me
  4. Hyperion84

    What a nose <3

    If you are spotted, your are spotted regardless of storms, that is they see you like normally spotted. I think the reason they limited the radar is because if the overwhelming use of radar ships and how some classes has their difficulties raised even further by auto detection by radars. Also deep water torpedos works on the principal, that is they don't hurt destroyers or in some cases even cruisers. This also means the ru bb becomes more a anti bb ship due to utility and ability to spot these for the team regardless of concealment
  5. Hyperion84

    What a nose <3

    No, what about storms and cyclones which reduces your visibility? Thanks to the radar nasty bb can't ambush you in a storm or like and even better the rest of your team will be able to engage the targets when spotted. Very useful. Also unspotted bb such as Roma lurking around will be discovered before she is normally spotted that's also very useful. I think the radar gimmick introduces totally new tactics to the game in regards to enemy bb who is very stealthy will end up getting radared and nuked 😊
  6. Hyperion84

    What a nose <3

    Something like British (fire chance) and German (hp pool) element, it will be interesting to see the armor profile of the ships. But for all intents and purposes they might resemble the cruisers, meaning they will be nasty tough to crack if played proper 😊
  7. Hyperion84

    Blue-on-blue torpedo situations

    You can't plan for [edited] who doesn't pay attention however paying close attention to flow of the battle you can reasonably guess where friendlies will be and thus avoid hitting them by being first line before releasing the "fishes". Your torpedos your responsibility!
  8. Hyperion84

    Which 750k exp premium ship to get?

    Maybe start at looking the tech tree? Only kron can be found in the tech tree
  9. Hyperion84

    Which is better?

    Well the answer should be quite obvious if you just A: researched the ship and their strengths. B: have observed their playstyle in-game or via YouTube. I would go for the battleship Stalingrad if I were you, fits you criteria perfectly
  10. Hyperion84

    Will Missouri come back?

    Maybe read the news from when they removed the ship?
  11. Hyperion84


    Hola people, I have just got the Amagi and I am looking forward to playing the ship. However I'd like some advise on how to drive her. I figured with her low amount of armor she ain't a frontline ship, just like her previous sister ships. Now I didn't like the Nagato much, never seemed to preform great in it and it is my hope Amagi at least with the increased loadout might preform a wee bit better in my hands. Thanks in advance for your help
  12. Hyperion84

    Operation Frontier - Why do people find it so hard?

    Right, how again was bb able to stop the destroyers with IFHE from melting the forts? Because the average player are so piss poor at this game that it actually hurts. Most players has the attention span of a goldfish or maybe even worse, making most unable to learn or advance their skills, thusly most do not even at tier 10 master the WASD hax. Also WG openly promote stupidity by endorsing he spam, making cv play even brain dead simple to accommodate the sheer lack of skills most players possesses. The trend continues, I understand why, but I don't appreciate nor approve it! Thus it comes to no surprise a operation where cooperation is paramount, will fail with random due to lack of skills, lack of awareness and lack of what's needed to accomplish this operation. Most often destroyers are a waste of time, due to 90% them die within 5-6 minutes after start, a few players contribute positively those who actually, are indeed worthy of respect and admiration (I always compliment those guys/gals). I will always prefer to invest in good / medicore players whom like myself understand what's need be done and try to do it and collect 5-4 stars. I will probably receive some attention due my elite or harsh language. Fact is, the average player is less worth then the bots, which should rise some concern in my opinion. PS: I will never claim I am good, but I strive to learn and get better through constantly evaluating my games and seek knowledge through text, YouTube videos.
  13. Hyperion84

    Should all battlecruisers be in the cruiser class?

    My inner ship geek has just been satisfied Thanks for elaboration / clarification between the ships armament
  14. Hyperion84

    Should all battlecruisers be in the cruiser class?

    For real? Didn't know that about Scharn and Gneisenau, how come the Scharnhorst only have the 283mm in-game. Have always considered it a bit odd. Graf Spee can be a tough boat to crack when played by medicore or skilled player. Also it's 283mm guns can be a real pain even when angling correctly. Remember encountered one if them in Omaha 😆
  15. Hyperion84

    Should all battlecruisers be in the cruiser class?

    Better tell the Scharnhorst player who got crit' at 11-12km by my Nagato that what I hit wasn't his citadel 😂 - not sure he'll buy it though, the white big flash on his healthbar might have indicated a whole another story 😊 Also Gneisenau was classified as a fast battleship as I recall. While Scharnhorst is a sister ship, she doesn't share the larger guns and thus closer to the so-called battlecruiser line. But I agree it is strange new battlecruisers are categorized as cruisers instead bb, it might something to do with they (WG) is catering to a certain amount of players by limiting displacement of bb in CW and ranked, but allowing cruisers to remain at large. Thus grinding the battlecruisers give not only a certain advantage over other non battlecruisers, but also gives similar potentials that normally bb have. Generally I think battlecruisers are fine, but should list as either bb or cb depending on their tonnage and displacement of large guns.