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  1. Camera Mod: Max zoom out in all views (by Mebius_LW) is producing strange results on my rig: 3D view of my ship in battle is stretched when looking at it from the Aft or Bow, looks like it is 3 times as long. View normalizes when looking at the ship from the side. Also zoomed in view is not very zoomed in at all, at least 50% of magnification is missing. Good thing i tried the training room first, would not be able to hit a Yamato at 2km...
  2. kailii

    Any guide like "New commander skills for Noobs?"

    Two words: Situation Awareness Highly Extremely recommended for Destroyers and Cruisers, less for Battleships and Carriers, and only takes 1 point. Besides that: As already mentioned get those skills that suit your playstyle. And don't be afraid to not spend points into skills you're not sure about - better wait until you are. Special note: With the upcoming patch on Thursday, we'll get a Captain skill reset. So try anything you'd like today or tomorrow...
  3. kailii

    Public Test General Feedback

    I've lost my memory! After running the test client my PC is about 1.4 GB short on available RAM. Could not find any unusual processes running, same with services, memory optimizers (Cacheman and WinUtilities) won't do a thing. No unusual internet connections, nothing else i could think of. So i'm leaving this puzzle to you!
  4. kailii

    On the [edited]of cruisers

    Maybe it's just that i have no CA over T7 right now (Myoko and Yorck), but so far i see little problems with cruisers. Most important thing when facing any kind of ship is to turn constantly and unpredictable. Kiting BBs and CAs is easy in the Yorck as one can keep a good distance of 15+km, making hits quite unlikely. Did so just today against an Iowa for quite a few minutes. Just keep your stern toward him, and wiggle no more than say 30 degrees to any side. Don't go all the way all the time, stop turning after 10 or 20 degrees, then continue turning in the same or opposite direction. Never had any serious incoming damage while doing so, only when i went overboard because i wanted to unload all turrets. Set him on fire while doing so, he won't like it. Same with DDs, keep moving while heading directly at them. Even when they are behind smoke. DDs don't like it when you go straight for them and often make mistakes. Myoko is good for that kind of thing with preangled turrets since she hits quite hard. Never forget hydroacoustics.... i even have it on my Cleveland these days with few CVs around. Teamplay above anything else. Move with BBs, support caps, defend base, whatever. Change priorities every minute if need be. So far my CAs are really "jacks of all trades". As they should be. And for me, it works so far. (Ask me again in a few days when i unlock the Hipster! )
  5. kailii

    Team killer discussion thread

    Just had a game where a Pensacola started firing on one of our BBs right from the start. Nothing too serious, and the BB returned a few shots. Also not in earnest. I took a sharp starbord turn in my Cleveland and rammed the Pensacola a wee bit. Ended up between both ships and sailed alongside the Pepsi for maybe 20 seconds. No more shot was fired on friendlies by both sides. Not everybody firing on a friendly deserves the death sentence...
  6. kailii

    Trajectory changes

    Keep the crosshairs in the blue (sky or sea) and you're fine. Overcompensating - lifting the crosshairs well above the target to "look over the mountain" often scores hits that should not be. Ahem.
  7. kailii

    What To Do, When DD Refuses To Cap?

    Nice technique! I'm too noob to do it however, instead swapping out the floatplane for a grappling hook in my CAs. Oh, and i heard BB captains talking about low yield AP shells, doing something they call "Plonk-Plonk-Plonk Push-Push-Push". No idea what that means.
  8. kailii

    Leaked info about new RB rules. Interesting!

    MM mirror is planned for random battles anyway methinks, so it seems to become a standard feature. And it would be nice - why hard mirror CVs when one side has 4 Clevelands and 2 Atlantas vs. 0 on the other side? (I actually had this setup yesterday). Besides that, sign me up!
  9. Think i should elaborate on connection issues a bit: Back in time when the MMO genre was new, the servers would send actual coordinates of say other players to your computer. If something went wrong - a jumpy connection, packet loss, you don't need to understand these terms... - then you would notice your target "jumping" or "teleporting" around. Today, the servers send direction and speed data. This means that the "teleports" are gone and everything looks smooth and dandy, but your computer and the servers will not agree on the actual position of your target. It might be 500 meters to the left of what you think it is all the time. So you won't hit it but your salvoes look like they just barely miss that ship. When your target is destroyed by someone however, the servers report the EXACT location to your computer. That's why the wreck appears some place away from the last known position.
  10. My guess is that you're shooting at a ship which is not your current target. Other than that, latency can do that. Check the Ping on the top left of your screen for big variations, like jumping from around 30 to 150 msec. or higher. To confirm a latency issue, try to observe a ship which gets destroyed. If the wreck "teleports" a few hundred meters from its position before it was killed, you got connection issues.
  11. kailii

    Help th3freakie set 300 fires

    Hey th3freakie, with the horrible pyromaniacal grind ahead, i would not recommend playing any ship you listed for the following reasons: 1) You got a lot of work to do, you may want to get over with it quickly. 2) Actual chances to start fires are lower than the ingame descriptions. It depends on Tier difference and stuff, but don't expect to get more than 1/2 to 2/3s compared to the value displayed. 3) Assuming you're a human being, you'll be likely changing your playstyle because of limited ignition, developing f.e. the tendency to shoot HE at CAs at close range with your CA. Or staying in the open for too long just to get another fire started in your soon to be kaboomed DD. Might lead to some frustration. In my opinion you got three options: For one, forget about the fires for a few days, play normally and have fun. Then check your stats to find out if you really need to grind. The other two options are buying the already mentioned Cleveland. Or you could buy a Cleaveland. Either way you'd have a perfect excuse to spam everything with HE without performing subpar.
  12. Shokaku 2/2/2, your Tier counterpart Lexington 2/1/1. You can't win fighter standoffs, but you don't have to. Use fighters only to distract the red guy while moving strike aircraft into position. Strike aircraft win battles, not fighters. Double TB squads are extremely effective in scisssor attacks, coordinated attacking say a BB from both the port and starboard bow in an angle of 45 degrees. Even automatic drop works fine. DBs are "spares". Get a nice hit, fine. But also use them to lure fighters into battle or scout for that pesky capping DD. Lady Lex can't afford to gamble like that, but you can. Use it to your advantage. Win.
  13. kailii

    When is the game going to get... y'know, fun?

    Nothing. foxfax, i think you simply know too much about the game. Take me for example. Started playing mid-december last year, i can still remember my first days on the T1 CLs, the first shocking moment when i encountered my first DD, the shock and awe when first hit in earnest by a BB. Oh, game over? For a noob like me, almost every battle showed me something new until Tier 4 or 5. It was exciting, new maps, new opportunities, and what is that "3" key on my newly aquired destroyer? Seriously, i think WG did a great job for new players. The transition from co-op battles to random for example is very smooth so even non PvP players might very well enjoy it. No. Low Tiers don't suck. It just looks like they do for somewhat experienced players. It ain't called seal clubbing for nothing.
  14. kailii

    Project R - Feedback / Questions

    Let's recap the numbers for clarification: One time missions yield 65 pearls, weekly missions (assuming they don't change) 57. So if one completes all the missions pretty fast, that's 57+65=122 pearls in the first week. plus 57 pearls every week to follow, for a total of 6 weeks. Week Pearls 1 122 2 179 3 236 4 293 5 350 6 407 So right now (week 2), people can achieve 179 pearls. At the time of this writing, we have 3.5m pearls collected. Now for the problem: Those 179 pearls represent 44% of all pearls attainable per player (179/407). If the number of players is assumed to be constant (which it isn't but meh), and assuming that everybody has completed every mission as of today (which is also not exactly realistic) it means that the 3.5m pearls we collected so far represent 44% of the total pearls we will have collected at the end of the event. So we will collect ( 3.5m / .44 ) 8m pearls in total. Of course this estimate is most likely a bit too low, but 2m pearls missing makes me feel a bit uneasy. On the other hand WG would not call the event over with say 8.5m pearls collected, as they would not want the forums to explode.
  15. kailii

    Project R - Feedback / Questions

    Fellow players, i don't know about you, but i have a sudden urge to give our red shirted posting CMs a big Thank You for their efforts in handling this situation and communicating it toward the proper recipients. I can only guess this was far from easy, but now i feel we got a true win-win situation.