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  1. Hello, my name is Dan. I have been playing WoWs since closed beta, but too be honest, I sucked. I made an EU account jsut for the heck of it. After playing on the EU server, I started to actually correct my play and I am continuing to improve everyday. I live in NA but prefer the EU server far more due to the larger amount of higher skilled players compaired to NA. I am searching for an english speaking EU clan. I am 19, I have a job, but only work about 25 hours a week. My work schedule is better fitted for the high traffic EU server times compaired to NA. Here is a link to my seldom used NA account (last 10 days were from a friend trying a ship) and here is a link to my EU account. I have both teamspeak and discord installed.
  2. FockeYou

    MM idea: capital ship limit

    The only ships I can suggest for a limit on is DDs. Especially on domination maps where 1 team ends up with more.
  3. FockeYou

    How hard is the RU DD nerf?

    Not entirely true, how can people claim a ship is over powered without realistically performing excellent in it? Proof is in the stats, which abomination point out previously not me. You cannot say the Ferrari is the best car and over powered car in the world when you have not driven it but drive around in a 1988 polo. I give up with this topic as Care Bears are going by server overall stats when the ships is played mostly with players with brains. The one good thing about the Russian DDs you want to nerf... ok nerf it... I wait patiently for the patch notes where they nerf your favorite ship and will make a note of the names for this day Time to grind the captain of my HE spamming cruisers to farm more salt
  4. FockeYou

    How hard is the RU DD nerf?

    Do you proof read what you write? "I don't have the Kharb" "So that refutes your bs about only people who want it nerfed not having it out" Erm hello??? Your entire post contradicts what your trying to claim lol
  5. FockeYou

    How hard is the RU DD nerf?

    Yet the only people demanding the nerfs do not have it and cry its over powered. The snowflakes who claim it is overpowers haven't even grinded the line. Funny people who have it play poorly in them and still demand a nerf... not logical and shows how small minded these guys are.
  6. FockeYou

    Starting to wonder about teammate survival rates.

    Useless threads started everyday. Meta cv and BB camp in back.... whines when rest of team are blitzed by other team working together to push caps. Sure let's spend 15 minutes humping the border just to appease your sudden interest in 1 stat.
  7. FockeYou

    How hard is the RU DD nerf?

    Yes the original Care bear whining for a nerf. Well your evidences to support a nerf are the worst in history of evidence.
  8. FockeYou

    How hard is the RU DD nerf?

    Wow news flash... someone get this man and the other whiners a medal and a bib. A DD designed and implemented in WoWs as a destroyer hunter and killer is performing better than the other DDs... face palm...
  9. FockeYou

    How hard is the RU DD nerf?

    So my argument is that if the kharb remains nerfed then give it concealment like gearing to contest caps also. Your demanding nerf with rof and range, ok we will see the gearing HE spam fest from 5.12
  10. FockeYou

    How hard is the RU DD nerf?

    Players like him yes, all the carebear cry babies witch hunting sayings ship is oped when there stats suck in it or they do not even own the ship. How can we not mute him by pointing out his witch hunt is invalid and pointless because his stats reflect what he is arguing and pursuing is pointless and hold no ground. If he had amazing stats in them and argued it is oped then yes.
  11. FockeYou

    How hard is the RU DD nerf?

    You really have no fing clue what your talking about. For a kharb to contest a capture point he has to go in and spot his pray.. being detected by said pray the prays allies are focus firing him. You want what to nerf a ship you claim oped which by your wall of carp (alter the middle letters for correct word) shows you have never played the ship. Your simply a hurt crying little snowflake. Ps give it the concealment of the gearing plox
  12. FockeYou

    How hard is the RU DD nerf?

    @purplesmurf You claim they are extremely over powered but as abomination has already pointed out... if it is so over powered and deserves a nerf even further why is it your stats don't support your argument? If you want the range and rof nerfed then to balance it... give it equal concealment as the gearing then.
  13. FockeYou

    How hard is the RU DD nerf?

    Excuse me snowflake, but even without radar then the Soviet DDs are spotted before you. If the teams have 1 DD each then the other team has the advantage due to gearing alien stealthy technology or the IJN invisible man costume. The teams already have a disadvantage with having the Russian DD as you don't need radar to spot the huge DD coming close. ​If your unable to hit a Kharb then sorry but that is you playing like a potato not the ship that has the same concealment as the Statue of Liberty.
  14. FockeYou

    How hard is the RU DD nerf?

    Well the us have better torps and concealment than the Russian DDs hence they do not QQ. Us DDs are more important for a team than the Russian ones now as they can contest the flags. Fine if the whiner oops snowflakes tears make the nerfs ... erm stand... Russian DDs will just have to sit by the cruisers and BBs then
  15. FockeYou

    Voice Messages suck/Better voice messages.

    My response is F6 and F11 to this suggestion... it is annoying having preteens spamming commands already and you want WG to increase the spam with new ones? No thanks, captains with brains already support each other knowing which BB need criuser escort.. CV sniping at the beginning. See smoke captains with brains already know dd or special cruiser he spammer is there. Torp that ship??? Well obviously but this will spam with BB crying for DD to sail halfway across the map to torp the target pawning him or he will be reported and flamed in chat. Already have request support... called sos... international distress call. Capture that point already have this option in game.