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  1. In my opinion a reduce of the Bloom time would already fix the problem. Right nowthey are the DD's with the longest duration of bloom.
  2. But Hydro is so situational. I would give up hydro for more gun range and less Bloom. Nearly all Youtuber saying the same that the curent state of the german DD's is problematic.
  3. But i think ships of all nations should be in some way balanced in each way unique but you should have a roll where you fit in. I don't see the roll of german dds. They are mediocore or bad in everything. Beccause of the gun nerf i'm forced to be a Torpedo boat but every ijn from Tier 7 is better in torping.... even the american from Tier 8
  4. ​You don't even have any German DD so how can you judge? PTS is no base to judge a ship and how it performs in curent meta
  5. Yeah but shouldn't be they thoughtfull that nearly no one only some lonesome souls play the brand new added line? You see some low Tiers and many V170 but over Tier 6-7 you see nearly no german dd. That the destroyer over Tier 5 have still a good w/l Ratio is because only some good player played them.
  6. Why is there no demand from the comunity to buff the German DDs to a competitive state? I have now the Z23 and also some games in it. I'm not the best Destroyer Player but i try to give my best but every other Nations feels so much better. The torps are just maaaah and the 150mm guns are such an disapointment. I barely use them because after this i'm spotted the half game. Also the Dmg they put out on enemy Destroyer is redicules low. American and Russian Destroyer guns hurt much more. There is just nearly Zero situations where i feel confident in those ships fighting other destroyers because you are mostly dead when you are spotted and Smoking up is sometimes not the better choice because it needs time to set smoke slow down and getting unspotted time where you are even a better target. I see in some posts some very experienced players getting decent games with the Germans but only because they outsmart 90% of all Players but for the average guy it's impossible to generate an impac in a game wich you could generate with a russian or amercian destroyer or a tier9+ Ijn dd.
  7. BananaJoeJo

    0.54 Inbound and still no Admiral Hipper visual Hull Upgrade.

    Probably when they bring the German Battleship line
  8. So 0.54 is comming and no patchnotes about the fix of the Admiral Hipper hull. The ship is at this state visiual unhistoric. I'm realy disapointed because it seams that there plan is to bring the Prinz Eugen as premium and give her the amazing looking hull of the Admiral Hipper Class just to sell her in proper amount of numbers....
  9. BananaJoeJo

    Admiral Hipper visual Hull B upgrade

    They said in october that it wasn't finished at release date of the german tree. But hey thats now 4 Months ago..... how hard is it to model this hull? A lonely modder would be faster than the hole WG staff....
  10. BananaJoeJo

    Admiral Hipper visual Hull B upgrade

    I mean The 1940-1944 Hull. With Atlantik Bow and Bridge.
  11. BananaJoeJo

    Admiral Hipper visual Hull B upgrade

    How long must we wait for the Hull B???? it's now 4 Months....