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  1. AtotheK101

    -RT- Recruiting High Level, Competitive Players

    Bump because it's fun ;)
  2. AtotheK101

    What is wrong with the CV update? Post your takes on it!

    My expierence is that people who are bad at the game (CVs) normally dont have the will to invest the time to learn stuff. Not all but most of them. So I dont think thats ingeneral a good idea. But its only my opinion and from what I see on the high seas every day. Btw I just hopped into Coop battles to try the CVs out since I didnt play PTS. Thats the easiest way to learn it without annoying your team. ;)
  3. AtotheK101

    What is wrong with the CV update? Post your takes on it!

    Thats not true. The players that were good at CVs before showed already the capabilities of the Cv rework. And they know what they are doing. So in terms of balancing u dont need the mass to get better u need to see what these good players are already able to do. And thats massive. On a same level like before and with more CVs in the game its really tough for other ship classes to perform. Especially for ships that rely on concealment. You are only right in the way that WG needs some time to figure out how to balance it.
  4. AtotheK101

    What is wrong with the CV update? Post your takes on it!

    It sounds weird that Im saying that but Arms race ranked is kind of a relief at the moment. I was negative about it in the first place but the 6 vs 6 format makes it quite good to play. WG also improved the mode itsself and got rid of too many random factors. So if u have no fun in randoms anymore that maybe a way to go for the time being.
  5. AtotheK101

    What is wrong with the CV update? Post your takes on it!

    Tbh I was concerned with the new patch and Im still. Danotti is right that u can learn the new mechanics but its not only about that. Also the CV rework isnt as bad of a change as it first looked like. But especially on high tiers with 2 T10 CVs it becomes a really passive game. I was forced to shoot over really long distancesin my BBs because i was spotted not even 1 min in the game. Any kind of aggressive plays is mostly denied by the fact that the plane can reach your spawn within seconds. Furthermore u simply cant defend against the CV effecient enough anymore. The AA on certain ships is hilariosly bad. ( Specced Hindenburg full aa and wasnt able to kill many T8 planes even with Def AA. I did dmg to them but thats it. So Im questioning that whole AA balancing) Dont get me wrong: Cvs should be allowed to strike u. But it feels strange if u cant defend properly against T8 planes. He can just return the planes after 1 attack run and comes in with another squadron within seconds. The Alpha strike value is gone but the dot dmg doesnt make it really easier. Also not having the AA range to cover your friendly ships and actually are able to deny an area for the enemy CV or even making it hard for him to effectively strike you isnt really happening anymore. So 2 T10 CVs are still a no-go for me. At least in the current state. In midtiers my expierence is different. I think it might work with 2 CVs each side. Also the pre 0.8.0 concealment firing penalty was way more intuitive than it is now so I definitely wanna have it back. That are the things WG has to work on. And they have to do it quick because Im worried that people will be upset with this pretty soon.
  6. Hi guys, Check out WGP2W vs OMNI in League of the Sea if u want to know how competetive looks like! Enjoy, AtotheK101