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  1. Hyperion84

    Colorado, you're a steaming pile of you know what...

    Is she equipped with super heavy shells or is they first seen on NC? otherwise that would be a plus too 😊
  2. Hyperion84

    Colorado, you're a steaming pile of you know what...

    What boggles my mind is no one seems to take her size into consideration, Colorado is not a big ship. Quite many cruisers has larger dimensions then she. Okay she's a bit "large" (broad). But her sizes makes her a wee bit better at dodging / mitigating torpedo and their damage then most other ships. She's definitely not my favorite ship, but she has strengths and weaknesses, but she's only as good as the player that sails her
  3. Hyperion84

    How to play Russian Battleships Sinop + Captain Skills

    Or just overextending, RU bb are subject to servere punishment when they burn due to higher amount hp as fires are percentage based Also the sheer size of RU bb makes them easy to hit even from maximum distance
  4. Hyperion84

    Does anyone know What happened with my aircraft carrier?

    A what a day it would be if people just payed slightest attention to patch notes or at least the news regarding the game, then questions like this wouldn't be needed “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe.” - Albert Einstein