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  1. Hyperion84

    Newport scenario after changes

    Almost sounds like the average random battle, but sure it really doesn't help when the team is smaller and it is a dps against time.
  2. It was a week ago or so roughly, nothing occurred even though I was aware of the probability being pink next time I logged into the game.
  3. Then I've should have been pink due to the DC, but I wasn't...
  4. Can't be first time it happens, otherwise you wouldn't suffer. Last time I played I had a crash too and couldn't rejoin. Guess what nothing happened (okay I lost flags and potential income, but otherwise fine) The system works just fine 😊
  5. Beware the kitchen sink though, it's most likely to do citadels if it hits 😂 But I digress, I find the skill very useful, not only can you deduct from which side the shot is coming, but it also tells you how much attention you are about suffer. Spotted doesn't mean target and it's very important as it may allow you to work in peace (trying to blow others to kingdom come), be en guard or / and take evasive maneuvers.
  6. Hyperion84

    Mighty Jingles is a winner of the Ring Contest

    Yeah never saw that coming... I would really had loved to have either Hans or Ichase as captain, nothing wrong with Jingles. But the contest were all but a farce in my opinion once he (Jingles) entered. Again nothing against the dude, he is funny and such, but none of the others have the followers he does on YouTube.
  7. Hyperion84

    Four goal haul

    While I think the achievement was a nice touch, it was still part of an event. Maybe it will return one day, we might not know 😊
  8. Hyperion84

    USS New York, really?

    And still I got both mex and new York to work just fine and really didn't suffer much annoyance compared to Kongo who took me a while to figure out. Still between the two I would pick new York most days depending on comp ofc 😊 I mean new York bounce even nagato shots, while the other way around most often didn't go as smooth. It is true it hard to compare new York to the German bb they are just outstanding at taking punishment and give some back. Even if you know where to shoot at, rng can still make it very hard to do so. Let's agree to disagree
  9. Hyperion84

    Jean Bart - unacceptable game spoiler

    A quick question what is angling? Because very few players does it or at least seem to be aware of the WASD hax 😂 Also swapping ammo? What dark sorcery is this 😂?
  10. Hyperion84

    USS New York, really?

    I liked the ship, quite study if you how to angle her. She's also agile (small turning circle), but slow, so one needs to plan in advance and possess map awareness. So she's not Noob friendly, if you overextend yourself you will be punished. The guns are good, though not ru or ijn guns, but they hit like a truck and I've scored more than a couple citadels by plunging fire with uss New York. New Mexico and Colorado is slow like New York, but each gave their differences. Mexico is very nasty if she catches you, regardless of angle her shells really hit hard. She is also very tough even compared to German ships. Colorado has longest range and largest guns of the ships and even have an improved healing. I like New York so much I use her on my portrait 😊
  11. Hyperion84

    BB *edit

    Well I am at best mediocre, but I try hard to get better. Uses YouTube and advice from good players and through replays, try to see what I could do to improve myself (it ain't easy, but I try). Do I have the audacity say this (get gud), f*** yes, because it includes myself and I have no illusion that's the case 😊
  12. Hyperion84

    BB *edit

    How have you reached tier 10 and still not have even a basically idea how the game works? It is astounding the amount of whine and complain about the game because people are too dumb to even learn the very basics and just pay their way to top tier. Get gud! Learn when to use the damage control party, when to use a heal. Use the right modules, upgrades. Both YouTube and the forum is literally overflowing with advice and how to play the game, explaining the mechanics and effects. BB is not going the way of the cv too many players, also BB tend to be very forgiving class to play and thus attracts the glue sniffing horde.
  13. Hyperion84

    Oficial thx to wows admins

    How did you guys manage to lose to bots? I know they (the bots) are better then they used to, but still not that dangerous. They do now use torpedos both at range and close (shotgun). Their ability to predict torpedos is also better then most players, but who am I kidding, most players don't change speed nor direction or pay any attention to the map.
  14. Hyperion84

    Sluggis controls after update ?

    So strenuous, too complex and too much text
  15. Hyperion84

    Sluggis controls after update ?

    It wasn't about being a smart ***, I was merely just stating facts and it seems I stand corrected.